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I was down in Tenerife recently with a few friends for a couple of days and on the last night when the rest of them had had enough and went to bed, I decided to go for a walk. I had already noticed a strip/escort club down the road, so I already knew where I was going! I went in and sat down and was immediately joined by a petite brunette girl who asked if I would like to buy her a drink. I of course said yes and after a little chat, we got down to prices. She said it would be 40 for a hand job, 60 for a blow job, or 100 for everything.. Escort Agencies Directory .I went for everything. She took me in to the back, which had a nice little room with a comfortable looking bed.

I stood next to the bed, very nervous at this point, but as hard as I had ever been before. She came over, taking her top and bra off as she walked over to reveal the tiniest tits I had ever seen in person, they were barely an A cup and for me, thats perfect! She immediately got down on her knees and started to unbutton my jeans. My cock was bulging out of my boxers and when she saw this she said ‘oooo, it’s big!’ Now i know it’s not big, and so will you if you have a look at my profile, but it was still nice to hear for a change. Colombia Escorts . She pulled down my boxers and took me in to her hand; I told her straight away to go very slow as I already felt like cumming, she smiled at me and started to stoke it very gently. Before long she got a condom and expertly put it over my stiff cock and when she took me all the way down to her throat, I very nearly came. I took it out of her mouth and asked her if we could lay down and do this, thinking the short break would give me a chance to recover. When we laid down though and I asked her to put her ass in my face while she sucked me again, the short recovery time was simply not long enough! I once again had to take myself out of her mouth and concentrate solely on the beautiful site of her pussy lips and her tiny little asshole which were right in my face. The site of her asshole made me ask the question ‘can I fuck you in the ass?’ To which she quickly replied ‘no’.. this was disappointing, but her pussy was more than enough to keep me amused; so I sat up, kept her bent over and shoved my dick right inside her. Japanese Escorts . She was far from tight, but still not so loose that I couldn’t feel anything, in fact, it felt great! She was pushing back on to my cock and telling me to cum inside her, begging me to fill her up with my cum. Netherlands Escorts . I once again needed to cum far to quick and stopped for a rest, but this time she was having none of it. She turned round, pushed me hard on to my back, sat on my cock and started to slide up and down on it as fast as she could.. I was in heaven! It was a matter of seconds before I was cumming harder than I had for a long time, but she didn’t stop.. she kept going until I was completely floppy inside her. Spanish Escorts . When she finally let me out of her pussy and I thought we were finished, she put her hand down and started to wank me off purely to watch me moan in agony at how sensitive it was.. evil bitch! She did stop eventually though and after she had taken off the cum filled condom and we had washed ourselves off, we left the room and went back to the bar. Dubai Escorts . She wanted me to stay and buy her another drink, but I had spent enough.. so I went back to my hotel with a massive smile on my face. What a holiday!

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