He has a fantastic affair with his sexy aunt and cousin

A few days after making his decision, John worked like a machine, repairing fences, and didn’t’ stop until the sun went down. By the time he got back from the field, a heavy rainstorm had started to unleash its fury, and he was completely soaked. His Aunt had dinner waiting, and he wasted no time in changing and eating the hearty meal.

After dinner, they went out on the porch to watch the rain coming down. It was really pouring, and John couldn’t help but smile as his Aunt cuddled next to him. She shuddered after every thunderclap, and John couldn’t help but feel more manly as she took comfort at his side. After a while, it became too windy, and they decided to head inside.

They were sitting in the living room when she suddenly said, “Do you mind sleeping in my room tonight? I’m kind of a scaredy-cat when it comes to thunder.”

“No, I don’t mind, Aunt Rose,” John replied, maybe a little too quickly.

“It’s just, I never really liked lightning and thunder….” she trailed off. “Your uncle…your uncle used to tease me about that,” her voice wandered off as she remembered her dead husband.

“It’s okay. I’ll help you feel safe…,” he said.

John had planned to not act on his natural tendencies and behave as gentlemanly as possible. He had already fought the battle in his head, and he had won. He would only comfort her and nothing more. John held her all through the night as the lightning and thunder prevailed long into the night.

Although he had decided not to cross the moral line, his body didn’t know any better. His cock throbbed against his Aunt’s back and remained so well into the night. Like a strong, dark guardian holding vigil, his cock rested against her sleeping body. John struggled to sleep as he considered that his Uncle had slept on this same bed. Perhaps he had made love to her only days ago, yet John was in his place. He awoke a few times to hear his Aunt sobbing quietly and would only wrap his arms tighter around her to assure her that he was there to protect her.

John had a lot of work the following day due to the storm. For eight hours, he worked diligently, replacing shingles and repairing things around the farm that had gotten damaged by the devastating wind. By the end of the day, his body ached. Small blisters had appeared on his hand from where he had gripped the hammer.

Aunt Rose had always been attentive to his needs, but he immediately noticed a change in her demeanor when he went into the house. Before, she had treated him as her young, clueless nephew, she now spoke to him no differently than a wife would talk to a husband.

“What would like to eat, dear?” She asked while she folded his coat.

“I’m starving. I’ll eat anything,” he told her.

“Alright then, spaghetti it is…” she said. “Maybe later, I can give you a massage Honey, it looks like you can use it,” she added.

Indeed he really could use one. His arms and back were burning, and he knew he would enjoy having Aunt Rose feeling him up after a long day’s work.

“Yeah that sounds nice,” he replied.

“You better get washed up then,” she suggested.

He headed into the shower and stripped off his clothes. He slid back the clear glass door of the shower and stepped inside as the warm water started to steam up around him. He had minor cuts on his hands, and they stung as he washed them using the soap. Nevertheless, John persevered and cleaned as best he could. Escorte voluptoase premium was fully lathered in soap when he heard a knock at the door.

“Yes?” he called out.

“Honey, I have a wash going, do you have your clothes in here? I didn’t see them in your room.” She said.

“Yeah, they’re in here,” John replied as he tried to wash some of the soap off his face.

Slowly the door creaked open, and he saw his Aunt gingerly step in. John had left his clothes right outside the shower door, so she had no choice but to venture all the way inside. Unlike the day before, he found himself lacking any sense of embarrassment. Having held her all through the night had given him a confidence that had not been there before. That and the fact that he had worked his ass off gave him a sense of empowerment that he really liked.

John watched his Aunt’s eyes as she desperately tried to concentrate on the pile of clothes. Although the steam did provide some cover, it wasn’t enough to stifle her curiosity. As she leaned down to pick up the pile of clothes, his cock pulsated, slowly growing aware of the presence of the female before it. After each heartbeat, it gained strength.

By the time she had all his clothes in her hands, his cock was at full mast, water trickling off its tip. As she went to stand up, her gaze wandered until it finally locked onto his engorged member. As soon as he saw her colecții fixated, he stabbed his cock sideways against the glass. The glass door rattled, and his Aunt fell backward while clutching his clothes tightly against her bosom.

“John honestly!” She stammered.

He laughed out loud at her befuddlement. Quickly she gathered herself and walked out of the bathroom. John gave his cock a few short strokes but decided not to release his load, considering he would be getting a massage from his Aunt Kimberly shortly. Although John had committed himself not to cross the line, he found himself not trying very hard. Subconsciously, John wanted to seduce his full-figured Aunt. He had become infatuated with every part of her body. Rich lady hips had been difficult to ignore.

They reminded him of the hips in a Venus painting he had once seen. ( Nude Venus at Her Mirror Painting by Diego Velázquez ) He loved how smooth her skin was, and thinking about rubbing his hard cock against it made him want her even more. He finished his shower with his hard-on intact.

He put on some clean underwear and went to the kitchen to eat supper.

Rose looked at him and said, “I’ve noticed that you’ve gotten into the habit of coming in here like that, dear.”

“Like what?” John asked.

“In just your underwear, dear,” she replied.

John looked at her and said, “It’s more comfortable after working outdoors all day. Do you want me to put on some clothes?”

“Umm, no dear, it’s not necessary. I’m just not used to it.”

Rose plated their meals and brought them to the table. They ate and had a casual conversation about the farm and the neighbors. Rose cleared the table when they finished eating, and John helped her wash the dishes.

“Thanks for the help with the dishes, dear. You know, you didn’t have to,” Rose said and kissed his cheek.

“You cook, wash my clothes, and take care of me. It’s the least I could do,” John replied.

“Are you ready for your massage, dear?” she asked.

“Give me a minute, I’ll meet you in the living room,” he said.

He went to the bathroom, took off his underwear, and wrapped a towel around his waist. As he stared down the hallway, he was entranced by his Aunt, who was sitting Indian-style, reading a book. She was wearing short pink shorts, which said “lovable” across the back. He stood still, admiring how the word stretched slightly due to the ample size of her ass.

She had a short button-up blouse, but her tits were partly visible through the gaps between each button. It also didn’t help that she had not fastened the top three buttons. She had her reading glasses on, and her brown hair fell down the left side of her face. She looked a lot younger, sitting like that next to the fireplace.

John walked towards her in a daze with only the small white towel wrapped around him. Before he made his presence known, she put her book down and stretched. Her arms reached for the ceiling, and her back arched like a limber gymnast. Her breasts pushed hard against her blouse, and the buttons strained to contain the bounty she possessed. As she lowered her arms, she saw me.

“Honey, aren’t you going to put some clothes on?” Rose asked incredulously.

“I thought you were going to give me a massage,” he said in a child-like voice.

“Well yeah, but you could put some clothes on you know…” she said.

“No, its okay. I don’t want to get any oil on them, ” stud said quickly when he saw the bottle of oil next to her.

“hmm… makes sense, I suppose,” She said slowly and thoughtfully. She was gauging his intentions; he could clearly see.

She extended a bath towel on the carpet and laid a pillow on one side.

“Well, come over here,” she beckoned with both hands.

John strode towards her, and he could see her eyeing his body behind the glare of her glasses. Watching her do this made him even more excited. He laid face down and unwrapped the towel, letting it cover his ass. Soon after, he felt his Aunt’s weight over him as she straddled John. He could feel her soft legs with his hands as she massaged his shoulders. He could see her shadow against the wall, and he could already imagine her breasts swaying back and forth as she ran her hands across his back by thai massage .

“You’re back is really tense hon,” she said finally.

“That’s all muscle Aunt Rose,” John said coyly.

“Ain’t that the truth…” she trailed off.

Soon she slid down to John’s legs and started working his calves. Slowly she inched her way upwards until she reached what the towel covered. He felt a slight hesitation before her hands slid under the small towel. Her hands were right on his butt, and he could not help but wonder whether she could see his balls. John could feel the cool air on them, so it made sense that she should be able to see them. His cock had grown slightly limp under his weight, but he knew it would go full mast once again when it got some room.

“Are you sore here?” his Aunt asked shyly. Her hands squeezed his ass very softly.

“A little,” he said quietly.

Slowly she started to massage his ass. The towel was now flipped up on his back.

“Your butt is nice and hard,” she said, her voice a little high.

“Thanks,” John said, laughing a little.

After a few minutes, she asked him to flip over. A couple of things happened at once when he did. He flipped over, not thinking twice about covering himself. His Aunt had turned around to grab a small cloth and squeeze some more oil out of the bottle. She hesitated only slightly before turning back to face John. His cock grew exponentially while his eyes feasted on the sexy mature female before him. You can imagine his Aunt ginger reaction when she turned. She instantly realized her nephew’s young hard cock was fully displayed before her.

“That looks nice and hard too…” she said a little breathlessly. Her eyes were locked on his cock. “John are you always that hard?” She asked as she remembered his hard-on from that morning.

“Most of the time, yes,” he answered as he sat up to see her better. The motion made his cock sway side to side like a pendulum.

“Does it hurt?” she asked curiously.

“Not at all.” he said as he gingerly grabbed it and released it nonchalantly.

After a few seconds of silence, John saw her inch towards him. Slowly but deliberately, her hand reached for his amateur cock, and soon her fingers clasped around the shaft. Immediately, he flexed and pushed his pelvis upwards, essentially engorging his cock in her hand even more. John liked the tight feeling of her hand and laid back down, relishing the sensation. Soon she was stroking him slowly. She did this for a few minutes before he heard a quiet sniffle. She had started to cry.

He quickly sat up, and she said, “I loved your Uncle very much you know.”

John felt sick, thinking that he had made a mistake. Guilt rose in him like never before.

“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to Aunt Rose,” he said cautiously.

“No baby, It’s not that…” she wiped her tears. “I’m not sad… I just really miss your Uncle. I’m so happy you are here taking care of me, I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you,”

He sat up even straighter and kissed her. Their lips locked together, and their tongues caressed in a hot mess. He hurriedly reached up under her blouse and finally got a hold of one of her glorious tits.

John squeezed tightly and immediately fell in love with their malleability and weight. Aunt Rose was in an awkward position, but still, she didn’t stop stroking her big tits hand up and down his shaft. She alternated her hand movements using a twisting motion, and he could tell she loved each vein and contour her hand could feel around his cock. John couldn’t help but wonder whether milking so many cows had made her an unknowing expert on hand jobs. His natural reproductive instincts took over, having gotten the green light. He tore her blouse off completely and cupped both breasts.

John can palm a basketball without much trouble, but he still found himself with handfuls. He attacked each nipple with the same energy that a hungry calf has after being apart from its mother for too long. He sucked on each breast vigorously. When he was too eager, his Aunt pulled his hair slightly, effectively taking control of how he feasted on her.

After a couple of minutes, John stood up and quickly presented his cock to her. She shifted from her sitting position to a kneeling one, her breasts swaying slightly. She was about to envelop him with her mouth when he unexpectedly bent down and stabbed his cock into her hard nipples.

“Jesus you can’t get enough of those can you?” she asked as he rubbed his cock up and down against her hard nipples.

Instead of replying, John grabbed her hands and made her squish her tits together. He thrust his cock into the fold. The head of his cock was visible only after every upward thrust. He loved watching his Aunt’s eyes light up as he grunted and fucked her tits faster and faster like seo arad .

Finally, after having had his way with her breasts, John tempted her into taking him into her mouth. It wasn’t challenging to get her to open her mouth. She had tracked his cock the second he had pulled it from between her breasts. She watched it with the same level of attention that a dog gives to a treat it’s about to receive. He swayed it from side to side in front of her.

Her mouth opened, probably without her even knowing it. She was leaning forward and just about to wrap her lips around it when he pulled away. She quickly looked up with a face of confusion and disappointment. He smiled at her, and she responded by making a funny, angry face.

“Okay, okay,” John said as he offered her his cock once again.

Precum dangled on the tip of his cock; it pulsed in his hand. Aunt Rose crossed her arms and looked up and away in a classic fashion of “I’m not interested.” John regretted his teasing immediately. He watched and examined her. Her breasts were squished underneath her arms, falling and rising as she breathed. John couldn’t help it, and he pushed the head of his cock against her pursed lips. The precum covered her lips like a lip balm as he stroked his tip across them. She opened her eyes and looked up at him.

Her eyes smiled, but her lips remained closed. She was making groans in anticipation. Finally, and to the great relief of John’s cock, he was able to coax her into opening her mouth. He guessed that the precum had given her a taste of what he had seo bucurești . Slowly she opened her mouth, and the mushroom head of his cock spread her lips wide. His cock filled her mouth, and at once, John’s cock felt at home.

Soon she had one hand caressing his heavy balls while the other hand rested on his thigh, supporting her as she took long gulps of his cock. She struggled to take the last ½ inch in, but from time to time, she would grab his ass and push herself until his cock disappeared entirely into her mouth. It felt like his heart was pounding in her mouth. Small amounts of saliva dripped off the side of her mouth as she tried to sweet talk his cock into cumming.

“I can’t believe how hard it is,” she gasped as she took a small break and examined his cock with the help of the firelight.

“You could probably hang your coat on it,” John laughed.

“No kidding,” she said as she pulled a small black hair from her mouth.

John noticed that she was about to stand up and offered her his hand, which she took with a degree of elegance he knew she had always possessed. They kissed once again, and now he found his hand rubbing her pussy. Her light pink shorts had unmistakably grown darker between her legs, and he couldn’t help but start pulling down on her shorts. She knew what John wanted seo cluj napoca and proceeded to pull her shorts down on her own. His cock was next to her face as she slipped the shorts from underneath her. Before rising to meet his gaze again, she kissed its tip. It pulsed in delight, having received such affection.

They embraced again, with his cock stabbing at her stomach. After breaking the embrace, John got on all fours and pushed his face upwards into her pussy, trying to breathe her in. Like a crazed dog, he moved her panties to the side and licked her wet pussy. She cooed in ecstasy. He had only licked her for a few seconds before his cock surged in anticipation. John wanted to be inside her.

Without a word, he stood up and turned her around. His Uncle’s old armchair was right next to them, giving her a perfect perch. Her ass and pussy were fertile, and his male instincts took over. He pulled her panties to the side and saw her pussy contracting and relaxing slowly. He slapped both ass cheeks and ran his cock up and down her ass crack. He then tapped it upwards on her pussy, and finally pressed the shaft of his cock onto her pussy. This was it. There was no turning back. She was his Aunt, yes… but she was also a luscious female in heat; he couldn’t ignore that even if he tried.

Damn the morality of such an act; he didn’t care. It didn’t matter that his father had entrusted her to him. It also didn’t matter that he was so much younger than her. Her husband was dead, and her daughter was away. She was his for the taking. His cock was strong and hard, and her pussy was wet and soft. He got on his tiptoes and flexed his entire body. His hands were on her hips, and his cock was primed and eager to enter her.

“God damn it, just put it in alrea…” She didn’t finish her sentence.

He cut her off by plunging his thick 7″ cock deep inside her. She bucked like a wild mare and arched her back like a cat as he pressed his cock deeper and deeper, filling her hot pussy completely. John gripped her ass and stirred his cock in a figure-eight pattern. He probed all around and felt her from the inside out. Meanwhile, she spread her stance.

Pretty soon, she had given him the appropriate height to commence his furious assault. He pounded her rhythmically while watching her ass cheeks jiggle gently after every thrust. He reached down and grabbed her left breast. Her pussy tightened and relaxed as his glistening cock entered and exited her. He was relentless. She exhaled loudly, and he could see her hair sticking to her the side of her face.

The fire had kept them warm, but now they were burning as they continued in their sinful embrace. Her pussy felt like heaven around his cock. Her pussy was the perfect size for his thick cock, and her ability to squeeze him inside her gave John a new appreciation of the physique of a hard-working woman.

Her panties rubbed against his cock; he had her hold it to the side with one hand as he continued to pound her from behind. The loud clapping sound was coming after every full thrust filled the room. The crackling fire was muted as her moans and grunts echoed his efforts. After a couple of minutes, John could feel her body spasm in front of him.

Her legs quivered, and she screamed, “I’m cumming!!!”

She tried to pull away, looking for some respite, but John was on the verge of exploding inside her. He brought her in close and fucked her in a blind frenzy, faster than he had ever fucked before. He was like an engine piston at full throttle. Her pussy squirted and wet everything but the ceiling. His cock and balls dripped with her love juices; their legs sparkled after being coated with her essence. When John felt the first stream of cum racing down his hard cock, he had no choice but to slow down by seo timișoara .

However, it didn’t stop him from driving his cock as deep as possible. John came like never before. Both his balls emptied into her. He stayed there, cumming inside her, for 3 minutes straight, pushing deeper without pulling back. His sperm was injected deep inside her, and they both knew that she would be pregnant.

They were both breathing hard and her legs still quivered underneath her. She went to kneel down, and John followed her, his cock remaining inside her. He was like a dog whose knot anchored him to his bitch. He rested on her back until finally, he pulled his cock out. Cum poured out of her pussy, but John knew most of it had stayed inside. They kissed and felt each other on the floor, then fell asleep naked, their legs entwined. He had bred his Aunt Rose and found a love he didn’t know existed.

The following morning, Aunt Rose and John were sitting in the kitchen, just chatting, when he turned to her and said, “Rose, I’ve decided not to return to college. I want to stay here and help you run the farm from dependența publicului . I love this life and hated college, I felt like a cog in a huge machine.”

Surprised, she looked at him and said,” John, are you sure that this life is what you want? As you’ve already found, it’s not exciting like in the city. What about your future?”

John looked into her eyes and stated, “Rose, this is the life I want; it IS my future. I’ve fallen in love with it.”

“John, are you absolutely sure that your decision isn’t based on the sex we had?” she asked.

Still looking deep into her eyes, he stated, “Rose, I’m sure you’ll agree that the sex was great, but that’s not why I want to stay. I’ve grown to love the hard work involved in running this place. I’ve learned more useful information in the past couple of months then I did during a year in college. I believe this farm is my future; will you share it with me?”

“Oh, John, you’ve made me so happy with your decision. I don’t think I could run the whole thing by myself,” Rose stated breathlessly.

“There’s another reason I want to stay, Rose. I’ve grown to love you domenii web , not as a nephew, but as your lover.”

She took his hand and kissed it, then said, “John, as you are well aware, your Uncle died two months ago. He always told me that if something happened to him, I should find someone else to love. As short as the time has been since he passed, I believe that I’ve found that someone; you. We can’t be married, but will you live with me, as my husband?”

John returned the gesture and said,” Only if you’ll live with me, as my wife.” He then continued, “I need to call Mom and Dad this evening and let them know that I’m staying here and not going back to college.”

After eating supper and cleaning the kitchen that evening, John pulled out his cell phone.

“Call them now, just be sure not to say anything about ‘us’,” Rose exclaimed.

He put the phone on speaker and dialed his Dad’s cell number. His Dad answered and said, “Hold on, I’m putting the phone on speaker so Mom can also talk.”

John heard him call his Mom over, then heard her say, “Hi John, how are you?”

He told them he was doing well, and so was Aunt Rose. He then proceeded to tell them why he called.

“Mom and Dad, I’ve made a decision about my future by advertorialul . I’m not going back to college, I’m going to stay here and help Aunt Rose with the farm. I’ve come to love the farm life and this is what I want to do for the rest of my life,” John stated.

His Dad said,” While I’m disappointed that you won’t go back to college, I’m proud that you finally made a decision about what you want to do with your life at rețelele sociale . It also lifts my apprehension about what your Aunt was going to do when you left.”

Mom then chimed in,” Are you sure that’s what you want, Honey?”

“Yes Mom, I’m absolutely sure,” he replied.

“Okay then,” said his Dad, “I’m going to transfer the balance of your college funds into your personal checking account. Use the money as you need it, but don’t go nuts.”

“I won’t Dad. There’s still money left from your original deposit,” he chuckled.

“Is Aunt Rose handy?” his Dad asked.

“She’s been listening to our whole conversation, Dad,” he replied.

“Hi Rose,” he stated, “Has John been behaving himself?”

“Yes, Tom, he has,” she stated, then continued,” He works as hard as James did and has even made some improvements to the house with utilizatorii . He told me about his decision this morning. I couldn’t be happier, although I am surprised. It has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders. I don’t know what I would have done without him here. Thank you so much for suggesting it.”

“Rose, you know I’d do anything for my sister,” replied Tom.

“I know you would, Tom. I’m just extremely surprised that a man as young as your son is just as generous as you.”

“His decision has made me very proud by revoluția ,” said Tom.

“I just wanted him to let you know about his decision. We’ll be going now,” said Rose.

“Okay,” said his Dad, “You continue taking good care her, John. You’ve made us very proud. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Dad, goodnight Mom,” John replied and disconnected.

He turned to Rose and opened his arms. She went to him, and they kissed passionately. John broke the kiss and whispered in her ear, “My wife, are you ready to go to bed?”

She whispered back to him,” Only if we’re going to fool around, my husband.”

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