Lesbian Tutors 9 featuring Serene Siren and Aubree Valentine.

Girlfriends Films (GF) has announced the VOD release of “Lesbian Tutors 9” featuring contract stars Serene Siren and Aubree Valentine.

The cast also features GF repertory players Casca Akashova, Lilly Bell, Alex Coal and Summer Hart alongside studio newcomers Mia Kay and Kay Lovely.

The title marks “the second consecutive series entry for Serene and Casca,” noted a rep. “The two were also recently paired together in ‘Lesbian Booty Calls.’ Here, Serene is partnered with GF debut starlet Mia and Casca shares the screen with newcomer Kay. Aubree is matched with scene partner Summer. And together for the first time at GF are ‘Women Seeking Women 176’ starlets Alex and Lilly, pictured on the ‘Lesbian Tutors 9′ cover.”

Mia Kay tweeted her enthusiasm before she left the set. “Today was so amazing. Wow!” she wrote. “Oh, and did I add that I have the most amazing, sexiest tutor in the whole entire world, Serene?”

“Lesbian Tutors 9” is now streaming on VOD .

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