Take a look at the not-so-kinky truth about Kink

Kink is frequently characterized as bizarre or unconventional sexual tastes or behavior, as well as anything that deviates from the straight and narrow. Having said that, some sexual activities fall under the “kink umbrella.”

BDSM encompasses a wide range of activities, including light paddle spanking and dominant/submissive role-playing, as well as bondage parties and pain play.

Role-playing and fantasy – Creating imagined situations are one of the most prevalent forms of kinky sex. It could be as easy as discussing a fantasy in bed, dressing up in costumes, or acting out scenes in front of strangers.

Fetishes – Fetish play is described as sexually treating a nonsexual object or bodily part sexually. Feet and shoes, leather or rubber, and diaper play are all common fetishes.

Voyeurism or exhibitionism – Voyeurism includes seeing someone undress or watching a couple have sex without their knowledge while having sex in public is considered exhibitionism. Both are very common and kinky.

Group SexThreesomes, sex parties, orgies, and other acts involving more than two persons are examples of group sex. Eighteen percent of men have had group sex, and even more have expressed interest in the idea.

It’s no surprise that because we don’t talk about kinky sex, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions flying around. So let’s clear the air on a few common myths.

More men are interested in foot fetish play, but more women are interested in experiencing pain as part of sex – Truth: both men and women desire to explore kink equally.

One widespread misconception about those who are interested in BDSM is that they have been abused in the past. Truth: Some members of the BDSM community have been abused in the past, but the majority have NOT.

In the mainstream media, BDSM is frequently associated with abuse and violence. Some practitioners have even endured persecution and discrimination as a result of their kinks. However, the average individual who engages in kink has above-average psychological health.

According to studies, people who consistently practice BDSM have higher levels of relationship and sexual pleasure. Many people are drawn to BDSM by a need for sexual novelty. Sex is the way adults play; it allows them to disengage from reality.

Kinky Requirements

When you think about kinky sex, you might imagine a leather-clad dominatrix swinging a matching whip. But all you need is your imagination and a willing partner.

There are shops for you if you like certain fetishes or want to learn more about a kink. Attempting kink requires far less equipment than, say, participating in your local volleyball club. If you want to experiment with sensory deprivation or restraints, you don’t even need blindfolds or handcuffs; a knot or pillowcase will do.

Keeping Kink Safe

Even though kinky sex has many benefits and may be what you and your partner want, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure that your play is fun, safe, and positive.

Consent is something that should happen before any sex act, especially if you’re trying something kinky for the first time. Communication is essential in play as well as when exploring dominant/submissive roles or potentially causing pain.

Restraints or resistance may be a part of your fantasy, which is more prevalent among women than you might imagine. Use a safe word you agree on before you become kinky to ensure you can say no in your kink while still being able to communicate no to your partner clearly. Use safe words like red light (halt) and green light (keep going).

Everyone has various limits and bounds. While being open to new bedroom activities is fantastic, being honest about what you don’t want to explore (as in never, ever) is also vital. Discuss these hard limits with your partner frankly; there’s no need to be coy.

A huge aspect of kinky sex is combining pain and pleasure. Although some couples draw the line at mild spanking or slapping, others who explore further routes such as breast and genital pain should educate themselves so that they do not cause serious or long-term harm to tissue or nerves.

Kink can appear different for everyone, and that’s fine. Exploring kink doesn’t have to start with purchasing a latex bodysuit and a whip. It might be as simple as seeing what happens try something new in the bedroom and enter a new world of sex.

The basics of kinky sex are identical to those of any strong, long-term relationship: communication, trust, understanding, and patience.

Now that you know that Kinky is not only acceptable, it’s also healthy for your mind and body! Stop wasting time… embrace your inner Kinkster!

Why Would Escorts Turn Cam Model ?

There are more advantages from being a webcam model pose to an escort, explaining why the number of escorts has drastically decreased in the past decade. In contrast, the number of cam models has massively increased.

Global pandemic and fear of coronavirus aside, escorts face dozens of dangers each day. There are very high health risks associated with being an escort, especially for catching an STI or an STD. The fear of who you’re meeting and what could go wrong. You could also argue that you don’t need to physically touch another individual as a webcam model, that you can work from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere for that matter, and that there is argumentatively more money in it nowadays.

There are, of course, some downfalls and risks associated with camming that escorts wouldn’t necessarily fear, like being recorded and exposed online, for instance. However, it certainly poses much less risk all around.

Escorting is more popular than webcamming in some parts of the world, specifically poorer countries with high poverty rates and less access to technology and resources that allow them to work online, such as Bangladesh, Congo, or India. Another reason that escorting may be more prevalent in such countries is because many live cam porn sites restrict access to these countries due to high fraud rates and laws prohibiting them from working or viewing.

Surprisingly, there isn’t much data to tell us how many webcam models there are; however, we know that there are tens of thousands broadcasting at any one time, which shows the magnitude of popularity and how big the industry has become.

Womens Secret Erogenous Zones

Many people consider the genitals and surrounding areas to be an erogenous area. Some erogenous zones are more responsive to tickling or gentle touch, whereas others are highly sensitive to vibration or pressure. Stimulating these places can be very effective foreplays in this regard. Talking with your partner and trying out different combos might help discover mutual interests. Because a person’s preference shifts over time, the best stimulation differs from person to person. People should talk to their partners about what they want to do.

Womens erogenous zones

The clitoris

One of the key sites associated with sexual pleasure is the clitoris. Communication is essential in clit exploration, as it is in other aspects of sex. Begin with a little touch around the clitoris. Keep an eye on how your partner reacts. If you both want to go deeper, go close to the clit directly, keeping a gentle touch with your mouth, lips, tongue, and fingers. If you both like to try direct stimulation, go ahead, but start slowly and softly.

The vaginal canal

The majority of the sensation comes from the first two inches of the vaginal opening. Therefore deeper may not always be ideal. To stimulate the vaginal canal, use your fingers, toys, or a penis. It can feel fantastic to start slowly and gradually increase the speed. Don’t forget to use a generous amount of lubrication.

The cervix

The cervix is also referred to as the C-spot. To pleasure the cervix, you’ll have to use a sex toy or a penis to penetrate the vaginal, as fingers normally can’t reach. Massage a sex toy or penis against the cervical aperture until you start to experience sensations of ecstasy.

The anterior vaginal wall

This soft inside frontal wall of your vagina can be aroused by light contact or postures that allow insertable objects, such as sex toys, to hit its wall. Insert two fingers in your partners vaginal with your palm facing up. Stimulate their clitoris and labia while pushing on their vaginal wall. Anticipate a few sparkles if you pay close attention.

The pubic mound

Because of the sensitive nerve endings and glands that generate pheromones, the pubic mound is linked to your genitals and sexual reaction. The fleshy mound directly above the clitoris is densely packed with nerve endings attached to the genitals. You can stimulate the labia and clitoris by massaging the area in an up and down motion. If your spouse is game, move on to kissing the area, then licking your way down with the tip of your tongue. As stimuli are activated, the area above the pubic bone can become electric.

The labia minora

Another name for the labia minora is the viganal lips. Erectile tissues and skin are found in the inner lips. They absorb blood and become heated, swelling, and sensitive to touch when stimulated. These areas are extremely sensitive, even for a high-sensitive location. Gently stroking or tracing your finger across your lips might assist in building arousal and moisture. “Place your fingers inside” in a peace sign and with loads of lubrication and move them up and down on the inside of the outer lips and around the inner lips,” explains Anne Louise, a “certified sex educator and CEO of TOCA, to target the inner lip in particular. Please do not stimulate if there is insufficient lubrication (natural or otherwise).

The breasts

According to Segar, massaging, stroking, kissing, and licking the breasts effectively stimulate the nipples by activating the same part of the brain as the sexual organs. ‘Beginning with the brest rather than the nipple can assist create arousal by drawing out the stimulation,’ she explains.


The G-spot, located on the vaginal front wall, is thought to be a small bundle of nerve endings that can feel particularly pleasurable when stimulated. It’s sometimes described as a spongy, walnut-sized bump.

Your best bet is to use a curved dildo or G-spot vibrator. Use a lot of lube. Make an upward curve with your finger or toy toward your navel and utilize a come-hither motion. Experiment with various pressures and feelings.

If you need something gentler, I recommend looking for a toy composed of soft silicone rather than firm glass. Try a rabbit vibrator, which stimulates both your clitoris and your G-spot at the same time. This can make it a lot more enjoyable.


The urethra, where your pee comes out, is named after the U-spot. It is situated in a highly sensitive or orgasmic tissue region placed above and around the urethral opening. Because the tissue in this area is sensitive, a light touch and gentle stimulation are essential for eliciting an orgasmic reaction. Rubbing too hard may produce discomfort, which no one wants!

First time having sex at the office

It’s nice to have alone time and our office building has a living room set up on the third floor so we can hang out there and watch TV next to the kitchen. I can make him tea and we’ll enjoy the odd snack from the vending machine. It’s not a gourmet restaurant, it’s not a night at the theatre, it’s not even a drink down the local Wetherspoon’s, but its time with him which is what I’m desperate for and I’ll take what I can get.

It’s finally Friday and I have worked 60 hours this week. I always stay late getting paper work done while everyone else goes home. It is almost 2 hours after I was supposed to go home, and I am still here. So is my amazing assistant. I hired her a couple months ago. She had an impressive resume but if I am going to be honest, she is so beautiful. I keep everything professional but her outfit for her interview was so tight.

It showed off every curve and her cleavage was out. She is tall with long legs and hair down to her back. She has a friendly smile and I couldn’t help but hire her. Since she has been working here, she stays late with me. Making sure everything is organized and finished. She is a great assistant.

I rub my eyes and lay back in my chair. I yawn and look out the door. There is my assistant, making copies. Her outfits have gotten tighter every day. I can’t help but fantasize about her but I am her boss. I’ve never made a move but today she is looking so hot. She is wearing a tight black skirt with a white blouse. Her blouse buttons down and her breasts are peaking out. She has on a pair of black heels and they make her legs look amazing. As I am checking her out she notices me. “Shit” I think to myself. She is walking over.

“Knock knock” She says as she knocks on my door with her head peaking through.

“Hello! Staying late again?”

“You know me, I want to make your life as easy as possible.” She walks into my office and notices I am tired.

“Awe, you seem so tired.” She walked over to me and put her hands on my shoulders and started rubbing them. “You need a vacation” she laughed.

“Yea I do. I haven’t had one in two years!”

“Two years? Wow, you must be exhausted” she started rubbing my shoulders harder and rubbing her hands down my chest. I am starting to feel more relaxed.

“Mmm that feels nice.” I said with my eyes closed falling deeper into my office chair.

“I admire you so much. I stay late because I really would love to move up in the company one day. I can learn a lot from you.” She kept rubbing my shoulders and chest.

“Oh, really? Well, I believe in you! Your work ethic is amazing.”

“Thank you” She said. close to my ear.

She started rubbing lower down my stomach. All of a sudden I felt her lips on my neck and she kissed me.

“Whoa!” I jumped up a little surprised. “I’m sorry, I am your boss. This is a little inappropriate”

“Oh come on, I see you checking me out every day.” She walked in front of me and sat down on my lap. While straddling me she starts kissing my neck and rubbing her hands through my hair.

My big blue eyes are still looking up at him and although I’m sure he knows I’m looking he won’t make eye contact with me. I fidget more, making it clearer I want his attention but still he gives me none. I glance down at his crotch, I can see he’s just as aroused as I am, not being able to control his cock like he does his eyes. My cunt is on fire under my skirt, desperate for his touch, desperate for that growing bulge in his trousers.

I run my hand slowly over his thigh smirking up at him and reaching for that hard cock that is starting to test the fabric of his smart, black work trousers. As I grab hold of his firm cock he lets out a small moan and slips slightly forward on the sofa, thrusting his cock further into my hand. I rub it enthusiastically, wanting it so hard that it aches as much as my cunt does.

“No, we really shouldn’t. This isn’t right.” But my dick was already getting hard through my pants. No matter how much I tell her no, I know I want it.

“If you don’t want to do this, then why do I feel your dick getting hard through your pants?” she said as she grabbed it firm in her hand.

“You’ve been teasing me with those outfits every day, haven’t you?” I asked her as I gripped her ass. She let out a moan.

“Mmm, so you’ve noticed?” She starting grinding her pussy on my boner. I can feel her pussy bone through my pants.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck you since I hired you”

“I knew you were checking out my tits in the interview” She started kissing me hard and my dick got as hard as it could. It was throbbing through my fantezii pants and it needed to breath. I start undoing my belt buckle and she grabs my hands.

“I got that for you” She started slowly unbuttoning my shirt and moving down to my belt. She unbuckled it and whipped my dick out.

“Mmm, you’re a lot bigger then I thought you’d be”

She started sucking the tip of my dick, making it pulse. I am leaking precum already. I look down on her and see her beautiful eyes staring back up at me with half of my dick in her mouth. I look above her head and it hits me that we’re in the office. Dirty thoughts run through my mind as I think about bending her over my desk and fucking her hard.

I grab her head and push it all the way down onto escorte premium submisive  shaft. I feel her throat tighten on my cock and her eyes start to water. She takes it all like a good girl and comes back up. Spit runs down her mouth onto the floor. She spits on my dick and starts to stroke it with her hand. While she strokes my shaft she sucks the tip of my dick with tons of tongue. Her warm mouth feels so good. It’s so soft and warm and my dick fills her throat perfectly.

“That’s right, suck my cock” I said without thinking

“Mmm you like that?”

“Oh, I fucking love that. That’s how you get a promotion” She starts stroking and sucking harder. Every part of her hands and mouth have touched my dick. She licks the entire thing from the tip to the bottom of my shaft and then she moves down to my balls. She sticks both of them in her mouth as she jerks off my hard cock. I can feel my veins popping in her hands.

She is moving her tongue around my balls as she is sucking them. Her grip on my dick is hard and she squeezed my tip harder every time she moved her hand up my dick. I can feel my balls starting to swell and I am trying to hold in my cum. I grab her head and make her stop. She looks up at me with her hand on my dick and my balls in her mouth. She smiles and stands up.

She turns around and starts grinding her ass on my bare cock like a stripper. She starts to move her skirt up and her bare ass is showing through her tiny g string. I lean my face into her ass and start to take her tiny thong off with my teeth. As I slide them down to her knees I kiss her pussy from the back.

“Ooh my God, I wasn’t expecting that” she moaned as she leaned doggy on my desk. “Fuck your tongue feels amazing” I lick her entire pussy. From her clit to the inside of her tight little hole. I run my tongue in her lips and I feel her juices drip down my chin. She is getting so fucking wet, all I can think about is sliding my dick in her tight pussy. I move my tongue up her asshole and it puckered up on my tongue.

She let out a scream and begged for more. I eat her pussy like it is my last meal. It tastes so fucking sweet. I grab her my her hips, turn her around, and sit her on my desk. I open up her blouse and grab her tits out of her bra. I start sucking on her nipples and squeezing her tits.

“You want this fucking cock?” I said to her

“Yes, please. I need it. Give it to me.” Her pussy is dripping a puddle on my desk and it looks so inviting. I rub my hard tip on her clit.

“Beg for it.”

“Please, please. Quit playing around and give it to me”

“You a good little office slut?” I don’t know where this was coming from. It’s like I was a different man.

“I’m a good office slut. I’ll stay after work every night and fuck you” She moaned and grabbed my dick and shoved it in her pussy.

“Fuck!” She yelled out as she scratched my back. “Oh fuck, you feel so good. Fuck me hard!” She begged me. She wanted my cock so bad. Her pussy was pulsing on it and I felt it grip hard. Her walls of her pussy are so warm and soft. My cock started to throb as I slid every inch in and out of her. I start by sliding it in slow but she grabs my back and pulls me in. “Fuck me harder!” She yelled. I started shoving my dick harder and deeper in her pussy. Fucking her harder with every stroke. She was moaning so loud. She’s gripping and scratching my back. I feel her pussy getting wetter and it is starting to tighten around my big dick. “I’m going to cum!” She yelled out suddenly. “Keep fucking me hard like that! Make me cum! Make me cum!” I am slamming her pussy. I feel my balls slapping against her shy asshole. All of a sudden her legs start shaking, she screams, and her pussy starts to drip onto my desk. “Fuck I am cumming!” She yelled and grabbed me in close.

“Fuck yes, soak my fucking cock!” I blurted out. She squirted all over me and my office desk. She hops off of my desk and gets on her knees.

“Mmm ima taste all of my cum off of your cock” She grabs my throbbing dick and starts sucking it hard. She’s going crazy. Sucking it and stroking it fast. Looking up at me with eager eyes. I look back down at her and ask her, “Do you want my cum?”

“Yes, feed it to me, please! I’m so hungry for your cum! Feed it to me” Just as she said that she opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out. I jerked my cock over her face until I drained my balls in her mouth.

I take it deep. I enjoy long, slow sucks all the way from the bottom to the tip. I bend over further, completely aware my ass is in the air, my skirt rising up past my pants and he stretches his hand across my back and squeezes my ass hard. I moan, mouth full of cock. He slaps my ass and says ‘come on’, suggesting I sit up.

“Ahhh!” I yelled as she swallowed every drop and smiled. She got up from her knees, wiped her mouth, and grinned at me.

“Yum, that was delicious!”

“That was so amazing. That is exactly what I needed.” It really was. I don’t remember the last time I came that hard.

“I knew it was, and that is exactly what I needed too” She gave me a wink and kissed me on the cheek. “If you know what I mean” She giggled and walked out of the door.

“I’ll see you tomorrow!” I yelled at her as she was leaving

“Yup see ya then!” she yelled back and closed the door behind her. Wow that was so crazy. I’m sitting in my chair trying to process what just happened. Then a light bulb went off in my head. Fuck, now I have to give her that promotion she wants! She used me.

Why do women enjoy trying FemDom ?

Many women enjoy FemDom because it provides them with freedom and independence. Every woman carries a Dominatrix within her that yearns to be released. There is a Tigress within you waiting to be released. Most of the female dominance you may have seen in porn movies is far too excessive, and it is primarily staged. They are also quite challenging to carry out.

Exploring FemDom with your partner might genuinely strengthen your sexual connection and bring you closer together in the long run. It also increases trust and promotes communication. At the end of the day, good communication skills are essential ingredients in any successful, healthy relationship—romantic or otherwise.

FemDom is popular among women because it gives them control. Being in charge can be pretty enticing. It’s fun to be in charge of your spouse, having them perform your duties, run errands for you, and punish them for jobs they don’t do.

Some good things to ask your online subs to determine their interest in a FemDom relationship are:

  • What might our online relationship look like in an ideal world?
  • How frequently would we talk? Do you primarily expect real-time updates?
  • What choices do you have for communicating online? (Skype, snapchat, Kik, Discord, and so on.)
  • What services can you offer me?
  • What could you help me with?
  • How long do you think this will last?
  • How would you let me know if you don’t want to continue? (Be careful of anyone who doesn’t have a clear answer.) You’ll almost certainly be ghosted.)

Exciting FemDom Ideas for an in-person sub

This is where all dominant females shine since they all have wild imaginations and crazy ideas running through their heads, and when they need to keep you occupied, they have no shortage of things to hand out to you Escorte premium roșcate . If you are not running errands or doing labor for Mistress, you should be doing something. The femdom tasks you will be given must be completed exactly as written.

Allow your partner to adore your feet

Some females become extremely aroused when their partner kisses or licks their feet and shoes, which may seem strange to some people. Consider wearing a good pair of gorgeous high heels that you bought specifically for your FemDom kink night.
Allow your partner to lick it, raise their body temperature, and lure them with the promise of more.
Other aspects of foot worship include gently kicking your companion with your foot. You can even tread on him and finally ask them to lick your bare feet; after all, you want your spouse to worship your feet, don’t you?

Cock and ball bondage

Cock and ball bondage is not for everyone. So, if it feels a little too terrifying for your partner in especially, you can buy a stretchable penile ring instead of a metallic cock ring. They’re stretchy and comfortable to wear. Inquire if they are at ease using them.
Understand, you are not making a pornographic video, and you are here to test FemDom because you want to have fun. You can acquire a metal cock ring if they become comfortable with the cock and ball bondage.

There is also a product called Gates of Hell on the market, including many metal rings. That’s quite harsh, but if your partner wants it, give it to him. You can also acquire a cage for your partner if you’re going to try something more intense.
Request that they bring their genitals inside and wrap them in a plastic bag. Don’t let him go too hard, and that’s their task.

It’s time for some sissy fun.

Why not get your male companion a pair of girlie underwear? You may not be aware, but some men enjoy wearing frilly underwear when in a submissive position. They enjoy hearing insults or compliments from their companion.
If it’s not enjoyable and he doesn’t like it, you can both laugh about it later. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to inject some levity into your FemDom routine? Consider this. You can also make your partner wear it as a kind of punishment.

Check the internet for the most fantastic underwear for your lover so that you may both have the best time together. While he is getting dressed for you, come up with a pseudonym for your submissive partner and call him by that name. If he gets turned on by that, humiliate him or laugh aloud.

Consider using Impact Play.

If you wish to engage in full-time FemDom kink, you should try impact play. You can come up with a way to discipline your submissive partner. Ask them to get down on their knees and transform into a dog.
Spank his buttocks hard, and let your spouse request more spanks to turn him on. You can use your hands, a tailed riding crop, or a spatula if you want to go old-school. This will give you the distinct impression that you are assuming a dominant role.

Paddles, slappers, crops, canes, floggers, and whips are just a few of the tools you can use to spank your partner’s buttocks. Each of these wacky objects is available for purchase online. Buy these if you want the FemDom thing to be taken seriously.

Consider bondage.

Bondage is a must-do activity if you want to take FemDom to its extreme. Consider using a standard handcuff to bind your partner’s hands. You can blindfold them or put a scarf in their mouth to prevent them from speaking.
If you really want to hurt their body, you can bind their wrists and legs together and try to stretch them. Another item you can purchase for the bondage role-playing activity is the gag.
Request that he stretches his legs puts on some nipple clamps, and torture you until he pleads you to let him have sex with you.

Tease him

Include teasing to make your partner feel aroused while you attempt other things. Touch him all over since this will make him highly wet. You must tease him and continue to push him. He’ll ask you for more as soon as he can.
Begin by softly touching him. You can choose to touch his chest or genital regions, and if he tries to touch you, you can tell him that you have not yet given him permission to do so. When he oversteps his bounds, remind him that he owes you an apology.
You can also request that your spouse call you by a specific name or refer you as the Mistress.

Keep his orgasm under control

Assume you let him play with your vagina. He starts fucking you hard, and when you sense he’s cumming, you may control or stop him from cumming by wearing a chastity belt and hitting him hard enough to spoil the entire climax atmosphere.
Many people love being able to manage their partner’s orgasm. You can control his orgasm for as long as you want. You can repeatedly bring your lover to the brink of orgasm and then refuse to let them cum.  That is the entire game!

Request that they serve you.

This is the most enjoyable aspect of the FemDom kink. Request that your partner serve you. You can request that he do anything for you.
Tell him that you want a complete body massage, that you want a boob massage, that you wish to anything and everything from him, and your partner will deliver it to you. If you don’t want to be horny, have him paint your nails or give you a foot massage instead.
Consider anything you would like your partner to serve you with, and he must do so.

Humiliate him

Another approach to improve your FemDom relationship with your partner is to humiliate them. Humiliation does not necessarily have to be severe, but partners who frequently practice FemDom feel better when the female degrades him more severely. Insults can cause your man to develop a hard-on.

Consider anal play.

You should first consult with your partner about anal play humiliation. Find out if they are okay with the idea of dominance. If they agree, you can purchase anal sex items such as dildos and butt plugs.
Anal play might be daunting for some men, and some may feel ashamed after an anal sex play. Many straight men believe that the anal plug is only for women’s sexual pleasure, not men’s, even though anal play can be enjoyed by anybody.
You have complete control over the anal play. You can ask your partner to lie down in a specific position for you and begin playing with their butthole in any way that makes you feel happier.

Request oral sex from your partner

FemDom allows you to feel pleasure exactly how you want it. So, while he is still obedient and you haven’t finished punishing him or requesting him to serve you better, you might urge your partner to kneel down and begin giving you oral pleasure.
You can request that he give you oral sex in a specific manner or that he use a sex toy on you. You may comment on his performance while he performs the routine for you.

Request that your man dress a certain way.

Females in FemDom do not always have to dress in a certain way to appear dominant. You might request that your man dress the way you want him to. This will undoubtedly excite your FemDom fetish.
When it comes to your attire, you can wear whatever makes you feel powerful.
Black is the perfect color to go with because it is just the appropriate hue to look and feel dominant. On the other hand, men can be asked to wear feminine panties that they may have purchased or to remain naked.


The technique entails striking the partner’s buttocks while groaning. This technique employs paddles, floggers, crops, canes, and other implements. Sometimes the submissive partner wishes for the dominatrix to spank him to turn him on.

Sensory play

Sensory play is a method used by females to turn themselves on. The technique entails bootlicking, foot licking, and a variety of other behaviors that stimulate the sensory nerves of the dominant partner. The dominatrix will employ props such as a pinwheel, feathers, ice, and so on to arouse her lover.

Face sitting

Smothering, queening, or kinging is an erotic practice in which a dominant female sits on her sub’s face. There are various variations, such as when a sub is required to gratify a Domme by licking her genitals (ass and pussy) or when a sub is required to bear Mistress’s weight while torturing him fully clothed.
Sometimes, a Domme can use a particular face sitting furniture, such as a smother box or a queening stool. The fact that a Mistress can smother a sub any time and any location is one of the reasons for her appeal. Some individuals are particularly attracted when a domineering girl has an enormous ass.


While having sex, pinwheel domination is both an exciting and hazardous strategy. The method entails utilizing a pinwheel with spikes affixed to it. It is then put into the male partner’s butthole. It gives the companion both an exhilarating and uncomfortable experience.


It is one of the most widely used domination methods. It’s one of the most secure means of commanding and teasing a man’s senses. In this form of rule, the male partner is constantly stimulated but cannot get an erection. The stimulation activates the person’s sensory nerves, causing an erection.


The ice play is a risky but safe sort of foreplay. It is crucial when used on sensitive and thin skin parts such as the penis, clitoris, etc. The ice might obstruct sensory movement and cause nerve injury, leading the person to lose excitement.
You can use it in the nipple area and other body parts. Interestingly, the dominatrix should administer the freezing therapy without any previous warning.

This can help you decide how dominant you are. You might find that you prefer being on the receiving end or even that you enjoy both sides of play. People with those dispositions are known as switches, and it’s a great way to experience a wide range of sensations and emotions!

Talking to your man to understand why he wants you to dominate him and reading resources like this femdom guide can help explain what people get out of it and how you can connect through femdom.

Remember that the more you communicate, the more you will enjoy yourself. While experimenting with FemDom, you may need to purchase specific items, such as BDSM sex toys, sex furniture, or anything else that will allow you and your partner to enjoy each other more.


Amazing content for new website or blog

How-to content offers step-by-step, process-driven information to help your audience do something better. It’s specific and to the point. As a bonus, how-to content is naturally Youtility-based content, meaning that it helps instead of hypes, so it’s going to do a great job of building affinity. Really, it’s win-win for both your audiences and you brand.

That said, I don’t have much trouble coming up with new ideas. I came up with a system a while ago that made it easy for me to constantly source new topics to write about.  These strategies aren’t limited to blog posts.

Ideally, every business website should deliver new content weekly (or more frequently). But brainstorming for new posts can be challenging. We’ve put together a list of website content ideas to help you fill your editorial calendar.

1. Brand Goals

Start the new year with renewed energy. Create content that establishes your brand goals for the coming year.

Share loyalty programs, new products in the works, or improved customer service policies.

2. Discounted Items

Use content to promote large discounts on old inventory to “make way for new products.”

You can create content around Valentine’s Day or New Year’s resolutions to promote your gear or Assistenza lavatrice Whirlpool Monza .

3. Listicles

Listicles, a portmanteau of the words “list” and “articles,” are among the most popular post types because they’re easy to scan and quick to read.

Give your followers 10 tips, 9 ways, 5 reasons, 8 signs, or, you know, 52 website proper content ideas.

4. Feature Celebrity

Showcase a rock star, actor, athlete, or another celebrity related to your industry that will resonate with your target audience.

5. Giveaway

Online contests or giveaways are always an excellent way to drum up engagement.

Run a contest on your website asking users to follow your social media pages or ‘like’ your posts.

6. Industry News

Use Google Alerts to curate daily industry news snippets from around the globe. You can also share newsworthy Twitter posts to score points with your fans.

7. Employee Appreciation

Introduce a new hire on your team or celebrate a key employee from the customer call center or help desk pachete de promovare .

You can share a professional-quality image of the person in their element and use this opportunity to foster a deeper connection with your audience.

8. Video tutorial

Videos have become another popular content format that businesses should get into. You can communicate in a way that isn’t possible with other media and also benefit from video marketing.

You can demonstrate how to use your product and service. Or you can share the success stories of your customers.

9. Book review

Write a review on a “must-read” book for business owners, entrepreneurs, or startups that has helped and inspired you and is relevant to your audience.

10. Informative post

Look out for your audience and share information that might be helpful for them.

For example, online security is a massive concern for many shoppers. You can write a post that explains what you do to ensure website security and offer steps or tips for your readers to protect their privacy and security.


People love a good quote.

If you’re looking for ways to connect with your audience or demonstrate authority, share quotes that resonate with your goals.

You can share famous or funny quotes or even collect inputs from influencers and thought leaders in your field and create a “Quote of the Day” image to share on your blog and social channels.

12. Resource Page

Create a resource page (like Unbounce did) that includes all your how-to posts or guides, categorized by topics.

13. Interviews

Interview someone in your niche. It could be an employee, a colleague, a loyal customer, an expert, or a social influencer. And if there’s a tie-in, explain how your products or services contributed to their success.

14. Business Page Update

Refresh your website and business pages  —  Yelp, Google+, Google My Business, Brightlocal.com, Yahoo Local, YP.com, and Insider Pages  —  with helpful information, ratings, and maps.

15. Easter roundup

If the Easter season is around the corner, this week could be an excellent time to offer readers decorating ideas, recipes for family gatherings, or interesting facts about celebratory events.

Not every post needs to be about your business  —  doing so will likely push away readers  —  so offer them something of value that has nothing to do with your bottom line.

16. Checklists

Many people confuse checklists with listicles and vice versa. Both are easy to scan, but checklists are often more practical. They help people keep track of information so they won’t forget woxcars anything.

If springtime is starting, share a checklist for a little digital spring cleaning.

17. Customer Review

Nine out of 10 consumers trust customer reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends assistenza lavastoviglie Bosch .

Highlight a customer review and invite your loyal followers to submit their own.

18. Q&A

Host a Q&A session about your product or service and interact with your customers.

Ask customers to send in questions via Instagram, which you can address in a video or blog post to be uploaded on your website.

19. Podcasts

Podcasts are a series of episodic digital audio files that users can listen to. It is a popular way people learn and consume content.

While podcasts have been around for more than 20 years, they’ve only started gaining traction in the past five years, with platforms like Clubhouse and features such as Twitter Spaces emerging.

You can start your weekly or monthly podcast on your website to answer customers’ queries.

20. FAQs

Update your FAQ page so your readers can find quick answers to the most common issues.

And add a live chat widget for easy access to your company when customers want additional information about escorte milf .

21. Neighborhood Guides

Link to informative local pages.

Better yet, write blogs to highlight local small businesses and non-profit initiatives despre noi . Share top 20 things to do in locations near your customers.

22. Job Hunting Tips

2021 was the year of ‘The Great Resignation,’ where workers left their jobs at historic rates. Experts expect the trend to continue into 2022.

Help your readers understand what makes a candidate stand out. Share new business openings in your industry and tips on updating resumes.

23. User-generated Content (UGC)

Are you running out of website content ideas?

Posting user-generated content (UGC) provided by your customers and clients may be the answer.

Besides giving you a much-needed content creation break, user-generated content builds trust and engagement between brands and followers, turning them into loyal customers.

Start an Instagram campaign that asks your followers to upload photos of them using your products. You can craft content around their responses and publish it on your website cake shop goran .

24. E-Books

E-Books are another great website content idea.

You can think of them as longer, more in-depth blog posts that come in a PDF format and are downloadable.

Create an e-book and use them as a lead generation tool — bonzo offer them for free in exchange for a customer’s email address.

25. Templates

What makes templates a good website content idea is that they provide a model that others can replicate to achieve the same results.

For example, if you’re a graphic designer, you can offer free downloadable social media templates in exchange for an email address to build your email marketing list.

26. Infographics

Create a stunning infographic to help your readers learn visually.

You can design an infographic to explain complex topics or share recent statistics.

27. Testimonials

If you’ve been in business for a while and have a few clients under your belt, it shouldn’t be hard to ask for a testimonial.

You can also use testimonials to support a write-up presenting your product’s best features.

28. Twitter thread

A Twitter thread (also known as a tweetstorm) is a series of connected tweets from a single person. Instead of confining tweets to the 280-character limit, users can create a thread to tell a story or share information.

WordPress has a feature that allows you to publish blog posts as Twitter threads. Get more website visitors and subscribers by sharing your best blog content on a different medium.

29. Guest Posts

Build credibility with influencer relationships. Get an industry expert to guest post on your blog.

30. Polls

Encourage reader engagement by asking them via social media posts what type of content they would like to get from you. You can hold polls on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Post the poll results on your website for further discussion.

31. Teasers

Ask your readers for name suggestions for a new product. And include a teaser photo of it and a short, anticipatory write-up.

32. Memes

Add personality to your blog posts by incorporating memes.

Memes are humorous ideas, behaviors, or styles that share commentary on a particular culture  —  you could say they’re the internet’s inside joke.

You could create a personalized gayz meme by overlaying text over a photo or using a GIF-maker.

33. Content Audit

Part of keeping your content production flow moving is performing a content audit.

Remove outdated blog posts, social media posts, and webpages. Refresh photos and stats.

34. Article roundup

If you run out of website content ideas, consider putting together a roundup of favorite articles in your field from the past week.

Busy readers will appreciate the easily-digestible summaries to stay up to date.

35. Recap Posts

A recap is a summary that helps people recall events.

You can post a recap of a one-time event or monthly summaries of your most relevant news.

We hope this list of website content ideas inspires you, prevents writer’s block, and keeps your promovare online content fresh and engaging marketing digital .

36. Audio Books

Now that you’ve written your ebook, complement it with an audio version for your auditory learners. Adding an audio element to your content increases engagement and time spent interacting with content. See how adding audio articles (not quite audio books, but similar) to our own site increased time on site.

37. Hand-Written Notes, Sketches, and Brainstorms

Some solo marketers may not have the luxury of a designer on hand. There are times when images of sketches, written notes, and brainstorms work well to illustrate your concepts.

But good content is nothing if you give your kxm website visitors a bad experience by slow load times.

If your continuing education is anything like mine, you’re reading new material constantly to stay ahead of the curve. When you read something amazing that your customers will love, share it with your audience.

Just as successes are fun for your audience to read, outlining techniques that don’tt work well is also interesting because there is an element of controversy to this type of content that people crave. Turn a generally-accepted-as-true idea into a lie, and people will read.

Why Should You Try BDSM ?

It might be strange for some, but the most answers of our community were around the benefits that BDSM offers. The most common was that this practice could bring a new dimension to either newly blossoming or long-term relationships.

If you want to try handcuffs, choking, nipple clamps, and other acts that fall under the BDSM umbrella, you should both consent to try them beforehand.

Agreeing on smaller acts like hair pulling, spanking, and trying out demeaning names you two have agreed on beforehand like “wimp” or “slut” can help you build a foundation of trust doing BDSM before moving onto bigger acts.

Some say that even if you don’t know anyone who has tried it, there are numerous resources to get and read the information on making your first experience a wonderful one. It is hard to find a similar-minded individual, but when you do find it and you click, the experience is unforgettable.

Others say that a BDSM personality is a vital part of the whole experience of being in a relationship. It can determine how it will play out and whether or not you will succeed.

However, if you have been thinking about BDSM but don’t know what to expect, we surveyed our members and found out why they want to practice this sadomasochism play. Here is what they have to say.

To Be Sexually Attracted To Someone To Enjoy BDSM

As long as you are comfortable with someone, even if you do not want to have sex with them, you can still enjoy the BDSM scene. BDSM is more centered around the mind as a sexual organ barbați însurați . When you turn on your mind, your partner’s physical appearance is not a factor.

Choose Which toys you Want to Enjoy During sex

You can be more adventurous than usual and indulge in sex toys, which helps to boost your sexual experiences beyond the “vanilla” part of the mind. Some people even claim that having these sex toys can open up a new world they didn’t know existed, especially in sensation play.

New Level Of Intimacy In Your Relationship

This technique can enhance your emotional, physical, and sexual bond with your escorte începătoare partner with proper implementation. If your current relationship is lacking in that area, then BDSM could do wonders for your sex life! Some people claim that it can also lead to a deeper spiritual life and understanding.

Crave A Sense Of Power

We can’t talk about BDSM without talking about power exchange. Most people, especially those who have gone through traumatic experiences use BDSM to achieve a sense of safety. For example in role-playing, people take up roles of power in situations they had been powerless before  swingers .

What some are particularly drawn to is the ability to feel safe in a situation that once made them feel small and made them feel a sense of power over themselves. This, my friend, is why some use kink to overcome trauma!

Why Do We Crave BDSM ?

I know you are wondering why I’m referring to myself as ‘we’, am I right? I do consider myself a member of this community, however, belonging is as much a choice as it is given. For me, it’s how BDSM allows me to feel my pain while still being in control of it. How ? Unlike other aspects of life, with BDSM you can end the pain anytime you want to.

Don’t we all want to take charge of what we feel, have the freedom of control ?

What is a dominant-submissive relationship ?

A dominant-submissive relationship occurs when one person dominates (a sadist) while the other partner submits to masochistic values. The power dynamic between the partners is the kink in a dominant/submissive, aka dom-sub relationship. A dom may gain sexual satisfaction from behaviours in which they control the climax of their subordinate partners, such as forced orgasms, damaged orgasms, or orgasm denial. While a sub may find sexual satisfaction as an act in which they can be disciplined, chastised, spanked, or otherwise dominated by their lover. In essence, the person in the dominant role exerts partial or complete authority over the one in the submissive role.

According to Dr Sandra LaMorgese, BDSM couples can function in ways that promote deep attachment and generate a sense of comfort. Because this relationship requires trust and a desire to comply, many people who practice BDSM are often more obedient and confident. During the interaction, physical contact allows BDSM partners to express their sexuality. We may experience physiological and physical healings when someone touches our skin while playing, holding our shoulders, hugging us, or having sex. So, aside from the joys of BDSM, this is exceptionally beneficial to both our physical and emotional health.

Another advantage for both dominants and submissives is the possibility of pleasing their partner. Both parties place a high value on pleasure and arousal and regard it as an essential aspect of their relationship. Another advantage is that BDSM is enjoyable show lesby ! Participating in non-traditional sexual activity is thrilling, and there are numerous ways to engage in it. Finally, the Dom-sub relationship encourages personal growth by allowing participants to explore and receive feedback from their partners. It improves their relationship’s intimacy and commitment.

Dominant partners must know what their submissive partner can do and correct and praise conduct. The submissive may violate laws without repercussions, and their efforts to please their companion may go unrecognized. The three techniques for adhering to the rules are rewarding good behaviour and penalizing lousy behaviour. The incentive is ineffective if you receive a reward but prefer affection or sexual pleasure. This is why dominants should seek feedback from their submissive partners. The submissive partners should also seek input from their dominant partners. Prizes and penalties, like these guidelines, must be genuine and meaningful.

In D/s activities one person generally dominates the other, or has power over them, therefore people tend to prefer D/s if they find a power dynamic to be exciting in some way. Of course it is pretty common for sex and power to be mixed together in our culture. For example, a lot of romance fiction involves people being rescued from peril or being swept away by somebody more powerful, and a lot of people fantasise about having the power of being utterly desirable to their partner.

When and how to set submissive rules

Once you start dating your sub, learn to know their tastes, both sexually and in terms of the type of submissive partner they are.

Begin by writing down the rules that you want them to obey. Include directions from your prior dom-sub relationship that you appreciated. In a computer document, write down the subservient rules.

Make sure you go over the list of rules with your sub partner to determine if there are any regulations that your sub would be hesitant to follow.

Ask your sub if they have any suggestions from prior dominants or if something they like doing for you gives them happiness. Make sure to include anything they want to do in the rules. The goal should be for your sub to love following the rules, which is why this talk is critical.

Finally, both dom and sub should have a copy of the rules, so they know what to do and what not to do.

Some D/s relationships would look very much like a vanilla relationship but just with a bit more power-play involved when people have sex. Others would have something of the D/s dynamic in other parts of the relationship aventuri . However, it should be remembered that most vanilla relationships have specific roles (e.g. one person takes more responsibility for the finances, one person is more outgoing socially, one person does more of the looking after, one person takes the lead in sex). In D/s relationships those things tend to be more explicit, but perhaps not hugely different.

Often the media also focuses on the most extreme examples, such as very heavy and/or 24/7 D/s arrangements, rather than the more common relationships where there are elements of D/s. For these reasons people may well have misconceptions about D/s relationships. This is why it is useful to get a range of experiences out there in the media – so people can have more awareness of the diversity of things involved and the continuum (e.g. from light bondage and love bites to more scripted scenes and specifically designed toys).

The Spanish Stallion Review

Venerable performer Rocco Siffredi directs this sexfest featuring five scorching scenes bursting with sexual energy.

Lottie Magne and Raul Costa:

Photographer Lottie Magne is trying desperately to get some quality photos of handsome model Maximo Garcia, but the shoot coordinator, Angie Lynx, keeps disrupting her flow as she flirts shamelessly with the model. Frustrated, Magne asks Garcia’s agent Raul Costa to meet her in her office so they can figure out a solution. One thing leads to another, and within minutes, Magne finds her blouse open and her mouth full of Costa’s cock. This is a fast-paced scene, with no one position lasting too long, and lots foot worship to go along with the frenetic humping. Costa dumps his load on Magne’s well-manicured toes, and she promptly sucks her feet clean in a kinky finish.

Liya Silver and Joss Lescaf:

Joss Lescaf is filling in for Liya Silver’s regular massage therapist Maximo, and he finds himself a bit taken aback by Silver’s brazen demeanor. The suggestive bedroom eyes she keeps giving him, the seductive way she slinks around the room — it’s all quite overwhelming for the handsome stud. Before long, Silver frees Lescaf’s bulging dick from his pants and starts to polish his shaft sensually. The massage portion of this fantasy doesn’t last too long, but the sexual action more than makes up for the fast preamble. Silver’s gorgeous rack is prominently displayed from start to finish, tattoo fans are treated to lots of shots of her wonderful ink — and hot damn, does Lescaf do a number on her from behind! In a nice surprise, the scene doesn’t end when Lescaf blasts Silver’s face with his cum, but rather, after Silver brings herself to a trembling orgasm with her fingers as Lescaf’s cum drips from her chin!

Angie Lynx, Chloe Lamour and Maximo Garcia:

Chloe Lamour and Garcia are training late in the gym when Lynx, the owner, tells them she’s closing up for the night. Not ready to call it quits, Lamour suggests Lynx train with she and Garcia for a bit, and that leads to a ton of oil and slippery sex all over the ring. Lamour’s ridiculous rack is inescapable, and Garcia’s shredded body provides an opposing bookend for the Lynx library between the two. The sexual athletes effectively trap Lynx and have their way with her; whether it’s Garcia pounding her pussy from behind or Lamour stuffing Lynx’s face into her dripping pussy, Lynx endures a serious training session. Eventually, Lamour offers her ass to Garcia for a good pounding, while Lynx fingerbangs herself into oblivion.

Lottie Magne and Zaawaadi:

These two look fabulous together. The contrast of their skin is such a pretty picture; one could watch them writhe in each other’s arms all day. They find themselves alone in a lavish country home with nothing but time and opportunity, and it doesn’t take long for them to take advantage of the situation. There’s a ton of foot worship and toy play in this scene, with both ladies relishing their time enjoying each other. The camera roams slowly to give the viewer a bird’s eye view of all the stimulating action, and every moment is well worth it.

Cherry Kiss, Venera Maxima, Erik Everhard, Jesus Reyes and Vince Karter:

A group of motorcycle enthusiast friends gather to celebrate a birthday with a raunchy orgy. These carnal cads waste little time on formalities, instead jumping right to the sex. Cherry Kiss and Venera Maxima are total sluts here, letting the guys pound all their holes hungrily. Kiss succumbs to an impressive standing DP, while Venera’s pussy gets practically destroyed by each guy in turn.

This is a fun movie that showcases some beautiful scenery to go along with beautiful women and stimulating sex. Siffredi shows a nice eye for creating and capturing fantasies. Silver and Lynx are equally gorgeous in their scenes, while Magne makes a strong case of her own.

Lesbian Tutors 9 featuring Serene Siren and Aubree Valentine.

Girlfriends Films (GF) has announced the VOD release of “Lesbian Tutors 9” featuring contract stars Serene Siren and Aubree Valentine.

The cast also features GF repertory players Casca Akashova, Lilly Bell, Alex Coal and Summer Hart alongside studio newcomers Mia Kay and Kay Lovely.

The title marks “the second consecutive series entry for Serene and Casca,” noted a rep. “The two were also recently paired together in ‘Lesbian Booty Calls.’ Here, Serene is partnered with GF debut starlet Mia and Casca shares the screen with newcomer Kay. Aubree is matched with scene partner Summer. And together for the first time at GF are ‘Women Seeking Women 176’ starlets Alex and Lilly, pictured on the ‘Lesbian Tutors 9′ cover.”

Mia Kay tweeted her enthusiasm before she left the set. “Today was so amazing. Wow!” she wrote. “Oh, and did I add that I have the most amazing, sexiest tutor in the whole entire world, Serene?”

“Lesbian Tutors 9” is now streaming on VOD .

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