He could hear the nurse starting to giggle and sing to herself

He was in the coma ward of one of Paris’s oldest and finest hospitals. The rare neurological disease that had plagued him for all forty-three years of his life had finally progressed enough to force him to enter a medically induced coma in order to prevent more permanent damage to his body. He wasn’t sure how long he had been out, but surely this was a sign that his research assistants had finally proven themselves competent and successfully completed the cure he had devoted his life to developing.

This flash of hope only lasted for a moment. Something was clearly wrong. The room was unusually dark. Either it was nighttime or something thick was covering the windows, but regardless, no lights were on, and missing were the expected sounds of beeping equipment and bustling hospital staff. What he heard instead was a strange combination of grotesque, wet squelching sounds, erotic moaning, and… a woman’s giggling? Surely some whore nurse hadn’t turned off the lights to have her way with one of the other comatose patients


Feeling some strength finally returning to his muscles

Vincent weakly turned his head to get a better view of his surroundings. A slowly blinking red light on the wall, assumedly some sort of emergency power system, periodically illuminated the room… no, the hellscape. Each flash painted the interior a bloody crimson and cast long, black shadows that wiggled and danced as if alive. Vincent’s eyes widened and he attempted to gasp, but he suddenly noticed that his mouth was covered in some sort of organic oxygen mask that was hanging from the writhing ceiling.

A man of a lesser mind might have immediately panicked, but Vincent remained motionless, analyzing the situation and attempting to draw clues from the nightmarish environment. Clearly, some sort of biological warfare had occurred since he had fallen unconscious, or possibly a new, invasive species had been discovered. A virus, perhaps?

The unearthly sight of squirming tentacles weaving along the slime-covered tumorous growths emerging from the walls pointed towards an extraterrestrial origin. Not something too hard to believe possible in saloane de masaj erotic . The fact that he could still breath unhindered through the obstruction in his esophagus certainly indicated something beyond human understanding.

Streams of mucus-like fluid oozed and dripped from every fleshy surface, with slimy strands webbing around each piece of furniture as if spun by a drunken spider. All around the room, several occupied beds divided by curtains could be seen barely peeking out from the pulsating organic masses around them.

All of the other people in the ward appeared to be sleeping – or more likely, in comas – and they all had the same tentacle covering their mouths as Vincent. For the first time, he realized that everyone was nude, including himself. He could see a few pairs of escorts naked breasts gently rising and falling with steady, sleeping breaths, and semi-erect penises whose shadows mingled with those of the swaying tentacles. It was an oddly hypnotic sight, and not one that Vincent necessarily found unpleasant.

Suddenly, the man in the bed across the room from Vincent violently bolted upright, a look of confusion and panic contorting his face as he desperately screamed into the tentacle covering his face. He frantically clawed at the tendril in an effort to remove it from his mouth, but the more he tugged at it, the tighter it appeared to grasp his sweating cheeks.

Vincent was surprised that the man had such energy despite having no doubt been in a long coma just as he had been. Were his muscles not atrophied? Come to think of it, Vincent’s own body felt rather healthy as well. He attempted to twitch his toes and found that his body responded. He couldn’t imagine therapists and doctors still visiting in a clearly derelict place like this in order to exercise comatose patients while they slumbered. Just what was going on here?

Vincent was about to reach up and investigate the tendril in his own mouth, but froze as his eyes spotted a change in the scenery around the other, flailing man. Unseen by the man, several tentacles had grown out from the woxcars wall behind him. Suddenly, they clasped around his arms and neck, yanking him back down onto the mattress and binding his limbs. He struggled pathetically, but it was clear that these creatures were far more powerful than a fully-grown male human.

The slightly deranged female giggling Vincent had heard earlier suddenly bubbled out again from behind the curtain next to his bed, followed by the sound of footsteps moving across the squishy floor towards the bound, shaking man. An attractive woman entered Vincent’s view. Her long black hair and pale skin were caked with a viscous slime, which glistened in the eerie red lighting. Something was very off about her – not the least of which was her clothing.

To Vincent’s amusement, she was completely nude from the redhubz waist up. Her large, plump breasts jiggled softly as she stepped over a growth on the floor, before one of her hands reached up to begin eagerly fondling herself. The masturbating woman was most likely either a nurse or a doctor, as evidenced by the tattered scrubs barely covering her legs, but she was clearly not in the state of mind required for administering proper medical care.

Several slippery tentacles appeared to be twining up from under the waistband of her pants, gently caressing her toned stomach while visibly writhing around between her legs as well – no doubt causing considerable sexual blowjob stimulation. Vincent watched in fascination as the seemingly possessed nurse stopped next to the terrified man’s bed.

“Finally… another one of our patients is back with us…” the woman said in a slurred, giddy voice. “It was starting to get lonely with just the two of us. Isn’t that right, Mademoiselle Laurent?” Vincent could hear another woman’s muffled, desperate groaning coming from the other side of the curtain next to him. “Now that you’re awake, Monsieur Guay, we can proceed with the next steps of your… rehabilitation… so you can begin to offer your body in service to our loving Queen.”

Queen? Was England responsible for this? No, that was absurd to think. France and the UK had been allies for years. There were certainly other monarchies, but it was hard to think of any that could topple an entire country like this, unless this phenomenon was simply centered on the hospital? That was unlikely as well, given how the power grid was apparently failing. The more Vincent observed, the more bewildered and curious he became.

He stared in wonderment as the nurse pushed her slender arm nearly elbow-deep into the squirming walls above the other man’s bed. When she withdrew her limb, grasped in her hand was a thick, wiggling tentacle that extended out from the wall like a living firehouse. The man began to whimper and scream as best he could, his eyes wide with terror, as the woman guided the tendril towards his helpless naked body. As the light flashed again, Vincent could briefly see a devious, hungry grin splitting the nurse’s face under her lust-filled eyes.

“Shhhh… hush now. Be a good boy for me and don’t wake the other patients.” The nurse whispered, running her fingers along the man’s quivering cheek, down his abdomen, and finally coming to a rest just above his now solid erection. The man’s eyes followed her fingers as they teasingly glided up his throbbing length before grasping it firmly in her hand.

“Mmh!! MMMMH!” The gagged man cried, seeing that she was lowering the tentacle towards his helpless member. The tip of the tentacle suddenly opened up like a small mouth, and thick strands of mucus began to ooze out of it jucarii sexuale . As it got closer and closer to the man’s precum-leaking glans, small feelers began to excitedly extend out of the gaping tentacle orifice and twine around the sensitive flesh.

The man watched in horror as the nurse giggled and pulled her hand away. She resumed fondling her own breasts while she watched the tentacle use the feelers to slowly pull itself further and further down the man’s twitching cock until the entire shaft was engulfed in the warm alien flesh. The tips of the writhing feelers could still be seen tickling the skin of his balls, eliciting whimpers and moans from the man, whose efforts to resist were slowly beginning to melt away.

Soon, his body began to spasm and a thick fluid could be seen gushing from within the tentacle and down to his balls, covering the bed with juices. The strange appendage was clearly milking the man’s semen, though for what purpose Vincent couldn’t begin to imagine. The nurse, seeing that the man had reached orgasm, reached down and gently squeezed his wet, glistening balls, rubbing them tenderly with her thumb.

“That’s my good boy…” She cooed. “Let out all that delicious seed for your queen and enjoy your new purpose in life. I will make sure you are always happy in my care.” She giggled and bent over, licking and kissing the man’s testicles while the tentacle continued to drive him into a sexual frenzy. She let one of her hands slide down into her waistband and began eagerly masturbating herself, uttering lewd laughs of pleasure as she watched the poor man twitch and jerk with each powerful climax that wracked his body.

Vincent couldn’t believe just how many times the gentleman was able to ejaculate. He was no stranger to men who boasted of a high virility, but this seemingly complete lack of a refractory period was something else altogether. In fact, it didn’t seem like it was only the man whose sexual drive had been enhanced. Vincent felt the tendril in his mouth begin to pump a sweet juice down his throat, and he noticed a growing warmth in his loins. The tentacles were apparently secreting some form of aphrodisiac – and powerful one at that, as Vincent was becoming progressively more aroused by the second. This was a problem.

From what Vincent could tell, those who were still asleep only showed signs of mild arousal, however the man being toyed with by the nurse had grown an admittedly impressive erection almost as soon as he had jolted awake. To Vincent’s consternation, his own manhood was twitching and approaching full-mast as the intoxicating drug worked its way into his system. He could pretend to be asleep as long as he wanted, but Vincent had little doubts as to what would happen if the fanatical nurse were to notice his plainly exposed boner. One of the curses of being a male was threatening to doom him.

While Vincent desired nothing more than for that slutty mynx to come and press her plump tits around his cock, he still managed to keep hold of his senses, though it was only a matter of time before his concentration broke and a noticeable flow of precum would begin to trickle down his now nearly rock-hard shaft. He needed to distract himself… to override his heightened reproductive instincts.

He clenched his fist as hard as he could. To his surprise, his fingernails – much like his hair – were still a similar length to what he remembered from before he fell into the coma. Somehow, they hadn’t grown in that interim. However, they were still long enough to penetrate into his palm, allowing the tiniest trickle of blood to escape and seep into the slime-covered bedding below. The pain nearly made him wince, but he remained motionless and allowed his mind to focus on the sharp sensation and away from his demanding genitals. His erection didn’t subside completely, but it did lose some strength, starting to slowly wilt just as the nurse stood up straight.

The other man’s head had been completely wrapped in tentacles, depriving him of his senses as several more milker tentacles slithered up onto the bed and began to take turns suckling at his spasming, gushing penis. Clear sacs along the walls began to fill up with thick, whitish liquid that appeared to be liters of human cum, but Vincent didn’t have much time to investigate. The nurse, finished playing with the helpless man, tenderly stroked his inner-thigh with a slender hand and spun around to face Vincent, who quickly closed his eyes and continued the losing battle of ignoring his libidol. Seeing the woman’s voluptuous boobs swing freely as she had turned around towards him hadn’t helped matters much.

“Oh?” The nurse said. Vincent could hear the soft sound of her footsteps slowly approaching his bed. “For a moment, I thought I saw one of you naughty boys getting hard. Did the sight of my cute ass turn you on?” She giggled and came to a stop next to Vincent. “Was it… you?”

Vincent tensed, waiting for her to assault him, but nothing happened. Cracking an eye open, he saw that the woman had pulled back the curtain next to him and was inspecting another man in the adjacent bed. She traced the long nail of one of her fingers along the sleeping man’s semi-erect shaft before suddenly spitting on the tip, rubbing the saliva into his flesh until it glistened.

“If you are awake, I need you to let me know, okay?” She pouted. “I don’t like when patients matrimoniale misbehave. Why don’t we test to see if you are ready?” The nurse pulled a thin rag from within her tattered pants and dipped it in some slime that had pooled on a nearby surface. As she let the excess fluid drip off of the rag, she used her other hand to guide a small tentacle from the bedpost towards the man’s cock, where it wrapped around the base and held the partially erect member straight and taut.

“No man can resist this… so we will soon know if you’re awake and ready to continue your treatment,” the nurse murmured. She held the slippery cloth with both hands, pulling it tight around the man’s glans, before beginning to aggressively polish the exposed, sensitive tip. Her hands blurred back and forth as slimy lube spattered into the air. Despite her powerfully scouring the man’s cock head, held in place by the tentacle, he didn’t flinch at all. Clearly, he was still comatose. The nurse continued to torture his glans for another minute to be sure, but gave up soon after. “Still resting peacefully, I see. Hopefully you are dreaming of the pleasures that are soon to welcome you.”

She sighed and suddenly jerked her head to look at Vincent, who had just barely managed to close his eyes again. Seeing the lewd sight had made him lose his focus and he could feel blood rushing to his penis even as it continued to bleed from his white-knuckled palm. The nurse clicked her tongue in disappointment.

“Mmm…” She muttered and read owx blog , “ Perhaps it was this handsome patient who was stirring?”

Vincent sensed the woman moving towards him and then felt soft skin brushing against his abdomen. This was the end of the line. If she abused his glans in the same manner as the other man, Vincent had no hope of staying still. He heard the nurse chuckle gently dip that accursed rag of hers into slime just next to his head.

Suddenly, a woman’s distant, high-pitched shriek cut through the throbbing, squelching sounds from the living walls. In a heartbeat, the nurse jerked away from Vincent’s sweating body and sprinted out of the room. It wasn’t until the sounds of her crazed cackling began to fade that Vincent opened his eyes again.

Though the nurse was gone, the tentacles around the room were still wiggling, and the man across from Vincent was still being tightly restrained and stimulated. The man had ejaculated so much cum that it had not only leaked out of the tentacle sleeve and onto the bed, but was also starting to pool on the fleshy floor, where it was slowly being absorbed into the organic, pulsating mass.

The man wasn’t the only one being molested. The woman on the other side of the curtain next to Vincent suddenly started to groan and violently struggle, causing her bed and breakfast to shake and cabinets along the wall to burst open, loudly spilling their contents onto the floor. As if attracted to the din, several tentacles that had been languidly hanging from the ceiling suddenly lashed out at the thrashing woman. Though Vincent couldn’t see what was happening, they had clearly managed to subdue her. The muffled moans and rhythmic, wet sounds emanating from beyond the curtain gave Vincent a pretty good idea of the woman’s fate.

Vincent had held on as long as he could, but the erotic sights and sounds around him, coupled with the powerful drug entering his system, had finally forced his cock to become fully – painfully even – erect. If the nurse returned, he would be immediately exposed. He had to act… but how? Not only was this infernal tentacle still lodged in his mouth, but it was clear that any loud zoxy noises or struggling would attract the unwanted attention of the grotesque tendrils that were innocently draped around the room.

Suddenly, his eyes caught something glinting next to his bed. On his bedside table was a pile of various medical instruments: cotton swabs, wooden sticks, clikz sealed needles, and the like, which had fallen from the cabinets thanks to the woman’s flailing. Looking up, Vincent noticed that thin tendrils and membranes had already started to re-grow over the opened cabinet doors, likely having been torn when it was forced open. It didn’t seem like anything else would be falling through them any time soon, so he had to work with what he was given.

A lone scalpel was lodged blade-side down in a fleshy growth, which had started to leak an orange fluid, but had already started to regenerate from the cut and was beginning to wrap around the metal handle. Vincent inwardly admonished the carelessness of whatever staff member had left a blade in a scalpel like that, but also thanked that person for this bit of serendipity.

As slowly as he could, Vincent reached his arm out towards the tool, weaving his steady hand through the gaps in the web-like organic strands that surrounded his bed. Just as Vincent was about to grab the scalpel, a tentacle he hadn’t noticed suddenly slithered up onto the table. He froze as the questing tendril wormed its way towards his fingers, but it seemed to just be investigating the objects scattered about, and was not targeting his limb.

Seeing an opening, he swiftly grasped the scalpel and yanked on it. At first it seemed as though the membranous growths on the tool would hold strong, but with another tug, he managed to remove the scalpel from its slimy resting place and ever so carefully withdrew his arm until the scalpel was at his side.

Vincent wanted a moment to calm himself, but that didn’t seem possible given how his urge to masturbate was growing more and more demanding by the second. He felt like if he didn’t empty his swollen balls soon that they would explode, and a copious amount of precum was already coating his twitching shaft. There was no guaranteeing his sanity for even another minute, so he sprang into secret action without hesitation, swinging the sharp blade of the scalpel up and severing the tentacle around his mouth.

As soon as he did so, orange fluid gushed down from the severed, writhing tentacle, splashing down onto Vincent’s face and blinding him. Instinctively, he rolled forward and found the edge of the bed, before sliding to the floor with a soft squish beneath his bare feet. Luckily, the damaged tentacle didn’t seem to be capable of making any noise, and his own sounds were barely imperceptible among the moans that echoed around the room.

Wiping the slime from his eyes, he glanced back at the tentacle. To his surprise, it was starting to regenerate, as if the cut had never happened. Feeling movement in his mouth, he realized that he had yet to remove the appending trapped in his throat, which was also starting to grow outwards from his lips as if forming an entirely new tendril.

He grabbed the squirming, fleshy nodule and nearly choked as he pulled it from his body. The tentacle within his throat had been nearly half a meter long, and it flailed and leaked its alien juices all over the floor while Vincent glared at it with a mixture of disgust and fascination. Seeing that the tentacle over the bed was starting to swing around as if feeling for him, Vincent threw the tendril in his hand towards the far side of the room, where it crashed into a shelf.

Dozens of tentacles, including the one that had been searching for him, scrambled towards the source of the sound. Taking advantage of their distraction, Vincent relatively noiselessly crept towards the open doorway, observing the rest of the comatose patients as he judiciously placed each step. He passed by the woman, who by this point had been practically absorbed into the writhing mass of tentacles covering her bed. Her head and limbs had all been engulfed in the fleshy growths and only her torso could be seen, though even that was hard to make out through all of the tentacles playing with her helpless, naked body.

Vincent couldn’t discern what exactly was happening to her, but it was clear that her impressively large and perky breasts were being milked just like the other man’s penis, and that several phallic tentacles of different shapes and sizes were taking turns thrusting deep into her gushing vagina. Vincent reflexively grabbed his own cock and mindlessly began to stroke himself at the sight, before snapping out of it and refocusing on his escape.

It was too late to help the others in the room even if he had wanted to. The strange tentacles had already claimed curve reale verificate bodies, so Vincent left them to their lewd fates as he crept into the hallway. The last thing he heard from the room behind him were the whimpering woman’s hips that shook and jerked feebly as yet another mind-melting orgasm rocked her body.

The hallway was in no better condition than the room had been. What had once been a clean, orderly corridor now looked like the inside of a giant’s throat… one that had been eating a lot of bubblegum and worms. Open doorways were barely visible between the mottled, pulsating growths along the walls, and tentacles hung from and slithered along every glistening surface.

He knew that sitting out in the open like this would expose him to danger. While it was still dark between emergency light flashes, he couldn’t be sure when that insane nurse would be back this way, nor if there were others he had to be aware of. It was impossible to get his bearings, as the building had been a maze to navigate even before it looked like a featureless flesh tunnel, but if he could get to the end of the hall, he figured he would be near an outer wall – and with luck, an exit.

Vincent began to cautiously make his way down the hall, keeping close to the gently pulsating tendrils and growths that lined every surface just in case he needed to duck out of sight from a potential threat. All around him, he could hear squishy slurping noises and guttural, human moans that seemed to be coming from within the very walls.

The source of the sounds was made clear when he felt his hand come up against a soft, warm mound on the wall next to him. The emergency lights flashed and he realized his palm was pressed against the naked, wiggling ass of a woman, trapped within a grotesque, fleshy mass. It was a macabre sight, seeing just an ass and pussy emerging out from the wall like that. No doubt the rest of the woman’s body was buried within the writhing tendrils, with every inch of her sweet flesh being massaged and groped.

Suddenly, the woman’s hips began to shake up and down, causing Vincent – who had been tenderly squeezing her sweating ass cheek – to pull his hand away in surprise. He watched, mouth slightly agape, as a torrent of thick white fluid gushed out of the amateur woman’s cunt, filled with several small, squirming tentacles that plopped wetly to the floor.

As the newborn creatures began to worm away, Vincent’s breath caught in his throat as one of them seemed to be “looking” directly at him. It rose up like a golfer’s thumb checking the wind, but after a tense moment of silence, it joined its siblings and slithered away into the darkness.

Vincent let out a quiet sigh of relief but then nearly gasped as a thick, warty tentacle suddenly swung down out of nowhere, missing his face by only a few inches. At first, he thought he had been discovered, but quickly realized that he was not the creature’s target.

It loudly slapped against the woman’s gaping, trembling pussy that was still leaking juices all down her ass. The tentacle seemed to relish the tremors that coursed through her helpless body, sliding its slimy, ribbed tip up and down between her jiggling ass cheeks and over her erect clit. There was no other way to describe it than a sort of cruel, inhuman foreplay – an obvious effort to tease and stimulate the captive woman beyond what she could handle. Just how were these creatures able to grasp the mechanics of the human body so well?

Without warning, the monstrous appendage suddenly thrust deep into the woman’s moist hole, followed by a heavily muffled scream of ecstasy from within the flesh wall. The tentacle began to rapidly jackhammer in and out of the woman’s swollen pussy while another, smaller tendril grew up from under the woman’s pelvis and began to tease her tight little starfish.

As intriguing as this all was, Vincent didn’t have the time to simply sit around and observe this incredible display. He nimbly moved past the woman just as the tentacle inside of her began to clikz swell, pumping liters of that sweet smelling orange fluid deep into her womb. He thought he saw the bulge of round, egg-like objects moving down the tentacle’s length as it did so, but the flickering lights made it difficult to discern fine details.

As he made his way down the corridor, he often had to crawl on his hands and knees to avoid more of such scenes. Nude humans – men and women – were plastered to every surface, some with their limbs trapped within writhing tentacles, others embedded within hard, amber-like structures, and even some that simply hung from the ceilings by thin tendrils that clung to their trembling bodies.

One thing they all had in common was that they were all being endlessly sexually assaulted by a plethora of different tentacles. The moans and cries of men and women alike mingled in the stale, hazy air as pussies and asses were stuffed full, and tits and cocks were relentlessly milked.

Small streams of mucus-like fluid constantly oozed from the ceiling and from within the tormented human orifices. Every so often, a woman, held immobile by her organic restraints, would shudder and give birth to dozens more of the horrid creatures, only to be immediately impregnated again by any nearby tentacles that were patiently waiting their turn. Some men’s penises were not being sucked by hungry tentacles, but were instead freely ejaculating into the air as their man-pussies were ploughed, spraying their hot semen all over the other captives around them. The newborn tentacles eagerly wormed towards these cum puddles and began to slurp up the thick seed.

Vincent paused for a moment to watch a woman who was trapped in the floor with her head and crotch exposed. Her mouth hung open and her eyes rolled back into her head as she panted and hollered from the simulation of the young creatures sucking a man’s semen off of her throbbing clit. Her eyes suddenly gained clarity and connected with Vincent’s in the flashing red light, but as it faded away, they returned to being glassy and sightless, leaving her to cry out in orgasmic bliss as the room was once again consumed by darkness.

Or rather, near darkness. The pulsing lights made it difficult for Vincent’s eyes to adjust to the ambient lighting of the halls, but he could tell that the fleshy growths were giving off a faint orange, bioluminescence of some sort. The more that Vincent witnessed of these seemingly parasitic creatures, the more he wished to study them. This could be the key to a breakthrough in his research into advancing human evolution… it was just a shame that the world seemed too far gone for him to get his well-deserved Nobel prize.

The hallways would normally have taken all of sixty seconds to walk down in the past, but now it took Vincent nearly an hour of careful navigation to reach the end. He had had a few close calls in the first ten minutes, and had decided to play it extra safe, only taking a step or two every time the emergency lights blinked on to maximize his visibility. There were several areas where the lights had been completely covered up by the thick, membranous growths, so he had needed to take his chances now and then. For the first time in his life, luck seemed to be on his side.

The elevators were obviously out of the question, so he would need to find the stairs – or possibly escape out a window. Now that he was on an outer wall, he could see small cracks of sunlight streaming in from nearly covered windows. He was on the second story of the building, but there were sure to be structural elements he could climb down outside of some of the windows, assuming he could get any of them open without getting captured.

Vincent krept towards the nearby doorway leading to the stairwell, readying his scalpel to hastily cut through any tendrils that might be blocking his way. Suddenly, he heard a frustrated cry coming from the hallway behind dame de companie de lux . Looking back over his shoulder, he could make out a distant humanoid silhouette standing in the red light just outside of the coma ward. The deranged, horny nurse had returned and apparently discovered his absence.

He froze, trying to blend in with the fleshy walls. While the tentacles seemed dependent on touch and sound to navigate, a human such as her would be able to detect movement with her eyes. Vincent gulped and stared down the hall towards the dark figure, clenching his scalpel with a sweaty, white-knuckled grip. The red lights dimmed, teratube leaving the corridor bathed in the incomprehensible web of shadows being cast by the glowing orange masses. Vincent blinked and the woman’s form was lost in the sea of darkness.

Should he take this opportunity to move, or stay still and analyze the situation further? He hesitated a bit too long and the lights blinked back on. With a start, he saw that the nurse now stood only halfway down the hall, steadily closing the distance while inspecting the nooks and crevices along the walls. A few tentacles had slithered up from between her legs, wrapped around her waist, and wound up along her right arm, wiggling and squirming like monstrous fingers. They caressed and slapped at the exposed body tuning parts of the captured humans as they passed by, giving the woman a horrific silhouette in the darkness as she continued to approach.

It would only be several more seconds before she was upon him, so Vincent knew that he had to make the most of the next brief period of the lights going out. Once She made it to the adjoining hallway where he was, the light from the windows would give him away. He needed to find a way out before she got that far.

He quickly made a mental map of all the potential tripping hazards and obstacles down the hall, steadying his breathing as the lights slowly faded. Once the shadows had taken over again, he quickly but quietly slipped from his hiding spot and began to move down the corridor. There was no time to cut his way into the stairwell, so he moved on, hoping to find an open room to duck into.

From behind him, he could hear the nurse starting to giggle and sing to herself as she lurched down the hall. Her voice was off-key and touched with madness while still dripping with eroticism. It was horribly unnerving, especially once he realized that she was gently moaning between the lyrics. Though it was nothing less than disturbingly creepy, it did give Vincent an idea of how much time he had left before she would round the corner, which was not much.

“Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques. Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?”

He leapt over thick tendril writhing on the floor, nearly hitting his head on a pair of pornstar swaying breasts hanging from the ceiling that were leisurely dripping milk down into a small pool where newborn tentacles were feeding.

“Sonnez les matines. Sonnez les matines.”

He slid up to a doorway next to a partially hidden window. Slowly, he tried the knob. It had a little bit of give, but the amount of noise he would have to make forcing it open would alert the creatures. A glance at the window enough to tell him that there was no way to easily break through the network of slimy tendrils that were laced over it.

“Ding, dang, dong.”

The nurse’s voice was nearly at the end of the corridor behind him now. The lights would blink on soon. He needed to find a hiding place NOW.

“Ding… dang…”

There, only a few meters away, next to a pair of derelict drinking fountains, was an open door. It was held open just a crack by a tendril jammed in the hinges, but it was large enough for him to fit. He ran towards it as silently as he could manage.


The nurse staggered around the corner and peered down the hallway just as Vincent slipped through the door and into the dark, hopefully safe, room. He whipped around to stare out the crack of the hinge, readying his scalpel in case he needed to engage in close quarters combat. Vincent was not particularly skilled in fighting, but he would do what he must.

The woman moved down the hall towards his hiding place, walking with an almost drunken gait as she fondled her left tit with her non-tentacled hand. She seemed to be done with her song and instead had gone back to simply giggling and moaning lewdly. As if her sexual desires had reached a tipping point, she suddenly stopped patrolling the corridor and instead turned towards where several men were trapped in the wall.

Each of them were squirming and groaning as tendrils, slick with a lube-like slime, rapidly frisked their rigid members. The sight of the straining cocks seemed to flip a switch in the nurse, who leapt over to the men and started to happily rub her cheeks along their swollen shafts, fondling their large balls with her left hand. Meanwhile, the tentacles clinging to her right arm spread out and began to masturbate the men as well, aggressively spinning around their sensitive cock heads.

The men grunted and yelled in pleasure as they were forced to spurt their creamy cum onto the nurse’s juicy tits. She laughed and began to massage the semen into her skin while locking her lips over those of one of the fitness men, dominating him with a kiss. She continued to pleasure the men – and herself – seemingly having given up on the hunt for the time being, but Vincent was sure that was only until she had satiated her incredible lust.

“M-monsieur… please do not give me away…” a soft voice croaked from the darkness behind Vincent. He flinched and spun towards the sound, ready to drive his blade into an attacker, but stopped short. A small amount of light penetrated into the room from the crack in the door. For the first time, he realized that he was in some sort of medicinal storage closet. Several shelves were lined with bottled pills, boxes of latex gloves, and other medical items, all of which seemed surprisingly untouched by the encroaching tendrils along the floor.

A woman was huddled in the corner behind a small steel table, clutching a full satchel in her arms. Though Vincent couldn’t make out all of her features in the dim lighting, he could tell that she had long, dark hair done up in a loose bun, thin-framed glasses, fair skin, and wore a stained doctor’s coat. Judging by her lean frame and stature, she seemed to be a bit younger than him, so perhaps late twenties or early thirties. Her weary eyes darted back and forth between Vincent’s scalpel and the crack in the door, clearly not sure which to be more terrified of.

Vincent hesitated for a moment before withdrawing his weapon. He didn’t say a word, instead turning back to peer through the small gap to confirm the location of the more star tube woman of the two. The one in the room with him, while unexpected, appeared harmless. She had no visible weapons on her, and the only thing strapped to her waist was a two-way radio. Though he knew appearances could be deceiving, he would rather take his chances with the mere potential of a threat than the clear danger that was the tentacle-possessed nurse out in the hall, who was now greedily sucking the nipples of an immobile, naked woman while her tentacles ravaged her gaping orifices.

The woman in the corner also remained quiet, clasping a hand over her nose and mouth to muffle her shaky breaths as best she could. Her eyes widened and Vincent’s grip on the scalpel tightened when they both saw the nurse pull her lips away from the helplessly bound woman’s perky breasts and slowly turn to face their hiding spot. Giving the moaning woman’s tits one final playful tweak, the nurse started to saunter towards the storage room door, while a couple of tentacles descended from the ceiling and continued to knead and milk the helpless woman’s boobs in her stead.

As the nurse drew closer and closer, the tentacles along her arm gradually slipped out from the woman’s pussy, throat, and anus, one ribbed section at a time, causing her to gasp and shudder. As the tendrils were exposed one by one, they began to reach out towards the door. Like horrible, wormy fingers, they started to slip through the crack in the door, questing closer and closer to where Vincent stood.

“Ding, dang, dong,” the nurse sang to herself, grinning creepily and drooling down her chin, which was already drenched in various sexual fluids. Just as Vincent was about to take action, the sound of something large crashing to the floor reverberated down the hall. The nurse cocked her head to the side, glanced ahead towards the source of the noise, and then slowly withdrew her tentacles from the door before skulking off out of view with a thin smile on her face. She started to merrily sing again as she went, and Vincent only allowed himself to release the breath he had been holding after the eerie notes of her voice had almost completely faded away.

“The crazed whore has passed,” Vincent softly grunted over his shoulder. “I plan to leave this building. I would appreciate it if you do not impede me.”

“Im-impede you?” The woman quietly stammered, slowly rising to her feet and slinging the satchel over her shoulder. “Why would I try to impede you…? I want to get out of this horrid place too!”

“I’m sure it would not be your intention. However I suspect that your bumbling would attract unwanted attention.”

“Bumbling!? My group and I managed to get this far just fine, thank you very much.”

“Your group, you say? And, pray tell, where might they be now?” Vincent continued to talk to her over his shoulder as he cautiously peered out through the door, quickly scanning the hallway for any signs of approaching humans or tentacles.

“That’s… well, we got split up trying to hide from these insane people that had allied with the creatures… It was only afterwards that I realized my radio is no longer working properly. I’m sure they are safe and close by; my husband is an intelligent man, after all.” She nervously fidgeted with her bag’s strap as she quietly stepped towards Vincent, attempting to awkwardly look out past the tall man without letting her eyes wander. She had bore witness to countless lewd scenes ever since the invasion a month ago, but she still wasn’t used to being so close to a nude stranger – particularly a man.

She gulped and forced herself to look away from the lean man’s swollen erection, which he seemed to pay no mind to. It caught the faint light trickling in from the doorway, revealing thick, throbbing veins along the generous length. Instead, she tried to focus only on his face. He had a sharp nose and bright, cold eyes like the sunlit surface of a deep ocean gradually fading into unknown darkness. He carried himself proudly, with his bald head held high and angular chin strutted out above broad shoulders. Despite his cold demeanor, she still felt safer with him than she had been while alone.

“You didn’t sneak into this hospital alone did you?” She whispered. “Or, you don’t mean to tell me you escaped from the creatures!?” Surely only a captive, a madman, or a pervert would be running around a nest of these monsters totally nude. She wasn’t sure which she preferred.

“Unlike some people, I still have my mental faculties and would not deign to delve so deep into hostile territory without a thorough plan,” Vincent grunted. “No, I awoke only hours ago in one of the coma wards.” The woman gasped in surprise.

“You were a patient here, monsieur…?”

“Doctor. Doctor Vincent Alarie.”

“Oh, you’re a doctor as well? I am Doctor Marie Clément. I work here… well, I used to work here…”

“What a fine bit of serendipity, Marie.” Vincent replied with a thin smile. “I assume, then, you must be familiar with the most direct exit, particularly as you clearly found a way in without being ensnared.”

“Y-yes and no,” Marie stammered, blinking at the casual, indifferent tone that he took with her. “You see, we snuck back into the hospital to acquire some much needed medicine… but it seems it was a trap. Once we entered, someone – assumedly those… unwell… people, activated the quarantine system. It must have caused a circuit to break, as none of the main power seems to be working now.”

“Ah yes,” Vincent replied, stroking his chin, “I did notice the particular ambiance of the lighting. While an inconvenience to be sure, the darkness does allow for stealth, so with time a safe exit should be quite possible.” Marie sighed and brushed away a few long strands of hair that had come undone from her bun.

“Yes, well, the problem is that the exterior doors and bottom floor windows are all sealed shut until we lift the quarantine, but we need to reboot the power to do that. The circuitry should be near the security room on this floor. I’m hopeful that I can also try and locate the rest of my group using the cameras while there and kill two birds with one stone. Luckily I still have my access card that will get me in.” She produced a laminated ID card from within her blouse, attached to a lanyard around her neck.

“I see…” Vincent breathed, clicking his tongue. “Such inelegant systems designed by self-proclaimed professionals.” He rubbed his eyes with his index finger and thumb in slow, thoughtful motions. “In that case, I suppose it would be in my best interest to have you accompany me for the time being.”

“For the time being…? Why not come join our group? It’s not safe out there all alone; we have adequate food stores and comfortable shelter. I’m sure the others would not mind another doctor in our midst.”

“I simply need to return to my facilities and collect a few things and I will be fine. Mingling with others is a recipe for disaster and betrayal.”

“You said you were in a coma, right? I fear that you may not have a clear picture on just how dire things are in the world right now, or else I’m sure you would not be saying such things.”

“Indeed, my information is somewhat lacking at the moment. I take it you would enlighten me?” Marie looked unsure for a moment, but then sighed and motioned for Vincent to come further into the storage room and away from the door so that she could speak somewhat louder while briefing him on the horrors that had befallen the planet over the past several months.


Marie was working an evening shift at the hospital. It had been a pretty normal day, but even the slowest of shifts left the staff of the busy hospital exhausted. All she wanted to do was get back home and crawl into bed next to her frizy husband who would already be asleep when she arrived. Pressing up against the warm skin of his strong, bare back always worked to sooth her aching body. She sighed as she checked the schedule to see who her next appointment would be with.

She stepped out of her office and called for the patient, who stood and moved towards her. As Marie ushered the middle-aged woman into the hall, she caught a glimpse of the waiting room’s television that was turned to the news. Something about a small meteor landing in the ocean near the United States. It seemed somewhat interesting, but she had a job to do, so she ignored it.

What was impossible to ignore, however, was the sudden outburst of screams that rang out from the halls as she was wrapping up the appointment with the patient nearly an hour later. Marie went to the office door, frustrated that a secretary hadn’t already called security to get things under control. Sometimes, patients with mental disorders would get confused and cause a ruckus. Nothing too rare.

She was about to step out into the hallway when she saw one of the security guards run past her… away from the source of the panic. Marie was about to get his attention when suddenly a huge, pinkish tentacle whipped past her door and violently wrapped around the screaming man’s waist. He flailed and beat at the monstrous appendage as it dragged him back down the hall towards the waiting room. She still remembered the terrified look in his eyes as he noticed her, reaching out for help as she slammed the door closed.

Fighting down the lump in her throat and feeling like her limbs had been dipped in ice, Marie shakily turned around to address her patient. The older woman looked concernedly at the door, which Marie was leaning against. The patient opened her mouth to ask the doctor what was going on when the glass of the office’s exterior window suddenly shattered, causing both women to scream out in surprise.

Several more of the writhing tentacles had forced their way through the window and pushed into the office, quickly ensnaring the patient’s limbs and yanking her bodily out of the building. The woman’s cries of panic mingled with dozens – no, hundreds – more that echoed throughout the streets of Paris.

One of the slimy tentacles thrust towards Marie, but her jelly-like legs still had enough survival instinct in them to push her out of the way. The tendril crashed into the examination table and became momentarily entangled within the various medical instruments that stood next to it. Seeing her chance, Marie leapt to the door and hurriedly slipped out into the hallway. She didn’t know what awaited her outside of the office, but she was certain that she had no hope if she stayed in her office with that unearthly thing.

Pandemonium consumed the hospital. Marie stumbled through the halls, frantically pushing her way through the panicking crowds as alien tentacles continued to snatch screaming individuals up and hoist them out of windows. Some people were simply being pushed to the floors, well, and even ceilings, before being glued to them with a gooey, syrup-like substance that quickly hardened. The helpless victims were quickly stripped of their clothing by dexterous tendrils, exposing breasts and genitals of various ages and sizes for all to see. Not that people were standing around watching.

Marie, for one, had her sights focused on the emergency exit at the end of the hallway, which led down into the subterranean parking garage where her car was located. The monsters were attacking from the skies all around the building, so surely underground would be the safest option. She grit her teeth in determination and fear, so focused on escape that she didn’t even notice the chief physician crossing her path.

The two doctors painfully collided and sprawled onto the floor, which was now covered in scattered papers and globs of the strange slime that was oozing from the meaty tendrils now beginning to web across the ceiling. Marie instinctively uttered a short apology and reached out to help the older gentleman back up on his feet. Just as she was maneuvering his arm around her shoulder, she saw a look of panic in his eyes. A moment later, he was violently tugged away from her howling in distress by a large tentacle that had caught his leg.

The force of the pull made Marie lose her balance and she fell backwards, crashing into a rolling transfer bed and staring up at the ceiling in a light daze. Her eyes widened as she beheld several nude men and women tightly encased in the fleshy, sticky surface above her. Their limbs were bound in the pulsating muck as if statues carved from marble, while their primary erogenous zones were completely exposed.

Breasts, penises, and testicles of all sizes dangled and swayed overhead while tentacles, slick with slime, began to wrap around each helpless organ, swallowing up the sensitive flesh. The captives cried out in panic and pleasure as the invading feelers started to rhythmically squeeze and suck their targets, causing them to begin leaking sexual fluids.

Marie felt some wetness hit her cheek and realized it was the vaginal fluid from a woman whose spread pussy was just above her head. Not wasting time to even wipe it away, Marie rolled behind the cover of the transfer table, which was now on its side.

She watched in horror as a tentacle covered in writhing cilia and thicker than her arm began to force its way into the woman’s gushing vagina. It slowly rubbed against her moist vulva for a few seconds, prompting the woman, her mouth covered in slime, to desperately whimper. The tentacle didn’t seem to care about her distress, and suddenly pushed deep into her vaginal canal, causing a visible bulge to appear in her abdomen while her whimpers melted away into a deap, throaty moan. The woman’s eyes rolled back into her head and her legs shuddered as the girthy appendage rutted in and out of her.

All around, every other man and woman was receiving the same treatment. Men had their anuses filled, women had their vaginas violated – some even had both holes penetrated – and all of them seemed to be getting administered with some sort of strange injection from needles hidden within the disgusting tentacles. Though Marie knew not what they were, she could clearly tell that the effects were immediate as the captives’ violet struggling quickly changed to lustful writhing.

Marie’s heart was pounding in her chest as she frantically looked around and noticed the tentacles and their ichor beginning to cover all the exits. Luckily, the stairs down to the parking garage were still largely visible, so with the steel will she had nurtured in med school, she got to her shaky feet and sprinted as hard as she could towards the door.

As she ran, tendrils lashed out at her from windows and from the slimy, meaty mounds that were growing along the floor. By some miracle, she managed to escape one by stripping her lab coat off, leaving the monster clutching the white store fabric and aggressively searching for a human body within.

She glanced into an open room, and saw a nurse desperately using a clipboard to fight back a tentacle that had smashed through a window. Several of her colleagues were already stripped naked and bound by the tendrils that were now raviging them alongside the patients, but the nurse struggled on to protect the pregnant woman behind her that was stuck in bed. Marie realized that many patients would be helplessly trapped… those who were in medically induced slumbers, those who were in surgery… she tried not to think about it. Though she wanted to save the patients, she had to look out for herself first, she decided.

The nurse with the clipboard was soon overtaken by the tentacles, which ripped her scrubs away to reveal her plain white bra and panties. Her underwear was only half-off before the tendrils descended upon her body, suckers latching onto her pink nipples and clit before filling the rest of her protesting holes. To Marie’s surprise, however, the screaming pregnant woman was not molested like the rest of the people in the room. Instead, large tentacles slowly – caringly even – scooped her up and pulled her out the window.

The woman’s terrified eyes looked over at a captive man, likely her husband, who was currently being forced to penetrate another nurse in the room. His ass, filled with a thick, ribbed tentacle, was getting pushed back and forth so that his turgid shaft was repeatedly shoved in and out of the struggling woman’s slit. The pregnant woman attempted to call out to the man, but a needle entered her neck and she immediately seemed to fall into a stupor. Her eyes lazily met Marie’s before she was completely removed from the building.

Marie felt bile rising in her throat, a combination of fear and guilt, but swallowed it back down before turning her back and pushing through the exit door. Due to the lack of windows, it seemed that the monsters had not yet infiltrated the stairwell, but it would only be a matter of time. Looking down, she saw a few other people who had managed to escape hastily descending the stairs.

She followed them, practically sliding down the railing in some spots, until she finally got to the basement level and burst out into the parking garage. Surely, with the tentacles entering through the windows, underground would be the safest spot. Marie took a moment to steady her haggard breaths, leaning against a support pillar while fumbling for her car keys… which she realized had been left in her lab coat.

She swore loudly and slammed her palm painfully into the pillar, but her attention was quickly snapped up by the sudden screams echoing all around the subterranean structure. Her eyes widened in shock as she noticed a gigantic tentacle that had burst up through the ground in an area that was under construction. Dozens of smaller tendrils rapidly grew from the tree-like mass and began to wrap around the cars that were driving away.

Windows were smashed and people were pulled from their seats, struggling fruitlessly as the monstrous tentacles began their lewd work. Shaking like a leaf, Marie hid behind the pillar. To her surprise, she noticed that the monsters were not attacking those who had gotten to their cars but had yet to start them. Were they prioritizing the escaping prey first?

A woman in a nearby minivan suddenly revved the engine and began to peel out of the parking area. As if suddenly aware of the car for the first time, tentacles shot out almost immediately and trapped the van by lifting it up into the air, leaving its wheels spinning helplessly. More tendrils began to extract the screaming woman, while others began to pull a few young children from the back seats.

Marie was horrified to think of what was about to happen to the kids, but instead of being stripped naked like what was now happening to the woman, they were enveloped in what appeared to be large cocoons made of tentacles and dragged away underground. Just before the last gap in the shell was closed, Marie could see the children seemingly drifting off to sleep with warm looks of bliss on their faces. Marie had no rational explanation for what was going on, but one thing was becoming more and more clear: the monsters were attacking the loudest shop vehicles first. They didn’t seem to have many sensory organs – if any – so perhaps they hunted by sensing strong vibrations?

A light bulb went off in her head. She grabbed an orange street cone that was used to block-off a parking spot and hurled it at a parked car nearby. It hit the side and fell to the ground without much of a result. Cursing under her breath, Marie grabbed the last cone she could reach from behind the pillar and, though she wasn’t a religious woman, said a little prayer before throwing it at another parked vehicle.

It hit the roof with a loud bang, but other than that nothing much else. Marie slumped to the ground and put her face in her hands, beginning to despair, when suddenly a tentacle lashed out at the cone that was sitting on the car roof. The motion caused the cone to go flying off and slam into the side of the car next to it. As Marie had been hoping for, a shrill car alarm started to blast through the garage and echo from all directions.

The tentacles that were slithering around to find prey suddenly began to attack the areas around them indiscriminately, with others homing in on the blaring vehicle and smashing into its windows. Taking advantage of the confusion, Marie sprinted towards the exit, her footsteps masked by the din all around her.

From there, everything was a blur. She managed to escape the garage, but the rest of Paris was in a similar state of chaos. Everywhere she looked, people were being abducted by the tentacles that were hanging large floating escorte independente românia, while others were being implanted into wriggling masses of alien worms that started to take on humanoid forms.

Regardless of how they were being captured, everyone was swiftly relieved of their clothing and sexually assaulted by the tentacles. Penises, both old and young, fountained endless streams of cum that were collected by the monsters. The breasts of women – not even visibly pregnant – were sucked on and began to deposit their creamy white milk into clear sacs that lined some thicker tentacles. Writhing tentacles squeezed testicles, filled rectums, and stuffed vaginas. It was as if a hell of lust had overtaken the planet.

It took two hours for Marie to simply get to the end of the block where her apartment was, being careful to move silently and only when the coast was clear. She used to resent living so close to work and always being on call as such, but now she was relieved she didn’t have to go further. Not only was she at risk of being captured, but the longer she bore witness to the erotic scenes around her, the more her cheeks started to flush and her panting grew heavier. By the time she crept into her front door, she could already feel moisture within her panties and her heartbeat in her clit.

She lamented when she discovered her husband, Anthony, was not at home. He had the day off, so he wasn’t in the hospital as well, but now she feared the worst. However, a few hours of hiding later, Anthony slipped into the apartment and found her. He had been shopping downtown when the alien creature attacked and it had taken him this long to get back home.

They tearfully embraced, and Anthony told Marie that he had a small group with him who planned to go hide in a nearby tourist location: an old German bunker from the second World War. They managed to make it there and survive for a couple months off of rationed food and water, but soon their supplies dwindled and they needed to scavenge further into the city. They decided to take this opportunity to get more medicine for those of the group that had life-threatening medical conditions and snuck into the hospital.

It was far worse than they had imagined inside the building, but there were many people counting on them, so they steeled themselves and entered into the eerie halls, turning lights on as they went to aid them. The creatures don’t see, so there was no point in walking around blindly through the darkness. Or so they thought.

The group split up to gather supplies, but several minutes later, all the doors suddenly locked behind them and the lights were killed, saved for the blinking emergency flashers. Marie had been in a storage closet grabbing some insulin on her way to the security room, when she heard another member of the group scream elsewhere in the building, followed by a crazed-looking, half-naked lady sprinting by her hiding place. There Marie crouched down in the shadows, trying to figure out what to do next, cursing their decision to come here and, with a pang of guilt, deep-down also cursing those in their group who needed such medicine and forced them into this situation.


“And that’s when you found me,” escorte foto modele românia sighed, finishing her story. Vincent grumbled a bit from the long-winded nature of the story, but he was glad to have gained more insights into the current state of affairs, even if some simply reinforced what he had already determined. “I abandoned patients and even came to resent those in need. I’m a failure as a medical professional. Surely, being trapped here in the very same hospital I fled is my punishment.”

“You did what you had to,” Vincent replied with a note of approval in his voice. “The only way to guarantee that you see tomorrow is to grasp your future with your own hands. I would know.” Marie sighed again and stood up, shrugging her satchel back over her shoulder.

“Well, I plan to still offer help where needed,” she said, grabbing a white lab coat hanging from a nearby hook and tossing it to Vincent. “Here. Cover yourself.” Vincent caught the garment but snorted with derision and dropped it to the floor. “What… are you actually an exhibitionist after all…?” Marie crossed her arms in confusion.

“Hardly, my dear. Imperfect as the human body may be, it is still far easier to be stealthy when unencumbered than when draped with loose-fitting rags.” Vincent smirked at Marie. “Or do you mean to say that you are a blushing little girl unable to control her emotions?”

“Suit yourself. Just make sure you walk behind me,” Marie scoffed, sliding past Vincent and doing her best not to touch his bare skin as she approached the door.

“You will be leading the way for the time being, anyway” Vincent shrugged. “No doubt the commotion in the hall has died down by now after your impressively verbose narrative. Hopefully your companions did not encounter any more trouble in the interim.”

“They know how to take care of themselves,” Marie responded with a slight hint of concern, making a visible effort not to meet Vincent’s gaze. “Admittedly, we never had to go up against other humans before… but they are more than capable… I’m sure…” The more she talked, the less certain she sounded, but after a few steady deep breaths, she cracked the storage anunțuri imobile door open with a determined look on her face. “Now be quiet and let’s get to the security room.” Vincent flourished his hand with a “lead on” gesture and followed her out into the moist hallway, still gripping the scalpel in a readied position.

Marie peeked around the corner down the hall and grimaced at the sight before ushering Vincent onwards. The captive humans who the nurse had been toying with earlier were now almost completely subsumed by the fleshy mottled masses along the walls, their orifices and erogenous zones all being gently stimulated by tentacles, which would occasionally increase their ministrations to a feverish pitch as they sensed their prey nearing climax.

As before, Vincent and Marie made their way down the hall carefully avoiding any patches of wiggling tentacles, reflexively grasping human hands, and the non-stop deluge of human fluids that spurted from every surface. On one occasion, Marie nearly led them both into a large, opaque pool of thick, white fluid, which looked nearly identical to the tiled floors around them. Only by noticing the ripples of a small tentacle worm swimming about in the sticky liquid did she realize what it was.

She covered her mouth to repress a gag as they moved by the puddle, trying her best not to look at the large, turgid cock of a man lying face up in the pool. Only his head and penis were poking above the sloshing surface while he moaned loudly and erupted blast after blast of thick semen that splattered down into the mire around him. More streams of fluid dripped down into the pool from above from several more twitching dicks and jiggling breasts that hung from other captives encased within the ceiling.

Marie was so distracted by the sight that she didn’t properly check around the corner at the end of the hall. With a start, she quickly lurched backwards and nearly toppled Vincent over, who glared daggers at her with his bare foot only a few centimeters away from an leisurely pulsating tendril. Marie showed a look of panic for a moment, but she calmed down after realizing that whatever it was she was scared of had not yet come to pass. She jerked her head to Vincent to indicate that he should take a look as well.

Vincent crouched down, making sure that his manhood didn’t brush against any untoward surfaces, and crept up to the corner as well, peering down the halfway and allowing his eyes to adjust to the less-windowed corridor. Another crazed nurse, this time a man, was stalking down the hall away from them. Much like his female colleague, he was mostly nude save for some tattered blue scrubs, with several tentacles emerging from his anus and wrapping up around his limbs to cause his silhouette to writhe with every step.

Marie tapped Vincent’s shoulder and pointed to a large glass entryway that the nurse had stopped next to. The sign above the door was heavily obscured by ichor and tentacles, but the words “Boutique de Cadeaux” were still legible.

“Shortcut,” Marie mouthed, her breath rattling in her throat. Vincent nodded knowingly. Marie stood still, furrowing her brow and contemplated how to get to the gift shop without alerting the nurse who was frustratingly standing right in the way. Vincent, however, quickly sprang into action.

The hallway here was relatively clear of obstacles, so he was able to move more swiftly than before. Marie was shocked to see Vincent quickly creeping towards the back of the nurse, thinking him to truly have lost his mind after being stuck here for so long, until she noticed the scalpel gleaming in his hand. Even in such a desperate situation, the idea of taking another human’s life went contrary to all of her most fundamental principles. These poor nurses could be being controlled against their will, and even if not, killing would be the last resort.

She hurried after Romy , who was now only a few meters behind the still oblivious nurse. It was too late; there was no way she would be able to stop him in time. Vincent slowly but determinedly started to stand up while avoiding the tentacles swinging around the man’s ass, the scalpel homing in on the nurse’s exposed neck. But just before he could strike, the sound of struggling and grunting could suddenly be heard further down the hall.

The nurse dashed off towards the sound, coming from a woman who was stuck in crystalline ichor along a wall. Vincent, surprised, stood stock-still as his prey escaped, and nearly yelled out when he felt Dona grab his arm. They both slipped unnoticed into the gift shop while the nurse’s back was still turned. He was now busy grabbing a tentacle from the wall and directing it towards the squirming woman’s cunt. Her ass was sticking out from the ooze and was shaking up and down as small worms slithered out of her gushing slit.

“You’re being such a good girl for us…” the nurse cooed while tenderly stroking her quivering ass cheek. “Here is a wonderful reward for you.” Chuckling deeply, he squeezed the tentacle in his hand and it squirted more of that sweet-smelling orange fluid into her gaping pussy.

She began to spasm uncontrollably as soon as it touched her swollen flesh and soon the liquid was overflowing from her wet hole. Some more little worms continued to slip out of her along with the excess, but the flow was quickly stopped as the nurse hungrily latched his lips around her twitching mound, moaning eagerly as he ate the helpless woman out. Vincent and Marie both looked away in disgust as the man’s chin became caked with her pussy juices, wiggling worms, and a seemingly endless flow of the orange goo.

Marie leaned against one of the shop doorway’s metal detectors to catch her breath, waving at Vasi to get his attention. With a stern look, she pointed at his scalpel and gestured wildly in a way that she hoped communicated that he was not allowed to go around killing anyone he pleased. He stared icily at her, as if with the eyes of a predator, and for a moment, Marie was fearful that he might attack her. However, he blinked and rolled his eyes while giving a begrudging nod, before crossing his arms and indicating that she should proceed.

The two of them made their way quietly through the dark gift shop, where only a few tentacles seemed to have taken root. Upon passing by a small shelf of packaged snacks, Xena paused for a moment before quickly scooping several bags of processed junk into her satchel. Vincent nodded in approval. His stomach was still full from whatever strange substances the tentacle had been pumping into him earlier, but he knew it was best to be prepared. Hunger was the enemy of rationality, which was absolutely critical to maintain.

They passed behind the counter where several euros, now entirely worthless, were stuck to slime along the floor. Vincent inwardly chuckled, thinking about how many arrogant, talentless hacks, comfortable in their precious wealth, had no doubt come to realize that their beloved money was not real power during a crisis like this. No, it was intelligence, force of will, and sheer resolve that would win the day. Vincent would thrive while those pathetic, greedy men were made into drooling breeding stock for these creatures.

Marie opened a door in the back of the store that led to a small hallway that appeared to be only for hospital staff to us, based on it being lined with administration offices and a break room. This corridor was markedly cleaner than the rest of the hospital Vincent had seen. Clearly not many people had thought to flee here, as he could only make out the shapes of two groaning captives plastered against walls, both their rigid cocks being lazily stroked by thin feelers while other tendrils lined with writhing cilia gently tickled each sensitive glans.

Apparently relieved by the relatively easy path ahead, Andra moved forward at a slightly faster pace than before. Vincent followed close behind, cutting away a thin tentacle that strayed a bit too close to Marie’s hair. She jerked in surprise and watched as the piece of alien flesh fell to the ground, before starting to regenerate into a brand new tentacle.

Not wanting to stick around to see it grow to maturity, they hurried away until Sonya came to stop outside of a heavy-looking door with a window made of bullet-proof glass. She flashed Vincent a thumbs up and pulled her ID card out, pressing it up to a small metal plate next to the door.

A small red light on the door handle suddenly blinked to green and two loud, high-pitched beeps rang out to confirm the door being unlocked.

“Putain de merde!” Sara swore, yanking the door open and diving inside with Vincent right behind her. He whipped around and grabbed the door handle, closing it as quietly as he could. They fell to the ground panting and staying as still as possible, but the combination of heavily beating hearts and coursing adrenaline made it difficult.

From outside the door, a heavy, almost insectoid skittering could be heard scouring the area. Scalpel in hand, Vincent slowly got to his feet to peek out the window. Seeing what he was doing, Marie frantically shook her head but did nothing to actually stop him. At first, Vincent saw nothing through the glass, as darkness blanketed the hall. But then, when the red lights flashed on, the horrible outline of a grotesque creature greeted his eyes. A monster the likes of which he had not yet seen roamed the corridor, searching for the source of the noise that it clearly had heard.

The light flashed again and this time Vincent was able to make out more of the thing’s features. His eyes widened when he realized that it was a seemingly pregnant nude woman. What he had mistaken for some sort of large, bulbous head was in fact her exposed ass. The woman was on her back, with her elbows and knees drawn up to the sides of her bulging stomach as if in a sort of fetal position while being bound by tendrils. What alarmed Vincent, however, was not the woman’s unnervingly writhing belly, but the four spider-like legs composed of glistening tentacles and hard ichor that were attached to slime encasing her shoulders and lower back.

The limbs moved the immobile woman as if in a macabre crab walk, blindly searching for whatever had made the beeping sound while keeping the woman’s senses disabled with slick tendrils that covered her eyes and ears while forcing her mouth open. Not that her lips needed to be held apart, as a thick tentacle with a blossoming sucker on the end was shoved up into her ass so deep that it grew out from her throat like a living periscope.

The sharp ends of the alien legs clacked on the tiled floor as the poor woman was moved along in a jerky manner. Each sharp step caused her enormous breasts to bounce up and down at her sides as they leaked copious amounts of milk all along the floor, which was absorbed by the various tentacles that came upon it. Vincent saw the bit of tentacle denise had sliced only minutes before worm its way into the woman’s cascading fluids, and to his amazement, it almost immediately tripled in size as it happily sucked up the creamy milk.

The tentacle in the captive woman’s mouth bobbed closer and closer towards the door of the security room. Now with an unobstructed view of the woman’s approaching spread ass, Vincent could see a tiny translucent tentacle that was sucking and vibrating on her helplessly erect clitoris. The powerful sensations from her little bud were clearly taking a toll on her body, which was soaked with sweat and shaking violently. Her spasming did little to hinder the spindly legs that carried her pathetic form closer to where Vincent and Marie were hiding.

The two front limbs reared up from under her buttocks and pressed up against the door, tapping against the steel as if searching for a way in. Vincent jerked back in surprise and Marie let out a gasp as the tentacle suddenly slammed against the window, its tip fully open and pressing the interior of the sucker up to the glass. The inside of the tendril was lined with countless little feelers that writhed autonomously and grew around several muscular-looking rings, which stuck tightly against the window. Every flash of the eerie red lighting made the starfish-shaped silhouette look more and more imposing.

A clear slime oozed out from the sucker and dripped down the glass, smearing as the tentacle slowly slid along the slick surface, the cilia all working to find cracks to exploit. Vincent heard Marie loudly gulp behind him, followed by the scraping of a chair that she was no doubt hoping to hide behind. Despite the reinforced nature of the glass, small cracks were starting to form under what must have been unbelievable pressure and sucking power exerted by the tentacle.

The glass held strong, however, and soon the creature seemed to lose interest for site hotel pensiune . Instead, it detached from the messy window with a loud squelching noise and swiveled around to face one of the quivering naked men hanging from a wall nearby. The legs moved the blind woman so that her head was directly below the man’s hanging balls, which were currently being squeezed taut by thin tentacles binding the top of his sack.

The tendrils covering the woman’s face slipped away, allowing her dazed eyes to look up lustfully at the plump testicles dangling only an inch from her nose, along with the man’s messy asshole that was being stuffed with several small, pistoning tentacles.

The tentacle in her mouth started to squirm excitedly and wormed its way up to the man’s hard shaft, slowly spreading its slimy petals again as lube-like fluid dripped out from within. The man shuddered and moaned into the tentacle in his mouth as the approaching sucker sprang out and swallowed up his turgid flesh to the base. One of the petals slapped down over his tight balls, allowing the little feelers within to abuse his sensitive skin while dripping alien juices down onto the woman’s exposed face.

No doubt, the muscular rings and squirming cilia were milking the man’s throbbing cock for every drop his balls could produce… which apparently was quite a bit. Semen started to gush out from the tentacle’s sucker and splash down onto the woman’s face, forming bubbles in her nostrils as she desperately tried to maintain her breathing and clenched her eyes closed to stop the fluids from flowing into them.

Large bulges of cum could be seen working their way down the tentacle as it swallowed its meal, passing between the woman’s lips and down through her body until they popped out of her ass like fleshy anal beads. A clear sac on the underside of the creature holding the woman’s body began to fill with the man’s spunk as the creamy jizz finished its trip down the suckling tentacle’s hollow interior.

After a few minutes of collecting the shaking man’s seed, the tendril withdrew from his glistening manhood, now completely coated in a mixture of orange alien mucus and his own cum. His member twitched helplessly in the air for a few moments, spurting a couple last shots of jizz, before another tentacle hanging nearby started to urgently masturbate him again. Small feelers tickled and slapped against his swollen balls as if encouraging him to produce more sperm.

Vincent was about to turn away, feeling that he had seen enough, when suddenly the tentacle in the woman’s mouth lurched down over her body and plunged all at once into her previously vacant pussy. The woman thrashed weakly from the sudden intrusion, causing her boobs to jiggle and spray milk up into the air, dousing the man’s nearby testicles in her warm fluids.

The bulges of human cum that had been harvested by the sucker started to repeat their journey through the tentacle in reverse, rising up from beneath the woman’s back, into her asshole, out of her throat, and up into the end of the tendril, which was thrusting back and forth into her hairy cunt. The man’s semen gushed up into her already occupied womb, likely continuing to aid in fertilizing whatever alien eggs were crammed within her misshapen belly.

The spider-like creature took the woman away down the hall, continuing to fuck her while leaving a messy trail of her breast milk mixed with the man’s spunk, which poured out from her well-worn pussy. Soon, it busied itself repeating the same disturbing process with the second man in the hall, continuing to fill its captive female passenger with as much cum as possible. Vincent watched in fascination as it finished its lewd work, sighing in relief as the monster scampered away out of sight, seemingly having either forgotten or given up on locating the two humans hiding in the security office.

“Wh-what was that!?” Marie shakily whispered after Vincent turned around to face her, a relieved look on his face.

“Some manner of creature different from the ones you described to me earlier,” Vincent replied, thoughtfully stroking his chin. “Instead of several people trapped in a writhing, humanoid mass of tentacles, this was a much smaller scale abomination. Likely the organisms attempting to optimize and conserve energy…” Vincent’s thoughtful gaze pierced through Marie as if looking beyond her and the building into the distant horizon. “…Perhaps some form of evolution…? How curious…”

Marie allowed Vincent to continue his musing while she stood up and began to feel her way around the dimly lit room, searching for something along the walls.

“Ah, here it is,” Marie muttered. She flipped open a breaker box and ran her fingers along the many flipped switches inside. After a few clicks of the levers, the lights in the room suddenly came back to life, brightly illuminating the space while the whirring sounds of computer fans filled the air. One by one, the six monitors on the wall flickered on, displaying an automatic startup sequence before changing to black and white live security footage.

Beneath the screens was a desk with a keyboard, which Marie sat down on a chair in front of and began to hesitantly press keys.

“You do not seem too confident in this,” Vincent observed, standing behind Marie with a raised brow while watching her struggle with the controls.

“What an astute observation, doctor. I’m not exactly trained in this…” she replied tersely. “I’m just trying to get a feel for the interface, and it doesn’t help that most of the cameras are covered up by these creatures’ byproducts… or other things…” Many of the monitors were indeed only showing black images, clearly having been smothered in the alien slime. However, others were obscured by much more erotic sights – such as an extreme close-up of a woman’s dripping pussy and ass, which were currently being stretched by a pair of enormous tentacles.

Paying little attention to the lewd images captured by the cameras, Marie quickly started to flip through the various feeds after getting a feel for the security program’s interface. There were dozens of cameras scattered throughout the building, and many of them were either useless or recording the desperate plights of nude captives being violated, none of which seemed to be the people Marie was searching for.

“How do we disengage the quarantine protocol?” Vincent asked as he took inventory of what was in the room.

“It looks like resetting the power did that already,” Marie replied with a shrug. “I don’t see any of the grates covering the doors anymore, so that’s a good sign.” She scoured the feeds for a couple of minutes while Vincent put on a security guard uniform he found hanging on the side of a locker.

“I thought you liked your dick hanging out for me to see?” Marie commented with a snicker.

“Shame is a pointless emotion,” Vincent replied, buttoning the blue shirt. “However, unlike that oversized rag you offered me before, this is much more form-fitting, and will offer some level of silato protection. As a male, it does not behoove me to have my… vital areas… so easily accessible to the enemy.”

“Well I, for one, am thankful for the change. It was hard to focus with that thing flopping all over the place.”

“We are wasting precious time,” Vincent growled, turning away. “We do not know how much longer the power in the building will remain stable. It is time to accept that your companions are a lost cause and move on.”

“I haven’t finished going through all the feeds yet… I won’t just give up so easily,” Marie huffed. She shifted nervously in her seat as she increased the rate at which she scanned through the cameras, her eyes rapidly scouring each screen for a glimpse of someone she recognized.

“Do as you will,” Vincent sighed, moving towards the door and peering out the cracked window. “But if you do not disengage the quarantine protocol soon, I will have to-”

“There!” Marie suddenly gasped, slamming her palms on the desk and jumping to her feet.

“Quiet down, woman!” Vincent hissed. “You forget our circumstances!” He whirled around and saw what she was looking at on the monitor in front of her. The screen displayed the interior of the hospital’s cafeteria, which was well lit by the few light fixtures that managed to peek out through the fleshy growths covering the ceiling. A man with long, dark wavy hair in a lab coat similar to Marie’s could be seen huddled behind an overturned table next to an athletic-looking blonde haired woman.

“That’s them! That’s Anthony and Célestine!” Said Marie. “But what are they- oh merde…!” A shadow was suddenly cast along the wall of the cafeteria as the same nurse Vincent had woken up to slowly stalked into the frame, clearly searching for Marie’s hiding companions, who were just out of the nurse’s view behind the table. “We have to go help them!” Marie pushed past Vincent and headed for the door.

“Help? Have you taken leave of your senses!?” Vincent exclaimed, tightly grabbing onto the woman’s slender arm and whirling her around. “We cannot risk our only window to escape on the off-chance that we are able to get to them before that woman does. And even if we did, how do you plan to get past her?”

“We will find a way. Distract her, if we have to,” Marie replied, yanking her arm free of Vincent’s grip and gesturing towards the monitor. “We have to go that way anyway – the exit is right behind them.” Sure enough, a door not entirely covered by tentacles could be seen on the opposite side of the room from Anthony and Célestine’s hiding place. “We came in through a window before, but some tentacles blocked it after we get inside. Earlier, we had found that door to open, but decided not to enter after hearing… strange noises… but we have no choice now.”

“Do doubt they were attempting to flee the building without you, and were caught off-guard by the lights turning back on, allowing that crazed nymphomaniac to hunt better,” Vincent grunted.

“What!?” Marie cried. “Don’t be ridiculous. Surely they were simply waiting for me at our rendezvous point! We don’t have a moment to lose! Now, move your ass!” She silently slipped through the door after confirming the absence of any dangers. Vincent scowled and moved after her.

They made their way back down the hall, able to move much quicker now that they could more easily see safe areas to tread. Vincent was even more cautious than before, however, as they no longer had the luxury of being concealed by the darkness. As expected, the light did little to help the tentacles notice them, but he was sure that their luck would run out if they ran into a hostile human, or even a captured one that might cry out for help upon seeing them.

There were too many variables starting to spiral out of Vincent’s control, and it put him on edge. Unlike other self-proclaimed “great” men, who attempted to bluster their way through danger with their wizcars pride alone, Vincent knew that fear was not a useless trait to have. It kept you vigilant. The trick was not to let it overcome your reasoning. A delicate balance to be sure, but one in which Vincent was exceedingly confident.

The shuddering forms of the recently milked men trapped in the walls served as a reminder of the horrific spider-like monster, and of the potential for more, yet unknown threats. The men groaned as they passed by, their eyes covered with tentacles while their swollen, untouched cocks slowly leaked jizz into puddles on the floor. The large, vibrating tendrils filling their asses were clearly providing them with the stimulation needed to keep replenishing the cum pools for the small, writhing worms to suck up.

Marie averted her gaze, though from embarrassment or fixation on their time-sensitive task at hand, Vincent didn’t know. He still took a moment to silently marvel at the sheer virility bestowed upon the men by the grotesque but incredible alien invaders.

Vincent and Marie quickly made their way back to the empty gift shop. Hunkering down behind the checkout counter, Marie motioned towards the entrance and indicated that they needed to turn right after leaving before heading down some stairs. Vincent nodded in understanding as he scanned the area through the murky glass of the countertop. There was no sign of the patrolling nurse from earlier, but the sight lines offered from their current vantage point were hardly comprehensive.

Now that the power was back on, there was no doubt that they would be spotted immediately should they enter the hallway at the same time one of the infected humans was looking down it. The only way to proceed safely was with prudence, but that level of caution would require time, which was something Marie did not have much of given the impending capture of her husband and friend.

The only sounds coming from the hall were the disgusting slurping and squelching of tentacles sucking and filling various human body parts, along with the moans and ecstatic screams of said humans. There was no creepy singing, cruel taunting, or deranged laughter. This seemed to be a good enough sign for Debra , who hyped herself up with some deep breaths before dashing towards the gift shop entryway. It was only then when Vincent realized what was about to happen.

“Stop, you fool!” Vincent hissed as loudly as he dared, stumbling after Marie and making a grasp for the tail of her coat. He was too late. As Marie’s satchel full of items from the shop passed through the metal detector, an ear-splittingly loud alarm tone reverberated down every corridor on the floor. It had been dead on their way in, so they had paid it little heed. Vincent cursed in his head for being so unobservant. Perhaps all that lying around had weakened his mind if not his muscles.

“Merde!” Marie swore, leaping out of the way of a tendril that suddenly lashed towards her. She fell backwards into a card display, causing it to clatter over and spill its contents all over the floor. There was no point in stealth now. The tentacles lining the hallways began to wildly thrash about in an attempt to ensnare anything that might venture too close, and several unnerving, shrill shrieks could be heard from elsewhere down the hall.

“GO!” Vincent yelled, practically throwing the disoriented buzzy woman back onto her feet and running out towards the stairwell at the end of the hallway. The metal detector blared again as his scalpel passed through it, exciting the squirming tentacles even further.

Vincent nimbly ducked and leapt over the grasping tendrils that reached out from all directions, displaying physical prowess that he didn’t even realize he had, much less after months of being bedridden. Marie, however, was not as dexterous. The flailing tentacles were very nearly missing her billowing coat and cumbersome satchel as she hurried after Vincent in a mad dash for the stairs. Even though the improved lighting made it easier to navigate, it was only a matter of time before a mistake was made, and finally Marie’s luck ran out.

A hidden tentacle shot up out of a pool of opaque, white fluid that had been collecting on a fleshy mound beneath two hanging women, whose swollen tits were endlessly squirting milk down from above. The tendril went for Marie’s mouth, orange slime gushing from its split-open tip. She managed to block the attack with her arm, but the tentacle simply latched onto the sleeve of her coat and began to wind around her limb as it slithered up towards her neck.

Reacting quickly, Marie threw her satchel to Vincent, who instinctively caught it, which allowed her to slip out of the loose garment that the tentacle was attached to. She struggled to pull her arm up and out of the tendril’s tight grasp, but she managed to escape just before several other tentacles dropped down from the ceiling, missing her by inches.

Vincent shouldered the bag of supplies and made it to the stairwell, sparing another glance behind him to watch Marie’s desperate plight. As he turned, he saw down the adjoining hall and his eyes met with those of the male nurse from earlier, who was now sprinting down the corridor towards him. The man’s face was contorted into a manic smile as a flow of human and alien juices dripped down his chin from between his lips.

“You can’t leave until you are fully recovered, sir,” the crazed man called out to Vincent. “Wait right there, and we’ll get you back to where you belong.” Vincent decided to ignore the nurse’s advice, instead opting to run down the stairs, taking several steps at a time and leaping half of them to get to the landing faster.

“I said wait!” The man angrily shouted, his voice rapidly approaching the stairwell. “Oh, Doctor Clément! Trying to play hooky from work while we’re this busy? You will need to be reprimanded!” Looking up, Vincent saw that Marie had also reached the top of the stairs, and was practically sliding down the railing in a panicked attempt to escape from the nurse who was nearly upon her.

Vincent reached the bottom of the stairs and frantically looked around to find anywhere to hide. The first floor had a lot more open space for the foot traffic of daily visitors, so it was less claustrophobic, but the entire area was still filled with pulsating tentacle mounds, web-like strands of alien tendrils, and dripping fluids. Countless naked captives were entombed within the fleshy prisons, their holes all being stuffed full of tentacle cocks while their juices were milked and collected by the writhing horde.

Two women were bound together by tentacles, facing one another with a man trapped upside down between them, their soft breasts pressed tightly against his lower back and abdomen. He busied himself by licking the clit of the woman whose crotch was right in his face, while a ribbed tentacle rutted into her messy cunt. The women were apparently enjoying the view of the man’s genitals that were rudely on display for both of them, his legs held wide apart by slimy tendrils. One of them lapped eagerly at his balls and hole while the other gulped down his inhumanly large shaft.

Vincent watched for a brief second, startled by the unusual size of the man’s organ, which was forming a clear bulge in the fellating woman’s throat. The man suddenly groaned loudly and ejaculated a torrent of cum into the woman’s mouth, which quickly overflowed and dripped down onto the man’s chin below as he continued to hungrily suck at her little bud. She began to audibly choke on the jizz in her mouth, but she still continued to desperately swallow his cock even while her eyes began to roll back into her head.

A tentacle hurriedly lashed around the gagging woman’s forehead and pulled her face away from the man’s phallus. Positioning the woman’s head backwards so that her semen-filled mouth weakly hung open, the tentacle plunged into her throat, sucking the spunk out of her and into a clear collection pod that was attached to the exy floor below.

The woman coughed up the last of the semen on her lungs as the tentacle withdrew from her mouth. Her eyes focused again and immediately locked onto the man’s still leaking and twitching erection. Before she could get to it again, the other woman seemed to have noticed the remains of the man’s cum dribbling from her mouth and lurched forward to share a deep kiss with her.

The frothy white fluid passed between the women’s mouths as their tongues entwined in an intricate dance until they were broken up by a tendril that suddenly emerged out of the man’s ass. It had plunged up into his mouth below and worked through his body as Vincent had seen before. The newly exposed tip of the tentacle pushed its way into the mouth of the woman behind the man while the other one resumed bobbing her mouth on his cock as if nothing had happened, humming and gagging happily as the thick meat slammed into the back of her throat.

“What are you doing!? Run!” Marie’s voice broke Vincent out of the stupor he had been in. Now that the lights were on, all of the erotic scenes were on fully display, and Vincent could feel his own member hardening at the sight, clouding his judgment. Had he always been this easily aroused…? Or were the effects of the alien drug still lingering in his system? Regardless, the results were the same: he was getting careless. His eyes became sharp once again and by the time Marie reached him, he spotted a nearby door that was noticeably less obstructed than the rest.

“Come, we’ll hide in-” Vincent started to say as he turned back towards Marie. His eyes widened as he watched the spectacle of the male nurse vault down the middle of the stairwell, using the tentacles along his body to grasp the railings like giant fingers and slow his fall. He landed with a loud, moist thud right behind Marie, who stumbled out into the hall and into Vincent’s chest.

There was no way they would be able to hide now that the nurse had clearly seen them. The sound of his landing had caused the tentacles in the area to go wild, closing off all the other potential exit strategies Vincent had been cataloging. Their only hope now was to run for the clear door and hope that they could either barricade it or find additional escape routes through it. It was no longer a matter of if they would be captured, but when, and Vincent was determined to maximize that time.

Vincent grunted and pushed Marie off himself, pivoting on his heel and leaping for the doorway. Marie swerved out of the way of the nurse’s tentacled grasp and dove after Vincent who had just wrenched the door open. They both fell into the room in a pile, with Vincent cursing at her clumsiness while scrambling to push his weight against the wooden door that was already buckling against the laughing nurse’s bombardment of tendrils.

“Don’t just sit there gawking like a schoolgirl!” Vincent barked through grit teeth, sweat pouring down his face. “Find us a way out!” Marie had in fact already been frantically looking around the room and scoffed in frustration both at Vincent’s comment and at her own lack of progress in finding an exit.

They were clearly in a radiology lab, with an MRI machine along a far wall and computers that had recently come back to life, and were now processing some automatic routines. Surprisingly, there was little to no sign of the alien infestation in the room, with only the exterior of the windows being blanketed in thick slime being an indicator of anything amiss.

“I-I can’t find any doors!” Marie stammered. “Just hold the door a bit long-” Crash! The door finally burst apart as the nurse gave it one final slam with his tentacle arm, sending Vincent and large chunks of wood flying across the floor.

“This area is appointment-only,” the nurse growled, stepping awkwardly through the remains of the extra oferte door. “Oh, I can’t wait to punish the both of you…” His tongue hung from his mouth as he made lewd motions with it and drooled from anticipation.

“Come and try it!” Marie cried, hurling objects on a nearby desk towards the nurse, which were swatted away harmlessly by the tentacles surrounding him. Vincent groaned in pain and uneasily got to his feet next to Marie, who was continuing to throw anything she could find at the approaching man’s gleeful face.

Vincent tasted blood on his lips and felt sore all over, but a quick check of his limbs indicated that he was still ready for action. He wasn’t trained in hand-to-hand combat, but even still, he would rather use his scalpel to slit his own throat than go down without a fight. Wielding the sharp implement in his hand, Vincent was about to yell and leap for the nurse’s throat, when one of the tentacles suddenly whipped out and caught Marie around the ankle.

With a yelp, she slipped backwards as he began to reel her in, banging her shoulder against the side of the MRI machine where a large button was located. The large device’s bed-like platform retracted into its cylindrical chamber, and a series of deafening buzzes began to ring out into the small room as the cameras within sprang to life.

Vincent dropped the scalpel and clasped his hands to his ears in surprise. He had needed CT scans in the past while monitoring the progression of his disease, but usually he listened to music with noise-canceling headphones during the process, so hearing the full brunt of the loud machine’s roar was still startling. The nurse was having a much more violent reaction, however.

The crazed man was no longer laughing, but was instead howling in pain as the tentacles in and around his body began to jerk and spasm uncontrollably. He fell to the floor, vomiting up a grotesque mixture of unidentifiable fluids, and writhed in agony as the tentacles weakly squirmed around him. The buzzing suddenly stopped and the nurse seemed to collect himself, drooling heavily and trying to collect his limp tentacles as he staggered to his feet.

“How dare you sever the Queen’s touch!?” The nurse spat, paying no mind to the vomit still caking his lips. He thrust his arm out towards Marie, who had escaped his grasp during his seizure, but the tentacles were sluggish and simply flopped towards her. The machine suddenly buzzed yet again as it started its next round of scanning, causing the nurse to once again crumple to the floor and shriek in anger and discomfort.

“Go! Now! Before it ends!” Vincent yelled to Marie, who didn’t need to be told twice. They leapt past the nurse’s pathetic form and out into the hallway, where the tentacles nearest to them were now twitching and jerking like toys running out of batteries. Despite their sudden lack of coordination, they still held their captives fast, who weren’t groaning in pain like the nurse, but simply seemed desperate for the tentacles to resume fucking them, even going so far as to shake their hips to try and attract the alien phalluses back to their genitals.

“Wh-what’s going on!?” Marie gasped, taking a moment to stare at the strange behavior of the creatures around them.

“Hm… I have a theory, but we can discuss scientific observations when we are in a safe location,” Vincent replied. “Quickly now, to the dining area! We must take advantage of their disarray while it lasts!” Marie nodded and ran off down another hall with Vincent close behind. The further they moved away from the radiology lab, the more the tentacles around them showed signs of being in complete control. However, now that they were no longer in danger of being seen by the male nurse, they slightly slowed their pace down to avoid unnecessary znep sounds and mistakes.

They had to avoid a few swiping tendrils as they passed through sections of the hall that were darkened with thick layers of fleshy goo, but overall they managed to make their way to the swinging double-doors of the cafeteria without much incident. Marie pressed up to the windows to look inside while Vincent rummaged through Marie’s satchel he was still carrying, hoping to find something to replace his lost weapon.

“I don’t see them…” Marie whispered, craning her neck to try and get a better view through the small glass panels. Slime and tendrils covered much of the windows, so it was difficult to see through. “I’m going to slowly open the door and look inside.”

“We have to leave through here regardless, so we will have to go in eventually,” Vincent reminded her. Even though they were this close to salvation, they still needed to be cautious, however Vincent was growing steadily more impatient to leave, especially now that the distant sounds of the MRI machine had finally gone quiet.

Marie gulped and slowly pushed the doors open. There was a faint creak, but nothing that couldn’t be drowned out by the lewd noises around them. They both slipped into the brightly lit cafeteria and crawled behind a nearby overturned table, much like Marie’s companions had been seen doing earlier. She peeked out around the side and had to repress a gasp at what she saw.

The room was quite large and open, which the creatures had clearly taken advantage of. The dozen or so support pillars had all been covered with the familiar, mottled pink flesh substance, giving the impression of them being towers of glistening meat. Humans were trapped within the pillars, their limbs swallowed up by the slimy masses while their erogenous zones were left spread and exposed for the several spider-like human-tentacle hybrids that patrolled the area, fucking and milking any and every person they scuttled past.

What was more shocking was what was above them. Dozens of naked bodies, young and old, limply hung from the fleshy ceiling by their heads, which were trapped within the pulsating, oozing surface. Every so often, a limb would twitch, to indicate that they were still alive, but other than that, they were motionless. They weren’t in danger of being strangled, however, as it wasn’t just their necks supporting their weight.

Each man and woman had a strong, girthy tentacle protruding from their ass, most likely entering their mouths from within the ceiling construct and worming all the way through them. The tentacles supported each person’s crotch like a bike seat, and were shaped similarly.

For women, it cupped around the front of their crotches and covered their pubic mounds. It was impossible to tell what was happening to the helpless genitals within, but it was clearly giving them women intense stimulation. Copious amounts of juices gushed forth from every woman’s crotch, filling the cup-like tentacle attachments and splattering to the floor.

Their arms dangled at their sides as their breasts were milked as well. Large, transparent suckers were latched around the entirety of every woman’s tit, which all seemed to have inflated to impressive size. White fluid could be seen sloshing within the sucker chambers, while small feelers pulled and teased each nipple, coaxing out as much milk as possible.

The men were similarly supported by their anal tentacles, which wrapped under their unnaturally large ball sacks, pushing each testicle to the side where small tendrils broke off from the main tentacle and either tickled or sucked each individual, engorged sphere. The clear tips of the tentacles swallowed every man’s turgid penis, visibly squeezing and stroking each shaft as rapidly as possible with an inner ring of muscles while a brush of squirming cilia attacked their swollen cock heads. At regular intervals, each man would gently twitch as he released his seed into the tentacle, which sucked the spunk back up into the ceiling through his ass before continuing to relentlessly milk his bound manhood.

All of this must have been just barely out of the view of the camera, which ponto spotted on the other side of the room, drawing his eye towards the unobstructed exit door. There were enough lights along the walls to illuminate the room despite the ceiling being covered in the alien slime, which was fortunate, as they would need to be extra careful navigating to the door with all the creatures in the area.

“No sign of your companions,” Vincent quietly muttered to Marie. “Perhaps they have already taken their leave. I suggest we follow suit. Swiftly.” He had been nervously eyeing the entrance to the cafeteria for a few minutes now, sure that at any moment, the male nurse might barge in and capture them.

“Maybe you’re right…” Marie relented. “Let’s just take a moment to… to… oh… oh my God… it can’t be…!” She fell back onto her butt, clenching her teeth as her eyes glistened with newly forming tears. Vincent followed her gaze and sighed deeply as he saw what had alarmed her.

A small alcove had been blocked from their sight by one of the spider hybrids, which had finished feasting on a man’s cock and scurried away to find its next meal. Within the alcove was the female nurse from before, and she was not alone. The man who Marie had identified as her husband Anthony was already naked and held tight by tentacles that forced him into a spread-eagle position parallel to the floor.

His head drooped weakly as the nurse stood below him. She was happily slurping on his glans while one hand, slick with slime, spun around his modest erection. Her other hand was playing with Anthony’s hanging balls, massaging and fondling them with her delicate fingertips. Her motions were so expert that Vincent doubted Marie even came close to pleasuring her man like that before.

What had remained of the nurse’s scrubs had been removed, allowing the tentacles connected to her pussy more freedom to move. They held aloft Marie’s other friend, Célestine, who was still fully clothed and struggling to break free. The nurse suddenly let out a gasp and a laugh as Anthony began to groan and spurt thick ropes of cum all over her face and tits, which were already glistening in spent seed. She caught some in her mouth and seductively licked her lips before pulling away from Anthony’s crotch.

She gave his dangling penis a light smack with her palm and watched it swing back and forth, still hard and ready for more action. She whispered something to him that Vincent couldn’t hear before turning around to face Célestine, leaving Anthony’s twitching cock to lazily drool cum onto the floor.

Célestine let out a loud shriek as the nurse approached her, running a slender hand down her cheek and gently kissing the bound woman’s ear and neck. Célestine blushed and went rigid as the nurse’s hands began to explore her body over her clothes, and then under them. One hand slipped down the collar of Célestine’s white button-up blouse, while another found its way to the crotch of her jeans, which were slowly unzipped. The pants slid down slightly, revealing the top of Célestine’s striped panties, which were now bulging with the nurse’s questing fingers.

They found their mark and Célestine let out a squeal as the nurse giggled with delight. The nurse continued to kiss and suck on her captive’s exposed, fair neck while fingering her inside of her wox panties. Célestine started to pant and moan loudly, until the nurse suddenly pulled away from the woman. Célestine looked up hopefully, but then the nurse grabbed her by her short blonde hair and pulled back, forcing Célestine to cry out in pain and open her mouth, which the nurse quickly shoved her fingers into. The nurse laughed, watching Célestine taste her own pussy juices for a minute before pulling her hand away.

Célestine gagged and gasped, which prompted the nurse to slap her face hard. But then the nurse tenderly wrapped her tentacles over the woman’s eyes and turned her head so that they could share a passionate kiss. While the tentacle held Célestine’s head still, the nurse used her hands to grasp the front of the white blouse, suddenly yanking it open and sending the little buttons flying in all directions.

Célestine’s unassuming white sports bra was quickly stripped away. The brand of undergarment must have been a good one, as they had done an impressive job restraining the large, succulent globes that burst into view. The nurse began to knead Célestine’s plump tits as the kiss continued, eliciting spasms from the half-naked woman. She didn’t remain half-naked for long. More of the Nurse’s tentacles rose up and slipped Célestine’s jeans and panties down her trembling legs, revealing her soft, clean-shaven mound.

The nurse, apparently satisfied with her work of stripping the poor woman naked, stepped back, accidentally bumping into Anthony, who was holding his head up and watching the scene unfold. Realizing he had been noticed, he hastily looked away, but his thoughts were not so easily masked, as precum flowed anew from the tip of his rigid shaft.

The nurse giggled and turned back to Célestine, cupping Anthony’s face with her hand and squeezing his cheeks.

“Should we give him a little show, my cute doll?” The nurse cooed at Célestine, whose eyes were no longer covered, but were doing their best not to meet Anthony’s. The nurse strode back towards Célestine, who yelped in surprise as she was suddenly flipped upside down. Her breasts flopped down to her chin, pointing at the floor, while the tentacles holding her legs spread them far apart, giving Anthony and the nurse a clear view of her moist slit. Unable to see much in her current state, Célestine flinched as she felt the nurse move up behind her and press her boobs into her back.

The nurse reached down and around the front of Célestine’s helpless body and grabbed onto her hanging tits, beginning to sensually massage them. Célestine’s face, now more visible with her breasts supported and out of the way, showed clear signs of arousal now. She let out little gasps and moans as the nurse’s fingers worked their magic. The loudest sound yet came when the nurse suddenly stuffed her face between Célestine’s spread thighs, plunging her tongue deep into her dripping cunt and eagerly nuzzling her nose into Célestine’s clit.

Anthony watched as the nurse continued to grope and lick his friend right in front of him. He begged the nurse to stop and shook his body in frustration, causing his untouched, leaking cock to swing back and forth. A tentacle slithered down his arm and worked its way into his protesting mouth, shutting him up as he gagged on the meaty intruder. Another tentacle rose up and began to stroke his shaft very lightly at a leisurely pace, just enough to devilishly tease him without reaching climax. He let out a muffled groan in frustration as the tentacle in his mouth lifted his face towards the lewd lesbian scene.

“Well then, I suppose it is too late to rescue them now,” Vincent shrugged. “Now the problem is just how to distract the nurse while we make our way towards the exit, seeing as how she is looking directly at it.” He turned to look at Marie, who was staring at him with angry, reddened eyes. She choked back her tears and clenched her trembling fists.

“We have to help them,” she croaked. “We can’t just leave them!”

“And how do you propose we do that? What, you think we can just go grab the MRI machine and bring it here?”

“Well, I-”

“You didn’t seem concerned about leaving any of the other hundreds of trapped victims here.”

“That’s not-”

“Oh, I see. You only want to save lives when your bias pushes you towards them. Is that it?” Vincent gazed at Marie not with rage, but with cold calculation and understanding, as if she was somehow meeting his expectations. She looked at him with a hurt expression, but then gently sniffed and wiped her cheeks dry. She took a few shuddering breaths to steady herself and then looked away.

“…You’re right,” She admitted. “You’re right. I’m no better than I was before all this started… but that will change. We will get out of here and then come back with a plan. I’m sure we can come up with a strategy to save everyone here if we put our heads together. Yes, I’ll save them, but after thorough preparations have been made.” She nodded her head, committing herself to the decision. Vincent grunted in approval.

“Indeed. Besides, it looks like they are enjoying themselves,” Vincent said, raising a brow at what he saw across the room. At some point while they were bickering, the nurse had wandered off, leaving Anthony and Célestine in the same positions as earlier, but much closer together.

Anthony’s face was now pressed down into Célestine’s swollen pussy lips, where his tongue could be seen lapping at the tender flesh. Tentacles had replaced the nurse’s hands in fondling her breasts, and small tendrils with needles were poking into her nipples to inject her with alien drugs, as they were with Anthony’s balls. The tentacle stimulating his cock was apparently allowing him to cum now, which he did, spraying a thick stream of his creamy spunk down onto Célestine’s stomach and the underside of her hanging boobs.

Marie’s face reddened in anger and embarrassment as she glimpsed her husband eating out and cumming on another woman, but still she kept her cool. She tore her eyes away from debauchery and began to scan the area for a path across the room. The spider hybrids continued to crawl around the area, however, as their male or female occupants were always deprived of their senses, it was safe to assume that these creatures hunted purely by vibration as well. As before, as long as they could silently navigate to the door, they had a chance of escape.

Giving one last glance around for the nurse, or any other turned humans, Vincent and Marie crawled out from behind the table and began to creep towards the exit. They had made it about a third of the way there when a woman hanging from the ceiling above Marie suddenly squirted particularly forcefully, causing the tentacle collecting her juices to shake slightly. A deluge of vaginal fluids splashed down onto Marie, who flinched and had to quickly stifle a gasp of surprise.

Luckily, it seemed that the creatures couldn’t distinguish between Marie and the countless moans, gasps, and cries coming from the human cattle around the cafeteria. Marie sighed in relief through her nose and they continued onward, stopping again to let a spider hybrid pass by. The creature came within a meter of them. Vincent stood frozen in mid stride, desperately trying to keep his shaky balance while Marie stared at him in terror, silently begging him not to fall. Vincent’s body, though somewhat battered at this point, still proved to be reliable, however, and he managed to hold his awkward pose just long enough for the threat to pass.

Finally, after dodging a few tentacles slithering along the floor and getting covered in several more sprays of fluids from above, they made it behind a salad bar filled with rotting vegetables that was only a short run away from the door. Just as Vincent was about to stand up and make a break for it, an all-too familiar voice danced through the room.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are…” the female nurse called in a singsong voice from somewhere behind them. “I know you’re in here, Doctor Clément. Who else could have turned off the quarantine lock? I’m sure you’ve already seen what I’ve done to your dear husband, and I bet you just can’t wait to see what I’m going to do to you, hmm?”

Vincent and Marie peeked around the salad bar and saw that the nurse was over near the cafeteria entrance and was walking their way while moving furniture around with her tentacled arm.

“I’m sure you’ve come to save your lover and friend, whom I so generously put out on display in the open for you, right? Are you… here?” She suddenly flipped the table over that they had been hiding behind earlier. “Hmm… no? Well, I don’t like being the one who’s forced to play boring games… so, why don’t I start a new game instead?” She giggled and practically skipped over to where Anthony and Célestine were hanging, bending down to pick something up from among the tattered clothes beneath the two captives.

“What is she…?” Marie began to wonder aloud, when suddenly her two-way radio that was still strapped to her hip crackled loudly to life. It was just strange, distorted static, but it was enough to completely give away her position. “Ah…” Marie choked on her words in shock as the nurse cackled gleefully, a similar radio in her hand.

“Ah, there you are, Doctor,” the nurse called over to their hiding spot. “Looking to clock out so early? Don’t worry; soon you will never want to leave again…” She began to saunter over towards the salad bar with a look of anticipation on her grinning face. Vincent would have been loudly cursing Marie out at this point for her blunder, but he realized that the nurse had implied that she only knew Marie was in the room. The nurse was still unaware of his presence, though it wouldn’t be that way for much longer.

If they ran for the door now, she would clearly see them and give chase. The two of them were exhausted and had already had several close calls, so the odds of them getting this time were extremely low, especially as most of their escapes in the past had been thanks to pure luck. A distraction was needed, but simply throwing a little pack of crackers from the satchel wouldn’t do much good. It would have to be something bigger. Much bigger.

“Putain! What are we going to do!?” Marie hissed at Vincent as she frantically attempted to mute her loud radio.

“What I have to,” he grunted, grabbing Marie’s waist and heaving her bodily out into the open, away from the door.

“Vincent! Espèce de salaud!” She angrily screamed back at him, scrambling mega seo to her feet and meeting his cold gaze with a look of shock, fear, and betrayal.

“Oh, you’ve finally come out to play?” The nurse cried out in excitement, dashing towards Marie.

“W-wait! G-Pauline!” Marie stammered, backing away from the approaching woman and accidentally stepping onto a tentacle that promptly bound her feet together, causing her to topple over and land in one of the many puddles of cum with a splash. She wiped her eyes with her hands and glared at Vincent with such murderous intent that he was almost impressed.

Marie’s angry face morphed into a cruel smile as she looked up at the nurse, apparently named Pauline, who was now practically standing over her and looking. Marie pointed behind Pauline at Vincent and was about to say something when the nurse’s tentacles suddenly grabbed her face and lifted her into the air, her legs kicking back and forth.

“Oh, we are going to have SO much fun, Doctor Clément!” Pauline shouted. “Ever since I walked in on you changing in the break room I’ve wanted to feel your cute little breasts in my hands…” More tentacles shot out from Pauline’s pussy and wrapped around Marie, forcing her into submission as the nurse used her own hands to slowly disrobe the doctor she had apparently been so fond of, savoring every article of clothing as she removed it.

Vincent didn’t stick around long enough to see what happened next. This was his one window for escape and he was going to take it. Shouldering the bag full of supplies and scooping up the radio Marie had dropped, he swiftly crept towards the door.

He gave one glance back over his shoulder and saw Pauline slipping Marie’s black bra up with an almost reverent air. Vincent hadn’t thought much about it before, but he supposed that the doctor’s breasts were probably B-cups, or maybe even A-cups. The needle-tipped tentacles approaching her hard, brown nipples would most likely change all that in a matter of time, however. Vincent ducked out into the parking lot just as Pauline began to tenderly suckle on Marie’s left nipple, while filling her hand with the doctor’s other pert tit. A tentacle was working its way down the back of Marie’s pants as Vincent closed the door behind him, finally taking in deep breaths of the fresh afternoon air that greeted his lungs like an old friend.

“At least you will be together with your love,” Vincent sighed. He looked around the empty parking lot, already prepared to duck and hide from hordes of alien creatures, but there were none, save for a single large humanoid one lumbering in the distance. Apparently the monsters preferred to keep their livestock in protected, enclosed spaces.

There was so much more he had to learn about these wondrous organisms. Why exactly had the MRI machine been so effective against them? Some sort of radio wave interference? Who was this “Queen” they kept mentioning? Was there also a king? Most importantly, what exactly was this wonder drug the tentacles produced that seemed to have cured him of his disease? And how could he get more? Several exciting theories and questions swam through his head as he stealthily slipped into the shadows of Paris, eager for the groundbreaking discoveries awaiting him.

Vincent smiled to himself as he took a long swig of tepid water from a bottle in his bag. This was the most alive he had felt since the day he was born, and he was going to make sure nothing would ever get in the way of that again. There would be no illness, no bureaucracy, no finances. Only progress. He could feel his excited heart pumping blood to his loins, and for the first time that day, he didn’t fight it.


Finally. Pauline had thought her life had been made complete after her Queen welcomed her to the hive, but now that she had a chance to do the same to her once-idolized coworker, she could say she was truly happy. Pauline paid no mind to the sound of the exterior door closing behind her; she was fixated on the struggling woman in her grasp, or rather, the grasp of her adorable, symbiotic tentacle friends.

At first, she had been so terribly afraid. The mysterious creatures had descended upon the hospital in a flurry of tendrils and slime, grabbing up staff and patient alike, before performing unspeakably lewd acts with the captives. Pauline herself had been stripped practically naked and plastered to the wall behind the reception counter with her legs spread wide and held open by a sticky sludge, exposing her hairy pussy to the world.

The alien tendrils held her nude body helplessly immobile, no matter how hard she tried to wriggle free to cover her shame. Pauline had grown up ashamed of her twig-thin body and chest that barely qualified as an A-cup. Bullied relentlessly by the other girls back in public school, she had found some relief when her good grades got her into the university of her choice.

She thought her body-shaming problems would go away after landing the job at the hospital, and indeed no on there bullied her. In fact, on her first day, she was heartily welcomed by one of the senior physicians, Doctor Marie Clément, who became somewhat of a mentor for Pauline. That was when her problems began anew, however.

Pauline fell into a spiral of self-shame when comparing her feeble feminine charms to those of the buxom doctor. She often overheard the male nurses making lewd comments about Dr. Clément, who already had an attractive husband of her own. Nurses work long, difficult hours, so Pauline’s love life was nonexistent, not that she had the confidence to land a man anyway.

At first, she had envied her mentor, jealous of the attention that she obliviously received. Pauline would have done anything to make the men look at her, instead. Still, she couldn’t bring herself to selfishly dislike Dr. Clément, especially after recently walking in on her changing into her scrubs. Pauline had only seen her with her shirt off, but just witnessing the way Dr. Cléments perfect, full breasts jiggled and threatened to spill out of her heroically straining bra had awoken something in Pauline’s.

She had gone home that night and relentlessly masturbated for over an hour, replaying the scene in her mind over and over again, using her imagination to peek behind even more layers of the doctor’s clothing. After a week of this, her fingers and small vibrator just weren’t enough. She had splurged a bit and ordered a fancy new dildo online, but she sadly never got a chance to use it.

A few days later, thick, cock-shaped tentacles were continuously stuffing her pussy instead. She gasped when the first rows of alien eggs were slowly pushed up into her womb, but like the other captives around her, she felt no pain. In fact, she even was coming to enjoy it, along with the delicious substance the tentacles kept feeding her. It wasn’t long before she was giving birth to dozens of small writhing alien tendrils, which crawled up to her puffy pink nipples to begin hungrily sucking on her hardened peaks.

Over and over again she felt tentacles deposit eggs into her pussy, fill her with slime, and then leave her dripping and shaking while the newly inseminated spheres pulsated in her tummy. She got used to the sensation of straining to push the newborns out of her gaping cunt, and started to look forward to each birthing, making it a little competition in her head to squirt out more pussy juice and baby tentacles than the several other women being used as breeding stock around her.

It felt good to be bred. To be desired. Something she had rarely experience in life. How excited and happy she had been when she saw the first milker tentacles drop down from the fleshy ceiling above her and slowly approach her breasts. Her flat chest had simply been teased and tugged at by small feelers and the newborns before, but after a time, Pauline’s eyes widened in astonishment from what she saw when looking down at her latest brood.

Pauline’s once meager bosom had swollen to be several times larger. Good lord, she had tits! Real, magnificent, bouncy boobs! She had nearly shed a tear from the delight. As the suction cups of the tentacles latched around her juicy globes, she sighed happily, knowing she was able to serve her amazing, generous, extraterrestrial benefactors, even if only by being nothing more than a sack of breedable meat for them to use as they pleased.

But then one day, she suddenly felt the bonds around her slime-covered body loosen. Were they letting her go? Was she not good enough, even as an alien cumdumpster? Pauline fell to her knees and reached up to grab at the tentacles along the wall, desperately begging them to take her back, to let her serve. Then something marvelous happened. A tiny worm-like tendril fell onto her shoulder from above. Her first instinct was to swat the small critter away, but she controlled herself. If this was a gift from her gods, then she would willingly accept it.

She felt the worm crawl up her neck and into her ear, where it slowly slithered inside. Suddenly, it felt like her brain was being overloaded with pleasure. She gasped loudly and her tongue fell from her drooling mouth as her eyes rolled up into her head. Pauline was so overcome with stimulation that she couldn’t even move her trembling hands to her gushing cunt in order to pleasure herself. Drool trickled down her chin and between her heaving breasts, before finally a single droplet brushed against her clit.

She exploded into an orgasm so intense that she blacked out, falling limp to the squishy floor while her exhausted body continued to twitch and squirt juices. She was awoken by a sensation of fullness and warmth. Cracking her eyes open, she noticed two things. The first were the tentacles that were emerging from within her pussy, but unlike previously, they weren’t fucking her. They seemed to be moving in tandem with her as she shakily stood, as if she had grown several new arms… or penises, she thought with a grin. The second thing she noticed was the calming, buzzing noise she could hear inside her head.

It was impossible to describe clearly, but she almost felt like she could hear a melodic voice calling out to her, no, guiding for her. This was the first time she had felt the touch of The Queen, whom Pauline all at once comprehended the existence of and knew that such a mighty presence must be exalted and served beyond question. She was more than happy to oblige.

Over the next few days, she had come to learn to control the tentacles sharing her holes, though “control” was a strong word to use. She mostly just had impressions of ideas, and as if reading her thoughts, they acted. Even more than before the invasion, she was completely lost to her lust, as if she needed to gulp down a man’s hot load or a woman’s sweet juices daily to stay sane. She knew she was quite sane indeed, as how else would she have been able to serve The Queen so well?

Pauline followed the impulses given to her, spending her days happily assisting the tentacles in breeding and milking the other humans in the hive who had yet to accept The Queen’s loving embrace. She had been so happy when others started to understand the joys of servitude, walking the heavenly halls of the hospital alongside her, but something wasn’t quite right. No matter how long she searched, Pauline couldn’t find Dr. Clément. She so desperately wanted to show off her new, improved body while watching the doctor being stuffed with alien eggs and cocks in every hole… or maybe even another man’s cock. She dreamed of the day should could pull a throbbing, meaty shaft out of Dr. Clément’s helplessly gaping pussy and have a taste of it herself.

But that day never came. As Pauline became more accustomed to the will of the hive, which was the will of The Queen, she learned how to share knowledge with others. Entering a dream-like state, she could catch glimpses of sounds, sights, and sounds that were not her own. They were fleeting and vague, but enough for her to recognize Dr. Clément’s face on day. The doctor was out on the streets with a small group of people, including her husband. She wasn’t serving the hive at all!

Pauline lamented in learning that her beloved mentor was lost, unable to experience the pleasures of life that The Queen had so generously granted each and every human who desired it. How could she be so blind? So selfish!? It was Pauline’s turn to teach Dr. Clément, and she was sure that the doctor would return to the hospital someday, especially if certain doors and windows were left conveniently open.

Now, here Marie Clément was, dangling helplessly with her succulent tits on display only inches from Pauline’s quivering lips. The pillowy-soft feeling of pressing her face deep into Dr. Clément’s warm bosom was almost too much for Pauline to bear. She tried to hold herself back a bit longer, but she couldn’t control herself. She greedily sucked Dr. Clément’s hardening nipple into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the sensitive nub and nibbling it with her teeth. She felt the doctor flinch and shudder from the sensation, which incensed Pauline even more.

She didn’t even bother fully stripping the doctor fully nude yet, just taking the time to savor the feeling of her huge, plump, marshmallow-like boobs in her mouth and fingers, kneading the supple flesh as if making dough. The tentacles around her were a bit less patient, however, and she could feel them starting to slip beneath Dr. Cléments clothing while she played with her breasts. It was probably about time to welcome her into the hive anyhow.

Pauline stood back and grinned happily as the tendrils descended upon her old mentor, dropping the doctor’s now useless glasses onto the floor. Dr. Clément’s eyes darted back and forth as the appendages grabbed onto her pants and sweater, quickly tearing the garments to shreds and leaving the woman in just her unassuming black panties. Pauline took it upon herself to remove this final article of clothing, gently kissing down from Dr. Clément’s nipples to her navel and then to her pubic mound as she gently peeled the thin fabric down the doctor’s taut, sweaty thighs.

Dr. Clément’s fluffy dark pubes tickled Pauline’s nose as she happily kissed and nuzzled the downy patch of hair, letting her fingers explore between the doctor’s spread legs until finally she reached that most intimate hole.

“…Oh my, what’s this?” Pauline asked in surprise, withdrawing her hand and looking up at Dr. Clément. “Still dry? As a physician, you should know that lubricant is needed for easy penetration.” The doctor looked down at her pleadingly and shouted some things into the tentacle covering her mouth that Pauline couldn’t quite make out. It sounded like a plea for help, and Pauline knew all to well what it was the doctor wanted. “It’s ok, I guess even natural beauties like you get performance anxiety, huh? That makes me feel a bit better!”

Pauline giggled and planted a wet kiss onto Dr. Clément’s vulva. The nurse couldn’t help but still be a tad envious of how elegantly the doctor’s labia bloomed like the petals of a perfect rose. She could tell that they were craving cock, as all good breeding sluts should.

“Don’t worry; I’ll help you, Dr. Clément… no, Marie,” Pauline murmured, stroking the doctor’s quivering chin. “We are all equal under The Queen…” The tentacles holding Marie suddenly flipped her onto her back to face the ceiling, lifting her up to where dozens of the other humans were hanging, blessed to live in a never-ending state of bliss.

The doctor thrashed and screamed into her gag, but nothing she did could prevent the rain of cum and juices that continuously poured down from above onto her spread, nude body. Her heavy tits hung at the sides of her ribs from their own weight as they became slathered with slick fluids along with her face, stomach, and mound. Marie’s once cute, puffy little plume of pubes was now completely matted down with a mixture of human and alien spunk that dripped down between her delicate pussy lips. Marie shivered despite the juices being warm to the touch.

Satisfied that the doctor had been sufficiently lubed, Pauline had the tentacles binding her limbs lower her back down until Marie’s head was level with Pauline’s pelvic region. The doctor’s staring eyes were greeted with the sight of two enormous dick-shaped tentacles that were wiggling their way out of the nurse’s dripping slit.

“When you accept The Queen’s guidance, any pleasures you desire can be yours,” Pauline said reverently, stroking one of the tentacle cocks that was emerging from within her. “I can even know what it’s like for a man… and I want to share that with you…” Pauline sighed happily as she smacked her large pseudo-penis against Marie’s face. Marie was expecting the pungent musk of a phallus to hit her nose, but instead a delightfully sweet aroma wafted into her nostrils. For the first time, she felt a gentle throb pulse through her clitoris.

Pauline cupped Marie’s soft, glistening breasts in her hands and hefted them up to press them together, before suddenly sliding her tentacle cock between the two slippery globes.

“Ohhh yessss!” Pauline moaned happily, biting her lip in ecstasy as she began to thrust back and forth. Her meaty appendage thrust in and out of Marie’s generous cleavage, making loud squelching sounds as the shaft glided along the slimy skin. Not wanting to leave the doctor out of the fun, Pauline began to firmly pinch and twist Marie’s tender nipples as she titfucked her, enjoying how the doctor flinched in surprise every time she did so.

She didn’t want Marie having too much fun quite yet, however. There was still the matter of how she had abandoned the hospital. Abandoned her. Sometimes you have to hurt the ones you love, and the doctor most certainly had to be punished.

A tendril covered in writhing cilia rose up between Marie’s thighs, which were suddenly yanked apart by the strong tentacles wrapped around her knees and ankles. Pauline looked down to see the expression on the doctor’s face once the little feelers pressed up against her sensitive womanhood, but she couldn’t see past the girth of the tentacle between her own legs.

The sounds Marie started to make once the cilia busied themselves tormenting her velvety soft labia and adorable little clit almost made Pauline cum right then and there, and she could barely hear them through the tentacle gag. The tendril unwrapped itself from around the doctor’s mouth, allowing the woman to loudly gasp and moan freely.

“G-G-Pauline…! Ah!” Marie cried out. “Wh-why are you doing th-this? Just l-let us go and we can help y-ohhhh merde!” She started to struggle in her binds, feeling the little tendrils between her legs expertly force her just to the edge of climax but leave her without relief.

“Help me?” Pauline replied with a baffled grin. “Doctor, I’m here to help YOU! I’m going to assist you in finally reaching your full potential: a breeding vessel for the hive! There is no greater honor a woman can have, you know?”

“Pauline snap out of it! What have they done to you!?”

“The Queen has blessed me with a perfect body and the absolute understanding that it is to be used as her tool. How could I ask for anything more?” Pauline grunted as she felt an orgasm rising within the tentacle cock sharing her senses. “I know that this is a big change, but I’m here to guide you through it. Now be a good girl and open that cute mouth of yours…” Sensing what Pauline was trying to do, Marie kept her jaw resolutely shut, but a suddenly flick to her clit from one of the feelers made her reflexively gasp.

Pauline took this window of opportunity to stuff her second tentacle cock deep down Marie’s gullet, feeling her gag and tighten her esophagus around the throbbing shaft. The sensation of getting a titjob and blowjob at the same time overwhelmed Pauline’s senses, pushing her into a staggering climax. She could feel the tentacles pumping their potent cum into Marie’s stomach while she continued to thrust in and out of her cleavage and throat, not wanting this orgasm to ever stop.

Marie’s throat was bulging from the combination of Pauline’s tentacle cock and the torrent of aphrodisiac, which gushed from her lips around the alien shaft and spilled down into her nostrils as she choked. Pauline finally pulled out of the doctor’s mouth with a sloppy pop sound, still ejaculating fluids into the air that landed on Marie’s tits, further lubing them for the continued titfucking. The violent thrusting finally managed to undo Marie’s hair bun, allowing her long black locks to spill free and flutter about wildly beneath her, nearly brushing against the floor.

Marie gasped and sputtered up globs of the nectar, but there was no amount she could spit out that would stop it from having its wonderful effects. Immediately, Pauline could see clear juices spray out from the doctor’s crotch. She was positive that the tentacles weren’t allowing Marie to climax just yet, so if she was squirting already, it was sure to be a fun evening. Pauline shivered in anticipation.

Whack! Tendrils began to lash out and strike at Marie’s taunt, elastic ass, leaving behind painful red marks with every spanking. She cried out in pain and pleasure as even more tentacles started to slap at her vulva and areas of her breasts where Pauline wasn’t holding. The vibrations from each impact felt amazing on Pauline’s tentacle cock, which was still tirelessly pumping between Marie’s boobs. The added stimulation made her cum yet again, blast thick ropes of alien seed out over Marie’s body and drenching her already messy pussy mound.

Marie was having no such luck with her own orgasms, however. The feelers were still cruelly edging her out of her mind. She didn’t consider herself a particularly horny person. Sure, she and her husband had steamy nights now and then, but it was usually him who initiated such encounters, and she rarely felt the need to masturbate. But now it was like a fire had been lit inside her core that she desperately needed to feed. Her body tingled and her head swam, barely cognizant of Pauline’s gleeful laughter. All she could focus on was the pulsing in her clit and her agonizing inability to reach orgasm.

“It looks like you’re ready to climax, hm?” Pauline cooed. “That’s very good. That’s the first important step to accepting your new role in the hive.” She finally pulled away from Marie’s breasts and knelt down so that she was face to upside-down face with the doctor. Marie was flushed and sweating profusely, barely able to speak through her desperate groans and grunts.

“P-please… hnghh…” Marie croaked, her cheeks puffing with every intense breath she exhaled through clenched teeth. Her eyes continued to briefly lose focus before managing to find Pauline’s face once again, which smiled at her with childlike merriment. One of the tentacles whipping Marie suddenly found a particularly sensitive spot on her helpless body and made her loudly cry out.

“Shhh, shhh, shhh…” Pauline whispered, gently rubbing Marie’s rosy cheek with her hand. “It will all go away once you embrace The Queen. All this pain and torment will become ecstasy beyond your wildest dreams… all you have to do is use your big girl words and tell me that you’re a breeding slut.”

“Gnnhhgghk…!” Marie gargled, choking on her own saliva. Her reddened, trembling face stared up in defiance at Pauline, who clicked her tongue and waved a finger. The tendrils working Marie’s cunt doubled in speed, causing her muscles to clench and spasm uncontrollably, but still she was unable to cum. The once proud doctor heaved in desperation as drool poured freely from her mouth.

“Say it for me… I know you can…” Pauline said in a comforting voice, pressing her lips to Marie’s profusely sweating forehead.

“I’m… not… hmnnnnn!” Marie wheezed.

“You can do it… you’re a smart woman, Marie – I know you’ll make the right choice.”


“Yes? Use your words.”

It was too much for Marie to bear any longer. She had completely forgotten about the hospital mission, about saving her husband, about that man she had met earlier. Her brain was flooded with neurotransmitters all bursting with pleasure and desire. She needed to cum. She needed to see just how far this pleasure could go.

“I’m- I’m a breeding slut!! I’m a breeding slut! Ahhn!” Marie gasped. “P-please let me c-ummmmooohhh goddddd…!” Her breath was stolen from her throat as the tentacles obliged, suddenly plunging deep into both her horny holes and filling her up in a way that hit all of her good spots at once. She climaxed harder than she had ever done before, feeling herself squirt so powerfully that she was sure it must have drenched the wall five feet away. Her body shook and her muscles twitched violently as wave after wave of intense orgasms racked every fiber of her being.

“There, good girl… see? Wasn’t that easy?” Pauline joyfully whispered, continuing to stroke Marie’s exhausted face. “You deserve a nice big lollipop for being so good. That’s what you always gave your patients, right?” The tentacles continued to rut into Marie’s ass and pussy while Pauline moved away to reveal a man’s swollen erection hanging only a meter away from the doctor’s panting mouth.

Even though her vision was blurry, Marie could see that it was her husband, Anthony, who was staring down at her with naked lust. A tentacle was busy railing his asshole, but his glistening, twitching manhood was untouched. It looked more appetizing than she remembered.

“Everyone is together within the hive,” Pauline explained. “There is no need to be apart from your cherished ones, as long as your truest love is for our queen.”

“Y-yes…” Marie moaned, too fixated on the turgid shaft in front of her eyes to pay much attention. Pauline giggled and slapped Anthony’s bare ass, guiding his cock into Marie’s eager mouth, who began to noisily suck and slurp the veiny rod. She guzzled his entire impressive length down into her throat, holding it in as she caressed the sensitive skin with her warm tongue and relished the scent of his plump, hairy balls that were pressed against her nose.

Anthony groaned in satisfaction and began to weakly thrust his hips as best he could while still being tied by the tentacles, until finally he let out a little squeak and started to cum. Marie was disappointed when Pauline quickly snatched her husband’s cock and yanked it out of her throat, latching her own lips around the spurting tip. Pauline gulped down Anthony’s cream while moaning happily, leaving Marie to pout while her man grunted from another woman’s touch.

“This man’s seed is the hive’s now; not just yours. Know your place,” Pauline chastised.

“Perhaps one day if you full embrace The Queen’s love, you will have as much of it as you want, as I do.” She giggled. “But for now, you must fulfill your duties that all breeding stock must begin with.”

The tentacles holding and fucking Marie began to carry her up towards the ceiling alongside Anthony and Célestine, who had also been brought over from elsewhere in the room. The three of them hung limply as their wet, naked bodies rose up towards small pods that opened up to welcome their heads inside.

“I’ll come check on you all again soon,” Pauline called up, starting to walk back to the hallway to continue looking for that breeding stallion that had escaped earlier. She doubted he could have gotten far. “I’m so glad you didn’t get inducted on the first day, because I got the pleasure of welcoming you to the hive myself!” She started to sing another happy little song as she made her way out the door.

Marie watched the interior of the flesh, oozing pod grow closer and closer to her face. Inside was a thick, phallic tentacle surrounded by many smaller feelers. As her head moved inside of the little chamber, it sealed closed around her neck with s squelch. Everything became dark, and though she couldn’t see what was happening next, she could certainly feel it. The large tentacle cock in the center of the pod pushed down into her throat. It painlessly wormed its way through her body until it popped out of her puckered little starfish and wrapped around to cup her genitals.

She felt a ribbed, vibrating appendage thrust powerfully up into her pussy and begin to pound in and out while filling her womb with warm fluids and firm objects the size of lemons. Something inside the tentacle’s tip began to suck on her clit, freeing it from its hood and beginning to aggressively stroke and squeeze the tender bundle of nerves. Marie moaned loudly, not that anyone else could hear her – they were all in their own little worlds.

The slimy tendrils in the pod began to fill her orifices, squirming into her nose, mouth, and ears, delivering more of that delicious, nourishing fluid into her throat and filling her head with an endless flow of aphrodisiac juices and gasses. Marie had no energy in her body to fight it, her limbs hanging uselessly at her sides, but she wouldn’t have done so even if she could. This was bliss. Certainly far better than the long hours she put in at the hospital. If she could help the rest of the people here – the rest of the hive – by offering up her body and becoming addicted to the female pleasure coursing through her body, then she would gladly do so.

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