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I was tired and a little drunk from three beers I sneaked at a party. My parents were still at the bowling lanes; they wouldn’t be home until after midnight. I didn’t know where my sister was but she was sixteen, I didn’t need to babysit her, and I didn’t particularly care where she was or what she was doing. I headed for my room and pulled out a XXX DVD and stuck it into my laptop. As I got ready for bed the video started. It was a favorite. A seventeen-year-old boy becomes a man with his step-mother, then he fucks a couple of her friends, and finally her sixteen-year-old daughter, his step-sister. The end of the video has my hero fucking both the mom and daughter as the light fades into darkness. I was eighteen and was still waiting to get my first piece of ass. I imagined myself in the video with those four hot women.

About the time the step-sister was giving my hero head, I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I jumped, startled by the interruption, then closed the lid of my laptop before snarling “Who is it?” I was irritated that someone had interrupted my self-indulgence. I was naked under the blanket and my boner was aching from the pressure of built-up lust.

The door opened a few inches and my little sister Claire stuck her head in and asked “What are you grouching about.”

“You’re bothering me. Go away.”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to get some sleep, now get your bitch ass out of my fucking room.”

Not only did she not get out, but pushed the door wider, stepped inside, and closed it again. “I heard voices, you watching a movie?” She lifted the lid on the laptop and the video began to play again. Claire stepped back and watched as the kid on-screen rammed his hard meat into the girl and started screwing her, the step-sister’s boobs were bouncing all over her chest while she got fucked. My sister turned to me and said “I thought this is what you were doing,” then backed up and parked her ass on my bed and turned back to the screen, “Who is she?”

I wanted to shock her, to get her out of my room so I said “That’s his sister. She got too nosy so he’s raping her.”

“Don’t look like rape to me; she looks like she’s enjoying him a lot.”

“Damn it, Claire, turn it off and get your sorry butt out.” She didn’t move so I kicked at her but the blanket softened to blow.

Claire looked over her shoulder and smiled impishly, “Are you naked under there?” she quizzed.

Her question made me wary, “No.”

My sister stood up, grabbed the end of the blanket, ripped it off me then threw it on the floor, in half a second I was lying completely nude in front of her. She grinned hugely and said mockingly, “Oh Travis, you lied, you’re naked.” My erection had deflated a little but she looked directly at it then asked “I’ve only seen one live prick before, is that as big as it gets?”

I felt myself burning red with embarrassment but something else was happening to me. My cock started to grow larger again, reacting to Claire as she watched it. Her eyes were glittering as she glanced into mine and asked “Have you ever had sex?” I couldn’t answer her, I couldn’t make any sound as I looked back at her. My silence gave me away, “Me neither, I almost did with Jacob but he squirted all over my clothes when I touched it and I didn’t go out with him after that,” she said then added, “but I still want to.”

“You want to go out with him again?”

“No, I still want to have sex.”

My throat tightened but I managed to croak, “You’re only sixteen, that’s too young to be doing that yet.”

“What do you know about it? Maybe you played checkers when you were sixteen, but a lot of boys and girls my age play other types of games. Let me show you, you’ll see, I’m old enough” she began to unbutton her blouse.

Claire peeled off her blouse, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tits rose firmly from her chest in twin mounds of smooth flesh and skin. Her nipples extended from the light brown circle at the tip of them. She was flushed around the neck and face, her cheeks glowing in the dim light. I watched, fascinated, as my sister unhooked her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She looked me then turned in a full circle, showing me her body. At 5’5″ she weighed maybe 110 pounds. Her shoulders and back slimmed to a waist I could span with one hand then flared out as her hips and ass then rounded down to firm thighs. Her panties were white lacy high cut briefs that accented the curve of her thighs and butt. She finished the full circle facing me again. I could see a shadow of pubic hair hidden behind the thin lace.

My cock had exploded to full strength while she was putting on the show, my embarrassment burned out of me as a morning fog burns off from the sun. Claire stepped closer to the bed, looked at my hard-on which was aimed at the ceiling then put a finger in the band of her panties and pulled it from her stomach then offered, “You want to take them off me?” She let the elastic snap back against her skin.

This was too sudden; I couldn’t figure out exactly what was happening, “What the hell are you doing Claire?”

She pointed to the monitor where the kid was fucking the girl, “I want to do that and I don’t want to wait anymore.” She looked back at me, I saw her shiver, she said cautiously, “We can do it together.”

“I’m your brother, we can’t do that.”

Her moment of timidity faded and she announced firmly, “Of course we can, you have a stiff prick and I have the place for it, right here,” She put a hand into her panties and rubbed her crotch, and justified, “You don’t have a girlfriend, I’m not dating but we both want that,” she nodded to the monitor again. “I watch this stuff on my laptop and it’s fun, but I think it would be more fun if a boy was with me.”

That got my attention, “You watch porn too?”

“Sometimes, and guess what I found, and it’s something I kind of think about.” I was thinking blowjobs, but she surprised me, “I look at videos with brothers and sisters doing it.”

“Brothers and sisters, together?”

Claire sat on the side of the bed and put her hand on my thigh, a couple of inches below my erection, “They fuck and it looks like fun.” She nodded at the video where the step-sister was bouncing on the boy’s cock, “We can too if you want.”

I glanced at the monitor then back to Claire, my prick was as hard as it ever felt, it was thudding with pressurized lust. I was yielding to my sister, “You watch brothers and sisters doing it? Show me.” I grabbed my computer, shut off the video, and handed it to Claire. She smiled big then sat on the bed next to me, her tits bounced and swung back and forth, enriching my view and thoughts of her.

We sat side by side, she typed into the address bar and in moments the monitor was full of sex videos. Claire didn’t stop there, she went to ‘search’ and entered ‘brother and sister’ then a new set of videos popped up. “See, I bet not all of them are real brother and sister but I look for the amateur ones, they look more real. I looked at her, my mind was blank, who the hell was this girl sitting next to me?? Claire, my younger sister was missing, in her place was this strange girl, I didn’t know who she was.

She ran the mouse over a video, “This one looks real, she’s playing a guitar and starts talking to her brother then they fuck.” I looked at the screen to see a pretty blonde girl with really long thick hair, smiling and talking to the camera. Claire turned up the volume then I sat back and got my introduction to incest. The video ran for about twenty minutes and in that time the girl convinced her brother they should screw, then they screwed. All the way, the fading scene was her fingering cum from her pussy while she cooed soft affection to her brother. My sister didn’t say a word the whole time, she didn’t need to. When the show was over Claire asked, “You want to see more, or do you want to do that with me now?” My younger sister was sitting on my bed brazenly offering to let me fuck her and I was frozen with anxiety. She noted my uncertainty so continued by rationalizing, “If we do it together then we can have sex anytime mom and dad are gone. I think you could like the convenience of having me in the room next to yours. She leaned closer to my face and stated with bold determination, “I’m not some bitch getting paid to make a fuck video, I’m right here, I’m real and I’m horny.” She stood from the bed then repeated without shame, “I don’t want to wait anymore Travis, you don’t have to wait anymore.”

My hands were shaking as I reached for the waistband of her panties and pulled them over her hips and dropped them to the floor. I was staring at her tits which were shaking when Claire reached for my hands and held them against her hips then swayed her ass under my touch. I moved my eyes lower until I was looking at a real live girl’s crack for the first time ever, she said: “Set the movie back to the first time he fucks his sister; I want to see that.”

“It’s not his true sister, she’s the step-sister.”

“I don’t care who she is, back it up, I want to see when he puts it in her the first time.”

I sat up to reset the DVD and when I turned back, Claire was lying directly in the middle of my bed on her back. I sat next to her and began a close intimate inspection of my unexpected playmate. My prick was beginning to stretch the limits of the skin holding it together. She took my hand closest to her body and pulled it over her left tit and pressed it into the softness. Her skin was hot, I could feel her heart thundering under my hand, she was shaking like she was freezing. As I fondled her breast, she put her other hand between my legs and gripped my erection.

My entire body shuttered at her touch. My heart was hammering a thousand beats a minute and I could hardly breathe. Claire started pumping my cock which was spitting drops of clear fluid onto her fingers. She smiled up at me, spread her legs, and urged softly “Touch me down there, rub me and put your finger in me.” I slid my hand off her tit and over her stomach, through soft dark curls then down between her legs. When my fingers touched the hot lips of her sex, she arched her back and flexed her hips, rubbing her cunt on my hand. She hissed sharply when I extended a finger into her crack and felt for her hole.

I pushed my middle finger into the tender opening of her body. Claire was rolling her head back and forth, eyes closed, mouth partly open. She hissed softly every time I pulled my finger out and grunted when I pushed it in. I put my other hand on a tit and played with the nipple. While I was fingering her, she was trying to rip my bloated erection off my body. She reached for my hand and pulled it away. Claire opened her eyes and looked up at me. Moving her head back and forth had thrown her hair over her face, half of it was hidden behind the soft raven waves; one blue eye peered at me through the curls. Her eyes darted briefly to the video just as the step-sister was pulling my guy by his erection toward her pussy. Claire held her arms up and voiced almost silently, “Do it with me, Travis, now.”

I laid on the bed next to my smoking hot sister, she twisted around until we were lying face to face on our sides. My cock was pressed against her thigh. Claire lifted her leg and hooked it over my hip. My erection slipped between her legs and wedged itself against her body. I began to stroke along the lips of her pussy, mixing the fluids seeping from her with mine. She put her arms around me and held me tight, her tits were mashed on my chest. She was moving in waves, gasping for breath in my ear as I humped my ass. She was so hot she set me on fire everywhere we touched. I rolled her to her back, staying locked in her arms so I ended up over her, between her legs. Claire loosened her grip on me so I could maneuver the head of my prick between the sides of pussy. She told me she was a virgin so I asked “Will this hurt you?”

She managed to utter, “No, I used something.” She looked at my video just as the kid was putting the head of his cock into the girl. Claire locked her eyes on mine and urged one more time, “Put it in, I want to know —– I want to feel—–.” My sister rolled her hips and the end of my cock slipped into her. We were still; I could feel the pressure of her hole surrounding the end of my erection which pulsed each time my heart thumped. I bent my back, pushing further into Claire while she lay quiet, looking at me. My ass clenched tight which forced me even deeper into her; she moved her legs farther apart which gave me more room to move. My hands were pushing into the mattress on each side of her head, my arms stiff so I was angled from my head to where our groins touched. All of a sudden, I realized I couldn’t go further; my rock-solid erection was as far into my sister as it would go. Our pubic hairs were tangled, our bodies pinned together by my cock. Neither of us moved for a few seconds, we just looked at each other, then Claire began to smile. She licked her lips with the end of her tongue and flexed her hips, my cock slid out a couple of inches then back in. I returned the smile and pulled out of her until her pubic hair was tickling the end of my cock then thrust back into her. After a second thrust, which she met by pushing back on me, we were fucking.

We were both having sex for the first time so neither of us knew exactly what we were doing. For the first few moments, I was pounding into her while she slammed back on me but we were out of sync. We had no fuck rhythm so I kept slipping out of her. When I did, she would reach for me and help me put my swollen muscle back into her. I slowed down deliberately so she could move with me. It wasn’t long before Claire and I found a rhythm so we were climbing to higher and higher levels of excitement. I marveled at the feeling of sliding in and out of my little sister’s hot limber body. She was moaning softly, hands on my back, holding me close. Her tits were mashed against my chest, her stomach rubbing on mine. I watched her face, every time I shoved my cock deep into her, she gritted her teeth and hissed lightly. I could smell her, I could feel her, I felt her breath on my ear; I wanted all my senses to experience the girl so I bent my head and licked her neck. That final touch, my tongue on her skin triggered my orgasm. I couldn’t stop it; I couldn’t control it. I was hammering her cunt, forcing a flood of fluids deep into Claire. She felt me lose what little control I had and rocked harder with me, letting me fill her with cum.

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