Most discreet sex toys you should try

Because everybody has erogenous zones, the level of sensation each individual experiences when these areas are stimulated obviously varies. Because of these varying sensitivity levels, it is impossible to know whether someone will react well to stimulation in a specific location. The ideal method to enjoy erogenous zones while encouraging overall sexual health and wellbeing is to communicate with your partner to find out what they prefer or if you’re both fine with it.

It might be because you have guests over while you’re packing for a trip, and your room is temporarily in shambles. That, or you don’t live alone — and it’s just a fact of life that kids, nosy roommates, and pets have a way of getting their hands (or paws) just about anywhere. If you’re looking for sex accessories that don’t scream, Hi, yes, I am a haver of sex, then read on for 7 awesome but discreet sex accessories you’ll want in your arsenal.

1. Sucking Stimulators

The key here is portability. Most nipple and clit sucking stimulators are designed to fit right in your hand without compromising for power or variety in settings. Sucking stimulators are small, battery or USB rechargeable, and should be quiet enough that no sounds will be leaving the room .

2. Mini Bullet Vibrators

Mini Bullet vibrators. Again: very small, fits in your bag, perfect for travel. The best, actually. They come in fun colors, but you can also order them in a more conservative gray or black. For such small toys, they can be surprisingly powerful! A good waterproof model can come with you to the shower or the bath.

3. Vaginal Kegel Balls

What’s more discreet than snug and out of sight? Kegel balls are a great way to exercise with pleasure. The best part is you can just pass them off as fidget toys or stress balls if they’re accidentally discovered.

4. Penis Rings

Put a ring on it. Cock rings can make a great subtle gift and absolutely lead to longer, more stimulating sex. A good-fitting cock ring shouldn’t easily slip off, even with lube on – take your time and find what fits. They’re available in a variety of colors and sizes.

5. Anal Plugs

The most important thing about butt plugs and other insertable anal toys is a pronounced, flared base. The easier it is to handle or pull out, the safer you are from an awkward trip to the ER.

6. Anal Prostate Vibrator

While we’re knocking on the back door, there are plenty of longer, vibrating models that can even be shaped like anal beads. Smooth, rounded surfaces and bendability should feel pleasant to the touch and in practice.

7. A Sex Toy in Disguise

Last but not least, this list would be completely remiss without mentioning sex toys that you can confidently pass off as ordinary household objects. Whether it’s a wooden paddle you can pretend is a spatula or a shiny bullet vibrator on a chain to wear around your neck – the possibilities for discreet sex toys are endless!

Especially for newbies just getting into the creative side of sex, the term ‘sex toy’ might conjure up images of big, lifelike dildos or bright neon packaging and weirder shapes. While those do exist —and they’re great for collections!

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