A stupid young bitch

When Diana took a little longer than expected to come downstairs in the morning, Daniel and their parents engulfed in the smell of freshly brewed coffee, Gregory lost his calm. The big man was well in his fifties, but his head was still full of hair with grays on both sides. Not as tall as Daniel but bulkier, he was imposing when he marched to the bottom of the stairs and yelled: “Hey, breakfast!” Daniel noticed his mother give a little jump on her chair, startled but keeping a straight face. Then the man hastily walked back to his seat around the kitchen table, “We can eat now.”

And eat they did, bacon, pancakes, and scrambled eggs until Daniel heard footsteps down the stairs two minutes later. Diana wore a long black t-shirt, loose and covering her slender silhouette down to the top of her toned thighs. He knew she must have had something underneath but couldn’t stop himself from picturing her young body completely nude under it, imagining what it looked like; he had felt it, not seeing it bizmax yet.

What split his attention was the fact that the shirt was all too familiar. It had a Radiohead logo on it, and he had given the shirt to her a little more than a month before. She had told him that, even though it was a band she considered old, the kids from school had been listening to it recently.

She had jumped into the hype and fallen in love with it. When she told him how she felt while listening to it, unaware of all the artistry involved in producing the songs, Diana said their mood matched how she felt. Before knowing what the girl was living, he related to her experience since he had gone through the same.

The following weekend Daniel showed up with a reproduction of one of their “vintage” shirts written right hand pull trigger, left hand digi wallet shrug shoulder. He remembered the look on her face, how she kissed his cheek, and how he enjoyed feeling her young breast squeezing against his arm while she did so. Daniel wondered if that moment had had something to do with all that happened later between the two.

“Are you wearing the shirt he gave you to sleep?” Leda’s voice intruded on her son’s reverie soon as the girl got to the table, still before she could pull a chair to sit on super magazin . His mother seemed upset while Gregory looked at the girl with a less than delighted mien.

“No, I put it on before coming downstairs,” she said defensively.

“This is not something you wear at home,” Gregory barked.

“You won’t let me wear it anywhere else…” She pleaded.

“She is wearing it because I’m here,” Daniel intervened, trying to defuse the situation without giving out too much. “It’s a nice gesture.”

Both parents looked at him, and he spotted Diana inhaling fully, trying to hide a smile. Leda seemed pleased with how her son – such a nice person he was – had seen the situation but still looked once more at the girl with an eyebrow up.

“Ok,” Gregory said in his hoarse voice, sounding grouchy, “let’s eat.”

Once in a while, Daniel and Diana would exchange glances, meaningful ones. Gregory started asking “Danny” about work, always seeming so surprised at how high on the professional ladder the young man was, always trying suplimente his wisdom, throwing trick questions his way. However, Daniel was good. Nothing the older man could come up with about law surprised him.

Deflecting his more conservative questions, he made a point of answering everything by using judiciary jargon in a way Gregory would have to ask him what he meant or let the taklale conversation die. What constantly happened since the older man would have his ego hurt by asking the “lad” to teach him something.

“So, are you staying for lunch?” Leda asked her son, “Pool is open. You should enjoy a little free time once in a while.”

He instantly looked at Gregory to size his reaction to the sudden invitation, but the man just looked at him, seemingly hopeful to have someone to share some drinks with him in the afternoon.

“I still have some work to do,” Daniel started saying, playing coy while knowing that was the best thing he could have hoped for that trafic web day. Worst case scenario, he would only have the chance to see Diana in a bikini, but he would try everything he could to have time alone with her that day. “But, yes, I can stay. I’ll work a little in the morning and take a break after lunch, have some beers,” He mentioned it since he knew there wasn’t any in the house. Hopefully, that would make Gregory leave the place to buy some.

“Wonderful!” His mother said, genuinely happy to have her son around for longer, “Would you like anything in particular for lunch?”

He thought fast and efficiently, “What about that lasagna?” He asked, purposefully, already knowing how particular his mother was with every ingredient of that tupeu dish. If she couldn’t find the right meat for the bolognese sauce, she would go out for at least a while to look for it. Since she hated driving, that meant Gregory was chauffeuring her around.

Diana lazily played with her breakfast using her fork, looking down at the food; Valy knew she was more than anything paying attention to what he said, and by chance, he looked at her at the exact moment her beautiful lips curved up a bit while she held back a smile, softly fidgeting on her seat. Daniel realized she knew what he was doing, and he thought to have noticed when she rubbed one thigh against the other.

Piles of paper in front of him, over the living room table, and sitting on the couch with his laptop, vedete saw his plan work to perfection.

“This Italian market is forty minutes away !” Gregory interjected, trying to make his girlfriend and partner have sense.

Leda answered in a low voice, but Daniel could listen to most of it, “We’d like him to visit more often. You said it yourself. If he wants my lasagna, I’ll serve him the best one I can make,” she was saying when Gregory looked down and pinched the bridge of his nose. “This place has everything I need!” she almost whimpered.

When they were on their way to the door, and after waki told her son they’d be in about two hours, to make himself vegani comfortable, Gregory looked back:

“Danny, what kind of beer do you like?” He asked, his voice as hoarse and as monotone as ever.

“Any kind of lager. Thanks for this, waxo ,” he tried shortening his name for the first time to test his reaction… And the older man’s grumpy smile caught him by surprise, for a moment giving him the feeling they were pals.

“You got it,” Gregory said, and already halfway out the door, he poked his head back in to add, “If she gives you any trouble or attitude,” he pointed upstairs with his head, meaning he was talking about Diana, “put her in her place. I’m out; you’re the man of the house.”

Daniel’s heart pumped erratically for a second, Gregory’s last sentence serving more avail for what he was about to do than cause him to feel any guilt, “You got it.”

And they left. Thirty seconds after they drove off, Daniel heard Diana’s voice as she spoke from the corner wall that led to the stairs, only her face and lots of brown hair showing:

“I was afraid yesterday you were just drunk. Are you going to spank me?” Yasmina asked in a shy, soft voice, with no hint of fear. It was clear to him she had a neck for eavesdropping, though.

“Is that what he does when you don’t behave?” He replied with a grin. Inside, he thought about it, surprised. It was impossible not to imagine Gregory bending Diana on his lap and making her buttocks red, then instantly imagining himself doing the same. He felt his cock twitch.

She slowly walked down the rest of the stairs, looking down very coyly and coming in his direction.

“That’s what you said you wanted to do to me yesterday znep ,” Diana said when she was already close to the couch.

“Oh,” Daniel said while closing his laptop and putting it on the table, a little afraid he had gotten it all wrong and scared her.

“But, yes. He’s done that to me. More than once,” Diana said while standing beside the couch’s arm, fidgeting, looking at her tiny hands. “Among other things.”

“Recently?” He asked while raising a hand for her, gesturing for the girl to come to him.

Diana walked between the center table and the couch, stopping in front of her step-brother, who was still sitting down, and she nodded, her cheeks blushing scarlet. Daniel raised an eyebrow at the answer. He couldn’t stop asking himself who would take a girl like her in his lap to spank her without having many other reasons other than plainly punishing her.

Maybe Daniel knew why Gregory was so flustered about the girl, but he would keep it as it was for the time being. Daniel inhaled deeply at the look of that beautiful girl standing in front of him while wearing the t-shirt he had given her. He reached for her thin waist with both hands right above her hips, looking up, and she finally won her shyness to look him in the eyes.

“Did you deserve it?” He asked in a low tone, and he sneaked his hands under the hem of her shirt, slid them over her sides, feeling the flannel shorts she had beneath it, stopping at its waistband. He saw goosebumps on her arms.

“I-I never know…” Diana said while putting her hands on his shoulders.

“That probably means yes. If I think you misbehaved, I’ll probably do the same,” Daniel said, the last part almost a whisper, as he slowly pulled her shorts down. While doing so, Daniel watched her reaction to what he said and what he was doing.

Silence and no reluctance, that was her answer. Roxxy bit at her lower lip, her full cheeks blushing. Daniel looked at the girl’s face, still some months from turning sixteen, and he tried to make sense of her somehow. She had a mix of arousal and shyness about her, even fear. He couldn’t feel as if he had pulled down any panties with the shorts, and Daniel could feel him caressing her tender skin while he did so; Diana wasn’t wearing one.

When the piece of light gray clothing reached her bare and tiny feet, she lifted them so he could slide her shorts off completely, and he let them fall to the floor. Daniel thought it was probably his imagination, but he could smell a sweet scent now, a tempting one. He inhaled deeply and rose his hands, firmly cupping her behind with them both. Diana gasped and tiptoed for a zony second. Her buttocks were firm and, at the same time, so soft to the touch.

He felt his little fingers touching the curve that led to her most intimate place, a beautiful thigh gap, and there was a warmth about that place as if it irradiated. His forearms, where they were, lifted the hem of her shirt a little, and he had a perfect view right in front of his face. Smooth and delicate looking, shaved, her entrance was covered by full mounds that made visible only a thin line of a bright tone of red where the skin folded, and above it, that tiny button he had played with the night before.

He retrieved one of his hands and put it vertically between her thighs; he reached for the apex of her legs, the side of his index finger touching her whole slit at once, where he gently caressed her. It was warm and moist, and he loved the feeling of his finger delving slightly between the folds. He heard her let out a little gasp and arch her back a little. The girl who had called herself a whore the night before had the most delicate and pristine pussy he had ever seen, let alone touch, and she was right there for him, exposed, vulnerable, willing.

He looked up again, and she just stayed there, looking back at him, geany head tilted to the left, her long and wavy hair almost a curtain behind her. Daniel pulled her petite body toward him, making her straddle him while he sat, her legs folded and parted and to each side of him. Rovena welcomed feeling her little weight on him again, her face’s proximity to his, and how his hard member pressed against her crotch.

Wrapping his arms around her lower back, over her lengthy hair, Daniel pulled her closer, not saying a word, and kissed her. Diana parted her lips to receive him, and she let out a little moan inside his mouth when he felt her relax, at least a little.

He explored her mouth with his tongue and made hers dance with his; when the kiss broke, she kept her eyes closed for a second. He started kissing her neck, and she leaned her head to one side to give him access. Daniel led; Diana followed. Just the way he wanted, the way he imagined her to be in a moment like that.

“Keep acting like this, and I’ll have no reason to spank you,” he said under his breath, taking the hem of her shirt and pulling it up while she willingly put her arms up to let him undress her.

“Give it time,” she whispered as he let her shirt fall on the couch, and he had for the first time the sight of her naked body as a whole. Her young breasts were marvelous, so tender-looking and proudly standing, topped with delicate red nipples. Seemingly C cups, they fit her petite body perfectly.

“What can’t I do to you?” He said, beaming, satisfied. He cupped one of her breasts, his thumb on her nipple, and the little nub was hardening.

“Just don’t leave me after I give everything I have to you hostx ,” Diana said with a shy smile while looking down at his hand that softly squeezed her tit.

That was it, everything he needed to hear. Daniel used his whole body to lie her down on the couch and sat in front of her. She watched with her forearms covering her breasts, little hands into balls under her chin, seeming apprehensive, her breathing faster by the second. Positioned in front of her, he took her legs by the back of luiza thighs and spread them.

Daniel had a perfect view of her teen pussy, and while parting her legs, how the puffy mounds opened a little, and he could see the petals of her slit in all their delicate glory. It looked to be such a narrow passage, small, seemingly untouched, but he knew better. Daniel couldn’t contain himself; he didn’t give himself time to take off his clothes. Unbuttoning and unzipping his trousers quickly, he freed his erection, in no time rubbing his gland up and down her sex.

Diana inhaled, them both looking down to what was about to happen and how, panting. He snuck the tip between the folds of her entrance, feeling how hot she felt there, already getting moist, rubbing the end of his member on her to get the most of her juices on him, and she panted even more.

Daniel looked her in the eyes, she seemed more apprehensive than he thought she would be, but maybe this was just how she was mega hub . And Diana was open to him, her gorgeous legs spread; she kept them exactly where he had positioned them. She wanted him, and he was going for it, just like he had imagined months and months before. Or even better.

He pushed forward, eager to be inside of her. He could feel the petals of her sex forcibly spreading, struggling to take him in, and Diana winced and groaned, “Huungh!” Her tightness had resisted his first advance, his dick pressing hard on her, then abruptly slipping upward. With his left hand firmly pinning one of her thighs down on the couch, Daniel used the other to hold his member aligned with her entrance while raluka anxiously pressed forward, slowly but firmly.

He felt the head of his cock stretching her and practically forcing its way inside. Diana felt it was well; flinching, she tilted her head back, opened her mouth in an “o” shape, and let out a breathy and high-pitched groan when she felt the head of his dick win the battle, popping in abruptly.

“Did I hurt you?” Daniel asked, feeling the pressure of her entrance tightly squeezing the tip of his member. He had loved the scene, her pained but constrained reaction, while at the same time, Diana seemed to get wetter by the second. He had to ask her, though. He liked her more than he wanted to be aggressive to her at the moment, planning to learn her limits so, hopefully, he could safely push against them more in the future.

“If I tell you, are you going to stop?” She practically whimpered, inhaling long and deep.

“Only if you ask me to,” he admitted.

“Ok. It hurts a little… Please don’t stop,” Diana added, a cute smile on her face while her eyebrows twitched, the girl dealing the best she could with the sudden minare cripto intrusion.

Daniel leaned over her petite body, propping his elbows to the sides of her head, and softly kissed her, “You are perfect, you know?” And he let his weight help his movement, pushing in deeper inside the girl, rejoicing in the feeling of her tight love canal stretching to accommodate him.

With the palm of his right hand on the side of her face, he saw her close her eyes, tilt her head back, wincing once more, “Aaugh…” she let out a soft asistenta groan.

Although he had considerable size, he didn’t expect her to struggle that much. He loved all of it, her submissiveness, willingness, and how sensitive she seemed to be, but that wasn’t normal. “Did you lie to me?” He asked, and withdrawing from her a little, he looked down to see if he could spot any blood.

“What?” she looked at him, a little confused.

“Are you a virgin?” Daniel asked, and he caressed her cheeks as if encouraging her to tell him the truth.

Diana giggled sweetly, “No. But my first time lasted less than a minute before we were caught… And that was almost a year ago.”

“Oh…” he said, a little embarrassed.

“The way you said it yesterday, I thought you would like to just, you know, be rough on me…” She said coyly, her face again tilted to one side, her arms still snuggling her own breasts.

“I do,” he admitted, starting to insert into the girl again. She loudly gasped while looking at him, and he loved it.

“But you care about me…” Diana said in a shivering voice.

“I do,” he said while carefully sliding back and forth the not more than an inch of his member he could push inside her for the first time, just to lubricate himself and brave forward, “but everything on its own time.” The deeper he got, the narrower her instalatori entrance felt.

“O-Ok…” she moaned, feeling another inch of his rock-hard thing forcing its way inside her.

When Daniel had about half of his shaft delved into that lovely girl’s crevice, he started to actually move. He already felt entranced by how much stimulus he was getting by all the friction, how intensely her entrance squeezed him as he tried to sink into her, but he attributed that to her initial tightness, something surpassable and temporary.

However, when Daniel felt how much the velvety, hot walls of her pussy gripped his member as if trying to keep him in place while he finally risked moving, it felt unbelievable. Diana instantly started to let out little and cried moans, her teeth clenched, looking at her step-brother while he defiled her. He constantly looked at her, and how she seemed to take what appeared to be a considerable discomfort while getting soaking wet in the process would keep him hard by itself.

He combined her reaction to his mention of spanking, the way she hinted he would be able to do anything he wanted to her, and all that was going on at the moment, and it made him start to assume she wasn’t all about low self-esteem. The frumoase young girl was also a masochist or at least had a huge tendency toward it. All of that while she was being lovely and so sensitive. It was still to be seen, but the promise of what was next made him want her even more.

He fucked her, now increasing his pace, her little body starting to rock back and forth and her groaning louder while she looked down at him. Daniel watched her wincing but visibly in pleasure while he ravaged her, and in the back of his secrete murdare mind, he was already developing an extreme will to go whatever length necessary to keep her.

He buried more of himself inside her at each firm thrust, and they got to a fast rhythm; apparently, if not all of her discomfort was gone, most of the pain was. She still had that submissive look on her face, as if what he was doing to her was a bad thing that she was clearly enjoying. He panted, lost in the feeling of her, one hand clawing a tender inner part of a thigh, propped on it while he leaned senzatii over her, keeping his other hand on the side of her neck, his thumb on her cheek.

Diana moaned to every single one of his thrusts, eyes on his now, and she spread apart and rose her other leg a little further as if something was about to happen. He saw her little toes curling while her foot swayed in the air with their movement. He had been fighting an orgasm for a while now, but it got harder to contain when he noticed how she threw her head back, Diana now clawing her own young breasts in servicii tension, and her mouth opened in a silent scream. Suddenly, she let out a high-pitched, whispery moan, and her thighs started to shake.

“That’s it, girl. Come for me,” he said while putting his thumb under her chin and helping keep her head back; she wide-eyed stared onto the ceiling, seemingly lost in what she was feeling. His pace increased, and Daniel breathed harder and faster, ready to explode.

He felt the girl start twitching inside while keeping most of his shaft buried in her, pummeling in short and fierce siteuri thrusts. Diana didn’t use her voice anymore; she inhaled once, long and deep, noisily, and he couldn’t hear her breathing anymore. The young girl was coming, and so was he. Mostly not withdrawing but still pushing forward, he felt when his dick got as deep as it could into the girl.

When it touched her deepest part, she gasped again, flinching, and her legs started to shake terribly. The feeling he got when reaching that place was as if he was enveloped by staruri , making him instantly groan, and Daniel began to gush everything he had inside of her, the head of his member pressed against the entrance to her nubile womb.

She looked at him with her eyes wide, her mouth completely open, but no sound came out, and she suddenly started to breathe hard yet again. Diana shivered, and Daniel heaved, his eyes locked with hers. When studente was done delivering everything deep into her, he lay down on top of her; taking her cheeks in his hands, puffing, he kissed her. He felt her trembling body under his, rejoicing in it, and she tightened her legs to his sides.

Touching the tip of their noses, they just looked at each other, assimilating what had just happened, until Diana looked down, blushing, and she smiled shily.

“See? Not a virgin…” the girl whispered.

“Not a whore either,” he added.

“Stupid, maybe?” She giggled softly, and he could feel how her chest still heaved under him.

“If this is you being stupid, let’s keep it this way,” he added with a sly smile.

“So you liked it…”

He slowly withdrew his member from her soaked pussy, and the girl gasped, her legs shaking. Diana still twitched inside, the walls of her flooded entrance temptingly squeezing around him, trying to keep his member and everything else inside. Sitting in front of her, watching her on the couch, catching her breath, he answered, “Yes. But I want more.”

“Oh…” Diana said, looking down, and he noticed by the sudden disappointment on her face that she had gotten jucării it all wrong.

“More of you, silly.”

“Oh!” She said, and she smiled, her whole face flushed, and he noticed how it spread to the cleavage of her marvelous breasts. “Take it,” she said while parting her shaky legs once again, his cum dripping out from between the petals of her entrance.

Daniel smiled, satisfied, and he pulled her by her tiny feet, making the girl slide on the couch, her arms up, “Come here.”

Diana turned on her side before getting on all fours to come to him, and he just looked at her, doing his best to absorb into his memory every little detail of that girl, how amazing her heart-shaped butt was; his cum had streaked down and soaked her tiny little asshole. She crawled to him backward mentenanta , sitting on his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck just like they were on the kitchen chair the night before.

He didn’t care about his semen and her love fluids dripping onto the couch while she did so; it was leather, and he would have time to clean it up later; they had rushed to each other soon as their parents left. They had time. At least one more hour, and he intended to make good use of it.

“You’ve been a really good girl,” he said while caressing the side of her face, his thumb up and down her cheek.

“Really?” Diana answered almost dreamily.

“Yes. So, keep in mind that no matter what I do to you, it is because I want it and believe you do. You will never be doing anything wrong until I tell you that you did, got it?” And squeezing one of her produse originale tits with his other hand, he lightly pinched the nipple, giving it a little tug.

“Uhhn… Got it.” She softly groaned, her eyebrows creasing for less than a second, then looking at him as passionately as before. He had a satisfied smile on his face, confirming he had got her right.

“Good. Now you go upstairs and clean yourself up, I’ll take care of the mess we made here, and I’ll rush to a pharmacy to get you a morning-after pill. We definitely don’t want you pregnant,” Daniel said, and he kissed her lips.

“I’ll go wash for you, but you don’t need to go out. I’m on the pill,” Diana declared, looking down ashamedly, and her thin arms stiffened around his neck.

“Why the look? This is perfect,” Daniel said.

“I’m on the pill because my father thought I’d go around the neighborhood fucking all the boys,” she said, pretending to laugh, but he could feel her sponsorizari distress.

“I have my ideas on why your father did that, and it isn’t what you think.”

Diana widened her eyes, “What? No, he is my father…”

“So he never did anything to you… Different than you expected?”

The way she looked to the side while avoiding his eyes, even the little he could see of her small ears getting red beneath all that luscious brown hair, was answer enough. Daniel had a confident look on his face, his blue eyes lit.

“I’ll make things favorable to us sooner than you think. If it goes wrong, I’ll take you away from here,” he said.

Diana looked at him with her chocolate-colored eyes wide, “R-Really?” She stammered.

“Yes. Just remember how you feel right now, how you’re behaving, and as long as you’re at it, I’ll give you everything you want,” Daniel was serious, knowing precisely what he wanted and how. In his head, he was forming a plan to win Gregory over; if he were right, he would use both Diana’s weaknesses and totul ieftin strengths to their benefit.

“Ok,” she said, bursting with hope, “Do you want me to go clean myself for you now?” And her submissive tone was getting Daniel’s member awake once again.

“Go, and stay in your room dressed in lenjerie . It has a good view of the driveway. I’m not done with you,” Daniel kissed her lips, the girl leaning excitedly into it.

He watched her stand up and walk upstairs. The way her lean, toned legs shook was nothing more than sexy.

“Hey,” he called her, and she instantly stopped in her tracks. He threw her her clothes, and she leaned forward to catch them machiaje . He smiled, and Diana did, too. Then he said, “If you’re not careful, this is not going to work. That earned you some spanking,” he said, severe but glad.

“Sorry…” She said shyly, then fidgeting, she asked, “Now?”

His eyes gleamed. Diana’s coy performance made him feel like a wolf in front of its prey. It wasn’t in his plans to push her that far that day, but at the moment, it was impossible to resist.

“Yes. Now.” Grivei said, and he sat at the edge of the couch, waiting for her.

Diana just made her way back to him, looking down, her face blushing scarlet, and when she put her little hands on his thighs to lay belly down on his lap, they were trembling. He admired the skin on her back while he made a ball of her hair with his hand, but it was so long that the remainder looked like a ponytail leasing auto . He touched the back side of one of her thighs, lifting her, and she perked up her beautiful butt for him.

Daniel pulled gently at her hair, and Diana threw her head back, panting. He felt as if her entire body vibrated and saw goosebumps on her perfect, lightly tanned skin. He leaned forward and kissed her right below the back of her neck.

“Ready?” He asked while firmly massaging one of her butt cheeks.

“Uhum…” She mewed in a breathy voice. “Uhn!” Diana moaned softly as he landed the first slap.

Daniel started easy, as controlled as he possibly could. He wanted to give it cadence, to escalate slowly and watch her. He wanted to know how much masaj she liked it and to what extent. The second one was slightly harder but hitting the same spot. “Uuhhnn!” The girl moaned a little louder, bowing her back for a slight second, then tilting her hips again, perking up her beautiful behind for him.

He hit her a little bit harder on the following three slaps, which were already making loud cracking sounds around the house. With a similar result, the girl took it, reacted to it, and waited for the next one. Only her panting increased and her shivers. He loved it. The smacks were already rocking her back and forth while Daniel varied the spot where his hand would land; he wanted her to savor it, not torture her.

He carefully watched Diana so he would know when to stop, when it was enough, but west web the increasing rhythm and strength didn’t seem to shake her will to let him enforce his dominance over her. The tenth and last one made a loud cracking sound, and the girl let out a melodious utter that was long and cried, the perfect mix of a moan and a groan, “Aaaaaugh!”

He reached for her face, cupping her chin in his hand, and kissed her temple, “Good girl.” Diana was panting loudly, her body relaxing on his lap, and she seemed ready to say something when he lowered his hand from her burning behind to her totalz pussy, intending to reward her. The girl flinched, gasped, and he took his hand off her.

“What happened?” He asked, surprised.

“N-Nothing…” She ashamedly said, “I thought you were going to hit me there,” Diana let out with a chuckle. She was propping herself up on an elbow, looking back at Daniel. He noticed that masoni face was flushing, and she was a little teary-eyed, but she seemed very satisfied with herself.

Daniel laughed, relieved, “For your own good, you have to stop giving me ideas.”

After he said that, her expression changed a little as if the girl was pondering, and when she seemed to have reached a conclusion, Diana positioned herself as she was before, supporting her upper torso by her hands and forearms on Daniel’s thigh, looking forward, and she parted her legs a little. Daniel’s cock pulsated under her flat belly.

“So you want to try…” His tone was whispery, entirely taken by the moment.

“I’ll try anything you want. I know I’m safe with you,” and Diana stood still, apart from how her little sportivi body shivered, twitched all over at times, and her breathing got faster in anticipation. “I can feel you want it.”

Daniel knew it was unnecessary and absolutely not how far he expected things to go that morning, but in the end, she was right. He did want to keep testing her limits, and if she was ok while leading him into S&M this quickly, he would never say no. However, while he had seen anything from videos of women giving their own pussies some hard slaps while masturbating to BDSM sessions in which they were whipped and paddled there, he knew this was a little too extreme for an inexperienced girl like her.

So he took it slowly and very carefully. He didn’t hold her hair but passed his left arm under her, across her breasts, his hand touching her neck, fingers caressing her tiny ear. His right hand massaged her behind while seo total the girl began to breathe fast yet again.

“Ready?” He asked, doing what he did before and lowering his hand from her warm behind to her sex, and she was soaking wet. This time her only reaction to him touching her was a lovely moan.

“Uhum,” her whisper was full of longing, but he knew she was apprehensive, even scared, by how her whole body stiffened when she tilted her hips up to give him more clearance.

He spent a little more than five seconds just rubbing her there, the tips of his fingers massaging her clit, but also acknowledging exactly where it was. Then, very carefully and not even close to how hard he was hitting her before relatie , he landed a slap on her pussy, feeling his fingers making clear contact with her love nub.

Diana let out a voiceless but high-pitched gasp and clenched her behind in a downward motion. But what Daniel didn’t expect was what followed. Her whole body shook as if the young girl was convulsing. He didn’t know if that was residue from a previous orgasm or if the spanking alone was causing that, but he found it both enticing and marvelous to watch.

Fifteen seconds later, Diana relaxed once again, but pisy still shivered hard, panting. Daniel caressed the side of her face, and she shakingly bowed her head to kiss the side of his hand.

“One more?” He asked, delighted by the way Ozana found to show him she was ok.

“U-Uhum…” she stammered, her voice very low.

He hit her again with the slightest more intensity.

“Uuunnngh…” The girl let out a long groan, gasped, then kept moaning softly while her body seemed to convulse all over. She arched her back and pushed herself forward a bit with the tip of her toes on the floor while Daniel felt a lot of her juices flow down his hand. His cock was once again rock hard under her, pulsating, as every cell of his body felt compelled into awe for that young teenage girl.

After letting her breathe, her legs shaking non-stop, it was Diana who lowered her head and said, “O-One more?” But he could feel in her voice and behavior that she exceeded her limits by a good matrimoniale margin. He reached for her entrance, sliding his thumb inside her wet and astoundingly warm tunnel, two of his fingers starting a circular motion on her tiny clit. The girl let out a loud gasp and a long moan.

“No. We don’t want to overdo it,” Daniel started working on her, his thumb sliding in and out of her, two of his fingers expertly massaging her love button, and he felt her juices dripping down his hand, his wrist wet from her. “You have made your point. Now let me make mine.”

Her love hole twitched around his thumb. The girl arched her back and let everything out in a torturous, lovely demonstration of how she felt. He made her come once more, and the way she struggled while taking it made him look at her with nothing more than fascination. Diana shuddered beautifully, still spasming once and again after he had finished.

He took her out of her uncomfortable position and sat her sideways on his lap. Pitzi had a dreamy, lost look in her eyes, seemingly exhausted, and some strands of her long brown hair stuck to the sweat on her face. Daniel knew he had stopped at the right moment, as well as he knew she had given him everything she could at that moment. For that, he kissed her like he had never done before. The girl came out of her trance only to reciprocate his kiss, still languid in his arms, shaking from her core.

Diana looked at Daniel, admiring his face, engulfed in the whole situation, and he knew with the most certainty that modele was happy.

“I-I think I love you…” She muttered.

He opened a smile that crossed his face from side to side. “If this is you still wondering if you do, I can only imagine when you’re certain,” he said, and he kissed her again, “I think I love you too. I’ll make us time to find out for sure.”

Diana beamed at him, releasing a little yelp when he stood up with her in his arms. He wouldn’t make her go up the stairs after all of that. Getting to her room, still full of pink accents but otherwise very suitable for a teen girl like mayra , he gently put her in bed.

“Take your time and relax. Then you clean yourself up, take a shower maybe. We have time, but when our parents get here, it must look as if nothing ever happened,” he said, then gave her a peck on the lips.

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