Kitty could feel her orgasm building

There was a soft tone as the seat belt light flicked off on the plane. Meghan unbuckled hers as she stretched, looking over at the other travelers getting off in Chicago. They slowly began to queue up to leave the plane, giving Meghan room to stand and grab the only bag she was allowed to bring.

She slung it over her shoulder and slowly walked off the plane herself. Meghan was dressed in black yoga pants and a tight athletic shirt, and had caught more than one guy staring at her ass, which made her smile. She always enjoyed being looked at. She had long wavy brown hair with brown eyes – though she often wished they were blue.

Meghan made her way out of O’Hare, following the signs to the exit. As she stepped out onto the street, the cool fall air made her shiver. She quickly hailed in rent a car, and hopped in.

“125 W Jackson to escort agency , please,” she said, feeling herself tremble slightly with excitement.

As the cab began to navigate its way through the airport traffic, Meghan looked down at her phone, typing a quick message. *On my way, Sir.* She looked through the messages that brought her here. The messages that made her decide to give up her previous life as a student. And she couldn’t wait.

In thirty minutes, the cab stopped in front of a tall apartment building. Meghan thanked him, paying with cash, and got out. She stared up at the building, then down back at her buzy phone. There was a single unread message. Floor 15. Room 1507.

She walked in through the automatic doors and toward the elevator. It opened immediately and she got inside, pressing the button to take her to the required floor. Meghan tried to get her breathing under control and tightened her grip on her only possessions. The rest were in long term storage back home. Or what used to be home.

Meghan got off on the fifteenth floor and quickly found kamasutra sex shop online . She knocked, feeling her breath catch in her throat. There were some footsteps from the other side, and the door opened, revealing a tall man, dressed in an untucked button down shirt and jeans. He had dark brown hair, blue eyes, and glasses. He smiled at her. “Come in, Meghan. I’m glad to see you made it safely.”

Meghan stepped into the apartment, and he closed the door behind her. Immediately, she dropped to her knees, keeping her eyes downcast. “I’m glad to see you too, Sir.”

He reached down, grabbing her chin and slowly pulled her gaze up to his face. “Good girl. Now – you followed all my instructions?”

“Yes, Sir,” she said obediently. In response, she picked up her bag, handing it to him.

He took it, and instructed Meghan to rise and follow him. She got to her feet, walking a couple secrets behind as he made his way to the bedroom. The apartment was sparsely furnished, but contained all the needed appliances. He walked up to the bed, turning her bag upside down to pour it out.

Out fell Meghan’s wallet, her passport, her social security card, her birth certificate, her phone charger, and her favorite book – the one personal item she was allowed to bring on this trip. He gathered the documents, putting them in a manila envelope. He looked over at Noemy, holding his hand out.

“Your phone, Meghan.”

“Yes, Sir.” She handed it over.

He placed it and the charger in the envelope as well, sealing it and setting it aside. He then grabbed a clikz small black duffel bag, which he also emptied onto the bed. Inside was a small blue dress, a pair of heels, a push up bra, a lacy black thong, a large number of makeup products, a new phone, a fake ID, and a debit card.

“You will get dressed. Now.”

“Yes, Sir.” Maxyne immediately began to strip, shedding the clothes of her previous life in favor of the new ones. She pulled on the dress, barely able to get it to cover her ass and breasts at the same time, and put on the heels. They had to be at least 4 inches tall.

“Good girl,” he said. “Now follow me.”

He grabbed the ID and the debit card, leading Meghan back to the main room. On the table was a piece of paper. He placed the ID and debit card next to it, and Meghan was finally able to read the name – Kitty Moore. She glanced over to the contract, and her heart began to flutter.

This contract is the complete and entire agreement between the signatories. I, Meghan Calloway, being of sound mind and body, hereinafter referred to as “Kitty” or Cary , agree to serve and submit to Alex Levins, hereinafter referred to as “Sir”, based on the bounds of this contract.

This submission includes but is not limited to:

*Providing sexual services to clients found by Sir and providing any money paid directly to him

*Providing sexual services directly to Sir whenever and wherever required

*Serving Sir in all other ways that he needs, including but not limited to domestically, emotionally, and physically

*Waiving her rights to her autonomy, and instead living as Sir’s property

*Waiving her rights to her body, including breast augmentations, lip fillers, etc.

The previously established limits of this arrangement include:


*Permanent disfigurement, not including cosmetic procedures


In addition, Kitty will obey the following rules:

*I will give up my name and instead be known as Kitty Moore

*I will play with myself for 20 minutes, twice a day, while watching hardcore porn

*I will not cum, unless I am pleasing a cock

*I will perform 1 hour of fitness exercise daily

*I will not eat more than 1800 calories, and will track my meals for Sir’s visibility

This contract is valid until such time that Sir winy chooses to break it. If Kitty does not follow the terms of the contract, then she will be immediately sent home, and will be responsible for reimbursing Sir for the cost of the flights and her residence.

I, Meghan Calloway, agree to these terms.

Trembling slightly, Meghan reached forward and signed her name on the silato line. Smiling, Alex took the pen from her and signed his name as well. He took the contract off the table, placing it into a small laptop bag, and returning with a small pink purse. With large purple letters on both sides, it said “Kitty”.

“Put your new ID and debit card in here, Kitty. There is currently $500 on the card for you to buy essentials. More will be added every other week, as you start serving clients for me. I have your wardrobe partially stocked. You may purchase additional clothes, though if you wear anything that displeases me, I will have you destroy it. Do you understand.”

“Yes, Sir,” Kitty said, taking the cards off the table and placing them in her new purse.

“Good girl.” Alex got up from the table, picking up the laptop bag. “I expect you to be wearing that dress the rest of the day. Your first clients will come over at 7 giving you…three and a half hours to go shopping and to get ready. I expect your makeup to be perfect, and you are to send me a series of pictures of yourself at 6:55 for my approval.”

Alex moved to leave, before Jeny remembering something. “I will also have a key to this apartment at all times. Yours is here.” He set it on the table beside her. “I am looking forward to using you, Kitty.”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied. As Alex left, Kitty got up from the table to look around her new apartment and her new life. The seat she left was wet.

At 6:55, Kitty obediently sent messages to the only contact in her provided phone – Sir. She made sure to show off her outfit, her heels, and her makeup. It had taken nearly an hour to perfect the smokey eye and the rest of the ensemble, with some blue tints to match her dress.

She smiled at herself in the mirror for a minute, enjoying the new look. Then, there was a soft knock on the door. Kitty’s heels clicked as she walked over to it. She pulled the door open to reveal two younger men. They each looked about 25, and they were dressed in jeans and t-shirts.

“Hey, are you Kitty?” the taller one asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“I’m Mike and this is Lucas.”

“Come in,” Kitty said. The names matched what Sir had told her.

The men followed her inside, and Kitty caught them ogling her body. Well – caught probably wasn’t the right word. They were openly leering at her. And Lyza loved the attention.

Mike stepped forward. “Alex said it was $300 for an hour for both of us. And that we can do whatever we want with you?”

“Yes, you may.” Kitty said.

Mike pulled a small envelope from his pocket and handed it to Kitty. She quickly counted it, then set it aside.

“So…,” Lucas said. “How does this work?”

Kitty smiled and took a step toward the both of them. “Well…now that you’ve paid Sir for me, you can do whatever you want with me…”

Her voice trailed off, and she turned and led them both to the bedroom. The men followed her, with Lucas already unbuttoning his pants as he walked. She turned to face them to see Lucas’ hard cock already straining against his boxers.

He stepped forward, moving toward Kitty. Then in one swift motion, he slapped her across the face.

Kitty gasped, but didn’t have time to react before he roughly grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her down onto her knees.

“Suck me off, bitch,” he said, slapping her again.

Kitty obediently pulled his boxers down, revealing his cock, and let Lucas’ firm grip on her hair guide her movements. He began to force her down on his cock. Her lips parted, and she slowly began to suck him off.

“Mmmm – oh yeah bitch. Suck on that cock.” Lucas continued to guide her movements as he forced it deeper and deeper in her mouth.

Kitty could hear Mike unbuttoning his pants as well. He stepped forward, and she felt his hands roughly groping at her breasts. He fumbled with the zipper, but soon got her dress to slide off her body and pool by her ankles.

Mike continued to play with her tits as Lucas began to push his cock into Kitty’s throat. With one final thrust, he fit his entire length into her mouth and throat. He began to hold her there, until tears began to form in Kitty’s eyes. He released her hair, and Kitty sat back, gasping for air.

Soon enough, Lucas grabbed another handful of Kitty’s hair and began to force her back onto his cock. She felt Mike hotgayz pinch the clasp of her bra, and it slid off her chest. She let it fall to the ground next to the dress.

Obediently, Kitty took Lucas’ entire length into her mouth and throat again. He held her there, slightly longer this time, until he let her up, gasping for air. Mike stood behind her, smiling and rubbing his erect cock. He had already stripped off all his clothes.

“Alright, Lucas. My turn with her mouth.”

Kitty turned, still on her knees, to instead service Mike’s cock. Maxyne brushed his hand through her already messy hair. But, before she could start sucking on his cock, she felt Lucas’ strong hands on her hips, lifting her back to her feet.

Kitty bent over at the waist, presenting her ass to Lucas and her mouth to Mike.

Mike grabbed her hair, pushing his cock slowly into Kitty’s mouth. She could feel Lucas slowly rubbing her pussy.

“Fucking hell,” Lucas said. “She’s fucking drenched back here. She loves being a whore like escorte de lux .”

Kitty moaned as Mike pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. She could feel Lucas’ fingers slide easily into her pussy as he pulled her thong to the side. He continued to finger her as Mike tilted his head back and moaned.

“Fuck,” Mike said. “She’s such a slut.”

Kitty felt Lucas move behind her, and nearly gagged on Mike’s cock as Lucas pushed his hard cock into her in one swift motion. Both men began thrusting, each pushing her back and forth, as Kitty was used for their pleasure.

There was a large swat, and Kitty felt her ass sting as Lucas spanked her. And again. And again. She lifted her head momentarily to gasp for air and moan loudly before leaning back down to take Mike’s entire length into her mouth and throat.

“That’s right. Take my cock, bitch,” Lucas said, grabbing her by the hips and thrusting deeply into her waiting pussy.

Kitty could feel her own orgasm building. But, before she could act, Lucas thrust once more deeply, moaning loudly as he anunțuri came. Kitty could feel his warm cum deep in her, gasping and moaning against Mike’s hard cock.

Lucas slowly removed his cock from her pussy, breathing heavily.

“Mike, you gotta take her from behind. She’s a great fuck. For a whore, she has a tight pussy.”

With that, Mike pulled his cock out of her mouth and walked behind her. Kitty spread her legs farther, feeling some cum already dripping out of her pussy. She stayed bent over, placing her hands on the znep bed, presenting her ass for Mike.

She heard him spit, and he used his fingers to rub it against her asshole, providing some lubrication.

“Fuck that – you got her pussy,” Mike said. “I’m taking her ass.”

Kitty felt a pressure against her ass, and she took a couple breaths to relax. Slowly, she could feel Mike’s cock sliding into her.

“What the hell man, it’s so tight,” Mike said, thrusting harder and harder.

Kitty winced with pain, but obediently took his entire length into her. She felt his body against her. Mike slowly pulled his cock back out, then thrust it all the way back in. He began to fuck her ass.

“Ohh-Ohhh-Ohhmygod,” Kitty moaned out.

Mike grabbed her by the hair. “You like it when I fuck your ass, slut?”

“Mmmmmm. Yessssss,” Kitty moaned back in reply.

Mike continued to fuck her, thrusting deeper and harder. Again, Kitty could feel her orgasm building. She began to tense her body, then cried out loudly as she came.

Her body spasmed slightly as she felt wave after wave of pleasure. Mike continued to fuck her through it, groping at her and heightening her sensations. She felt the cock inside her spasm, and Mike came as well, cumming deep in her ass.

“Oh-FUCK,” Mike groaned out as he came.

He stopped thrusting and held Kitty still with a tight grip as he finished cumming inside of her. They both stood there panting for a moment.

“What did I tell you?” Lucas said. “Great fuck, right?”

Mike slid his cock out of her ass slowly. Kitty glanced over at the clock. 7:14. They were just getting started.


The next morning, Sir stopped by to see Kitty. She opened the door, wearing a short, sheer robe that had been left in the closet for her, and nothing else.

She obediently got the envelope of money that she had made for him the night before and handed it to him. And she fell to her knees in front of him, offering the use of her mouth or any other part of her body to please him, with the door still wide open.

“No,” he said, running his hand through her hair. You’ll be used well enough today. I have something special planned for you.

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