Maya Devine

Pornstar Profile:
Birthday:November 12, 1971
Place of Birth:Plant City, FL
Home: Unknown, Unknown
Career Start/End:Unknown
Aka:Wendy Divine, Maya Devine, Maya Divine, Wendy Devine, Wendi Devine, Mrs. Maya
Social Network: Unknown
Physical Information:
Measurements: 34C-25-36
Weight: 55 kg (122 lbs)
Height: 168 cm (6 ft 7 in)
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Brunette/Blonde/Black/Red
Tattoos: Unknown
Piercings: Piercing
Fake Tits? No
Maya Devine, known in some circles as Wendy Devine, Tiger Lilly, or Mrs. Maya, is a lovely, curvaceous beauty who has been rocking cocks since her pornographic debut back in 1998. Now, with close to 250 titles to her name, she’s become a passionate, prolific, and highly celebrated porn performer, earning herself two nominations for porn’s most prestigious award, the AVN’s! A loner growing up, Maya turned to exotic dancing when she was 19 to learn how to be more comfortable in her skin and out of her clothes, and after an appearance on the HBO documentary ‘Strippers: The Naked Stages’, she decided to take her new found popularity to the screen. Not only does this bisexual babe have an incredible pair of big tits, she also loves to read, play tabletop role playing games, and responds to all of her fan mail personally. So if you like your porn stars sexy, smart, and nice too, Maya Devine is the slut for you!

MILF Performer Kendra Lust

Here at we love our MILF performers, and Kendra Lust is one of our very best. Born in a small town in Michigan in 1978, Kendra Lust has always been a deeply sexual individual, though she didn’t get started with porn professionally until 2012. “I was very promiscuous, even from a very, very young age. I remember playing with my girlfriends and I was always like that!”Though Kendra Lust had a brief stint as a dancer in college, the rest of her time was spent outside of adult professions. “I graduated from nursing school, I did some dancing for about a year or so while I was in school and that was kind of fun. I like dancing and being in front of crowds. My family always thought I was a good girl but I was always kind of wild behind the scenes. After college, I worked as a registered nurse for 6 years. And I truly loved nursing; caring for people, being compassionate. However, I wanted to explore other avenues.”Kendra Lust gave webcamming a shot for a few months in 2011, then decided she wanted to do the real thing, and started sending her pictures out to various adult entertainment companies. The rest, as they say, is history. Since she’s started working in the porn industry, Kendra Lust porn has found a passionate fan following, and has been the subject of some notable award buzz. In 2013, Kendra Lust won the Miss Bangbros Hottest MILF title, thanks to fan votes on Twitter (where she has over 400k followers), and received two AVN nominations for her work in 2014, including MILF Performer of the Year.If you’re here for Kendra Lust videos, prepare for some truly hot scenes. We’ve got some of Kendra Lust’s earliest work, with Kendra Lust porn from our My Friend’s Hot Mom series, as well as her newest exclusive scenes, like My First Sex Teacher, where Kendra Lust gets naughty after class. Ready to watch some Kendra Lust porn’ Just choose one of the scenes below to start browsing Kendra Lust videos and Kendra Lust pics!!

Birthday:September 18, 1978 (41 y.o.)
Place of Birth:Madison Heights, Michigan
Home:United States, MI – Michigan
Career Start/End:2012 – Present (8 years in business)
Physical Information:
Weight:55 kg (122 lbs)
Height:163 cm (5 ft 5 in)
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Tattoos:Left wrist
Piercings:Belly button
Fake Tits?Yes

Julia Ann Sexy Blonde Pornstar

Without a doubt, Julia Ann has had one of the longest and most celebrated careers in the porn industry. Born in 1969 in Glendale, California, Julia Ann shot her first porn scene in 1992. Twenty years later, she’s still working – most frequently in blindingly hot MILF roles – and now she’s even more of a hit than when she started., “I am way more popular now. My career is about consistency. I’ve always been consistent. The same goes for now and I seem to hit all the points. I’ve never been in a situation where I fit this one type of mold that’s ‘in’ at a certain time and just skyrocketed to popularity. It was more of blondes are in so I work. Big boobs are in so I work. Whatever the ‘in’ thing was I happened to hit it. I was really fortunate and now the MILF thing is in so everybody is throwing that at me. I’ve been really fortunate and it hasn’t been a situation where I’ve done really well really fast or vice versa. It’s been this gradual climb where things just slowly got bigger.” If you’re a fan of MILFs, Julia Ann porn is pretty much the ideal ticket. You don’t have to dig far to find her oldest scenes, if you want to see the young Julia Ann pornstar in action, and here at we’ve got plenty of the most recent Julia Ann videos, which will blow your mind. Watch dozens of Julia Ann porn scenes, including threesomes with today’s hottest stars, like Nicole Aniston in our Naughty Weddings fantasy series. Even better – experience an intimate Julia Ann porn experience like no other, in our exclusive Julia Ann VR porn scenes, co-starring the gorgeous up-and-coming starlet Jillian Janson, with My First Sex Teacher. Get started watching Julia Ann videos or viewing Julia Ann pics – click any scene below!

Birthday:October 8, 1969 (50 y.o.)
Place of Birth:Los Angeles, California, USA
Home:United States, CA – California
Career Start/End:1992 – Present (28 years in business)
Aka:Julie Ann
Physical Information:
Weight:58 kg (128 lbs)
Height:173 cm (6 ft 9 in)
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Brunette/Blonde
Tattoos:Flowery design on both ankles; small black heart on rightbreast; bow above tailbone; back of neck
Fake Tits?Yes

Rachel Starr Curvy Body

Rachel Starr is one of the more entertaining personalities active in today’s porn scene. Not only is she smoking hot, with her signature dark hair, 34D augmented breasts, and curvy body, but she’s also got a great sense of humor, and a spunky personality, which has won her more than a few of her fans and her 300,000 Twitter followers over the years. Born in Texas in 1983, Rachel Starr spent a great deal of her childhood in the country. “I had a horse, my brother had pigs, and we had dogs.” Though Rachel Starr worked as a dancer in California for several years, it wasn’t until 2007 that she entered the porn industry, after being discovered by male performer Jack Venice.Speaking about her passion for feature dancing, Rachel Starr revealed in an interview that she’s genuinely a fun, down-to-earth girl in person: “When I do my feature dance show, I like to let people know who I really am as a person. Like you see me in these movies and people have this whole persona idea of what they think I’m like, but I’m actually just like a really goofy person that likes to play around. I’m not a prude in any way, or diva-ish, or anything like that – I really like to get the crowd going, I’m very energetic. I like to do crazy stuff, and make fun of it, and just have fun, and I’m smiling the whole time.”Most fans know Rachel Starr for her massive body of work, though, with Rachel Starr porn videos spanning eight years and counting – and here at, we’ve got plenty of Rachel Starr videos and Rachel Starr pics. Want to see what Rachel Starr videos were like when she was just getting started in the porn industry’ Don’t miss the first Rachel Starr porn scene with in American Daydreams. Or check out her most recent work, in incredible 4k resolution, with the Rachel Starr porn scene My Wife’s Hot Friend. Regardless of which scene you choose, you’re bound to be left both satisfied and wanting more from the lovely Rachel Starr.

Birthday:November 26, 1983 (36 y.o.)
Place of Birth:Burleson, Texas, USA
Home:United States, TX – Texas
Career Start/End:2007 – Present (13 years in business)
Aka:Rachael Star
Physical Information:
Weight:55 kg (122 lbs)
Height:163 cm (5 ft 5 in)
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Brown
Tattoos:Teddy bear on left shoulder blade; Orchid flower on pubicarea;
Piercings:Navel; left nipple; right nipple; tongue; clit
Fake Tits?Yes

Brandi Love Big Tits

Brandi Love is one of the most fascinating pornstars in the industry. Not only is she a smoking hot MILF and veteran of the porn industry, but as the co-owner and CEO of No Rivals Media, an adult entertainment company, she’s also an incredibly successful businesswoman. Though Brandi Love considers her childhood normal, there are more than a few intriguing facts about her. “I played saxophone when you were supposed to play the piano; I played soccer and ran track when you were supposed to be a ballerina kind of stuff. I rode a motorcycle when I was 17. So I thought of myself as a little rock star. So I guess I carried that on into my adult years.”Brandi Love‘s kickass business skills and general rock star nature led to a fascinating pre-porn career, as well: “When I was in my early 20s, I managed a bagel store. I became an account executive for a staffing agency which really gave me the groundwork for any sales job I would ever want. It’s a tough job but it taught me invaluable skills. The first company I owned was in the wine industry.”Of course, we might be a little biased – we filmed Brandi Love’s first professional scene, after all. “ was always contacting me for about a year and a half to do something for them. Before 2008, it was all for my website. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, obviously, (laughs) and at the same time it was a little intimidating and I was nervous. But then within a matter of minutes, it was more of a turn-on than anything else.”In other words, if you’re looking for Brandi Love porn, is the place to be. Watch an early Brandi Love porn scene in our fantasy series My Wife’s Hot Friend, or check out more recent Brandi Love videos in a fantasy series like Naughty Office. No matter which scene you choose, you can be sure you’ll be satisfied when it comes to Brandi Love porn. Click any scene below to start viewing Brandi Love pics and Brandi Love videos now!

Birthday:March 29, 1973 (47 y.o.)
Place of Birth:Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Home:United States, NC – North Carolina
Career Start/End:2007 – Present (13 years in business)
Aka:Tracey Lynn Livermore
Physical Information:
Weight:58 kg (128 lbs)
Height:171 cm (6 ft 8 in)
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Blonde
Tattoos:Right back shoulder blade; left ankle; butterfly over thebutt
Fake Tits?Yes

AJ APPLEGATE Beautiful Pornstar

With her big blue eyes, blonde hair, and a wicked 40-inch whooty that’ll drop your jaw to the floor, AJ Applegate is any porn lovin’ ass-man’s dream cum true. As you might have guessed, Ms. Aj Applegate took her name after the actress who played TV’s original teen sex symbol, Kelly Bundy. Before she ever worked in porn, AJ was a successful go-go dancer and an exotic dancer, a talent she mastered as a teen with years of formal training. In the few short years since she debuted in porn, AJ’s made a name for herself as a talented and versatile porn star, with natural beauty and an ass that can swallow up the biggest dicks in deep anal and DP scenes. Her top-notch performances landed her the well-deserved 2013 XCritic and 2014 XRCO Best New Starlet Awards. In her off time, AJ keeps her stomach flat and her curves poppin’ with zumba and intense gym sessions: lifting heavy and squatting ass-to-grass. Check out her first ever scene, a debaucherous oily anal scene with Erik Everhard, and you’ll see how AJ is conquering the porn world, one scene at a time.

Birthday:September 23, 1989 (30 y.o.)
Place of Birth:New York, USA
Home:United States, NY – New York
Career Start/End:2012 – Present (8 years in business)
Aka:A.j. Applegate, Kaylee Evans, Ajay Applegate
Social Network:Instagram
Physical Information:
Weight:54 kg (120 lbs)
Height:157 cm (5 ft 2 in)
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
Tattoos:Flowers and writing on right hip
Fake Tits?No

Antonella La Sirena – new entry pornstar

LaSirena69, or Antonella La Sirena, made her debut in the industry in 2019 only but has already attracted a huge fan following in such a short time. Her unbelievable rise in popularity can be attributed partly to her gorgeous looks as she possesses a voluptuous figure, with huge and beautiful pair of boobs, a round ass and an equally stunning face. But I would say that her rising fame is because of her jaw-dropping performances as well because she is responsible for some of the best scenes last year. From lesbian scenes to hardcore anal scenes, from blowjob-only scenes to creampie scenes, the brunette pornstar has done it all. And seeing her filmography this year so far, I’ll bet that we are going to see her try a lot more intense porn in the coming months.



Katana Kombat – beautiful latina pornstar

Katana is an American with Cuban, Mexican, and Spanish heritage, which shows in her tanned skin and general Latina looks. You might also recognise her from Pitbull’s International Love music video where she was one of the dancers. Since then, she’s taken her dance moves to the porn studio where she’s proven to be a big hit. We think she’s amazing and will have a very long career in porn, should she choose to stay.

Jessa Rhodes – blonde bimbo pornstar

Nicole Aniston used to be our favourite blonde bimbo pornstar, and now we can officially say that Jessa has taken her place. Jessa isn’t new to porn—she’s been performing for years—but she used to look a lot different; she had small tits and a natural look, and now she’s rocking a new pair of tits and some work to her face, giving her that true barbie type look and we love it. There’s going to be people that don’t like it and prefer the natural look which is fine, and we hope the natural girls on this list please you.



Fancy a Massage? How Do You Know Which Massage to Pick?

When you fancy a relaxing massage, how do you know which massage to pick before you start researching massage ads? 

Swedish massage 

is the invention of the Swede Pir Henrik Ling. He used his knowledge of physiology to develop a system of treatment that combines massage with physical exercise. This became Swedish massage. Its aim is to restore good health by careful manipulation of muscles and joints.

Manual lymphatic drainage [MLD] 

is the legacy of the Danish therapist Dr. Emil Vodder and his wife Estrid since the 1930s. They discovered that gently palpating and moving the skin certainly stimulated the lymphatic system and improved congestive conditions. Hence they developed a system of treatment of the whole body. Manual lymphatic drainage has many implications from self-help for minor swellings to professional treatment of chronic oedema.

The lymphatic system picks up debris and waste products from the body’s connective tissue. It consists of a series of lymph nodes connected by lymph vessels. The nodes appear in clusters mainly around the neck, armpits, and groin. They contain white blood cells that help to fight infection by filtering out bacteria as the lymph, a watery fluid, passes through the nodes.
Healthy connective tissue nourishes every cell of the body. But when the tissue is congested, nutrition of cells and the flow of waste products to the bloodstream slow down.

When MLD stimulates the lymph system, the stagnation reverses, the body functions more healthily, and the immune system gets stronger.

Chinese massage 

Traditional eastern medicine is based on the belief that life energy flows along channels, or meridians, of the body.  In traditional Chinese medicine this energy bears the name of qi. The aim of all treatments, and massage, is to create an unobstructed flow of qi in the body, hence promoting harmony and wellbeing.

There are 12 regular meridians. Each one influences a major organ and its associated functions. Two other meridians trace the midline of the front of the body – Ren (Conception vessel) and the back of the body – Du (Governing vessel). In a healthy person qi is balanced between the opposite but complementary qualities yin and yang. Yin signifies darkness, cold, passivity; yang signifies light, warmth, activity. Yin meridians run along the front of the body, the abdomen, and the inner sides of the arms and legs. Yang meridians run mainly along the back of the body and the outer sides of the arms and legs. A massage will balance the left and right sides, the top and bottom, and the front and back into a cohesive energetic whole.

Indian massage

The major traditional healing systems in India are Ayurveda and Unani. Both systems consider massage a vital part of life, hence a means of preventing illness, improving circulation, and attaining physical and spiritual harmony. According to both systems all living organisms are defined by fluctuating vital energies known as humours. Each humour contains a combination of five essential elements: ether, air, fire, water, earth. The purpose of all therapeutic treatments, and massage, is to bring these life forces into harmony.  If the humours are out of balance, the flow of prana, an invisible life energy that enters the body through food and breath, will also be disrupted.

Most Indian massage includes work on pressure points. There’re said to be 107 points on the body. Stimulating these points with various massage techniques is believed to affect the body’s internal organs and systems. This concept is similar to that of Thai massage and shiatsu.

Thai massage

Good health depends on a balanced flow of life energy called prana through an invisible network of channels in the body. These channels are called sen lines and are similar to the Chinese meridians. Ten out of 72,000 sen lines in the body are the most important in Thai massage.
A Thai masseur tries to achieve perfect energy balancing by stretching the sen lines. He uses the hands, feet, and elbows to apply pressure to key points along them.  The belief is that the physical body is the vehicle through which we can reach the emotional or psychic body.  The masseur traditionally performs the massage in a meditative mood. He begins with a prayer and works with full awareness and mindfulness.

Eastern head massage

is immensely popular throughout the East. In India, China, Singapore, and Turkey most barbers and hairdressers will automatically offer a scalp massage. The word shampoo derives from the Hindi word capna, meaning ‘to press’ or ‘rub’. This ten-minute massage is quite energetic and done on dry hair to avoid stretching the hair.


literally translates as ‘finger pressure’. This massage evolved in Japan and has origins in traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on the eastern principle that energy of life (ki in Japanese, qi in Chinese) flows through longitudinal meridians in the body. The aim is to apply pressure along these meridians to influence the flow of ki and therefore maintain harmony and good health.


is another massage based on the theory that applying pressure to specific areas of the feet and less commonly hands and ears can affect internal organs and bodily systems and therefore promote good health. It evolved from the work of an American ear/nose/throat surgeon Dr. William H. Fitzgerald.  He was interested in the theory of energy lines, or meridians, and developed zone therapy around 1913. A reflexology treatment is usually immensely relaxing. Not only do most people enjoy having their feet massaged, but stimulating the extensive nerve endings in the feet is also beneficial in itself and can have profound effects throughout the body.

Sarawak Massage

is a sequence of gentle kneading movements designed to send waves of relaxation through the body.

Moroccan massage

of the full body can last just 15 minutes and consists mainly of fast stroking. The vigour of the strokes forces the body and mind to let go and is therefore useful for revitalizing rushed and also hyperactive people.

I’m certainly qualified in and offer all the treatments which I described here. Would you like to talk about them?

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