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We can not provide Sexual Inter Couse. Because its illegal in Japan.
In order to fully get your money’s worth and to understand why our fees are priced at the current amount, it is necessary to know the details.
Our homepage covers many aspects of what we provide but perhaps not entirely.
The following will help guide you and help you identify what JEGC is all about.
Receiving All Services (Free)
Here at JEGC we allow many explicit services that most other providers cannot not and will not provide without an additional fee.
This is why our prices may seem a bit expensive at first, however considering what is allowed, our prices are very cheap.
In order to experience all of these excellent services, it is recommended to make a reservation for a 90 minute course or more.
Our main free services include Kissing, touching and licking the female escort ANYWHERE. You can also receive a blowjob with/without a condom. Our special service includes Sumata (Panty job without panties) which is very close to sexual intercourse and maybe perhaps even better!
The minor services include 69, boob job, unlimited shots, fully naked, Foot job Etc.
Please tell the staff what you are specifically looking for and they will try their best to meet your needs. So basically, it’s possible to do anything you please as you would with your girlfriend but there is no asking or negotiating for sex!!
Feel free to contact us in English.
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