I had a job interview with a local escort service

It was actually my 16th birthday but I had managed to get a fake ID 😉 I had a female cousin that was escorting for this service and when she told them that she had a crossdressing bisexual male cousin, they wanted to meet me!

I showed up to the interview completely in drag: black stockings, garter belt, stiletto heels, black miniskirt, red blouse, wig, face painted like a fucking whore! It wasn’t long into the interview when I was informed that the job would involve getting naked with mostly male clients and asked if I was comfortable with that. “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think getting naked with men was part of the job,” I said playfully…”Hell, I’m ALWAYS in the mood to get naked. Hell, I’ll get naked right now.” He smiled, turned on a radio and said, “Let’s see what you’ve got.” I started dancing seductively. I put my foot on the couch and he began caressing my stockinged legs and stiletto heels. He took off my shoe, pulled my foot to his face and began gently kissing the soles and sucking on the toes 🙂

I undid his pants and he was as hard as a rock. I immediately dropped to my knees and began sucking his cock. Then he told me that sometimes the “dates” would involve multiple clients. “At the same time?” I asked…”KINKY!!!” was my reply 😉

“So you don’t have a problem getting naked with more than one guy?” he asked. “Hell no,” I replied. “I have one philosophy when it comes to cocks…the more, the merrier” 😉 He grabbed his phone and sent a text to someone and he said, “I’ve got someone that I’d like you to meet.” I stood up and within 30 seconds there was a knock at his office door. “Come in,” he said as the door opened. He introduced me to his business partner as he lay back on the couch, stroking his hard shaft. I almost fainted as his business partner was about 6 foot 6 inches tall, Hispanic looking, probably 220-230 lbs, built like a football player…looked like he had a pretty big bulge in his pants too 😉

I started dancing for him and with both feet spread wide apart, I bent over at the waist, undid his pants and began stroking his cock. It was about 9 inches, thick and uncut 😉 “Oooohhhh….Look at this big thing,” I said playfully. “What do you want me to do with this, mister?” “Put it in your mouth you fucking slut,” he said. I happily obliged!

I was bent at the waist, had my back turned to the guy on the couch as I was sucking the second guy’s cock. I felt a pair of hands lift my skirt over my ass, a hand then grabbed each buttcheek, and then I felt a face BURY into my ass! “Oooooohhhhh,” I squealed as his whiskers tickled my pink little hairless bumhole!

I got on all fours on a couch in his office. The second guy continued to fuck my mouth with his gorgeous, throbbing pole. As I worked him with my mouth, I noticed that he had on a wedding ring…good thing I LOVE married cock 🙂 The first guy lubed up his swollen member and gently eased his shaft into my tight, warm hole.

After about 5 minutes, the guy I was sucking layed on the floor, I straddled him, guided his pole to my hole, and slowly eased his him into my ass. I started sucking and licking on his cock and balls of the guy that had just been fucking me. As I bounced up and down on the second guys cock, the first said my three favorite words…”I’m…gonna….cum” 🙂

The pace was getting pretty frantic when the office door opened up and an extremely attractive female escort (with an amazing pair of legs) stuck her head in. “OMG!” she said as she saw the three of us in mid-fuck! “I am SOOOO sorry,” she said with her head down and as she backed out of the office! Guess that was just another day in the office of an escort service!

The guy that I was riding had taken off my shoes and was touching, tickling, caressing and massaging my feet and toes through my silky black pantyhose…AND IT WAS DRIVING ME WILD!

They instructed me to lay on the couch, with my legs up in the air. “Aren’t these the prettiest little feet you’ve ever seen?” the first guy asked the second. They both began touching and caressing my feet. They started rubbing their faces in them. I was SOOOO going crazy!!! I wrapped my feet around one of their cocks and started stroking his big shaft with my soft soles. I began working the head of his cock with my toes and he couldn’t take it anymore! He threw his head back and load after load of hot, gooey semen started squirting all over my toes!

As he collapsed, I turned my feet to the other guy. It wasn’t long after my soft, nylon feet touched his cock before my feet were again being graced with another sexy load 😉 I shot my load almost simultaneously.

“So…do I get the job?”…Everybody busted out laughing! Not only did I get the job, apparently the guy that had came first was texting one of their escort service’s regulars and by the time my toes were getting a second helping of semen, he had arranged my first “date”: a threesome with two married gentlemen in the 50’s who enjoy hot tubbing with barely legal escorts! After an hour with these guys, I was wrapping things up, putting on my clothes, when I got another text about 3 guys, working a late night at the office, everybody else gone home for the night. Nothing beats office sex parties 😉

It was getting late and I got another text, asking me what my thoughts were about sex between family members. There was a 42 year old guy with a 21 year old son, a 19 year old son, and 2 18 year old nephews! Let’s just say that I couldn’t have asked for a more fantastic way for my 1st night as an escort to end 😉

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