Most discreet sex toys you should try

Because everybody has erogenous zones, the level of sensation each individual experiences when these areas are stimulated obviously varies. Because of these varying sensitivity levels, it is impossible to know whether someone will react well to stimulation in a specific location. The ideal method to enjoy erogenous zones while encouraging overall sexual health and wellbeing […]

Sadism vs. Masochism

The main difference between sadism and masochism is that sadism often involves imposing pain. This can be physical pain, such as hitting someone else, or psychological distress, such as humiliation. Sadists can give hardcore demands with the punishment for disobedience involving an assortment of BDSM tools. Sadism in the bedroom might include rough sex, takedowns […]

How to really please a sadist

Stepping outside of the world of literature and fantasy, some of our beloved and renowned celebrities have a dark and sadomasochistic side of a sexual nature. Angelina Jolie is not bashful when it comes to disclosing intimate details about her sexual urges. Rhianna is another example, proclaiming her naughty side with lyrics such as, “sticks […]

What you need to know about orgies

What is an orgy? An orgy is a sex gathering where guests can freely indulge in open and uncontrolled sexual activity or group sex. Group sex may appear to be a taboo concept or a far-fetched idea. Yet, it may open up a whole new world of sexual exploration and fulfillment. Any sort of sexual […]

How to Enjoy Your First Swingers Party ?

What is a Swingers Party? Few people realize that swinging as a fad in America began in the 1950s when Air Force officers in California started swapping wives. Since then, it has been more common among those 35+ years old, behind closed doors. It has become more mainstream with younger crowds, with the push being […]

Swinging or monogamy ?

Swingers are married or coupled individuals who enjoy sexual experiences with other married or coupled individuals,” explains Saynt. They may occasionally seek out “unicorns” (a.k.a. a single, non-coupled person) to add to their lovemaking equation. Saynt notes that most swingers who attend NSFW play (sex) parties arrive together in a “quad,” so they have no […]

The easiest and most effective way to post adult ads

Are you looking for women ? . Are you looking for men ? Are you looking for couple  ? Are you looking for gay  ? Are you looking for transsexuals  ? Are you looking for long term relationship  ? Are you looking for fun  ? Are you looking for sex  ? In XXXPREMIUMADS.COM  you will […]

Swinger couple adventures in persian gulf

We are living in this Persian Gulf business hub since last 14 years . My husband is an engineer, we live in a 2-bedroom apartment of high-rise building with 4-star hotel facility. I have two children who are shifted to native place after their basic school. We visit regularly at least once in a month […]

How to Please a Sadist ?

When you’ve got your target locked and loaded, the first thing to confirm is if your sexual preferences and needs align. You can’t force yourself into that love pot if you’re not open to the things they’re into. It’s just not logical! When it comes to relationships, some people prioritize sexual compatibility. That’s actually a healthy […]

Broken In By Uncle -real gay sex stories

I used the toilet as by the time I had crawled to the bathroom, I needed to go. I was a tiny bit sore, but I was surprised that everything back there was pretty much okay. I brushed my teeth, and then I showered. After soaping up, I stood under the warm water for ages […]

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