She was completely naked suspended in the air

Her eyes shot downwards, taking in her own nakedness

and the thick green tentacle-thing gently rubbing her bare pussy. More green tentacles had her bound at the wrists and ankles, keeping her legs spread open, and one particularly large one was wrapped around her waist, supporting most of her weight. Jessie tried to call for help, but another one reached up to wrap around the back of her neck, covering her mouth and gently nudging her until her gaze met the source of her bondage.

The flower.

The small, delicate plant had grown until it was gigantic, each petal easily measuring at four feet long, the yellow pistils now erect and bobbing excitedly. Countless green vines sprouted from the ground around it, including the six that were currently wrapped around Jessie’s body and the one between her thighs. Her heart was racing, her naked chest heaving with every panicked, rapid breath. She felt like she was going to have a clikz panic attack.

The flower – sentient, apparently – seemed to sense the fear rising inside her, and released the vine around her mouth, allowing her to breathe a little more clearly. Meanwhile, the vine stroking her pussy picked up its pace a little, adding just enough pressure to send a wave of pleasure through her body dressed in lenjerie sexy , soothing some of her anxiety.

She bit her lower lip and moaned softly – the immense pleasure of this moment was quickly shushing the fear, and she found herself enjoying it, no matter how completely impossible this seemed. Was she dreaming? She didn’t care. She hadn’t had sex since she’d broken up with Matt, and this was intensely different from her vibrators and dildos. It was… better. Much better. Fuck, this felt good.

She remembered the strange green stuff that had oozed from the prick in her finger, and a small part of her wondered if that had something to do with her mounting arousal and diminishing terror.

The part of her that cared faded away as soon

as the single vine on her pussy left her alone, quickly replaced by two smaller vines that spread her lips open for a third, which circled her clit before flicking at it like the world’s most skilled tongue. She moaned loudly, her body unconsciously arching into the sensation.

The flower responded with a soft flutter of its petals, using more vines to reach up and toy with her large, perky breasts, massaging one while flicking at the nipple of the other. Jessie watched through dazed eyes, amazed when she saw the tip of one of the vines invert itself – in the next second, it was suckling on her nipple, and she gasped in pleasure with jucării sexuale . God, this felt amazing.

Two vines wrapped around her knees and pulled them up and away from each other, opening her up to its manipulations. She purred softly as she felt a larger vine teasing her hole, rubbing up and down in short little sparks that had every nerve down there tingling with anticipation. She could already tell, it was much bigger than her ex – search for escort not too hard to accomplish, but very welcome.

She moaned through gritted teeth as it pushed gently into her, assisted by the wetness already pooling there. Inch by inch, deeper and deeper, and her mind was reeling with black-out pleasure. It was ridged with lots of little bumps that only added to the stretch of her inner walls. With every fucking millimeter, she could feel her orgasm building already. Matt had never even made her cum, especially not this fast – was she really about to cum on a flower?

The damn thing bottomed out, bumping against a spot just under her cervix that had her seeing stars, and suddenly the tightness in her lower belly released, like a knot suddenly being pulled apart. She bit her lip again to stifle the obscene noises that bubbled up, fighting not to scream through the wonderful fire of pleasure.

And the vine inside her hadn’t even started thrusting yet.

She shifted as she started to come down from her high, the vine suddenly feeling very present inside escorte premium de lux verificate . The two smaller ones were still keeping her pussy spread open, and she shivered as another soft brush of cool air dusted her throbbing clit, which had been left untouched as the large vine had entered her. Now it inverted itself just like the one on her nipple, and she threw her head back in pleasure as it started sucking on her clit in perfect rhythm with the one inside her.

Her whole body was tingling all over, and she knew she’d feel the stretch of the vine inside her for days. In and out it moved, slowly, fucking her in a torturously slow rhythm that had her squirming in the clikz air. The vines around her wrists tightened to correct her, and her heart skipped a beat. She had asked Matt and other exes before to tie her up, but none of them had ever wanted to. This… this was her perfect fucking fantasy.

She squeezed her pelvic muscles around the vine, using her wet pussy to beg for more. Before she could stop herself, the words even spilled out of her mouth: “Please… faster….”

The flower ruffled its petals again, like a beautiful bird fluffing out its wings, and she was sure now that it understood her. She closed her eyes and tried to spread her legs wider as the phallic vine picked up its pace, and Jessie felt her juices dripping down her pert little ass. She was moaning softly, unable to stop the noises as they came.

Jesus, this felt good. With each thrust in, the vine hit her g-spot right before it nudged against her cervix, and every time it pulled out, she longed for another hit. The other, smaller vine suckled her clit in perfect time with each thrust, and her legs jerked once in a while as she fell deeper and deeper into ecstasy.

She could feel another orgasm building already.


The flower sensed her getting closer and closer, and sped up a little more. Harder, too, and faster, until it was properly fucking her, like some sort of first-class pornstar on an entire bottle of Viagra. She was fighting not to scream now – noticing this, the flower wrapped a vine around her mouth again, and suddenly she was free to scream as much as she wanted, muffled by the soft vines.

This time, there was no warning for the orgasm. It hit her like a flash of blinding light, and debra arched her back in pleasure as it fucked her through her climax. Shit, her legs were trembling like leaves in a goddamn hurricane.

She was barely given time to recover before she felt a smaller vine nudging her asshole, and tensed up a little – causing her to moan as her pussy tightened on the vine that was still relentlessly fucking her pussy. She had only done anal play a few times, only one of those times being with another person, an ex before Matt came along. Could she handle it?

Once again, the flower sensed her nervousness, and she moaned again as she suddenly felt a smooth, sticky substance spilling out from the tip of the vine, coating her hole. She felt herself relax as the substance tingled on her skin, muscles loosening until the vine pushed itself just an inch into her, spitting more of the lubricating ooze into her ass. She felt like she was sparkling, all the way down to the tips of her fingers and toes. Whatever that substance was, it was only making her hornier, if that was even possible at this point.

In contrast with the fast, rough pounding of the larger vine, the smaller one took its time, sliding into her until she was sure she could feel it in her stomach, then sliding out again, and back in, out, in, out…

Her head still leaned back and her mouth still covered, she glanced at the flower. It was practically glowing in the moonlight. She wasn’t sure if it could really “see” her, but she gave it a pleading look as she reached out with her tongue to lick at the vine over curve frumoase românia  mouth. The smooth thing pulled away for a moment, as if flinching from surprise, before obliging. It unwrapped itself from her face long enough to give her a moment to breathe – then pushed unceremoniously into her mouth, filling her almost to the back of her throat.

All of her holes were filled now.

And she was loving it.

She wasn’t given a chance to properly use her tongue on the vine in her mouth – rather, it seemed to be using her throat for its own pleasure. She felt the same substance trickling into her throat, and it somehow seemed to cancel her gag reflex – allowing it to fuck her throat as it pleased.

The last dying part of Jessie’s sanity hoped nobody could see them. She had no idea what time it was, but the moon was high and full, and the wind was cold, and the lake was empty from what she could see gayz . And even if it was occupied, the glade was tucked away so that someone would have to hike to find her – and she was pretty certain that only she and Matt knew where this was. She was safe here. This was where she belonged, was it not? Tangled in the luscious green tentacles of this strange, dreamlike monster?

The flower suddenly flipped her over, and her massive tits suddenly hung down below her, with both the vines sucking on them now instead of just teasing like before. She shivered as the flower now fucked her from behind roxbox , spitroasting her all on its own. Yes, this was where she belonged. She deserved this, she loved this, she needed this. Maybe the substance in her mouth and ass had seeped into her brain and infected her thinking, because all she could think about anymore was how fucking amazing this felt.

She could lay here and get fucked by this gorgeous thing for the rest of her life. She could feel herself getting close again – how many was that, now? – and screamed around the vine in her mouth as the one in her ass started fucking her faster, keeping perfect rhythm with the one fucking her pussy. They were all moving faster now, harder, and she felt spasms run through her body as she came a second time, not two seconds after the last one. Her head was reeling with absolute euphoria, allowing herself to be stretched while her mouth was filled.

The vines suddenly started to throb, gently at first. It was subtle, but as the pulsing grew more and more intense, Jessie felt a small glimmer of excitement as she realized what was happening – and she welcomed it warmly.

One more moment passed, and the world seemed to freeze around her for a moment as the vines pushed as deep as they could go inside of each hole. Then they exploded, and Jessie screamed through the mouthful of fluid as it shot straight down her throat, her other holes filled to the fucking brim. She could feel it splattering her inner walls, deliciously warm and tingly, and she was sure she would pass out from the pure ecstasy flooding through her body.

The fluid filling her pussy and ass was enough to distend her lower belly, and the fluid in her mouth tasted sweeter than the nectar of the gods. It was enough to give her another, more powerful orgasm, and she felt herself starting to hyperventilate around the massive cock-like vines and the intense pleasure they offered.

They filled her until she was sure she would burst.


Then, one by one, they pulled out of her as gently as they had pushed in. Jessie felt dazed and fuzzy, and for a moment she didn’t register the vines setting her down gently. The cold, wet soil was what jarred her back to reality, and she blinked to clear her head, gazing lovingly at the flower and its beautiful purple petals, still full of what she could only assume was the plant’s thick, sweet cum.

She sat up, moaning as she felt a surge of juices spill from her ass and pussy. The flower was tilted downwards, as if it was looking at her, and she smiled as it stretched a vibe towards her. She reached up and stroked it gently, petting it like the top of a dog’s head. “Jesus…” she whispered, “what a fucking gift you were.”

Several moments passed as she just admired and touched the plant, and it touched her all the same, both of them gently exploring each other under the light of the full moon. Eventually she found her clothes – tossed aside by the vines while she’d been knocked out, she assumed. She tugged them on, and felt a soft tug on her heartstrings as she petted the soft flower one last time before turning around to hike back to her car on wobbly legs.

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