How to attract more customers with the help of seo optimization

SEO for Adult Niche Websites is an essential technique for promoting the visibility of your website on the Internet and gaining the right exposure to search engines and customers. Of course, with the concern not to hurt the network’s good practices or expose your business to Google’s penalties. Unlike paid advertising campaigns, SEO is a more sustainable medium- and long-term payback process where organic traffic is the focus – which is the most qualified traffic for your business.

The adult market is highly competitive and tends to grow more and more. With increasing demand and supply, search engines also increase their website positioning criteria to better meet users’ expectations. The rules for the Adult niche are also quite strict. That’s why a specialized service for Adult or swingers porn websites is vital to your business’s digital marketing strategy.

The most searched words and phrases on the Internet by users around the world are related to adult content. The term “escorte”, for example, is searched over 300,000 times a month. If you get a 1% conversion from that number, you can get 3000 new customers in just one month. And this is just one word – among millions of search term possibilities – to consider in your SEO strategy.

The importance of website structure for adult SEO

When it comes to optimizing your adult website for search engines, your website structure is just as important as the content you publish. That’s why we’ve optimized our adult WP themes for SEO.

A well-structured website makes it easier for search engines to crawl and understand your content, which can greatly impact your search engine rankings. Here are some things you should keep in mind when thinking about your website structure:

Make sure your navigation is clear and easy to use. This will help users and search engines understand how your content is organized.

URL structure

Use descriptive, keyword-rich URLs that accurately reflect the content on the page.

HTML tags

Use proper HTML tags such as header tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) and alt tags for images to help search engines understand the content on your page.

Content hierarchy

Make sure your content is organized in a logical and easy-to-follow hierarchy. This will help search engines and users understand the structure of your content.

Site maps

Consider creating a sitemap to your escort directory to help search engines crawl your website more effectively.

By paying attention to your website structure, you can help ensure that your adult website is optimized for search engines, which can lead to higher rankings and more traffic from adult seo .

Focus on HTTPs security

HTTPs security is becoming increasingly important for all websites, and adult or porn websites are no exception. When a website is secured with HTTPs, the information being transmitted between the website and the user is encrypted, which helps protect sensitive information like login credentials and personal data.

Here are a few reasons why you should focus on HTTPs security for your adult hot gayz website:

Search engine optimization

Google has stated that HTTPS is a lightweight ranking signal, so having a secure website can help improve your search engine rankings.

User trust

Many users are becoming more aware of the importance of security, and having a secure website can help build trust with your visitors.

Protect sensitive information

As an adult website, you may collect sensitive information from users, such as credit card details, so it’s important to protect that information with HTTPs security.

So, how can you ensure your adult website is secure with HTTPs? You can start by purchasing an SSL certificate and having your website host install it for you. From there, you should make sure all of your links and images are properly redirected to the HTTPS version of your website.

By focusing on HTTPs security, you can help protect the sensitive information of your users and potentially improve your search engine rankings.

Importance of keywords for adult sites

Keywords play a critical role in optimizing your adult or escort site for search engines. Here’s why keywords are so important:

Helps Search Engines Find Your Site

Search engines use keywords to understand what your site is about and where it should appear in search results. By including relevant keywords in your content, you can help search engines find your site and improve your visibility.

Attracts Relevant Traffic

When you choose the right keywords, you’ll attract visitors who are interested in what your site has to offer. This means you’ll get more targeted traffic and higher chances of converting visitors into customers.

Increases Relevance and Credibility

By including relevant keywords in your content, you’ll show search engines that your site is relevant to your niche. This will increase your credibility and authority, making it easier for your site to rank higher in search results.

Improves User Experience

By including keywords in your content, you’ll make it easier for visitors to understand what your site is about. This will improve their experience on your site, which can lead to higher engagement and conversions.

By paying attention to keywords, you can attract more relevant traffic, increase your relevance and credibility, and improve the user experience on your site.

So, how do you choose the right keywords for your adult site?

When it comes to optimizing your lesbian porn website for search engines, website speed is just as important as keywords and structure. A slow-loading website can not only frustrate your visitors, but it can also hurt your search engine ranking. The faster your website loads, the more likely it is that search engines will consider it to be a high-quality website.

There are a few simple ways to improve your website’s speed. You can start by compressing images and using a fast and reliable adult web hosting.

Another option is to use a content delivery network (CDN) to distribute your content to visitors from different locations.

It’s also a good idea to minimize the use of plugins, as they can slow down your mature porn website. Consider using SEO optimized theme that loads quickly and is easy to navigate. This will not only improve your website speed, but also provide a better user experience for your visitors.

By making these changes, you will improve your website’s speed and, in turn, boost your search engine ranking.

Use of Robots.txt file

The use of the Robots.txt file is an essential aspect of adult SEO. It helps to boost the efficiency of your adult SEO efforts by controlling the way search engines crawl your website. The file instructs search engines about which pages or sections of your site to crawl and which ones to ignore.

This ensures that your website is not penalized for having low-quality or irrelevant content. Additionally, using the Robots.txt file helps you tocontrol the flow of traffic to your website, keeping it secure and confidential.

Creating a sitemap and submitting it

A sitemap is essentially a roadmap of your website that helps search engines understand its structure and content. Submitting your sitemap to search engines is an effective way to ensure that they are able to crawl and index all of your pages. Here are some steps to help you create a sitemap and submit it:

Generate a sitemap

You can create a sitemap using various tools such as Yoast XML Sitemaps. These tools will generate a sitemap in XML format, which is a language that search engines understand.

Submit your sitemap

Once you have generated your sitemap, you need to submit it to search engines. You can submit your sitemap to Google through Google Search Console and to Bing through Bing Webmaster Tools.

Keep your sitemap up-to-date

Regularly updating your sitemap ensures that search engines have access to the latest information about your sex shop website. This is important as it helps keep your website ranking well.

Optimizing the website for mobile users

With more and more people using their smartphones to browse the internet, it’s important to ensure that your website is accessible and user-friendly on all devices.

Think of your website as a store front. Just as you wouldn’t want a potential customer to walk into a cluttered and disorganized store, you don’t want your website visitors to be greeted by a messy and confusing website that’s difficult to navigate.

In the same way that you would tidy up your store and make sure everything is easily accessible, you need to make sure your website is optimized for mobile users. This means making sure your gayz website is responsive, with a design that adapts to different screen sizes. It also means ensuring that all the elements of your website are easily accessible, with clear and simple navigation.

Just as a well-organized store is more likely to attract customers, a well-designed and optimized mobile website is more likely to keep visitors engaged and coming back for more.

How to research keywords for adult sites

Choosing the right keywords is essential for optimizing your tranny porn site for search engines. But, where do you start? Here are some tips for researching keywords for your adult site:

Know Your Audience

Before you start researching keywords, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your target audience. Who are they? What do they search for? What are their pain points and interests? This information will help guide your keyword research.

Use Keyword Research Tools

There are a variety of keyword research tools available, including Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Ahrefs. These tools can help you identify keywords that are relevant to your niche ( like orgy porn or other ) and popular among searchers.

Look at Your Competitors

Analyze your competitors’ websites to see what keywords they are targeting. You may get a solid notion of what keywords are relevant to your topic and well-liked by searchers from this.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are longer, more specific phrases that are more likely to convert visitors into customers. For example, instead of simply using the keyword “adult toys,” you could use a long-tail keyword like “best-selling adult toys for couples.”

By following these tips, you’ll be able to choose the right keywords for your teen porn site and improve your visibility in search engine results pages.

Working the long tail

Working the long tail is an effective strategy for optimizing your adult site for search engines. Here’s why working the long tail is important:

More Opportunities for Ranking

By focusing on long-tail keywords, you’ll have more opportunities to rank for relevant terms.This will increase your chances of attracting targeted traffic and boosting your search engine visibility.

More Targeted Traffic

Long-tail keywords are more specific, which means they are more targeted. This will attract visitors who are more likely to be interested in your swingers porn content and products.

Lower Competition

Long-tail keywords typically have lower competition, which means you’ll have an easier time ranking for these terms. This will help you get ahead of your competitors and improve your visibility in search results.

Better User Experience

By using long-tail keywords, you’ll be able to create more specific and targeted content. This will improve the user experience on your site, making it more enjoyable for visitors and leading to higher engagement and conversions.

Working the long tail is a valuable strategy for optimizing your adult site for search engines.

Keyword optimization for on-page and off-page SEO

Optimizing your keywords is important for both on-page and off-page SEO. Here’s what you need to know about keyword optimization:

On-Page Optimization:

Title Tag

Make sure your title tag includes your primary keyword and accurately reflects the content on the page.

Meta Description

Your meta description should also include your primary keyword ( example big xxx porn tube ) and provide a brief summary of the content on the page.


Use headings to break up your content and include your primary keyword in the headings where relevant.

Body Content

Use your primary keyword throughout your premium xxx body content, but make sure to use it in a way that sounds natural and doesn’t read as keyword stuffing.

Off-Page Optimization:

Obtain high-quality backlinks from reputable sources that include your primary keyword in the anchor text.

Social Media

Use social media to promote your content and include your primary keyword in your social media posts.


Submit your site to relevant directories that are relevant to your niche and include your primary keyword in your site description.

Keyword optimization is important for both on-page and off-page SEO. Make sure to include your primary keyword in your title tag, meta description, headings, body content, backlinks, social media posts, and directories. By doing so, you’ll increase your visibility in search results and attract more targeted traffic to your site.

Importance of high-quality content for adult SEO

Google and other search engines want to provide their users with the best possible experience, so they’re looking for websites that are filled with interesting, engaging and original content. If your milf porn content is lackluster, your website will be penalized and your ranking will suffer.

So, what constitutes high-quality content for adult sites? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your content is original and not copied from other sources.
  • Write for your audience, not for search engines.
  • Use keywords and phrases in a natural way.
  • Keep your content relevantand up-to-date.
  • Aim for longer articles, as they tend to rank higher in search results.

Leveraging Twitter for adult content

Twitter is a highly popular social media platform with millions of active users. By sharing your adult content on Twitter, you can reach a wider audience and increase your chances of being seen by potential customers.

To get the most out of Twitter for your adult content, you should make sure you have a strong profile. This includes a profile picture, header image, and bio that accurately reflects your brand and what you offer. Make sure to also use keywords that are relevant to your content in your bio and tweets.

In terms of content, you should aim to share a mix of promotional tweets and educational or entertaining content. For example, you could share a tweet promoting a new product or service you are affiliated, as well as tweets that offer advice or tips related to the adult industry. You can also share your adult video posts regularly.

Utilizing Authorship Markup

Utilizing Authorship Markup is like putting a signature on your artwork. You want to make sure that people know who created it, and Authorship Markup does just that.

By using Authorship Markup, you are connecting your content to your Google+ profile. This will give your website more visibility in Google search results, as your Google+ profile picture will appear next to your lenjerie sexy website link. This can increase the click-through rate of your website, and also make it easier for people to find your content.

Using Authorship Markup is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is create a Google+ profile and link it to your website. Then, you can use Authorship Markup in your HTML code to indicate that you are the author of the content. This will allow Google to associate your content with your Google+ profile, and display it in search results.

So if you want to make sure that your adult content gets the recognition it deserves, utilize Authorship Markup. It’s a simple, yet effective way to improve your SEO and drive more traffic to your website.

Utilizing rel canonical

The rel canonical tag, also known as the “canonical link”, is a tag that informs search engines what the preferred URL of a page is.

For example, if you have multiple pages with similar content, you can use the rel canonical tag to specify which page is the preferred page for search engines to index. This helps search engines to understand which page should be considered the “main” page and prevent any duplicates from being indexed.

Using rel canonical is a great way to improve your website’s SEO and help it rank higher in search results.

Interlinking content on the website

By linking related pieces of content, you can guide your users and search engines to other relevant pages on your site.

Here are some benefits of interlinking your content:

Improved user experience

By linking related content, users can easily navigate your website and find what they are looking for.

When you interlink content, you distribute the link equity throughout your site. This can help boost your rankings.

Increased time on site

When users find related content, they tend to spend more time on your website, which can signal to search engines that your site is valuable.

Incorporating external links helps search engines to understand the context of your website and increases the relevance of your website. By doing this, you not only improve the user experience, but also create a network of links that help search engines understand your website better.

External links are an important way to provide more information to your users. By linking to relevant and trustworthy sources, you demonstrate to your users that you’re knowledgeable and credible. This is especially important for adult websites, as users often require extra reassurance that the content they are accessing is safe and trustworthy.

When you link to a high-quality website, it sends a signal to search engines that your website is relevant to the topic at hand. This helps to increase your gay porn website’s rankings and improve its visibility in search results.

Backlinks help search engines determine the authority and relevance of your website. Here’s why backlinks are important:

Increase referral traffic

Backlinks can direct more visitors to your website.

Improve search engine rankings

Search engines, such as Google, use backlinks to determine the popularity and relevance of a website. The more high-quality backlinks you have, the higher your website will rank in search results.

Build credibility

A high number of backlinks from reputable websites can give your website a credibility boost. This can lead to increased traffic and higher search engine rankings.

Expand your reach

Backlinks from other websites can expose your website to new audiences and potential customers.

Adding links to social media profiles can greatly benefit your adult SEO efforts. Here’s why:

Increased visibility

By linking to your social media profiles, you can increase the visibility of your website. This means that more people will be able to find your website and your content, increasing the chances of it being shared and generating more traffic.

Building credibility

Social media profiles are a great way to build credibility. When people see that you have a presence on popular social media platforms, they are more likely to auto trust your website and your content.

Better rankings

Search engines look at the number of backlinks to your website when determining rankings. By adding links to your social media profiles, you can increase the number of backlinks to your website, which can help boost your rankings in search results.

Search engines view backlinks as an endorsement of your website’s content and authority.

Here are some of the key benefits of building high-quality backlinks:

  • Boosts your website’s visibility and search engine ranking
  • Provides credibility and trust to your website
  • Helps drive more traffic to your owx website
  • Increases brand recognition and awareness

To build high-quality backlinks, focus on:

  • Relevant and authoritative websites in your niche
  • Building relationships with other websites and influencers in your industry
  • Creating high-quality, shareable marketing content that other websites will want to link to
  • Guest blogging and appearing on reputable websites and online publications
  • Engaging in online communities and forums related to your niche.

Think of building high-quality backlinks as building a network of support for your website. The more high-quality backlinks you have, the stronger your website will become.

Use of tools to monitor and analyze website performance

Using tools to monitor and analyze the performance of your website will help you stay ahead of your competition and make informed decisions to improve your website’s search engine ranking.

Here are some of the benefits of using these tools:

Understanding website traffic

You can track the number of visitors to your website, how they got there, and how long they stayed. This information will help you understand what’s working on extrafood and what needs to be improved.

You can see which keywords are driving traffic to your website and how they’re performing. This information will help you adjust your strategy and focus on the keywords that are delivering results.

You can monitor the number of backlinks pointing to your website and the quality of these links. This information will help you identify any broken links and ensure that your backlink profile is healthy.

Regularly checking for any technical issues

Have you ever been to a website that takes forever to load? It’s not only frustrating, but it also affects your low price network website’s ranking in search engines. That’s why it’s important to regularly check for any technical issues on your website.

Here’s a list of things you should keep in mind:

  1. Monitor your website’s loading speed. A slow website will drive visitors away and hurt your rankings.
  2. Check for any broken links. Broken links can cause confusion and decrease user experience.
  3. Verify your website’s mobile compatibility. With more and more people using utilaje mobile devices, it’s important to make sure your website is optimized for different screen sizes.

When it comes to improving your adult website’s visibility and performance, analyzing website traffic and user behavior is key. This is because understanding your audience’s behavior on your website can help you make informed decisions about what to change or improve.

There are several tools that you can use to monitor website traffic and user behavior. For instance, Google Analytics or clikz analytics is a free tool that provides detailed information about your website’s traffic, including the number of visitors, the pages they visit, and the time they spend on your website.

With this information, you can see which pages are popular, which pages need improvement, and which pages can be optimized to increase engagement. You can also track user behavior, such as which woxcars links they click, which pages they exit from, and which pages they return to.

By using these tools, you can get a better understanding of what your audience wants and how they interact with your website. This information can then be used to make improvements that will help you achieve your goals and improve your website’s performance.

Common Adult SEO Mistakes

Not optimizing for the right keywords

One of the biggest mistakes that adult websites make with their SEO is not optimizing for the right keywords. This can be a costly mistake because it means that your website will not rank for the keywords that you want it to rank for.

When you’re optimizing your website for adult keywords, it’s important to choose keywords that are relevant to your audience and your content. If you choose keywords that are too broad, your website will not rank adult ads for them. And if you choose keywords that are too specific, your website may not receive much traffic.

To avoid this mistake, make sure that you research your keywords thoroughly before you start optimizing your website. Use keyword tools to find keywords that are relevant to your content and have a high search volume. This will help you to ensure that your website is optimized for the right keywords and that it will receive the traffic that you want it to receive.

Not creating compelling content

When it comes to adult SEO, creating high-quality content is crucial for attracting and retaining visitors to your dating website. However, many adult websites miss the mark by not creating content that is engaging, informative, and relevant to their target audience.

This can result in low engagement rates, low organic search traffic, and decreased visibility in search engines. To avoid this mistake, take the time to research your target audience, understand their needs and interests, and create content that speaks directly to them. This will not only help improve your website’s ranking but also help build trust and credibility with your audience.

Ignoring mobile search is a common mistake in adult SEO. The majority of internet users access websites from their mobile devices, so having a mobile-friendly website is crucial for ranking high in search engines.

A website that is not optimized for mobile devices may be difficult to navigate and have a poor user experience, which can drive potential customers away. It’s important to make sure that your website is easy to use and navigate on all devices, including mobile devices, so that you can provide a positive user experience to your customers.

Focus on providing unique and valuable content

It’s important to focus on providing unique and valuable content to your audience. This will help to set you apart from the competition and keep your users engaged. Here are some ways to make sure you’re providing the best content possible:

  • Research your target audience to understand their needs and interests
  • Use keywords in your pisy content to help search engines understand what your page is about
  • Write engaging and informative content that users will find valuable
  • Stay up to date with the latest trends and news in your industry
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of content, such as videos, infographics, and blog posts

By focusing on providing high-quality content, you’ll be able to attract more users and keep them coming back for more. This will help to increase your website’s visibility and improve your search engine rankings.

Regularly updating website with fresh content

Regularly adding new content not only keeps visitors engaged, but it also signals to search engines that your site is active and relevant. This can help increase your website’s visibility and boost your rankings.

So, what kind of content should you be adding to your website? Well, it all depends on your target audience and what they’re looking for. You could write blog posts about porn industry news or share tutorials and tips. The key is to provide value to your visitors and keep them coming back for more.

Don’t forget, updating your website with fresh content doesn’t have to be a huge task. You could start by adding one new piece of content each week and gradually increase as you become more comfortable. Before you know it, you’ll have a website that’s always up-to-date and full of valuable information.

Building a strong brand presence is crucial for your adult website. It helps establish trust and credibility with your target audience. To build a strong brand presence, you can:

  • Develop a unique brand voice and messaging
  • Create a logo that reflects your brand
  • Develop a consistent visual aesthetic
  • Engage with your audience on social media
  • Offer a high-quality user experience
  • Continuously evaluate and improve your brand’s image

Having a strong brand presence can not only set you apart from your competition, but it can also help you attract and retain loyal followers. By taking the time to build a strong brand, you can create a foundation for your adult website’s success.

The importance of choosing a reputable and experienced company

It is important to consider several factors when selecting an adult SEO company. For example, it is important to check their portfolio to see the types of adult websites they have worked with in the past and the results they have achieved. You should also research their experience and ask for references to speak with their past clients.

Additionally, it is important to make sure the company you choose follows ethical and professional practices, such as avoiding black hat techniques that can get your website banned from search engines. Make sure they are transparent about their methods and provide detailed reports and analysis to track the progress of your SEO campaign.

Remember, choosing the right adult SEO company can make a huge difference in your online success, so take the time to do your research and find the best fit for your business.

Recommendations for finding the best adult SEO company

Finding the best adult SEO company can be a bit challenging, but there are a few things you can keep in mind to make the process easier. Here are some recommendations to help you get started:

Do your research

Before you start looking for a company, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and what kind of services you need. This will help you narrow down your options and find a company that’s a good fit for your business.

Look for a company with experience

The best adult SEO companies will have a track record of success, so look for a company that has experience in your industry. Check out their portfolio and see if they have any case studies or testimonials from other clients.

Final Conclusion

SEO is an important aspect of any business and even more so for the adult industry. With the right approach and techniques, you can reach a wider audience, increase your search visibility, and ultimately grow your business. The key is to stay focused and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

Remember to:

  • Utilize keyword analysis and research to find the right keywords
  • Focus on website structure and make sure it’s mobile-friendly
  • Create high-quality, unique, and valuable content that’s regularly updated
  • Build a strong brand presence
  • Utilize social media and other platforms to reach a wider audience
  • Choose a reputable and experienced adult SEO company

By following these tips and guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to reaching your adult SEO goals and success.

Kitty could feel her orgasm building

There was a soft tone as the seat belt light flicked off on the plane. Meghan unbuckled hers as she stretched, looking over at the other travelers getting off in Chicago. They slowly began to queue up to leave the plane, giving Meghan room to stand and grab the only bag she was allowed to bring.

She slung it over her shoulder and slowly walked off the plane herself. Meghan was dressed in black yoga pants and a tight athletic shirt, and had caught more than one guy staring at her ass, which made her smile. She always enjoyed being looked at. She had long wavy brown hair with brown eyes – though she often wished they were blue.

Meghan made her way out of O’Hare, following the signs to the exit. As she stepped out onto the street, the cool fall air made her shiver. She quickly hailed in rent a car, and hopped in.

“125 W Jackson to escort agency , please,” she said, feeling herself tremble slightly with excitement.

As the cab began to navigate its way through the airport traffic, Meghan looked down at her phone, typing a quick message. *On my way, Sir.* She looked through the messages that brought her here. The messages that made her decide to give up her previous life as a student. And she couldn’t wait.

In thirty minutes, the cab stopped in front of a tall apartment building. Meghan thanked him, paying with cash, and got out. She stared up at the building, then down back at her buzy phone. There was a single unread message. Floor 15. Room 1507.

She walked in through the automatic doors and toward the elevator. It opened immediately and she got inside, pressing the button to take her to the required floor. Meghan tried to get her breathing under control and tightened her grip on her only possessions. The rest were in long term storage back home. Or what used to be home.

Meghan got off on the fifteenth floor and quickly found kamasutra sex shop online . She knocked, feeling her breath catch in her throat. There were some footsteps from the other side, and the door opened, revealing a tall man, dressed in an untucked button down shirt and jeans. He had dark brown hair, blue eyes, and glasses. He smiled at her. “Come in, Meghan. I’m glad to see you made it safely.”

Meghan stepped into the apartment, and he closed the door behind her. Immediately, she dropped to her knees, keeping her eyes downcast. “I’m glad to see you too, Sir.”

He reached down, grabbing her chin and slowly pulled her gaze up to his face. “Good girl. Now – you followed all my instructions?”

“Yes, Sir,” she said obediently. In response, she picked up her bag, handing it to him.

He took it, and instructed Meghan to rise and follow him. She got to her feet, walking a couple secrets behind as he made his way to the bedroom. The apartment was sparsely furnished, but contained all the needed appliances. He walked up to the bed, turning her bag upside down to pour it out.

Out fell Meghan’s wallet, her passport, her social security card, her birth certificate, her phone charger, and her favorite book – the one personal item she was allowed to bring on this trip. He gathered the documents, putting them in a manila envelope. He looked over at Noemy, holding his hand out.

“Your phone, Meghan.”

“Yes, Sir.” She handed it over.

He placed it and the charger in the envelope as well, sealing it and setting it aside. He then grabbed a clikz small black duffel bag, which he also emptied onto the bed. Inside was a small blue dress, a pair of heels, a push up bra, a lacy black thong, a large number of makeup products, a new phone, a fake ID, and a debit card.

“You will get dressed. Now.”

“Yes, Sir.” Maxyne immediately began to strip, shedding the clothes of her previous life in favor of the new ones. She pulled on the dress, barely able to get it to cover her ass and breasts at the same time, and put on the heels. They had to be at least 4 inches tall.

“Good girl,” he said. “Now follow me.”

He grabbed the ID and the debit card, leading Meghan back to the main room. On the table was a piece of paper. He placed the ID and debit card next to it, and Meghan was finally able to read the name – Kitty Moore. She glanced over to the contract, and her heart began to flutter.

This contract is the complete and entire agreement between the signatories. I, Meghan Calloway, being of sound mind and body, hereinafter referred to as “Kitty” or Cary , agree to serve and submit to Alex Levins, hereinafter referred to as “Sir”, based on the bounds of this contract.

This submission includes but is not limited to:

*Providing sexual services to clients found by Sir and providing any money paid directly to him

*Providing sexual services directly to Sir whenever and wherever required

*Serving Sir in all other ways that he needs, including but not limited to domestically, emotionally, and physically

*Waiving her rights to her autonomy, and instead living as Sir’s property

*Waiving her rights to her body, including breast augmentations, lip fillers, etc.

The previously established limits of this arrangement include:


*Permanent disfigurement, not including cosmetic procedures


In addition, Kitty will obey the following rules:

*I will give up my name and instead be known as Kitty Moore

*I will play with myself for 20 minutes, twice a day, while watching hardcore porn

*I will not cum, unless I am pleasing a cock

*I will perform 1 hour of fitness exercise daily

*I will not eat more than 1800 calories, and will track my meals for Sir’s visibility

This contract is valid until such time that Sir winy chooses to break it. If Kitty does not follow the terms of the contract, then she will be immediately sent home, and will be responsible for reimbursing Sir for the cost of the flights and her residence.

I, Meghan Calloway, agree to these terms.

Trembling slightly, Meghan reached forward and signed her name on the silato line. Smiling, Alex took the pen from her and signed his name as well. He took the contract off the table, placing it into a small laptop bag, and returning with a small pink purse. With large purple letters on both sides, it said “Kitty”.

“Put your new ID and debit card in here, Kitty. There is currently $500 on the card for you to buy essentials. More will be added every other week, as you start serving clients for me. I have your wardrobe partially stocked. You may purchase additional clothes, though if you wear anything that displeases me, I will have you destroy it. Do you understand.”

“Yes, Sir,” Kitty said, taking the cards off the table and placing them in her new purse.

“Good girl.” Alex got up from the table, picking up the laptop bag. “I expect you to be wearing that dress the rest of the day. Your first clients will come over at 7 giving you…three and a half hours to go shopping and to get ready. I expect your makeup to be perfect, and you are to send me a series of pictures of yourself at 6:55 for my approval.”

Alex moved to leave, before Jeny remembering something. “I will also have a key to this apartment at all times. Yours is here.” He set it on the table beside her. “I am looking forward to using you, Kitty.”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied. As Alex left, Kitty got up from the table to look around her new apartment and her new life. The seat she left was wet.

At 6:55, Kitty obediently sent messages to the only contact in her provided phone – Sir. She made sure to show off her outfit, her heels, and her makeup. It had taken nearly an hour to perfect the smokey eye and the rest of the ensemble, with some blue tints to match her dress.

She smiled at herself in the mirror for a minute, enjoying the new look. Then, there was a soft knock on the door. Kitty’s heels clicked as she walked over to it. She pulled the door open to reveal two younger men. They each looked about 25, and they were dressed in jeans and t-shirts.

“Hey, are you Kitty?” the taller one asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“I’m Mike and this is Lucas.”

“Come in,” Kitty said. The names matched what Sir had told her.

The men followed her inside, and Kitty caught them ogling her body. Well – caught probably wasn’t the right word. They were openly leering at her. And Lyza loved the attention.

Mike stepped forward. “Alex said it was $300 for an hour for both of us. And that we can do whatever we want with you?”

“Yes, you may.” Kitty said.

Mike pulled a small envelope from his pocket and handed it to Kitty. She quickly counted it, then set it aside.

“So…,” Lucas said. “How does this work?”

Kitty smiled and took a step toward the both of them. “Well…now that you’ve paid Sir for me, you can do whatever you want with me…”

Her voice trailed off, and she turned and led them both to the bedroom. The men followed her, with Lucas already unbuttoning his pants as he walked. She turned to face them to see Lucas’ hard cock already straining against his boxers.

He stepped forward, moving toward Kitty. Then in one swift motion, he slapped her across the face.

Kitty gasped, but didn’t have time to react before he roughly grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her down onto her knees.

“Suck me off, bitch,” he said, slapping her again.

Kitty obediently pulled his boxers down, revealing his cock, and let Lucas’ firm grip on her hair guide her movements. He began to force her down on his cock. Her lips parted, and she slowly began to suck him off.

“Mmmm – oh yeah bitch. Suck on that cock.” Lucas continued to guide her movements as he forced it deeper and deeper in her mouth.

Kitty could hear Mike unbuttoning his pants as well. He stepped forward, and she felt his hands roughly groping at her breasts. He fumbled with the zipper, but soon got her dress to slide off her body and pool by her ankles.

Mike continued to play with her tits as Lucas began to push his cock into Kitty’s throat. With one final thrust, he fit his entire length into her mouth and throat. He began to hold her there, until tears began to form in Kitty’s eyes. He released her hair, and Kitty sat back, gasping for air.

Soon enough, Lucas grabbed another handful of Kitty’s hair and began to force her back onto his cock. She felt Mike hotgayz pinch the clasp of her bra, and it slid off her chest. She let it fall to the ground next to the dress.

Obediently, Kitty took Lucas’ entire length into her mouth and throat again. He held her there, slightly longer this time, until he let her up, gasping for air. Mike stood behind her, smiling and rubbing his erect cock. He had already stripped off all his clothes.

“Alright, Lucas. My turn with her mouth.”

Kitty turned, still on her knees, to instead service Mike’s cock. Maxyne brushed his hand through her already messy hair. But, before she could start sucking on his cock, she felt Lucas’ strong hands on her hips, lifting her back to her feet.

Kitty bent over at the waist, presenting her ass to Lucas and her mouth to Mike.

Mike grabbed her hair, pushing his cock slowly into Kitty’s mouth. She could feel Lucas slowly rubbing her pussy.

“Fucking hell,” Lucas said. “She’s fucking drenched back here. She loves being a whore like escorte de lux .”

Kitty moaned as Mike pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. She could feel Lucas’ fingers slide easily into her pussy as he pulled her thong to the side. He continued to finger her as Mike tilted his head back and moaned.

“Fuck,” Mike said. “She’s such a slut.”

Kitty felt Lucas move behind her, and nearly gagged on Mike’s cock as Lucas pushed his hard cock into her in one swift motion. Both men began thrusting, each pushing her back and forth, as Kitty was used for their pleasure.

There was a large swat, and Kitty felt her ass sting as Lucas spanked her. And again. And again. She lifted her head momentarily to gasp for air and moan loudly before leaning back down to take Mike’s entire length into her mouth and throat.

“That’s right. Take my cock, bitch,” Lucas said, grabbing her by the hips and thrusting deeply into her waiting pussy.

Kitty could feel her own orgasm building. But, before she could act, Lucas thrust once more deeply, moaning loudly as he anunțuri came. Kitty could feel his warm cum deep in her, gasping and moaning against Mike’s hard cock.

Lucas slowly removed his cock from her pussy, breathing heavily.

“Mike, you gotta take her from behind. She’s a great fuck. For a whore, she has a tight pussy.”

With that, Mike pulled his cock out of her mouth and walked behind her. Kitty spread her legs farther, feeling some cum already dripping out of her pussy. She stayed bent over, placing her hands on the znep bed, presenting her ass for Mike.

She heard him spit, and he used his fingers to rub it against her asshole, providing some lubrication.

“Fuck that – you got her pussy,” Mike said. “I’m taking her ass.”

Kitty felt a pressure against her ass, and she took a couple breaths to relax. Slowly, she could feel Mike’s cock sliding into her.

“What the hell man, it’s so tight,” Mike said, thrusting harder and harder.

Kitty winced with pain, but obediently took his entire length into her. She felt his body against her. Mike slowly pulled his cock back out, then thrust it all the way back in. He began to fuck her ass.

“Ohh-Ohhh-Ohhmygod,” Kitty moaned out.

Mike grabbed her by the hair. “You like it when I fuck your ass, slut?”

“Mmmmmm. Yessssss,” Kitty moaned back in reply.

Mike continued to fuck her, thrusting deeper and harder. Again, Kitty could feel her orgasm building. She began to tense her body, then cried out loudly as she came.

Her body spasmed slightly as she felt wave after wave of pleasure. Mike continued to fuck her through it, groping at her and heightening her sensations. She felt the cock inside her spasm, and Mike came as well, cumming deep in her ass.

“Oh-FUCK,” Mike groaned out as he came.

He stopped thrusting and held Kitty still with a tight grip as he finished cumming inside of her. They both stood there panting for a moment.

“What did I tell you?” Lucas said. “Great fuck, right?”

Mike slid his cock out of her ass slowly. Kitty glanced over at the clock. 7:14. They were just getting started.


The next morning, Sir stopped by to see Kitty. She opened the door, wearing a short, sheer robe that had been left in the closet for her, and nothing else.

She obediently got the envelope of money that she had made for him the night before and handed it to him. And she fell to her knees in front of him, offering the use of her mouth or any other part of her body to please him, with the door still wide open.

“No,” he said, running his hand through her hair. You’ll be used well enough today. I have something special planned for you.

Pressing his fat cock head against my wet asshole

The first time was when I was just 18 years old, about a week after high school. I had long, red, curly hair – about an inch above my shoulders. I weighed about 170 lbs., and I was 6′ tall. I was a little hippie stud muffin that was into everything, and despite my perpetual horniness and perverse fantasies, my sex life was almost ordinary. I had a steady high school girlfriend to fuck and fuck we did.

In the Spring, the last days before the previous Easter break, my girlfriend had already left for a two-week vacation with her family. But, we had a high school theater cast party where I ended up fucking the choreographer agencies they hired — she was an older woman – all of twenty-one years old, and I felt like a stud. That was the last I saw of the choreographer but… after a week, I discovered that I had lice.

I only really found out when I was talking about itching my crotch to my best friend and he told me I probably got lice from that skanky choreographer. That was fucked! I learned that the quickest way to get rid of it was to shave my pubes!

I shaved all the pubic hair around my cock and balls and whatever little hair I had on my belly up to my sparse chest hair. When I was done, I was freaked out because, along with my apple cheek complexion where I was still only growing peach fuzz facial hair, I thought my naked pubes made me look like a little kid. What the fuck was I going to tell my girlfriend? I was so worried that I stripped for my buddy and showed him and… fuck him.

He laughed at me and agreed that I looked like a little kid. But he told me the only thing to do was to convince my girlfriend to shave her pubes because it was beautifully sexy. (Of course, when I asked him if he would convince his girl and maybe himself, he said fuck no! He wasn’t going to look like some queer kid.)

Well fuck it. I convinced my girlfriend – before we fucked – that shaving her pubes would make sex more fun, that it was a wild thing to do, and she did it! Which really was pretty damn sexy because she had this huge black bush that had always covered her cunt. And damn. She looked really fucking hot with a bare-naked pussy. And then – fucking was incredible. The sensations of our naked groins sliding around on each other, slick with her cunt juices and our sweat were out of this world.

And, I loved licking her bare cunt, making love to her whole crotch from her asshole to above the folds of her wet slit. She loved it too. We both started using her depilatory cream to keep ourselves smooth and bare. Before I left to go hitchhiking, we had great mini-orgy fuck with my girlfriend and my best friend’s girl where we both fucked lesbian each other’s girls. Afterwards, although everyone did agree that my shaved pubes made me look a lot younger (I believe my buddy said something like a twelve year old – fuck him), his girl also said that they should try it.

We all fucked again the next morning and then – I stuck out my thumb to – all gone to look for America. I was a hippie wanna be and I was a goin’ to Californ-I-Eh to tune in, turn on (and fuck).

Somewhere in Ohio, I got a ride from an old guy (50 or 60?… Ooold) in a pickup truck. I threw my backpack into the truck bed and climbed into the cab.

“Hey kid. Where’ya off to?” he inquired.

“California,” I replied.

“Heh,” he laughed, “I’m only going a few miles, but I can take you that far. Your mommy and daddy let a hot one like you out on the road?”

“Uhhh…. yeah,” I said, whatever…

I willing to go 5 miles or 500, as long as I was headed the right way. The cab of the pick-up truck was clean and empty. Except, that on the seat between us, there were several hard-core pornographic magazines. I casually glanced down at them and checked out the graphic covers.

“You wanna look at those?” said the old guy. “Your probably old enough to enjoy ‘em. Feel free.”

“Thanks,” I said, picking up one of the magazines.

It was a well thumbed through mag with very explicit shots of men and women fucking. There were big cocks pushing into naked cunts and spewing cum over eager faces. Dicks getting sucked by willing mouths and fucking cunts in front and behind. Cocks fucking assholes. Lots of cum. Lots of pussy. Lots of big boobs , fat cocks. I had been jerking off to pornographic novels, Penthouse and Playboy for years, but this was the first hard core porno magazine I had ever seen. This incredible erotic montage of lurid sex gave me a giant erection almost immediately.

I had pretty much stopped wearing underwear my senior year in high school because it made me feel sexy to not wear underwear and, because I had a fucking girlfriend, and, after shaving my pubes, I loved the feeling of my naked groin just inside my pants. The fact that sometimes my hard-on was obvious didn’t generally bother me. I was a little bit perverse that way, almost an exhibitionist. But now, my boner was threatening to rip a hole in my shorts.

“Damn. That make you hard?” probed the old guy, reaching over to my side of the truck, placing his hand on my crotch, and giving my stiff cock a squeeze.

Whoa! I thought. This is strange. Where is this going?

“Yeah, that’s nice, boy” he said, his hand still grasping and shaking my prick a little. “You want to show it to me?”

He glanced at me with pleasant expectation. My chest tightened. My cock was hard. His hand was massaging me, gently squeezing my prick and my balls. I was aroused…

“Ffwwww.” I blew out my breath. What the hell. I was a bit of a perverse exhibitionist… With my heart pounding, I slipped my shorts down and let my naked groin and erect cock jump free.

“Damn,” he said, reaching over again and stroking my shaft, “The little boy’s got a big dick…”

“Ohhhhh” I murmured, the feel of his callused hand on my penis turning me on.

“Nice,” he said as he ran his fist up and down my hard meat. “Now, you play with it,” he said removing his hand.

Then, he opened his own pants as I gently squeezed my throbbing tool. His cock was stiff when he took it out. It was about the same size as mine – 6 inches like jucării sexuale , but thicker around.

“Here’s where I get off,” he chuckled as he pulled onto an exit ramp off the highway.

It was a long ramp and halfway through, he pulled the truck over onto the grass, well off the shoulder.

“Let me have some of that,” he said after the truck was stopped.

And he leaned over to take my stiff manhood into his mouth.

“Ohh, ohh,” I moaned, not sure this was a good idea.

He sucked me deep into his mouth, managing to stimulate my cock head and my veined shaft while gently squeezing my naked balls.

“Godddd,” I gasped.

This was extraordinary. This old guy was slurping away on my boned organ like a professional cunt. He was fucking better than my girlfriend. This old guy could really suck cock! His head was bobbing up and down, licking, sucking, vacuuming my hard cock like he was competing in the Best Blow job finals.

“Ohh, ohh, oh, fuucckk,” I panted, feeling my tightness escorte gay & lesby grow and swell.

Jesus! This guy was unfucking believable. I could feel my cock head lodge in his throat, and he contracted his throat muscles, squeezing while his tongue lapped at my shaft buried in his silky, hot mouth. His head continued up and down, caressing, sucking, squeezing my hard tool over and over and over again.

“AHhh,hh,hhhh,” I cried, feeling like he was sucking up my sperm right from my balls when I blew, gushing into his willing mouth.

God! It was a fucking incredible orgasm! It was fucking better than fucking my fucking cute teen girlfriend! My whole body exploded into ecstasy as my prick pumped its jizz, shooting violently as the old guy eagerly drank my cum. He kept on going and going, sucking me dry and still kept on as I moaned and struggled…

“Nn-no,” I begged, “stop, please, I can’t take anymore,” as his mouth continued to piston my cock.

He finally stopped and, after giving my cock head a few licks, cleaning up the whatever semen had escaped his mouth, he rose up with a satisfied look on his face. His cock was still rock hard.

“Would you be interested in doing me?” he asked, rubbing his dick.

I nervously shook my head no, my body still coming down from this incredible orgasm. I didn’t want to suck this guy. I wasn’t a homo, and we were in the middle of the highway. And I’d just cum. And he was old…..

I put myself back together and got my backpack from the back of the truck.

“Uh, thanks,” I said through the open window.

He nodded, sort of half smiled, and drove off, his stiff manhood still poking out of his pants. Whew, I thought to myself. This hitchhiking can get a little weird. I couldn’t believe that this old guy could give me a blow job like that. That was amazing.

I got more rides after that and the next day and, almost every other ride seemed to want to get high with me and I ended up smoking both weed and hash… Far out… In the evening, somewhere in Colorado maybe, I got picked up by a younger man, somewhere in his twenties. He was driving an old beat-up sedan, and I knew as soon as I got in the car that this guy was somewhat wacked out. He talked a blue streak and all the time kept on checking out my body, my face, my crotch. And he looked like something out of the old movie “Reefer Madness.” He was that agitated.

After a while, he said, “This is where I get off”, pulled off the highway onto an isolated exit ramp, turned down the dark road and pulled onto the shoulder and stopped.

“Uhhhh… Okay. Thanks…” I started to say…

But then he reached over and grabbed my cock through my shorts! Fuck! I was shocked but… I immediately got hard. Fuck! I let him unzip my shorts right there, freeing my rigid tool. Fuck. I did not resist as he promptly bent over across the seats and took my stiff meat into his mouth. He began savagely sucking and slurping away on my meat as if he had been starving for young cock and I was his taste of deliverance. He grabbed me and pumped my penis in a mad frenzy of need.

“Yeah,” he said, “You’re fucking smooth, you fucking whore. You like me fucking you, don’t you. You like my mouth on your prick. Yeah. I can fuck you in the ass. Huh? huh? Come on your face. You’d like that. My hard cock up your asshole. Want me to fuck you in the ass? I could tie you up and fuck you in the ass until you squealed.”

All the while he was babbling, he was pulling on my pud, masturbating me, his mumbling mouth inches from my cock head. He would ferociously swallow my cock, gobbling up my pulsing hardness and then go back to talking about all the ways he’d like to violate my teenage body. And while he was really scaring me, I was also really turned on. I didn’t want him to do any these perverse things to me right then – it was too dangerous, but his rantings were getting me hotter and hotter at the thoughts of him stripping and raping me.

“Uuoohhhh Ohhhhh Yeahhhh, OH FUCK Yeah!!” I moaned as my butt arched off the seat and my monster cock began pumping out its hot cum into his fuck mouth!

“Yeah, yeah,” he gurgled, taking my spewing manhood deep into his throat, sucking the spewing gobs of cum from my prick.

“Oh, oh, oh, uh, oh, oh…” my hips fucked his fuck mouth as my mind went into ecstatic white light, orgasming over and over again…

He kept on sucking, vacuuming my penis dry, drinking my cum and writhing on the front seat of his car. I finally had to push his head off my cock, as he kept on licking and sucking. It was again too much!

“I can fuck you in the ass. You want me to fuck you in the ass?” he panted as I came down from my high.

“No,” I mumbled. “I can’t. I can’t… I never have… I’m sorry…”

“Okay,” he said. “This is where you get off.”

And that was all. He didn’t say another word as I got my stuff, and he took off. Didn’t say another word. He was bizarre. I got another ride that night and kept on going…

Late the next day, going down towards Nevada from Utah, I was picked up by a businessman – probably in his late thirties. Nice car, sharp dresser, suit, tie and what looked like a cashmere overcoat. After the normal “where are you going” questions, the now normal “you want to get high” question came.

“Sure,” I said, a little weirded out as he pulled out a fat joint.

It was weird because I figured this guy was a Mormon — he just looked the part and was also probably some kind of successful business executive. Plus, he then did not light the joint for himself, but gave it to me to smoke. Fuck yeah, I thought. Fuck weird. I lit the doobie up but, again, he refused when I tried to pass it to him.

He said “No — I’ve got to drive into the night, and it’ll put me to sleep. You smoke and we’ll talk to keep me awake. Okay?”

Damn. No problem, I thought. Very nice car… luxury leather seats? Driving down the highway smoking primo weed — all for fucking free! What a great life!

So, this guy’s name was Jerry. He, like most of my rides, was surprised when he found out that I was not as young as he thought. He told me he used to hitchhike when he was younger and we talked about that and my hitchhiking and my high school stuff and about different kinds of pot and whatever and, then he asked me about my ring. I bought my girlfriend and myself two identical rings a while ago. They were silver with a naked man and woman intertwined in an erotic embrace circling the ring.

To most people, it just looked like an abstract design unless they looked at it closely. He noticed it from the driver’s seat and asked to look at it. I had no problem with that and handed it to him to see up close. After examining the ring, he gave it back and the conversation turned to art, erotica, and human sensuality. I described fucking the choreographer; the lice; shaving my pubes; convincing my girl to shave; how it felt fucking; and even our little orgy send off.

I began spacing out on the combination of weed and talking about sex and my cock began to get hard… really hard… My dick tented my shorts while I was recounting my sexual adventures to Jerry and I unconsciously put my hand on it, grasping my excited cock through my shorts.

“Let me show you something, Greg” Jerry said.

As I watched in stoned bemusement, my hand squeezing my cock, he opened his coat, unbuttoned, and unzipped his pants and pulled out a hard, fat cock. I stared, open mouthed, as he slipped his pants and underwear down, exposing a massively thick, fat cock – and totally hairless pubes.

“What do you think?” he said with a smile.

He took one hand and pulled his proportionately huge naked balls up from between his legs and squeezed his oversized member. God it was thick. It wasn’t that long, but man, from where I sat, it looked huge. I stared open mouthed while I kneaded my own jumping cock…

“N-nice,” I stuttered, strangely turned on by viewing his huge cock.

“I had it shaved because I had a hemorrhoid operation. Let’s see yours,” he said.

Oh yeah I thought… Fuck; this is what I do… I opened my shorts, exposing my hard, six-inch naked meat.

“Nice,” he echoed and grasped my shaft, rubbing some of the already oozing pre-cum on my pulsing head.

“Ooooooooh,” I sighed as I moved a little closer to him and let him play with my turgid flesh.

I had this routine down by now. Eventually, he was going to pull over and suck my throbbing cock… Hitchhiking was so great! He ran his hand over my shaved pubic area, grasping my balls and shoving his fingers down between my thighs and pushing on the sensitive area between my balls and asshole. Fuuuuucckkk… That felt soo fucking good.

“Have you ever been fucked by a guy,” asked Jerry, as he stroked my hot meat.

“No,” I breathed out, practically moaning with pleasure at his strong touch. “It sounds unsanitary…”

Yeah. I really said that. Because that’s what came out of my mouth.

“Why don’t you take off your shirt and shorts and let me play with your cock while I drive,” said Jerry.

I was so high and so hard that I simply did what he wanted and quickly stripped naked in the front seat for him. His hand felt so fucking good on my aroused flesh.

“Wow,” he said, moving his hand up from my cock to my hairless chest and nipples. “You’re a very sexy kid. Hard to believe you’re 18.”

I moaned with pleasure and pride. Not even my girlfriend had ever called me sexy. This was so hot. Jerry pinched one of my tit nipples, causing me to gasp. Fuck! When he let go, he switched to the other and pinched it hard.

“FUCK!” I cried my naked ass rising off the seat as my hard gayz cock fucked the air. Then Jerry let go and rubbed his hand over both burning nipples.

“Ooohhhhh Jesus” I moaned at the burning pleasure pain, my body spasming off the seat, feeling like my whole flesh was on fire.

“Oh shit.” Said Jerry. “People can see you.”

He grabbed my hair and pushed my face down to his hard cock. In my stoned erotic state, I hadn’t even thought about the other cars on the highway being able to see my naked boy body in the front seat. And now my eyes were looking at his huge member, which was glistening with his pre-cum. I could actually see it dripping from his cockhead, wetting his entire dick…

“Lick it” said Jerry.

Fuck. Lick another guy’s cock? I stared at his hard, wet, pulsing meat… Fuck. I moaned, my inner pervert said Do It and, I and stuck out my tongue to taste my first fuck liquids from his huge piece of man meat.

“Oooohhhhh” I breathed on his fat member as my tongue lapped up his precum from his hard shaft….

Fuck… I was erotically stoned high out of my gourd; naked on this guy’s front seat; my raging hard on was jumping and wet with my own precum; my sensitive nipples were hot and aroused; and, although I had never even considered tasting another guy’s cock, I had read lots of porn novels, including ones where some young boy was forced to give a blow job, wrapping his young lips around the man demanding he take his man cock into his mouth; forcing his prick into the boy’s virgin fuck mouth; making him suck his turgid flesh…

“Yeah,” said Jerry from above. “Why don’t you suck on it now, you little bitch.”

Fuck. Hearing Jerry call me a little bitch sent a jolt of carnal fear through my naked body. What the… He called me his bitch… He moved my head, wetting my face and tongue with his copious precum, up to the massive glans of his cock and pressed it against my lips.

“Ohhhhh….” I moaned, my tongue still out.

And just like that the mushroom head of his cock pushed its way past my lips and teeth.

“Uh oh uh oh uhhhh.” I was panting as I tried to take in his massive fuck tool into my mouth.

It was so wet and so hot.

“Make sure you cover your teeth” Jerry said as he pushed his cock into my oral cavity, forcing my head with his hand, “You know, I’m not gay, but I’ve always wanted to fuck another straight guy in the ass.”

I trembled as I thought of him fucking me with the fat log that was being forced into my comparatively small mouth. But my dick was pulsing with lust and I stretched my jaw to take more of his immense meat into my boyish mouth.

“That’s good,” said Jerry, “Use your tongue and suck me bitch.”

He eased the pressure from my head and lifted my face off his fat schlong.

“Yess… Uh.. uhh… uhh..,” I panted.

He pushed my head back down onto his meat and I tried to suck him, my jaw expanding he controlled me by my hair, pushing and pulling my mouth up and down on his obese cock. My naked body squirmed on the front seat, my shuddering meat rubbing against the leather seats. I was so turned on. I was lying there, bare ass naked, another man’s bald cock fucking my mouth, while driving down the interstate.

My pulsating cock sent thrills of degraded raunch through me. I thought that I had to get my girlfriend to do this to me… While Jerry was pumping my mouth, stretching my lips with his thick man flesh, I imagined my girlfriend, her olive-skinned body naked on the front seat while giving a blow job to the driver and getting fucked from the other side.

I panted and drooled on Jerry’s genitals as I got up and knelt on the seat, my naked ass in the air. Jerry let go of my head and his hand snaked over my backside, down my ass crack and I felt his finger press against my anus. Fuck! That felt great! As he rubbed the tip of a finger over my asshole, pressing on it, stimulating it just slightly. I moaned with pleasure as I bobbed up and down on the fat cock in my mouth. Unbelievable sensations were shooting through my naked form. I was so turned on.

Every time, I would come up for air off Jerry’s cock, he would gently press my head down again. And then his finger, now wet with spit, would go back to playing with my asshole until he finally wormed one knuckle inside.

“OOOoooooo” I moaned again, sucking his meat harder until it finally hit the back of my mouth and throat as I reveled in this new ass sensation, trying to fuck his little finger in my hole.

We kept this up, his finger fucking my ass and my mouth sucking his cock, alternatively choking me and then I would come off and go back down again, moaning and trying to please him while he called me his bitch and fuck boy… I was lost in a world of insensate lust. This was so new and so perverse, to be a homo for this man…

And I was so fucking high. It was like the pot was an aphrodisiac which made my whole body a sensual kaleidoscope of lust. There was a tiny corner of my drug soaked brain that was reluctant to be a faggot but it was totally overwhelmed by the carnal sensations that electrified my whole body as it was writhing on the front seat of his car; his naked legs; his bald fat cock; and this new sensation in my virgin ass bud….

Time went by with me sucking him with a passionate fire as he fingered fucked my asshole, until I felt the car slow down and make some turns. He had two fingers in my burning asshole by the time the car stopped. He pulled his fingers from my ass and pushed me off his lap as he opened his door.

“Let’s get out of the car where we have a little more space,” he said as he beckoned me to come out of the car on the driver’s side.

I woozily crawled across the seat as he gave me a hand and I stood up outside the car. Shit. I was stark naked, my own raging erection slick with my precum, trembling in sexual passion, my eyes glazed, my breath coming in ragged pants, as I looked around. We were parked next to some woods at something like a picnic area at a highway rest stop. It was barely light enough to see the bathroom building across the parking lot and some other cars parked along this same isolated area with the clikz big rigs at the way end of the huge lot.

Jerry opened the back seat driver’s side door and told me to bend over onto the seat. I did as he asked and felt his hand again at my virgin asshole, coating it with his spit, working his fingers back in as I moaned in pleasure.

“Unnn.. Uhhhh.. Please…” I moaned even as my ass was fucking his hand, “You, you, can’t fuck me Jerry… Please… I, I, AAAHhhhh” I cried out as he wormed his fingers deeper into my boy hole…

Oh fuck. It felt so fucking fucked…

“That’s okay boy” said Jerry as his hand fucked my ass. “I’m just going to put my cock between your legs and I want you to squeeze them together — okay?”

“Oh yeah, yeah, ohhhhh” I panted as he fucked my asshole harder with his fingers and shoved his hard fat cock between my legs.

My own cock was rubbing against the leather seat. I started humping the seat and driving Jerry’s fingers deeper into my ass in an incredible feeling of pleasure. He pulled out his finger again and I felt a fat glob of spit on my naked asshole. Then felt him wiggle three spit coated fingers into my ass.

“OOOOOhhhhh Fuck!” I cried as I pushed back against his invading hand.

Jerry’s cock was fucking right underneath my balls between my legs, muncitori asia still soaked with his precum, wetting my ass crack as he slid his member up my ass to my asshole and all the way down to my balls again.

“Ohhhhhh fuckkkk”, I moaned at the unbelievable sensations while he continued to fuck my hole with his fingers, pulling them out when his cock head pressed against my asshole and pushing them back in as his cock slid down my oiled crack. I was fucking losing my mind… He kept this up over and over and over again, worming his fingers deeper into my asshole, stretching my virgin hole, sliding his pole up, and pressing it against the same hole. I pressed back against him, fucking my own ass with his fingers.

“AAAAhhhh Fuck!” its like a new world order … I cried as he twisted his fingers deeper into my back hole.

“OH. OH. No. Please. Ah.. ah.. ah… OOohhhhh…” I moaned and begged as it felt like he was driving his hand into my ass with the full length of his fingers inside me!

“Ooooohhhhhh… god… uh… toomuch… please…” My asshole was on fire as he slid his fingers out and then swiveled them back inside me.

The combination of his immensely fat cock smashing against my balls and cock between my legs and this new fuck sensation from my ass started me humping the seat and his hand again. The burning pain in my asshole began to feel amazing, as painful as it was and I kept on fucking his hand back again with my hips.

“Uhhhh… ohhh… yeah.. uhhhh.. uhhh… ohhh yeah… uhhh… uhh….” I moaned as I rubbed my wet cock on his leather seats, fucking the upholstery, wanting to cum… I was so fucking turned on…

“Oh yeah… fuck me… oh fuck yeah…” I moaned, fucking his invading hand with my ass.

Then, on the upstroke again of his cock, again removing his fingers and pressing his fat cock head against my wet asshole, I felt him spread the globes of my ass with his hands while his cock pushed against my anus. Now, he pressed into me, now stretching my shit hole again with the huge head of his cock.

“Ohhhhhh Fuuuuucknnnn, Noooooo” I cried as I felt him penetrate my virgin boy hole!

In spite of his fingers and the wet combination of spit and precum, his cock felt huge and it hurt as he pushed his bulbous cock head into me.

“NOOOO!” I howled.

“Yousaidyouwouldn’ AAAAIIIIIEEEEEE” I screamed as he shoved through my anal sphincter with one thrust, plunging his huge cock meat into my bowels.

“NO! FUCK! NO!” I cried, struggling under his weight, against his arms that were pulling me towards him.

But, my struggling only sent his cock deeper into my burning hole. I could feel the massive pain as he forced his way in, his thick monster stretching my shitter unbearably.

“Nooo, pleeeeease,” I cried, “It’s too big… I can’t… Uhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

I squealed again as he shoved his meat into me, hard, burning a painful fire in my ass.

“Ohhhuh, ohhuh pleas, no, uuhh, noo, uhhhhhhhhhhh…” I groaned, helpless to stop him from raping my young fuck hole.

Then Jerry reached around my naked body, each hand grabbing a nipple and his pulled his body onto mine with my chest tits and began fucking me hard! His flaming fuck meat started banging in and out of my ass while he pinched my nipples unbearably. I couldn’t stop him, and I whimpered in abused pain. I felt like his cock was expanding in my asshole, scorching it with its heat, smashing through my intestines into my stomach. Every thrust elicited another guttural scream from my throat.

“OOOOhhh, UUHOOhhh,” I lurched and groaned as he fucked me and forced my ass to accommodate his thick pole.

My burning ass lips were being pulled in and out as he hammered his hard sausage into my sodomized ass canal. He thrust every inch of his fat fuck pole into my asshole until his hips pressed hard against my ass cheeks and his large fat balls slapped into mine. I was drowning in painful erotic fire as he stopped, his immense cock fully inside me and he whispered in my ear… “Just take it fuck boy like on onlyfans . You were made to be a man’s bitch. Just feel how right it is for a real man to fuck you like a girl…”

“Ooohhhhh…” I moaned, in burning pain but still deliriously turned on, high, as my rapist’s fat tool pulsed in my broken asshole…

Oh God, he was right. He was so right… I wanted nothing more than to be his bitch and have him use me for his pleasure. My hot boy hole clutched around his hard prick, and it felt like my rectum was a fiery pleasure canal.

“Yessss…” I moaned again. “Ohhhh Fuck…. Fuck…”

Jerry started up again and erotic pleasured/pain vibrated in my burning ass as he slammed his cock into my bowels, faster and faster, burying his pulsing meat in my backside. His titanic member slid in and out of my flaming asshole, still only barely lubricated by his clikz precum and my hot ass juices.

“Uuuuooohhhhhhhh AAAHHHH,” I moaned in insensate lust as I felt the incredible fire of this ass fucking.

It was wonderful. Now I tried to clenched my fucked anal ring around his pounding manhood as my ripped open ass sent wild signals to my own steel hard cock.

“Uh!… Uh! Uh! UH! UH! UHhhh!” I grunted as he continued to hammer me with his massive, rock-hard dick, his balls smacking against me.

The lewd sensuality had my whole body quivering, moaning, crying, and groaning with inflamed desire. Nothing else mattered except his hard cock slamming into me, using my overheated nude figure as a fuck thing. The inside of my shit hole was on fire with pain pleasure sensations as I gasped and panted. Then Jerry stopped again. He reached around and grabbed my boy tits and said: “Stand up.”

With his huge cock still firmly lodged in my young asshole, he stood me up and turned me around. Fuck! There were several men standing around, their hard cocks hanging out and stroking — they had been watching me get fucked! Now, with Jerry behind me, still embedded in my ass in the most delicious submissive pain I had ever felt, my naked body and hard dripping cock were on display to the men in front of me.

“AHHHhhhhh” I cried out as Jerry again squeezed my nipples hard, his arms around my naked torso trapping my own arms as I struggled and thrust my bald shaved cock towards the fitness watching men.

One man quickly walked up, knelt down and took my cock into his mouth, sucking on it with expertise.

“Ahhhhhh,” I cried out against as Jerry released my nipples, grabbed my naked hips and began fucking me hard again, against the man’s face sucking me.

“Yeah… Suck him” demanded Jerry, driving his meat into me, “I want him to cum.”

The man put his hand around the root of my dripping organ and furiously began masturbating it while licking and sucking it, driving me insane with lust. Jerry kept fucking me, ripping my asshole apart with his huge schlong as I came to party , shooting my wad into the guy’s mouth, falling forward on him and screaming as my cock; my ass; and my head, exploded in the most mind blowing orgasm I ever had.

“AHHHAHH! Ahuhm, uhm, uhuhuh,” I cried, as my ass convulsed around Jerry’s massive member.

Then I felt Jerry’s molten sperm flood my bowels. He fucked and came, my destroyed asshole clutching at him. I felt his fat log pump out its load, inundating my ass with his zoxy cum. I jerked back up and then down again, my cock shooting cum; Jerry’s cock still filling me up, inundating my ass. My mind was gone. Everything was orgiastic sensation; my own cock painfully overused as the guy kept on sucking; Jerry’s member still searing my once virgin ass…

“Alright” said Jerry to the cocksucker, “Give someone else a chance.”

The man pulled off my cock and Jerry pulled his phallus out of my quivering mind blown body. He turned me around again, pushed my down towards his cock and I heard him say, “Anyone for sloppy seconds?”

And, “Clean my cock faggot” to me…

“Whaaaa?” I was out of my mind, and I didn’t understand.

“Lick up your cum, fuck boy. Clean off my cock.” Said Jerry.

“Uhhhh…. No. I can’t…” I protested.

I was fucking spent; exhausted; and his huge tool had been in my ass.

“AAAHHH Fuck!” I cried out as some other man behind me now, just fucked his hard meat into my open cum slicked ass.

“Ahh, hhhh… ohhhh…” I almost sobbed as I felt myself being fucked again.

“Lick It Up” said Jerry, pushing my face down into his softening cock, slick with his cum and my ass juices.

“Ohhh… ohhh… oh…. Okay…” I panted and thrust out my tongue to lick all the combined fuck juices from his cock.

Although I had been practically crying just a moment before, my mind once more spun off into degrading tuning scenarios as I felt my cock getting hard again, my burning asshole being hard fucked again; my boy whore tongue eagerly licking up the juices off Jerry’s cock.

“OOoohhhhhh,” I moaned and clenched my asshole again as the man behind me deposited another round of sperm into my once unused fuck hole.

All the while I was making love to Jerry’s cock, licking up every drop of cum and my ass off his sagging shaft and pendulous balls. Jerry lifted me off his cock and pushed me back down onto his teratube open backseat, my newly opened asshole dripping semen down my legs.

“Any more takers” asked Jerry, smacking my boyish ass again.

Again, another hard cock fucked me, my own throbbing prick once more rubbing against Jerry’s leather seats. I continued to moan and fuck my ass against the man fucking me until he too came…

He pulled out and then I heard Jerry say, “You want to join us for a beer?”

What the fuck? I thought. I struggled to stand up, pulling myself upright on the door and looked towards Jerry who was opening the trunk of his car. There was just one guy standing there now, his cock out of his pants and he was holding it. It was dark but, from what I could see, the guy looked like a totally normal nebbish, a little chunky, glasses, probably over 35…

I don’t know. I farted and felt liquids flow from my asshole dripping down the insides of my thighs. Jerry, still naked from the waist down, pulled out three cold beers from what had to be a cooler in the trunk and handed one to the guy who had been watching us and then walked over to me and handed me a beer. The other guy laughed and took his hand off his cock, which he left hanging out, and twisted open the beer bottle. I immediately opened mine and guzzled it down, the cold soothing my bruised throat and quenching my raging thirst.

Jerry opened his and poured some of it on his flaccid but still thick startube cock and rubbed it with his hand, letting the beer clean off my fuck mouth and whatever fuck fluids were left from my ass. As he drank his own beer, Jerry walked back and got me another one.

“Would you like this fuckboy bitch to wash off your cock with beer?” asked Jerry to the man standing there.

The man pushed me back to my knees as I opened my mouth, filled it with beer, and then took his hard tool into my frizy beer filled mouth.

“Mmmmmmmooohh” I murmured, drinking the beer around his cock…

I licked the base of his root at his balls and cleaned them with beer too, tasting his man flesh.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” I moaned, my cock twitching as I ministered to this new fucker’s throbbing penis.

The fiery pain in my ass was still there and I felt more liquids drip from my hole but I just got lost in this sensual overload of worshiping another cock. Plus, being just a submissive faggot bitch made me even harder. I sucked his cock thoroughly, now making love to it, licking and sucking it, taking sips of my beer the whole time until it was gone. Suddenly, he flooded my mouth with sperm. I sucked and licked and reveled in his hot cum until he pushed my maxtube head away.

“That’s good bitch,” Jerry said. “Now close your eyes and open your mouth and drink some more….”

I turned to him, still kneeling, closing my eyes… until a hard stream of his hot piss shot into my mouth!

“SHIT!” I cried, opening my eyes, closing my mouth, and turning my head.

But at the same time, I inhaled and swallowed some piss and it splashed in my eyes.

“Fuck. Stop!” I begged, keeping my face away from his piss fountain as he continued drenching my hair and body.

“Face me and open your mouth fuckboy.” Jerry demanded.

Fuck. I was still achingly hard and fuck… I did what he told me and started drinking his waste. He was relentless, and his stream was strong and steady as he then soaked my face and peed down my body to my hard cock, sticking out from my groin.

“AAhhhhhh…” I swayed with erotic pleasure now, again totally mind fucked.

“Oooohhhhh” I felt the other guy pissing on my back… and I shook my long hair, as became drenched with these men’s piss. I bowed my head in submission, my pulsing cock showing how much I enjoyed being peed on… Jerry laughed and turned me towards a new cock which I took into my mouth. Hot pee gushed into my cunt mouth and I tried to drink it all down, now a slave to being a faggot urinal dump. Once the guy finished peeing, he left his cock in my mouth, pulling me to him as it grew hard.

“MMMmmmmm,” I breathed mega seo marketing and started sucking it deep into my mouth, now caressing his shaft and balls.

I pushed down his pants and underwear so I could grab the globes of his fat ass and draw him in to where his cock head touched my already bruised throat.

“Mmmmmmm….” I gurgled around this new cock, savoring being just a fuck boy for whoever wanted to use me.

My hungry lips sucked and pulled ravenously on this lust-swollen prick, and I rubbed the sensitive underside of his throbbing fucker.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” I moaned again in ecstasy.

The man began to moan and face fuck me with the juicy thickness of his cock, as I mewled around its length, my own cock again throbbing and dripping out precum. All too soon, the man grabbed my head and thrust his cock into my throat, as deep as it would go and as my nose was pressed into his pubic hairs, he let loose his hot cum, spewing another load into my young mouth and throat.

“MMmghhh… ghhhh… mmmggghhh….” I gagged, swallowing his jiz, working his pulsating cock and enjoying every second of it…

Jesus, this was hot. I finally let loose his hardness and sat back on my naked heels again. My asshole felt hot and mushy and wet. I looked up at my mouth fucker and licked my lips and sighed… I was such a fuck boy. Jerry was dressed by the time we were done and as I sat there, naked, in stupefied satisfaction, stroking my own hard on.

Jerry said: “I’m only going about ten more miles down the highway. Maybe one of you guys is going further?”

I looked up and saw that there were two new guys now standing there with their cocks hanging out…

“I’m on my way to California,” said one of them.

“Well,” said Jerry, smiling at xxx ads my naked piss drenched form and talking to the guy, You want to take this bitch to California?”

“Fuck yeah,” he said, “If he wants to go with me…”

The other guy asked, “Can I fuck him first?”

I got up and bent over, offering my used cum filled asshole to this stranger.

While he was fucking me, Jerry took my stuff out of his car and drove away….

She was completely naked suspended in the air

Her eyes shot downwards, taking in her own nakedness

and the thick green tentacle-thing gently rubbing her bare pussy. More green tentacles had her bound at the wrists and ankles, keeping her legs spread open, and one particularly large one was wrapped around her waist, supporting most of her weight. Jessie tried to call for help, but another one reached up to wrap around the back of her neck, covering her mouth and gently nudging her until her gaze met the source of her bondage.

The flower.

The small, delicate plant had grown until it was gigantic, each petal easily measuring at four feet long, the yellow pistils now erect and bobbing excitedly. Countless green vines sprouted from the ground around it, including the six that were currently wrapped around Jessie’s body and the one between her thighs. Her heart was racing, her naked chest heaving with every panicked, rapid breath. She felt like she was going to have a clikz panic attack.

The flower – sentient, apparently – seemed to sense the fear rising inside her, and released the vine around her mouth, allowing her to breathe a little more clearly. Meanwhile, the vine stroking her pussy picked up its pace a little, adding just enough pressure to send a wave of pleasure through her body dressed in lenjerie sexy , soothing some of her anxiety.

She bit her lower lip and moaned softly – the immense pleasure of this moment was quickly shushing the fear, and she found herself enjoying it, no matter how completely impossible this seemed. Was she dreaming? She didn’t care. She hadn’t had sex since she’d broken up with Matt, and this was intensely different from her vibrators and dildos. It was… better. Much better. Fuck, this felt good.

She remembered the strange green stuff that had oozed from the prick in her finger, and a small part of her wondered if that had something to do with her mounting arousal and diminishing terror.

The part of her that cared faded away as soon

as the single vine on her pussy left her alone, quickly replaced by two smaller vines that spread her lips open for a third, which circled her clit before flicking at it like the world’s most skilled tongue. She moaned loudly, her body unconsciously arching into the sensation.

The flower responded with a soft flutter of its petals, using more vines to reach up and toy with her large, perky breasts, massaging one while flicking at the nipple of the other. Jessie watched through dazed eyes, amazed when she saw the tip of one of the vines invert itself – in the next second, it was suckling on her nipple, and she gasped in pleasure with jucării sexuale . God, this felt amazing.

Two vines wrapped around her knees and pulled them up and away from each other, opening her up to its manipulations. She purred softly as she felt a larger vine teasing her hole, rubbing up and down in short little sparks that had every nerve down there tingling with anticipation. She could already tell, it was much bigger than her ex – search for escort not too hard to accomplish, but very welcome.

She moaned through gritted teeth as it pushed gently into her, assisted by the wetness already pooling there. Inch by inch, deeper and deeper, and her mind was reeling with black-out pleasure. It was ridged with lots of little bumps that only added to the stretch of her inner walls. With every fucking millimeter, she could feel her orgasm building already. Matt had never even made her cum, especially not this fast – was she really about to cum on a flower?

The damn thing bottomed out, bumping against a spot just under her cervix that had her seeing stars, and suddenly the tightness in her lower belly released, like a knot suddenly being pulled apart. She bit her lip again to stifle the obscene noises that bubbled up, fighting not to scream through the wonderful fire of pleasure.

And the vine inside her hadn’t even started thrusting yet.

She shifted as she started to come down from her high, the vine suddenly feeling very present inside escorte premium de lux verificate . The two smaller ones were still keeping her pussy spread open, and she shivered as another soft brush of cool air dusted her throbbing clit, which had been left untouched as the large vine had entered her. Now it inverted itself just like the one on her nipple, and she threw her head back in pleasure as it started sucking on her clit in perfect rhythm with the one inside her.

Her whole body was tingling all over, and she knew she’d feel the stretch of the vine inside her for days. In and out it moved, slowly, fucking her in a torturously slow rhythm that had her squirming in the clikz air. The vines around her wrists tightened to correct her, and her heart skipped a beat. She had asked Matt and other exes before to tie her up, but none of them had ever wanted to. This… this was her perfect fucking fantasy.

She squeezed her pelvic muscles around the vine, using her wet pussy to beg for more. Before she could stop herself, the words even spilled out of her mouth: “Please… faster….”

The flower ruffled its petals again, like a beautiful bird fluffing out its wings, and she was sure now that it understood her. She closed her eyes and tried to spread her legs wider as the phallic vine picked up its pace, and Jessie felt her juices dripping down her pert little ass. She was moaning softly, unable to stop the noises as they came.

Jesus, this felt good. With each thrust in, the vine hit her g-spot right before it nudged against her cervix, and every time it pulled out, she longed for another hit. The other, smaller vine suckled her clit in perfect time with each thrust, and her legs jerked once in a while as she fell deeper and deeper into ecstasy.

She could feel another orgasm building already.


The flower sensed her getting closer and closer, and sped up a little more. Harder, too, and faster, until it was properly fucking her, like some sort of first-class pornstar on an entire bottle of Viagra. She was fighting not to scream now – noticing this, the flower wrapped a vine around her mouth again, and suddenly she was free to scream as much as she wanted, muffled by the soft vines.

This time, there was no warning for the orgasm. It hit her like a flash of blinding light, and debra arched her back in pleasure as it fucked her through her climax. Shit, her legs were trembling like leaves in a goddamn hurricane.

She was barely given time to recover before she felt a smaller vine nudging her asshole, and tensed up a little – causing her to moan as her pussy tightened on the vine that was still relentlessly fucking her pussy. She had only done anal play a few times, only one of those times being with another person, an ex before Matt came along. Could she handle it?

Once again, the flower sensed her nervousness, and she moaned again as she suddenly felt a smooth, sticky substance spilling out from the tip of the vine, coating her hole. She felt herself relax as the substance tingled on her skin, muscles loosening until the vine pushed itself just an inch into her, spitting more of the lubricating ooze into her ass. She felt like she was sparkling, all the way down to the tips of her fingers and toes. Whatever that substance was, it was only making her hornier, if that was even possible at this point.

In contrast with the fast, rough pounding of the larger vine, the smaller one took its time, sliding into her until she was sure she could feel it in her stomach, then sliding out again, and back in, out, in, out…

Her head still leaned back and her mouth still covered, she glanced at the flower. It was practically glowing in the moonlight. She wasn’t sure if it could really “see” her, but she gave it a pleading look as she reached out with her tongue to lick at the vine over curve frumoase românia  mouth. The smooth thing pulled away for a moment, as if flinching from surprise, before obliging. It unwrapped itself from her face long enough to give her a moment to breathe – then pushed unceremoniously into her mouth, filling her almost to the back of her throat.

All of her holes were filled now.

And she was loving it.

She wasn’t given a chance to properly use her tongue on the vine in her mouth – rather, it seemed to be using her throat for its own pleasure. She felt the same substance trickling into her throat, and it somehow seemed to cancel her gag reflex – allowing it to fuck her throat as it pleased.

The last dying part of Jessie’s sanity hoped nobody could see them. She had no idea what time it was, but the moon was high and full, and the wind was cold, and the lake was empty from what she could see gayz . And even if it was occupied, the glade was tucked away so that someone would have to hike to find her – and she was pretty certain that only she and Matt knew where this was. She was safe here. This was where she belonged, was it not? Tangled in the luscious green tentacles of this strange, dreamlike monster?

The flower suddenly flipped her over, and her massive tits suddenly hung down below her, with both the vines sucking on them now instead of just teasing like before. She shivered as the flower now fucked her from behind roxbox , spitroasting her all on its own. Yes, this was where she belonged. She deserved this, she loved this, she needed this. Maybe the substance in her mouth and ass had seeped into her brain and infected her thinking, because all she could think about anymore was how fucking amazing this felt.

She could lay here and get fucked by this gorgeous thing for the rest of her life. She could feel herself getting close again – how many was that, now? – and screamed around the vine in her mouth as the one in her ass started fucking her faster, keeping perfect rhythm with the one fucking her pussy. They were all moving faster now, harder, and she felt spasms run through her body as she came a second time, not two seconds after the last one. Her head was reeling with absolute euphoria, allowing herself to be stretched while her mouth was filled.

The vines suddenly started to throb, gently at first. It was subtle, but as the pulsing grew more and more intense, Jessie felt a small glimmer of excitement as she realized what was happening – and she welcomed it warmly.

One more moment passed, and the world seemed to freeze around her for a moment as the vines pushed as deep as they could go inside of each hole. Then they exploded, and Jessie screamed through the mouthful of fluid as it shot straight down her throat, her other holes filled to the fucking brim. She could feel it splattering her inner walls, deliciously warm and tingly, and she was sure she would pass out from the pure ecstasy flooding through her body.

The fluid filling her pussy and ass was enough to distend her lower belly, and the fluid in her mouth tasted sweeter than the nectar of the gods. It was enough to give her another, more powerful orgasm, and she felt herself starting to hyperventilate around the massive cock-like vines and the intense pleasure they offered.

They filled her until she was sure she would burst.


Then, one by one, they pulled out of her as gently as they had pushed in. Jessie felt dazed and fuzzy, and for a moment she didn’t register the vines setting her down gently. The cold, wet soil was what jarred her back to reality, and she blinked to clear her head, gazing lovingly at the flower and its beautiful purple petals, still full of what she could only assume was the plant’s thick, sweet cum.

She sat up, moaning as she felt a surge of juices spill from her ass and pussy. The flower was tilted downwards, as if it was looking at her, and she smiled as it stretched a vibe towards her. She reached up and stroked it gently, petting it like the top of a dog’s head. “Jesus…” she whispered, “what a fucking gift you were.”

Several moments passed as she just admired and touched the plant, and it touched her all the same, both of them gently exploring each other under the light of the full moon. Eventually she found her clothes – tossed aside by the vines while she’d been knocked out, she assumed. She tugged them on, and felt a soft tug on her heartstrings as she petted the soft flower one last time before turning around to hike back to her car on wobbly legs.

My Mum is a really sex goddess

“David, stop that immediately,” she said, trying to push my hand away but l was determined, we struggled for a few moments then l managed to get my hand inside the v-neck of her dress and force it inside her bra. I felt her nipple rock hard, l had been told by Jeff that that was a sign that she liked what was happening so l fought harder against her struggles and pinched her nipple.

“David, stop it this instant,” she said but l could feel her struggles weakening, l pinched her nipple harder just like Jeff had told me and l saw the flush of colour in her cheeks, heard her give a guttural groan deep in her throat then felt her relax. “Please stop David,” she said weakly as my other hand slid into the neck of her dress and grabbed her other tit. I pinched both nipples together and she slouched back against the worktop.

As my hands worked on her tits l felt the materiel of her dress give way, l pulled it apart, exposing her teacher bra covered tits. That was much better than the pictures Jeff had shown me, her tits were big and firm but the skin felt so soft and smooth. Her nipples were like bright red corks, l pinched them again.

“Oh David, please don’t do this,” she said, but she made no attempt to stop me.

“Admit it Mum, you like it don’t you?” I smiled.

“No David, please stop, this is very wrong,” she replied, but then groaned again as l pinched her nipples again.

“Is your pussy wet Mum?” I said, taking my right hand from her tit and reaching down, l got to the hem of her skirt which was just above her knee, put my hand under onto her thigh.

“David, stop that immediately,” she said, trying to push my hand away but l was determined, we struggled for a few moments then l managed to get my hand inside the v-neck of her dress and force it inside her bra. I felt her nipple rock hard like owx , l had been told by Jeff that that was a sign that she liked what was happening so l fought harder against her struggles and pinched her nipple.

I think l had better explain how this actually started.

I live in a small town, someone told me once that there were less than 10,000 vizitatori  living there. We have one main high street and there is a newsagent there where l would call in on the way home from school each day and buy a chocolate bar. Jeff owned the shop, although l didn’t know his name until that first eventful day, he was somewhere in his thirties, about six feet tall and looked quite fit, l learned later that he played a lot of tennis and football. He had always been very friendly when l went into the shop.

At the back of the shop there was a door with a sign over it saying “Adults Only”. I had never taken much notice before as l was usually in the shop with my mates but on this day l was on my own.

“What’s through that door?” I asked, “can l see his woxxx ?”

“No you can’t,” Jeff said, “you have to be eighteen to go through there.”

“That’s not fair,” l replied, “l have to wait four years before l can go in there, can’t l just have a quick peek.”

I should have noticed the change in his expression but l wasn’t taking much notice.

“We’ll l might be able to let you have a quick look with 365 premium ,” he said, “but you will have to come the other way, through my back room.”

I didn’t see any problem so agreed, Jeff went to the shop door, there was a sign hanging there that said, “Back in 1 hour”, he turned it to face out and locked the door.

As we went through to the back room he told me his name and asked for mine. We entered the back room which was furnished like a small living room with a sofa, table and chairs, there was a door to a kitchen and another door which l worked out must lead to the area l wanted to go to.

“I’ve seen you in town with your mother,” he said, “she’s very pretty.”

I have always known my mother was pretty, back in the days when she used to wait for me outside my primary school she was the prettiest blonde Mum there, she always wore clothes that showed off her beauty figure without being flashy.

“Do you wank?” He said.

I was surprised by his question and rather embarrassed.

“Oh don’t worry,” he laughed, “wanking is quite normal, l bet you wank a lot don’t you?”

I didn’t want to admit that since l had discovered the pleasures of wanking l had become addicted to to, wanking at any opportunity. I wasn’t sure what to say but he could obviously read my mind.

“Do you think about your mother when you wank?” He asked.

I must have gone bright red realising that he could somehow tell that l had lately been thinking about my mother just about every time l wanked.

“Oh don’t worry, l’m not going to say anything,” he said, “it’s perfectly normal to think about your mother when you wank and your amateur mother is so sexy, l often think about her when l wank. Have you ever seen her naked outdoor ?”

“No,” l replied, “l’ve seen her in bra and panties a couple of times and in her bikini when we go to the beach.”

“Wow!” He said, “l bet she looks hot like that, even thinking about her like that makes me hard, does it do that to you?”

I was doing my best to disguise the fact that my erection was growing but he could obviously tell.

“Mine’s almost bursting my trousers,” he said, “would you like to see it?”

Now l had seen other boy’s cocks in school but the only adult one l had ever seen was my father when l’d stood beside him at a public toilet peeing. I had never seen an adult cock fully erect. I felt strangely nervous but still nodded my head.

Jeff unzipped his trousers, reached inside and pulled out his cock. I was fascinated, it was bigger than mine but not by much, it curved upwards towards his tummy but half way up the shaft it kinked to the right.

“Why don’t you show me yours,” he said.

I thought it was only fair so l followed suit, undoing my trousers and pulling out my cock.

“My word!” He said, “that’s a good sized cock for a twink boy your age.”

“It’s not as big as yours,” l said.

“Not by far,” he laughed, “and you’ve got a few years left before you reach full size, l’m telling you David, the girls will be queueing up to have that up their pussies, l bet you mother would too.”

As l watched, Jeff peeled back his foreskin revealing the big purple head of his cock.

“Can l touch yours?” He said.


I wasn’t sure what to say, no-one else had ever touched my cock


l had tried to get Alice Smith to touch it but she had refused, pretending to vomit at the thought. I just stood there as he came towards me. When his hand touched my cock it felt so good, he wrapped his fingers round me and squeezed gently. I felt the heat of his hand. He then peeled back my foreskin, exposing the head of my cock.

“It’s beautiful,” he said.

“Thank you,” l replied nervously.

“Would you like to hold mine?” He said.

My mouth suddenly dried up, l was unable to speak so l just reached forward and wrapped my fingers round his shaft. I squeezed it just like he’d done to me. I saw a small drop of clear fluid emerge from the slit of his cock.

“That’s called pre cum,” he said.

“I get that,” l said.

“Use your finger and spread it over the head of my cock,” he said, “it’s to lubricate your cock so that when you put it up a girl’s cunt it goes in easier.”

I smeared his pre cum over the head of his cock. “I do that with mine,” l said.

He squeezed my cock again and my pre cum oozed out.

“Do you mind if l taste it?” He said.

I wasn’t sure what to say, l presumed he would rub his finger in it then suck his finger but when l nodded he suddenly dropped to his knees and before l could do anything his lips slipped over the head of my cock. He immediately put one hand behind me, on my bottom, and pulled me towards him, burying my cock in his mouth. I felt such a heat from his mouth and it felt so good my free hand went to the back of his head, holding him hard against me.

I heard him groan and felt his mouth moving, felt him suck me. Suddenly l felt a surge coming, l didn’t know what to do but he must have felt it as well because he pulled me closer and when l came l cried out, pumping my cum into his mouth. I heard a guttural groan from his throat as he swallowed, taking all of my cum as l pumped and pumped it into him. My knees almost buckled with the strength of my orgasm, it was much more powerful than any l’d had by wanking.

When l had cum my last, Jeff pulled away. He turned his face up to me, opened his mouth. I could see my cum sitting in his mouth, then he swallowed and showed me it was gone at sex shop .

“Now l want you to do the same for me,” he said.

“I’ll try,” l replied, “but l don’t know if l’ll be any good.”

“There’s only one way to learn son,” he said. “One day soon you’re going to want a girl to do it to you, she will probably say she’s afraid it will taste disgusting so once you know that it doesn’t you can convince her to do it, who knows, you may even get your mother to do it, l bet she’s swallowed loads of cum.”

The vision of my mother doing what Jeff had just done flashed through my brain and l almost came again.

He stood up and l knelt before him.

“Take it slowly,” he said, “just taste the head first, it’s covered in pre cum, once you know it doesn’t taste nasty you’ll be ready to take a full load.”

I took hold of his cock, he was rock hard and l could feel it pulsing. The head was a deep purple colour, glistening with pre cum, the eye seemed to be as if it was breathing, as if it had a life of it’s own. I put my lips to the head, taking all of the helmet into my mouth. He held me there for a few moments then pulled out of cars .

“How did that taste?” He said.

“It didn’t taste of anything,” l replied, “just a tiny bit salty.”

“Exactly,” he said, “and my proper cum will taste the same, now take me properly, l’ll be gentle, l won’t fuck your mouth this time, just take me as deep as you can and suck me.”

I moved forward again, sliding my lips over his helmet then carried on, his cock filled my mouth, l was stretching to take him. I kept moving forward until he reached the back of my throat, by that time l had about three quarters of his cock, l really wanted to please him so pushed against him, trying to take it deeper. He held me.

“That’s deep enough for now David,” he said, “it take practice to take it into your throat, plenty of time to learn that later, just suck me, l’m on the edge now.”

I could feel his cock pulsating as l sucked as hard as l could. Suddenly l felt a change, the head of his cock grew larger, filling me completely.

“I’m cumming David!” He cried out.

There was a burst of wet heat in my mouth.

“Oh my god yes, suck it you bitch,” he shouted, “take my spunk, swallow it homemade .”

I swallowed as hard as l could but l still felt some of his cum escaping from my mouth, it began to run down my chin. I panicked as l realised that it would fall onto my school uniform, that would take some explaining. I managed to hold my hand under my chin as l continued to try and swallow what was pumping into my mouth. I could feel it falling onto my hand and l hoped l was catching it all.

Finally the pulsations ceased, l had swallowed all of the cum that was in my mouth. Jeff pulled his cock out. I looked down, the palm of my hand was covered with spunk, without prompting l looked up at him and smiled, raised my hand to my mouth and licked all the spunk from it.

“You’re a dirty little cunt and no mistake,” he laughed, “l can tell how much you enjoyed that,” he said, looking down at my rock hard erection. “You’ll have to make do with a wank when you get home David,” he said, “l have to get back to the shop.”

I looked at the clock, l realised l was very late and that my mother would begin to worry. I quickly sorted out my clothing, checking to make sure there were no spunk stains.

“Sorry,” Jeff said, “l haven’t got time to show you what’s in there,” he said, pointing to the door that l guessed led to the adult area.

“If l come back tomorrow will you show me?” I said, “you can teach me how to take all of your cock, l really enjoyed that, l’d love to do it again, if l tell Mum l’m going out with my mates tomorrow after school we can have more time.”

“You really did enjoy it didn’t you?” He laughed.

“It was a lot better than wanking,” l replied.

When l got home, Mum wondered why l was late. I told her my mates wanted me to stay out but l said l had to be home.

“Can l stay out later tomorrow though Mum?” I asked, “I promise to be home by seven.”

“Okay David,” she replied, ruffling my hair and kissing my forehead. As she bent to kiss me, the neck of her dress dropped away and l was treated to a view of her big tits hanging down, her nipples just covered by her bra.

She must have seen the reaction on my face as when she stood up, her hand went to the front of her dress and l saw the flush of embarrassment on her face.

I went upstairs to change out of my school uniform. I was down to my underpants, my cock was sticking out like a tent pole. I took out my cock and pulled back my foreskin. The head was sticky with the residue of my cum. I took hold of the head, coating my fingers with the sticky mucous then put them in my mouth, sucking them as l used my other hand to wank. I could still feel Jeff’s cock in my mouth, could still taste his cum. My orgasm was about to burst, l grabbed the tissue box, taking a handful and wrapping them round the head of my cock just in time.

All through tea time l hardly heard a word of the conversation between Mum and Dad. As soon as the meal was over l excused myself saying l was going to my room to listen to music. I quickly stripped off, lying on my bed stroking my cock as l relived everything that had happened. I came suddenly, without warning, ribbons of cum shooting into the air and landing on my tummy.

I grabbed a tissue then stopped. I scooped up the cumin from my tummy and sucked it from my fingers. I made a decision that from then on, whenever possible, whenever l wanked l would catch my spunk and swallow it. I laid back and closed my eyes. I could see Mum’s tits swaying before me, l so wanted to touch them, wanted to cover them with spunk then lick it off. Soon l was hard again, they say too much wanking makes you blind but l didn’t care, l just had to wank.

School was a nightmare the next day. I kept looking at the clock, praying the time would go faster. Twice l had to rush to the toilet and wank, each time catching my spunk and swallowing it. I was sure someone would guess what l was doing but l didn’t care.

I almost ran to the shop after school. There were a few people in the shop and as l waited l saw two men coming out of the adult area. Mrs Hopkins the local gossip saw the two men coming out, she looked at them with disgust, l wondered if she had ever been in there or was she just surmising what was in there.

Eventually there was just me and Jeff left in the shop. I walked over to the counter.

“I have to stay open for half an hour,” Jeff said, “you go through to the back room and make yourself comfortable, l’ll come through as soon as l can.”

“Can l go in there?” I said, pointing to the adult door.

“Okay but use the other door, l’ll lock this one, that way l can come round with țigări electronice and warn you if a customer wants to go in there.”

I did as he said, l went into the living room, took off my uniform jacket, then went through the door to the adult area.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but all it was was a number of magazine racks, some shelves of books and some more of DVD’s. I started looking through some of the magazines. Each one had a picture of a naked woman on the front. I found myself imagining my mother in those poses and decided that she would looked better than most of them.

I opened some of the magazines, inside the girls were naked again, this time with their legs spread wide open showing off their cunts. I was fascinated to see that there was such a variation in the cunts, not just colour but some were hairy, some were hairless. I decided l preferred hairless as it gave me a better view of the cunt. Further on there were girls on their knees pulling their bum cheeks apart and showing their cunts and arseholes.

I could feel my cock getting hard as l went from one magazine to another.


Moving back further from the entrance door the magazines showed girls being fucked my men with huge cocks, some black, some white. One female was being fucked in her arsehole by a big black man with a huge cock. I wondered what that must feel like and automatically l took out my cock and started wanking.

I found pages of what looked like letters, men describing how much they enjoyed watching their wives being fucked by other men. At first l wondered how that would be exciting, but then l thought about if l could watch my mother being fucked by other men and immediately my cock started leaking pre cum.

The magazine rack at the back was labelled “Specials,” the cover of the first one showed a woman tied to a chair withheld her legs tied wide open. She had a gag in her mouth and things hanging from her nipples. They must have been heavy as they were stretching her nipples.

Inside it showed the same woman in a series of situations each of which looking extremely painful. There were stripes on her body which looked as if she had been beaten with something. Heavy weights hanging from her cunt and what looked like needles sticking in her big tits.

I reached for the magazine at the back and nearly dropped it when l saw the photo on the front. At first l thought it was my mother but when l looked again l could see that it wasn’t. She was on all fours, her face turned towards the camera. What really shocked me was that there was a big dog, it looked like a huge Labrador type, he was up on her back and it looked like he was fucking her.

Inside there were more photos. Different angles showing the dog’s cock in her cunt, finally the ones at the back showed her sucking his cock and then her face covered with cum.

“She does look like your mother doesn’t she?” Jeff said. I hadn’t heard him coming up behind me.

“Would you like to see your mother doing that with a dog?”

I didn’t know what to say, l couldn’t take my eyes off the photograph.

“I didn’t know people and dogs could do that,” l said.

“Oh people have been having sex with animals for years,” Jeff said, “not just dogs,” he added.

“Have you ever seen it happen live?” I asked.

“Yes, loads of times,” he replied.

He walked over to the DVD rack and took one.

“Come through to the other room, we can watch a film while we have some fun.”

I followed him through, he looked back and smiled to see my cock sticking out of my trousers.

“Why don’t we get undressed then there’s no danger of you getting spunk on your clothes,” he said.

That seemed like a good idea so l quickly undressed, folding my clothes neatly over a chair.

“You look beautiful,” he said, “so sweet and pure and innocent, and your cock looks much better like that, you really are nearly as big as me, and because your pubic hair is still just a bit of fuzz it makes your cock look bigger, you will be much bigger before you stop growing.”

“Yours looks funny,” l said, “that bend in the middle is even more noticeable now you’re naked, funny but l didn’t notice it when it was in my mouth.”

“It’s always been like that as long as l remember, my mother used to say it was like that because she always knelt on that side of the bed when she sucked me off.”

“You’re mother used to suck your cock?” I said, “did your father know?”

“Yes,” he replied, “he was usually fucking her cunt or arsehole from behind while she did it. Sometimes she sucked me off while he fucked my arsehole, Mum liked it like that, she said l gave her more spunk that way.”

“Wow!” I said, “sounds like you had a kinky family.”

“Oh my family have all been like that for years,” he laughed, “they all fuck each other and the animals.”

“What…dogs?” I said.

“Dogs, horses, bulls, goats, pigs, anything with a cock basically and if anyone wants a cunt there’s always sheep. We lived on a remote farm, there wasn’t much else to do for entertainment.”

“Is that why you got involved with selling those magazines?”

“At the start yes,” he replied, “but l’m stopping that soon, the internet has killed the trade, everything is available on the internet these days, l’m setting up a live show business now, should be up and running soon.”

“What, live shows of girls fucking animals?”

“Not just girls,” he laughed, “there’s plenty of fellas that like the idea of a dog fucking their arsehole.”

“God that sounds crazy,” l said, “can l watch it someday?”

“You never know David,” he said, “you might even one day be up on the stage with a dog up your arse, l’d love to see that. Also that mother of yours, l know a few fellas who would pay good money to see her tied down and raped by a couple of dogs.”

It sounded so out of this world but listening to him was making my balls ache, l desperately wanted to wank but that would be such a waste, l just wanted to get started at having fun together.

“Do you want to suck me off first or shall l do it to you?” I asked.

“How much time have we got?” He replied.

“A couple of hours,” l said, “Mum thinks l’m out with my mates, l have to be home by seven though.”

“We’ll in that case we have time to try something different,” he said, walking over to the sideboard and picking up what looked like a jar of ointment. “I take it you’ve never been fucked,” he said.

“In my bottom do you mean?”

“That’s right,” he said, “everyone should know what it feels like to have a dick up their arse.”

“I saw some photos of that in there,” l said nodding towards the adult room, “won’t it hurt though?”

“Not if l’m gentle and l make sure your arsehole is well lubricated,” he replied. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, it’s up to you.”

“Did you ever have it done to you when you were my age?” I asked.

“Oh l was a few years younger than you,” he laughed, “my first time was by my mother with a strap on dildo, by the time l reached your age l was getting shagged three or four times a week, my Uncle wanted me whenever he visited and his cock was huge, my mother used to prep me with loads of lubricating jelly and a big dildo so that l was gaping for him as soon as he arrived.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“I was uncertain the first time because it was just a dildo but after the first time a real cock filled me with cum l couldn’t wait for the next one.”

“We’ll okay then, as long as you’re gentle,” l said, “but will you stop if l tell you it hurts too much.”

“Of course l will,” he replied, “l don’t want to hurt you, l want you to discover all the different ways you can get pleasure.”

“I have one question though,” l said, “you’re going to stick your cock up my bottom, aren’t you bothered about getting it……..,”

“Oh that does happen often,” he laughed, “but it is one of the hazards of fucking anyone up their arsehole, you just have to take a chance, and if you’re unlucky you just clean up and carry on.”

I was still a little uncertain but sure that he had no intention to hurt me


so l asked him where he wanted me. He said that for the first time l should bend over the table with my legs spread. I was very nervous but so far everything Jeff and l had done had been fun and he wasn’t putting any pressure on escorte femei . I didn’t want to disappoint him or end up with him saying he didn’t want to play with me anymore.

Jeff went over to a large flat screen tv, he switched it on and put the DVD that he had picked up into the player. I could see the screen clearly from my position. The credits came up, the title was “The training farm.” There were some general shots around the farm, showing different animals, then a van drove up and two big muscular men got out to escorte timișoara , they went to the back door.

“This is where it gets interesting,” Jeff said.

He was stood behind me and suddenly l felt something cold and wet being applied to my bottom.

“Just relax,” he said, “watch the show and enjoy it, just relax, let me take control, trust me.”

I felt his hands on my bottom, they began massaging the lotion into me. His fingers traced down between my buttocks and l started when l felt his finger press against my bum hole.

“Just relax,” he said.

On the screen, the back door of the van opened, inside were two young girls, they both looked to be about my age but l presumed they must be older and probably picked because their bodies looked like they belonged to younger girls. Both girls were naked, their hands tied behind their backs.

I felt Jeff’s fingers massaging the lotion into my bum hole. I watched as the girls were dragged from the van and thrown to the floor before being dragged away.

The next shot was inside a barn, both girls were tied down, bent over a bench, their legs had been tied well spread and l could see their cunts and arseholes. The shot went to their faces and they were both crying.

“I haven’t put the sound on,” Jeff said, “but the story line is that they have both been caught stealing from a shop.”

I could feel my erection growing as his fingers began pressing against my bum hole, they felt very slippery and wet. Then l felt one finger push harder and it slipped into my bottom. I expected it to hurt but instead it felt quite pleasurable.

On the screen, two large dogs were led into the barn, each one went up to one of the girls and began licking their milf cunts and arseholes. I felt Jeff’s finger moving inside me and l tried hard to relax.

“You’re doing great David,” he said, “now l’m going to put another finger inside you.”

On the screen, one of the dogs had mounted his girl. The camera showed a close up of his cock, it was bright red and pointed, there was mucous dripping from the tip which l supposed was his pre cum. What shocked me most was the size of his cock, it was huge, certainly as big as mine. He began jabbing his cock at the girl trying to get inside her. Just then l felt my bum hole being stretched wider as two fingers entered me. I let out a groan as they probed inside me.

“That’s good David,” he said, “you’re doing great, l’m proud of you. Now l’m going to stretch you even more ready for when my cock goes into you, are you ready?”

Just then, one of the men took hold of the dog’s cock and directed it towards the girl’s cunt. The dog wasted no time, driving his cock deep into her, l saw her cry out as she was invaded. I felt my bum hole being stretched wider as another finger was added dating . I groaned again as three fingers probed deep inside me.

“I want to fuck you now,” Jeff said, “are you ready?”

“Oh yes,” l replied, watching that dog violently shagging that girl. The camera swung to the other girl to see that she too had her dog humping inside her. “Do it Jeff,” l said, “fuck my bottom.”

I felt his fingers slipping from my bum hole, l wanted them to stay, it felt so good, but then l felt the tip of his cock pressing against my anus, the head slipped inside so easily.

The camera showed a close up of the first dog


his cock ramming into the girl, l could see a big swelling at the base of his cock, it looked bigger than a tennis ball.

“That’s his knot,” Jeff said, “once he gets that inside her he will be locked in, that’s when he starts pumping his spunk into her, making her his bitch.”

As he spoke l felt his cock slipping deeper into my bottom, it felt so weird but so good as well. When he stopped l asked him if he was fully inside me.

“Oh no,” he laughed, “you’re doing great but you’re not ready to take all of me yet.”

“I can try,” l said, “l want to be good for you, go a bit deeper.”

He asked me if l was sure but l said l wanted to try and take him all, l was afraid that if l didn’t do it he wouldn’t ask me round again. I felt him move deeper inside me.

“Oh yes,” l said.

On the screen the dog rammed hard and his knot disappeared into her cunt, the shot switched to her face as she cried out with the pain. My own cock felt like it was going to burst, l wanted to wank but couldn’t get my hands down to it.

“That’s deep enough David,” Jeff said, “l’m going to pull back a bit then fuck you and cum inside you.”

“Oh yes please,” l said, “l want to cum too.”

“Try to hold it,” he said, “as soon as l’ve cum inside you l want you to fuck me and give me your cum.”

He started to fuck me with smooth strokes, it was the weirdest feeling. I tried to concentrate on the tv, the dog had stopped ramming his cock into the girl, he was deep inside her his hips trembling as he unloaded his spunk into her.

“Oh god you’re good,” Jeff said, “you have the sweetest, tightest arsehole l’ve ever fucked, you’re my first virgin, l’m going to cum.”

“That’s nice Jeff,” l said, “cum and fill my bottom with spunk, l want to feel you cum, go deeper if you want.”

“Oh jeez!” He said.

I felt his hands on my hips.

“I can’t hold back, l have to do this,” he cried out.

“That’s okay, do it,” l said, “l want it.”

It was my turn to cry out as his cock rammed up inside me, further than it had gone before. Then l felt my tummy being filled with a heat that could only be his spunk flooding inside me. I could feel his cock pulsating as he pumped his cum into me. Then my own cock exploded and l new l was shooting my own cum onto the floor, l tried to stop it but l was out of control. In the end l gave up as l wanted to concentrate on that hot rod job up my bottom.

Jeff collapsed on top of me, his cock still throbbing. Slowly l felt it slipping from me, l didn’t want it to go but as it finally slipped from my bum hole l felt his cum leaking out.

“I can’t hold it in,” l said.

“That’s because your arsehole will take a while to return to normal,” he said, “just lie there , it is my job and let me clean you.”

I expected him to use tissues or something to clean me but instead l felt his face pressing against my bottom and his tongue started licking his cum from inside me, l knew l should have been disgusted but it felt too good and l even giggled a bit as his tongue tickled the inside of my bum hole.

I looked at the tv, both dogs were still locked inside their girls but both of them had turn away creating the weird spectacle of them being bottom to bottom with their girls, their cocks pulled backwards.

After a few minutes, Jeff was satisfied that he has cleaned me sufficiently. He stood up.

“I’m sorry,” l said, “l came and shot my spunk onto the floor, l couldn’t help it, l’ll clean it up.”

“That’s okay,’ he said, “leave it, l will clean it up after you’ve gone. Look at the tv.”

I looked at the screen, the scene had changed, both dogs had separated from their girls, they were both led on their backs, the girls lying next to them sucking their cocks. Each girl then looked at the cameras and smiled before going back to sucking the dogs.

“That’s just to prove they were only acting,” Jeff said.

“Oh,” l said.

“I know,” he replied, “l wish they didn’t show that bit but apparently it has to be done for legal reasons, it takes the thrill out of it though, knowing they weren’t actually being raped. Would you rather see it as if it was real?”

“I think it would be more exciting,” l replied, “but l’d prefer to see it live than on film.”

“Oh that would be great,” he laughed, “your mother would be good, jeez l’d love to see her with a big dog’s cock up her cunt, l bet she’d love that.”

My mind flashed back to earlier when l had imagined it was my mother on the front of that magazine with a dog mounted on her, l thought it would take a while to get that image out of my head.

“Shit!” Jeff said, “what time did you say you had to be home.”

“Seven,” l replied.

“Fuck,” he said, “that only gives you twenty minutes.”

I went into a panic, it would take me longer than that to walk home.

“Quickly,” he said, “get dressed, we’ll go out the back way, my car is there, l can drop you closer to your house.”

I dressed quickly then we both rushed out of the back door, in less than ten minutes l had directed him to the street next door to where l lived.

“Can l come round after school tomorrow?” I said, “l can’t stop long but l can fuck you then if you like.”

“You can come round certainly,” he said, “whether l can leave the shop long enough for you to fuck me we’ll have to see, but we can talk about what l’d like you to do with your mother.”

I didn’t have time to stay and ask him what he meant


l couldn’t imagine that l could ever do things with my mother that l could do with Jeff. I puzzled over it as l walked home but then had to snap out of it and pretend everything was normal. Mum asked if l’d had a good time with my mates, l said l had. I ate my tea then said l was going to my room to do my homework.

I undressed when l got to my bedroom, l noticed some staining on my underpants. I stood in front of my wardrobe mirror, turned with my back to it, spread my legs and pulled my buttocks apart. My bum hole was still open and there was a trickle of cum leaking from me. I thought that Jeff must have unloaded a lot of spunk inside me and that gave me a thrill. I put my fingers next to my bum hole and pushed two inside me.

When l took them out they were covered with mucous. I put my fingers into my mouth, tasting the mixture of his cum and my arsehole. I felt my cock hardening as l repeated it with my fingers, pushing them as deep as l could into my bottom, then l licked them again as l used my other hand to wank. I had to take my fingers out of my mouth to catch my spunk when l came then laid back on my bed, licking my cum off my hand as l relived everything that had happened.

The next day l hurried round to the shop as soon as school finished. Jeff said he couldn’t close the shop for a while but l could go through to the living room, he said he had left out some magazines for me to look at while l was waiting, l went through and undressed, then sat on the sofa and started looking through the magazines. I looked at the pictures for a while, they were all showing older women with young boys, they were pretending to be mother and son and they were doing everything together.

There were also what appeared to be letters giving accounts of how boys started fucking their mothers. Most of them were just about straight fucking but some of them were a bit more kinky. There was one from this boy who lived just with his mother, she was very strict with him and he resented not being able to do the things other boys were doing.

He was getting angrier and angrier until one day it just got too much, she had tried to stop him from going out, he grabbed her and pushed her but his hand caught in her dress and he ripped it all the way down exposing her in just bra and panties. Instead of just covering up, she tried to hit him, he grabbed her and they began wrestling, they ended up on the floor, rolling around until her tilts fell out of her bra. She was on her back on the floor, he was on top of her staring at her tits. He started groping her tits, she tried to fight him off but he was too strong.

He felt his cock getting hard so he took it out and put it between her tits, she was protesting but he noticed that she wasn’t fighting very hard. He moved down ended up kneeling between her open thighs, he tugged at her panties and they ripped and came away. She tried to talk him into stopping but he picked up her legs lifting them and pinning them down either side of her head, he was above her and she was at his mercy, his cock was hard and in one movement he rammed it into her.

He fucked her hard and came quickly, then he noticed that she had stopped protesting, he stayed inside her and soon felt himself getting hard again, he started fucking her again ramming his cock into her. The harder he fucked her the less she protested until suddenly she shuddered from head to foot and he felt her orgasm. He carried on fucking her, making her cum twice more until he came for the second time, then he took his cock out and made her suck and lick it clean.

The story went on to say how sex between them became a regular thing, that he dominated her, sometimes spanking her, tying her up and fucking her then making her wear revealing clothes in public until one day making her have sex with a complete stranger.

All the time I was reading the story l was stroking my cock, l was taking myself to the edge then squeezing the base of my cock to stop my orgasm before starting again. I lost track of how long l had been there until Jeff finally walked in.

“He said he was sorry for taking so long.”

“Don’t worry,” I said, “just get undressed, l want to fuck you.”

Jeff laughed as he started to undress. “My word, you sound very dominant today, what have you been reading?”

“I want you now,” I demanded, picking up the jar of ointment from the sideboard.

“You won’t need that,” Jeff said, “l lubed myself earlier hoping you would come.”

I expected him to bend over the table like l had but instead Jeff got on the floor, on his back.

“Pick my legs up and pin them either side of my head,” he said.

I thought about the boy in the story, that was how he had raped his mother. I did as Jeff suggested seeing that his arsehole was now totally at my mercy.

“I can tell you need to be quick,” Jeff said, “don’t mess around, do it as hard and deep as you like, l can take it.”

I positioned himself above him, my cock nudging against his anus.


I thought again about that boy raping his mother and l crashed down on top of Jeff, driving my cock deep into his arsehole.

“Oh Jesus yes!” Jeff cried out, “don’t stop David, fuck me hard, l’ve been waiting for this all day, l was afraid you wouldn’t turn up.”

I withdrew my cock, almost all the way, then drove it back down again, Jeff crying out again as my body slammed into Jeff’s bottom.

“Oh my god yes,” Jeff cried. The position he was in, his own cock was directly above his face, he was rock hard. He managed to get his hand between us and started wanking himself. “Don’t stop David,” he said, “don’t wait for me, just fuck me, l want to feel you cum inside me.”

I knew l was out of control, the vision l had was that boy raping his mother but in the vision it wasn’t Jeff below me, it was my own mother. I rammed my cock in time after time, not relenting with my ferocity. Jeff encouraged me, wanking his own cock as l fucked him.

I saw Jeff cum, saw his cock shooting spunk onto his face. I saw him opening his mouth, trying to catch his own spunk. With one last surge l slammed down again, crying out as my cock exploded deep inside Jeff’s arsehole, flooding him with spunk. I saw Jeff’s spunk covered face smiling up at me as l pumped my cum into him.

“Oh god that feels so good,” Jeff said, “it’s so long since l was fucked like that, too long.”

I felt my legs beginning to cramp, l lifted myself off Jeff, releasing his legs. I rolled sideways, ending up on my back on the floor.

“Oh thank you,” Jeff said, getting up onto his knees, he bent over me, taking my limp cock into his mouth, he sucked me and licked me, licking my balls, taking one at a time into his mouth.

“I want to clean your arsehole like you did to me,” l said.

“You don’t have to do that David,” he replied.

“But l want to,” l said, “l want to do all the perverted things l saw in those magazines, please let me.”

He didn’t need any more persuading. He got up on all fours the bent right forward, his bottom in the air, he pulled his buttocks apart. I got behind him, l could see his gaping arsehole and see my spunk inside him. I bent forward and pressed my mouth against his bum hole, stretching out my tongue to get as deep as l could inside him.

“Oh David, that feels so good,” he said, “reach under me and wank my cock.”

I did as he said, his cock was still hard, l began wanking him as my tongue searched his arsehole cleaning out my own spunk.

“Harder,” he said, “don’t be gentle with my cock, wank it harder, try to hurt me.”

“Are you sure?” I said, lifting my mouth from his arsehole.

“Yes David, milk my cock as hard as you can.”

I went back to licking out his bum hole as l began pulling and twisting his cock. I heard him groan with pleasure, l pulled and twisted harder and he groaned again.

“I’m going to cum David,” he said.

I quickly left his arsehole, pushing him sideways and onto his back, l managed to get his cock into my mouth just as he shot his first burst of spunk. There wasn’t as much as before as he had already unloaded over his own face so l had no difficulty swallowing it, sucking the last dregs from his cock.

“God you are turning into a real perverted cunt,” he laughed.

“Is that bad?” I said.

“Not as long as you do it with the right people,” he said, “it’s fine with me but you have to keep control, you can’t let other people guess you’re such a pervert.”

We lay there for a while, recovering.

“You need to shower before you go home,” he said, “you can’t go home stinking of my spunk and arsehole, your mother will guess something is going on. Go through the back to the bathroom and have a quick shower while l tidy up in here.”

I went through and showered, when l got back Jeff had tidied up the room, he had cleaned his face and he was sitting on the sofa, still naked. He patted the sofa and l sat next to him, he immediately put his hand on my cock and l did the same to him. We stroked each other slowly as we talked.

“You were reading about that boy raping his mother weren’t you?” He said, “l bet you were thinking of what it would be like to do that to your mother.”

“I could never do that,” l said.

“But you would like to wouldn’t you?” He smiled.

I was quiet for a moment, not sure if l should admit to myself that the story had stirred things inside me.

“Your mother is hot David,” he said, “any man can see that when she walks down the street, oh she doesn’t make a big thing of swinging her arse or bouncing her tits, it’s just the way she holds herself, she screams sex, l bet if you started something with her she would react like that mother in the story.”

“I’m not sure,” l said, “l’ve only recently started thinking about her when l wank, l used to think about the girls in school but l admit that since l started thinking about Mum the wanks have been a lot better.”

“I bet she looks amazing in bra and panties,” he said, “do you ever think about standing over her when you wank and shooting your spunk onto her face, l bet she would love that.”

I felt my cock react to what he was saying, he squeezed it gently in response.

“Just think of her lying there,” he said, his hand getting firmer on my cock, “imagine her surrounded by men, all wanking, all shooting their spunk onto her face and into her mouth. Imagine when they start to piss on her, she’s turning from side to side trying to catch their piss in her mouth.”

I groaned as he began wanking me harder.

“You could turn her into a pervert just like you,” he said, “there’s a switch inside her, you just have to press the right button and she would be yours, just like that mother in the story.”

I could feel his cock getting hard again as his hand got more demanding on my cock.

“She’s a hot bitch David,” he said, “l bet you could get her on all fours with a dog banging away in her cunt.”

“Oh god,” was all l could say.

“You just have to hit that switch David,” he said, “you can do it, you’re her son, she loves you, she’ll allow you to do things no-one else could, once you press that switch she will be under your control, you can make her do anything, there’s a slut inside her trying to get out, you can set her free David, just imagine having her like that, willing to do anything you demand.”

“Oh Jesus!” I gasped as his hand pumped harder. My hand was doing the same to him.

“Let’s suck each other off together,” he said, “imagine it’s your mother sucking your cock while l fuck her up her arsehole.”

We both slipped down onto the floor, lying head to toe, l took his cock into my mouth and he did the same to me. He pushed my legs apart, his hand went between them and l felt his fingers against my anus, l did the same to him. He slipped two fingers into my bottom and l did the same to him. He started fucking me with his fingers and l followed, his arsehole was wider and l got four fingers inside him, l heard him groan with pleasure. I lifted my mouth from his cock.

“Do that to me,” l said, almost immediately l felt my bum hole being stretched as he pushed four fingers into me, l took his cock back into my mouth, sucking him in deep.

As his fingers fucked me l did the same to him. I came first, crying out as l pumped what spunk l had left down his throat. He followed seconds later, there wasn’t much spunk but l swallowed what there was hungrily.

When we finally fell away from each other, he reached over, putting those same fingers that had been up my bottom into my mouth, l did the same to him. Once we were both spent we just lay side by side.

“You have to work on her David,” he said, “she’s a slut in waiting, you can do it, she will be your sex slave, imagine the fun you can have.”

I couldn’t reply to him, hundreds of thoughts were spinning through my brain.

“I have to go,” l said, “l’m going to be late.”

“I can’t take you this time,” he said, “l have to get the shop open again, l can’t afford to lose the trade.”

I told him not to worry, that l would think of some excuse. All the way home l was thinking of what he’d said, l could feel myself getting hard thinking of the things he’d described that he’d like to see my mother doing. I was growing more and more frustrated as l got nearer home, it was just as well that Mum wasn’t there when l got home, the back door was open and there was a note on the table.

“5 p.m., thought you would be home by now, had to pop out to the shop to get something for your father’s tea, won’t be”

I breathed a sigh of relief, l’m sure that if she had been there l would have done something stupid. I had to wank, l went upstairs, undressed and started wanking. A few minutes later l heard movement downstairs.

“Are you home David,” Mum called up the stairs.

“I’m coming Mum,” l shouted back, “just getting changed.” I smiled at the irony of saying l was just coming when l was busy pumping my hand on my cock. “Too right l’m just cumming Mum,” l whispered to myself, “why don’t you come up and suck my cock.”

“Sorry David darling, did you say something?” She shouted up from the bottom of the stairs.

“No Mum, l was just singing,” l replied, pumping my cock harder then catching my cum and licking it off my hand.

“What shall we do tomorrow?” mum said as we all sat round the table eating our meal. My mind had been so full of what l was doing with Jeff that l hadn’t realised it was Friday. “It’s going to be a nice day, why don’t we get up early and go to the coast, you always enjoy a day at the beach don’t you David?”

As she spoke she reached over and patted me on my thigh. It was an innocent enough action and something she often did but all of a sudden it seemed to have different connotations. For a start, l still had half an erection and her hand had come very close to touching it. Had she realised what she had nearly done, l could only guess, but she certainly had a twinkle in her eye and every move she made suddenly seemed to have a double meaning. Even when she picked up a chip l imagined that she was miming sucking my cock. My eyes went to her chest, l could see her nipples outlined through the thin material. My cock started throbbing, l had to change my position to give my cock more room.

“Go on David, say yes,” she said, “l could do with a break and a chance to top up my tan.”

What could l say, l would be giving up the chance to spend all afternoon with Jeff, although he would be busy in the shop, but we might have been able to steal some time to play with each other. I felt trapped, Mum was looking at me, she licked her lips, was that telling me something, was she hoping to have my cock in her mouth, god l was going crazy.

I had no choice but to give in and say l would like a day at the beach.

“Oh thank you,” she said, she leaned across to kiss me. I expected a kiss on my cheek but instead she kissed me full on my lips. She had put her hand on my thigh as she leaned across, l thought l was going to cum in my pants. She never kissed me on my lips, what did that mean? Was that another sign or was it just my imagination.

I managed to negotiate the rest of the meal and then wait until both their backs were turned before l got up and went to my room. My cock was still hard when l got there, l wasted no time in giving it a good hard wank, l could still taste my mothers’ lips, it was easy to imagine them wrapped around my cock.

That night was purgatory.


I tossed and turned all night, when l closed my eyes l kept seeing the photo of the girl that looked like Mum with that dog fucking her, but it was Mum l saw, her big tits swinging, smiling at me as that dog forced his knot into her. I wanked off twice but still l couldn’t relax. I was going to spend a whole day without seeing Jeff, l was wondering if l would survive.

I must have finally drifted off, it was Mum who shook me awake at eight o’clock. She shook me then walked out of the bedroom. I looked down and saw that the quilt was not covering me, that my pyjamas were still pushed down from my last wank. She must have had a full view of my cock. I went downstairs, terrified of how l would be able to look her in the face.

Mum behaved as if nothing had happened, she was bubbling with excitement, looking forward to the day. It was a two hour drive to the coast, by the time we got there the sun was warming up nicely. We gathered our gear and made our way along the beach until we found a small secluded area shielded from most of the rest of the beach by a rocky outcrop.

Dad parked himself in his chair, taking a bottle of beer from the cool box. Mum laid her beach towel on the sand then took off her dress. She looked amazing in just bra and panties, l couldn’t take my eyes off her.

“You’ve got an admirer,” Dad laughed, looking straight at me.

“Don’t be silly,” Mum said, “David has seen me in bra and pants before haven’t you sweetie.” She bent down to kiss my forehead and for a moment l thought her tits were going to fall out. She turned away from me, bending over to get her bikini out of her bag, as she did, the thin material of her panties had slipped into the cleft of her bottom and l was sure l could see the outline of her pussy lips.

“Why don’t you go and find some friends to play with,” she said as she wrapped herself in a towel.

I daren’t move, if l had my erection would have been obvious. I sat there, trying not to stare but watching from the corner of my eye as Mum fumbled under the towel, l saw her bra fall to the sand, followed by her panties. She bent over to pick up her bikini, Dad reached out and tugged the corner of her towel. Mum shrieked as she grabbed for the towel but not before it had fallen away from her tits.

“Peter!” she squealed, “ behave yourself,” she said, replacing the towel.

“Oh don’t be a prude,” Dad laughed, “ you should go topless anyway there are a few on the beach that are.”

“Yes you’d loved other men ogling my boobs wouldn’t you,” she said, “what about David?”

“He’s got to see a proper pair of tits someday,” Dad replied, “they might as well be yours.”

Mum was trying to act offended but there was something in the way she acted and the twinkle in her eye that told me she wasn’t serious. If l could have slipped away then l would had to find somewhere quiet for a wank.

Eventually Mum managed to get her bikini in place and removed the towel. Dad let out a whistle of approval and l almost followed suit. The top of her bikini seemed to be fighting a losing battle to contain her tits, the material so thin than not only her nipples but the dark patch surrounding them were easily discernible. The tiny triangle that formed the bottom part of her bikini stuck to her body like glue, moulding to the contours and cleft of her cunt. If anything she looked more sexy than if she had been naked.

“Jesus Mo, look what you’re doing to me,” Dad said, making no effort to hide the tent in his beach shorts.

“Peter!” Mum replied, “please remember David is here.”

“Come off it Mo,” he said, “why do you think he’s sat over there,” he laughed, “he can’t take his eyes off you.”

Mum turned to lie down on her beach towel. The thong at the back had disappeared between the cheeks of her bottom. It was all l could do to stop taking my cock out there and then. In desperation, l just had to get away, l got up a ran off over the sand hoping that my mother hadn’t seen my erection sticking out.

I wandered round for a couple of hours, looking in rock pools, trying to make my way near to some of the women who were unashamedly going topless. I had never seen so many gorgeous tits for real. I’d seen some of the girls in my class but only a couple of them had any tits at all. After a while l began to get hungry, l knew Mum had packed sandwiches so l made my way back to where they were.

I walked round the rocky area to where they were and saw them lying facing each other. It looked like Mum had her hand inside Dad’s shorts, Dad had pushed her bikini top up and her left tit was fully exposed. I watched as he bent forward, kissing her nipple then sucking it into his mouth. Mum put her free hand behind his head, holding him tight onto her tit, l could see her hand moving inside his shorts, she was wanking him.

Suddenly Mum saw me standing just a few feet away, she pushed Dad away violently, grabbing her bikini top and pulling it down to cover her tit.

“You shouldn’t creep up on people like that,” she said.

“I didn’t creep up,” l protested, “what were you doing.” I was feigning innocence, at the same time hoping my growing erection wouldn’t give me away. I saw Mum’s eyes switch to the front of my shorts, l almost went to cover my hardening cock with my hand but decided to carry on my false innocence and behave as if nothing was happening. I felt my cock straining against my shorts, l was glad Dad was looking the other way, trying to disguise his own hard on but Mum’s eyes lingered on the front of my shorts until she snapped herself out of it, blushed bright red then looked away as if everything was normal.

I told her l was hungry and we all sat down to sandwiches and cold drinks. There was a sudden cold breeze, Dad looked up.

“That doesn’t look good,” he said.

We all followed his gaze to see a huge black cloud just about to blot out the sun. At that same moment the heavens opened, there was a flash of lightning and a loud clap of thunder. We quickly gathered everything together and decided to make a run for the car. The beach was rapidly emptying, Dad and l carried most of the things, as we ran over the sand, Mum tried desperately to stop her tits bouncing free of her bikini. She was carrying two bags and despite her efforts both tits bounced free, bouncing wildly as she ran. I was behind her, watching the cheeks of her bottom quivering as she ran. I did notice a few other men looking on appreciatively as she ran past them having given up trying to cover her tits.

By the time we reached the car we were drenched. Mum was sat in the front passenger seat, l was behind Dad. She opened one of the bags she had been carrying.

“At least my dress is still dry,” she said, “l’m going to get out of this wet bikini and put it on. Look away David.”

I turned my head away but then had a sneaky look just as she was completely naked, l couldn’t see her cunt and only a side view of her right tit, but as l was tucked behind Dad’s seat l managed to get my hand inside my shorts without being seen. I pulled my foreskin back and stroked my cock as l watched Mum slip on her dress.

Dad decided the rest of the day was going to be a wash out so we agreed to head for home, secretly l was hoping to get home and go and see Jeff, there was so much l wanted to tell him and l really wanted to feel his cock inside me, l didn’t care if he chose my mouth or bottom as long as he filled me with cum.

It was five o’clock when we got home, traffic had been bad and we were held up for ages. The weather was better at home so l asked Mum if l could go out to find my mates once l changed into clean clothes. She agreed and l saw her and Dad smile at each other, they were obviously looking forward to having the house to themselves. I was tempted to sneak back and try and catch them fucking but l wanted to get round to the shop before Jeff closed at six.

There were a few people in the shop when l got there, they were queueing up to buy lottery tickets. Jeff spied me waiting at the back of the queue, he gestured with his head toward the door to the living room so l slipped around the back of some shelves and went through the door.

I wasted no time once l was in there, stripping off my clothes, l picked up one of the magazines from the table and sat on the sofa. The magazine was full of cartoon style pictures, there were women with abnormally large tits and gaping cunts being tortured and fucked by grotesque monsters with massive cocks dripping with cum. Although the pictures were ridiculous l couldn’t resist looking from page to page. There were women being fucked in every hole, sometimes taking huge cocks in their cunts and arseholes at the same time. I was wanking my cock, taking myself to the edge. I kept glancing at the clock, willing the hands to move around to six o’clock. Even then it was another five minutes before Jeff came in.

“Fuck, l thought l would never get rid of that lot,” he said, “l’ve been waiting for you all day David, where were you?”

I said l was sorry then told him about my day as he got undressed. He came and sat beside me and we held each other’s cocks as l told him every thing about the way Mum was behaving.

“I told you she was hot,” he said, “l bet it’s that time of the month for her, women can get really horny at certain times of the month. Now is the time for you to take her David, she will be gagging for it, you do want to fuck her don’t you?”

“Of course l do,” l said.

“Well get on and do it,” he said, “the sooner you start fucking her, the sooner we can start doing all the other stuff with her, you do want to see her being fucked by a dog don’t you?”

“Oh god yes,” l said, “do you honestly think we can get her to do it.”

“Believe me David, once we get that slut inside her to come out there’s nothing we won’t be able to do to her, but you have to start it and you have to be strong with her, she might try to fight you off at first but you have to overpower her.”

“Do you mean rape her?” I said.

“If necessary yes,” he replied, “believe me David, she won’t fight for long, once she feels your cock inside her that slut inside her will take over.”

“You make it sound so exciting, l want to do it, l really do. Dad is playing golf tomorrow morning, l might be able to do it then.”

“That sounds good,” he said, “l want to fuck her too so as soon as you’ve had her you can bring her round and let me have a turn.”

“We could fuck her together,” l said, “oh Jeff, l would love that.”

“What do you want to do now?” He said, “l have most of an hour, l have some special customers coming to buy from next door.” He nodded towards the door to the adult area.

“I don’t mind,” l said, “we can suck each other or you can fuck me if you like.”

“I’d like to fuck you,” he said, “l’ve been thinking of you tight little arsehole all day.”

“It’s not as tight as it was,” l giggled, kneeling up on the sofa and leaning over the back, “but l’ll try to squeeze you cock while you’re fucking me. Can you fuck me hard this time, l don’t mind if you hurt me a bit but l’d like to be fucked hard like those dogs did with those girls. I used some of the ointment as soon as l got here so you don’t have to wait, just ram your cock up me.”

“God you are a dirty bitch,” he laughed, “you’re one in a million David, l can arrange for a few friends to come round and fuck you if you like, they will want to fuck your mother as well but they won’t turn down the chance of a tight arsehole.”

“I want to try everything,” l said, “when can l try a dog?”

“Soon David,” he said, “you bring me your mother ready for fucking and l’ll set up for you to get fucked by a nice big dog.”

I must have got him really worked up because no sooner was he behind me than he drove his cock deep into my bottom. It did hurt but there was a searing heat as well and before l could stop myself l came, shooting my spunk onto the sofa.

“I’m sorry,” l cried, “l couldn’t help it.”

“A good job it’s leather,” he said, you can lick it off later.

He began fucking me with deep powerful thrusts, l could feel his pelvis banging into me so l knew l was taking all of him, l felt so proud knowing he was able to fuck me properly. My own cock was still shooting spunk each time he forced his way deep inside me. It was only half a dozen thrusts before the final savage surge and l felt my bottom being filled with his hot cum.

“Oh god that’s good Jeff,” l said, trying to squeeze my anal muscles around him as he pulsated inside me.

“You’re a slut David,” he said.

“Oh l hope so,” l giggled, sluts have all the fun. “I’ll make Mum a slut too, oh god Jeff, can we do things to her like in the magazines, things that make her cum with pain.”

“Oh we will David,” he said, “l know people who will pay good money to do those things to her.”

“Then she‘ll be a whore as well as a slut,” l laughed, “oh that will be fun.”

He finally pulled out of my bottom and sat on the sofa. I immediately slipped to the floor, moving between his legs and took his cock into my mouth. He groaned in appreciation as l sucked and licked his cock clean, licking his cum from his balls, then moving over and licking my cum from the seat of the sofa. Finally l slouched back against the sofa.

“Oh l needed that Jeff,” l said, “ l do like being fucked, do you think l’m gay?”

Jeff laughed. “Certainly not David,” he said, “neither am l. I was brought up to be able to enjoy sex in any form and that is what l hope l’ve taught you. I can assure you, having sex with your mother will feel just as good as doing it with me. I don’t believe in putting labels on people, gay, straight or bi, just enjoy yourself and don’t have any hang ups, be ready to experience anything, if you don’t like it, don’t do it again, but l assure you there won’t be much you don’t like.

Just then a bell rang.

“That’s my customers,” Jeff said, standing up and pulling on his trousers and top. I managed to grab his cock just before he zipped up, a bead of cum was oozing from the eye. I licked it away then kissed his cock.

“Don’t be long,” l said, “l’m so horny.”

“Slut,” he said, turning towards the door.

When he returned he quickly undressed again. He turned on his laptop.

“Got a treat for you,” he said, “l have cameras in the room, the customers like to think they have privacy but l like to keep an eye on them. You never know when a secret recording can come in handy.”

Four squares came up on the screen, each one showing a different view of the room. There were a man and woman on one screen, Jeff tapped on that one and it went full screen.

“Hang on,” l said, looking at the couple, “l know them, that’s Mr and Mrs Smith, Alices’ parents.”

“They are regular customers,” he said.

“But he’s a bank manager and she is a church warden,” l said.

“Oh they are real kinks,” Jeff said, sitting beside me and reaching for my cock.”

“She’s a real busy body,” l said, “Mum says she’s a terrible gossip, always spreading rumours about people.”

“Just watch,” Jeff said, slowly wanking my cock, l took hold of his and did the same.

The Smiths are in their forties, he is always very smart, she is a bit overweight and has huge tits, not that l’d ever seen them but it was obvious they were big. I always thought it was strange that Alice had such small tits, she was almost flat chested, which l always told her made it so stupid that she was reluctant to let me play with them.

They began to walk from rack to rack of the magazines, they ***********ed one after another, looking through them, stopping now and then to kiss. Her hand was constantly against the front of his trousers and he was squeezing her tits but outside her blouse. There was no sound but l could see she was giggling as they looked at the magazines. They disappeared from the screen and Jeff tapped it, bringing back the four screens. They had moved to the back of the room, Mr Smith was holding a magazine, l could tell it was one of the ones with animals.

Mrs Smith stood next to him, looking at the pictures, they kissed again and he started undoing her blouse. When he pulled it oped her huge tits were held in a massive bra. He hooked his fingers under the bra, pulling it up, her tits fell out. I’d never seen tits that big, they were bigger than melons, they flopped down to rest on her tummy. Mr Smith started mauling them as they kissed again.

Jeff put his head on my lap, he could still watch as he took my cock into his mouth.

We watched as Mrs Smith undid her husbands’ trousers and took his cock out. He was hard but nowhere near as big as me, she was using her thumb and finger to wank him. Then she dropped down onto her knees and took him into her mouth. Mr Smith picked up another magazine and was obviously telling her what was in the pictures as she sucked his cock. It didn’t take long before Mr Smith dropped the magazine, grabbed hold of her head and started fucking her mouth hard. She was pulling him in with each thrust. After about half a dozen, he pulled her in hard and l could tell that he was cumming in her mouth. At the same time l shot my spunk into Jeffs’ mouth and felt him swallowing.

When Mr Smith had finished cumming, she stood up, reached up and kissed him hard. I guessed that she still had his spunk in her mouth and that they were sharing it. I pushed Jeff down hard on my cock feeling it forcing it’s way into his throat, he took it hungrily.

Mr Smith was mauling her tits, pulling and twisting her huge nipples as they kissed. When they finally pulled apart, she pulled her bra down, stuffing her tits back inside like filling a pillow case, he put his cock away, zipping up.

I watched as they went to the DVD rack. He ***********ed one, she giggled and kissed him and they returned to the main shop. Jeff had to put his trousers back on as the bell in the shop rang, he didn’t bother with his top. I had to stop him as there was a bit of spunk on his chin, he scooped it off and swallowed it.

“Jesus,” l said when he returned, “l would never have suspected them of doing that.”

“They do it every time,” he said, “when you told me that you were having trouble with Alice Smith l thought it would be good to see what her parents are like.”

“What DVD did they buy?” I asked.

“Family life on the farm,” he replied, “it’s a new one, one of the strongest, all sorts of animals involved with the whole family, l have another copy if you want to see it.”

“Next time,” l said, “l can’t stay much longer, l promised Mum l wouldn’t be late.”

“Are you up for one more fuck?” He asked.

“I’d like that,” l replied, “but my bottom is still full of your spunk from the last one.”

“Always room for more,” he laughed, “l’ll lick you out when l’ve finished.”

“Do it this way then,” l said, lying back and lifting my legs, opening them wide.”

He grabbed my ankles and pinned them beside my head, his cock found my entrance.

“You’re still gaping a bit,” he said, “l can see my spunk in you.” With that he plunged his cock into me, coming down hard on top of me.

“Oh fuck yes,” l cried, “no mercy Jeff, l love being your slut.”

“That Mrs Smith is a fat slut,” he said, “l bet she takes it up her arse, l bet you’d like to do it to Alice.”

“I would,’ l replied, “she’s always been a stuck up bitch, always thinks she better than everyone because of her parents, l wonder if she knows what perverts they are.”

“Perhaps we can think of a way to teach her,” he said, pulling back then driving back into me. “But first you have to deal with your mother David, you have to be rough with her, don’t give her a chance to stop you, once she has you inside her she will give in but you have to be strong, she might shout and scream and beg you but once you start you have to see it through, just keep thinking of all the things you want to do to her, don’t be soft, she’s so hot she must like it rough.”

My own orgasm was building as he fucked me and l listened to him talking about my mother, l knew he was right, l would have to take her by force, l couldn’t give her the chance to brush me away. I knew l was strong for my age, l knew she loved me and even if she did try to stop me she wouldn’t hurt me, that was my advantage.

“It might start as rape to begin with David,” he said, “but once you start fucking her she will switch on, you’ll see.”

I started to cum, spunk shooting down onto my face. Jeff rammed deep inside me and l felt him cum.

“You dirty fucking slut,” he laughed as his cock pumped inside me.

He held me there after he’d finished shooting his spunk into me, he pulled out then pressed his mouth against my arsehole. I felt his tongue searching up inside me. He was sucking and licking, cleaning out as much spunk as he could reach. When he finally released me, he stood, looking down at me, l must have looked a sight, l knew l had my own spunk on my face..

He bent down and began licking the spunk from my face, it felt really weird but it was nice. Once he had finished he pulled away a bit, staring at me intently, then he lowered and kissed me full on my mouth. He had never kissed me before, his tongue entered my mouth and l felt myself respond. I could taste spunk and the taste of my bum hole. His fingers went to my nipples, pinching and twisting and l responded harder. Our bodies were pressed together, cock pressed against cock. The kiss seemed to last forever, l sucked on his tongue as he did with me. I felt a wet stickinesss between our tummies and guessed we had both had a little cum.

Eventually he stood up. “Now go home you little slut,” he laughed, “and don’t come back until you have raped your mother, of you don’t do it l will never fuck you again.”

He let me go and take a quick shower, l expected him to kiss me again as l was leaving but he seemed to be very cold to me all of a sudden.

“Don’t forget,’ he said, “don’t come back until you have fucked her.”

I was in torment all the way home. I knew the moment had come, l had to do what he wanted, l had to do what l wanted. I wanted to fuck my mother and l knew l had to be strong enough to force her.

Mum and Dad were cuddled up on the sofa when l looked in, l guessed they had been fucking, there was an air of spunk in the room. Mum asked if l wanted anything to eat but l said l wasn’t hungry, that l was tired and going to bed.

I hardly slept, l desperately wanted to wank but forced myself to leave my cock alone, l needed to be wound up in the morning. Somehow l wasn’t worried if l would get into trouble, l knew Mum loved me and even if it all went wrong she would forgive me. I worried that she would be strong enough to stop me. I watched the time ticking round, l must have finally dozed off when l was woken at eight o’clock by noises downstairs. I heard the front door close. I looked out of the window and saw Dad putting his golf clubs into the car and drive off.

About ten minutes later l heard Mum go to the bathroom, then heard her creep past my bedroom door on her way downstairs. I waited five minutes, my clock was rock hard, l resisted the urge to wank. I went to the bathroom and emptied my bladder, cleaned my teeth then washed my cock and balls. I knew l was delaying that final decision but in the end started to go downstairs.


And that was how we ended up where we were, her dress torn open, her tits exposed, her pleading with me as my hand reached the gusset of her panties.

“You’re wet,” l said, “you want this don’t you?”

“No David please,” she begged.

I tried to get my fingers inside her panties, in the end l grabbed them, the thin material gave way easily as l tore them away.

“Oh god, please David!” She cried.

I grabbed her tattered dress, tearing it all the way down, opening it to expose her completely with her bra now hanging round her neck.

“I like shaved cunts,” l said, putting my hand back between her thighs. I slipped two fingers inside her, she was so wet that they slipped in so easily. She suddenly relaxed when my fingers entered her, l was tempted to ease back but then l remembered Jeff warning me that she might try to fool me into easing off so that she could escape. She must have seen the steely look in my eyes and realised her ruse had not worked . I saw rears in her eyes, she pleaded again but her body betrayed her as a flood of juices flowed over my fingers.

“You like this don’t you?” I said, staring into her eyes. “You’re body is begging me to fuck you.”

“Oh David please stop,” she begged, “it’s not too late, we can pretend it never happened, it’s just you turning into a man and your hormones are making you do this, please David.”

“I am going to fuck you Mum,” l said, “you can either accept it or take it the hard way but either way l’m going going to fuck you, and after that you’re going to be my slut.”

“Don’t talk to me like that,” she said angrily, trying once more to break free.

I had to take my fingers out of her cunt and use both hands to wrestle her until l was able to force her face down on the table. I used one hand on the back of her neck to force her down while l struggled to part her thighs. She wriggled and clamped her thighs together so l gave her bottom a sharp smack. Initially l was afraid l had hit her too hard when l saw the red imprint of my hand on her soft flesh. She yelled out but then l saw her tremble from head to foot and l saw a trickle of liquid oozing from between her thighs. I knew she had cum and l knew then that l had her.

She was shaking, l tried to part her thighs again, she tried to resist but one more slap on her bottom and she gave way. I spread her legs and stood between them, l could see her cunt glistening with her juices and despite the fact that she was sobbing l was now confident that l could do whatever l wanted with her.

I went to put three fingers into her cunt but she was so wet that four slipped in easily. I had seen girls being fisted in the magazines, she felt so wet and available that l tried putting my whole hand inside her. It slid in so easily, she let out a deep groan as l balled my fist inside her.

“Oh god! Oh dear god!” She sobbed as l started slowly pumping my fist in her cunt. Her juices were flowing and l could hear them squelching inside her. Her legs were spread wide and l didn’t have to use any effort to keep them there. She sighed with every thrust of my fist, juices sprayed from her cunt as my fist went higher.

“Oh please David,” she said, “please stop, l thought you loved me.”

“I do love you Mum,” l replied, “that’s why l’m going to fuck you.”

She could only groan in response as she seemed to have finally accepted her fate.

When l looked at my fist slowly sliding in and out of her cunt l saw her anus pulsating. There was a tub of butter spread on the table ready for breakfast.

“Is your arsehole virgin Mum?” I asked.

“Oh god David no, not that, please not that,” she begged, making an attempt to wriggle free. I held her firm.

“ Virgin or not Mum,” l demanded.

“Please David don’t do that to me, use my pussy if you have to but not there.”

I slapped her bottom again feeling a fresh flood of juices pouring around my fist.

“Virgin or not Mum,” l repeated.

“Not,” she finally admitted, “your father has done it to me a few times.”

“And l bet you enjoyed it Mum, didn’t you?”

“But he’s my husband David,” she said, “you’re my son, this is so wrong David , please, l beg you, l’ll do anything for you but not in there David please, oh my god, the shame of it.”

“By the time l’ve finished Mum you’ll be doing anything for me anyway,” l laughed, “there are many more things l will get you to do not just taking my cock up your bum hole.”

I dipped my free hand into the butter, scooping out a good a good measure of butter. I then slapped it straight onto her anus.

The shock of the cold, greasy substance hitting her bum hole was the final indication to her that there was to be no turning back. She did make one final attempt to get me to change my mind.

“Please David,” she sobbed, “stop now, l’ll forgive everything, you know l love you, please don’t shame me like this.”

“You have nothing to be ashamed of Mum,” l said slowly withdrawing my fist from her cunt, it was followed by a stream of juices. “You’re going to love it Mum, Jeff tells me you will, he told me from the start that you were hot, you can try to deny it but your body betrays you.”

I placed one hand on her hip, with the other l positioned my cock resting against her anus. I moved it back and fore in the valley between her bum cheeks, coating my cock with the pool of melting butter. When l was happy that l was well greased l rested the head of my cock against her anus. I was so hard l thought l would burst. I increased the pressure, hearing her sobbing loudly as she new she could not stop me.

With one thrust l was in her, sliding easily until half of my cock had disappeared into her arsehole.

She cried out but once again her body betrayed her as her whole body went into spasm and juices shot from her cunt.

I couldn’t hold back any longer, l had to fuck her as hard and fast as l could. I drove in deep until my pelvis slammed against her, pulled back and rammed in again. Each time l forced myself as deep as l could in her arsehole she cried out, l was concentrating so much on how good it felt, how hot she was, it felt like my cock was in a furnace. It took me a few moments to realise what she was saying when she cried out.

The begging and pleading had stopped, l rammed into her again and then l heard those words, those words that Jeff had always insisted she would say once she felt my cock inside her. Each thrust brought a hissing “Yes,” from her. “Yes……yes….yes….oh my god yes!” Came with each thrust.

My balls felt as if they would burst, my knees were trembling. I collapsed down on top of her, my cock buried deep inside her as it exploded, pulsating wildly as l pumped my cum into her.

“Oh my god!….oh my god!…..oh Jesus Christ yes…..yes ….yes!” She cried out as l humped into her, pumping and pumping, unloading more spunk than l could ever have imagined possible.

She shook from head to toe, letting out a deep groan as she came again.

“Oh David yes….yes…yes…yes, you beautiful boy, oh god,” she mumbled more words, l couldn’t make it all out, all l cared about was ramming my cock as deep into her as l could.

Suddenly l heard a noise. I looked up and saw the back door opening and my father coming into the kitchen. He stopped dead in his tracks.

You may remember how l said that grown ups say the stupidest things, well this was another example.

“Fuck David!” He shouted, “what do you think you’re doing?”

Now l ask you, what did l think l was doing.

“I’m fucking Mum up her arsehole,” l replied, “and she’s loving it.”

What exactly are swingers?

Swingers are married couples who have sexual relations with one another. They frequently seek “unicorns” or other folks (also known as non-coupled couples). Teams will sometimes go to sex clubs and have sex with their partner, or have sex with a partner or both.

Swingers—people who hook up with other people in relationships—are still alive and well today, and the habit of “swinging” may be more widespread than you realize. Swingers are not polyamorous; hence they do not seek several romantic partners. On the other hand, Swingers are often looking for sex with few or no strings attached. However, the term “swinger” does not only refer to engaging in sexual activities with another couple or single person.

How to Determine Whether Swinging Is Right for You

If you’re not sure which sort of non-monogamy appeals to you the most, consider whether you crave a shared experience with your partner, and you might want to try swinging at party .

However, an open partnership may be more appealing if you wish to exercise your sexual freedom or autonomy outside of your existing relationship. Polyamory maybe you’re the greatest bet if you want to connect with and even love numerous individuals. Some simple guidelines should be included, such as leaving the past in the past, not blaming the blame game, not making up assumptions, speaking up for yourself, treating your partner the right way, and many others.

What Is the Difference Between Swinging, Open Relationships, and Polyamory?

Open RelationshipCouples have been together for a long time and have agreed to see others. They might do it together, independently, or combine the two. They may or may not form romantic, sexual, or emotional bonds outside of their partnership.

Polyamory- is the practice of loving more than one person and love in multiple ways. What I like about polyamory is that it allows everyone involved to be themselves while also finding healthy ways to be in relationships with others. Polyamory, like open relationships, will take on the shape of the people who choose this lifestyle.

Swinging- is a social sex activity. Swingers are singles and couples who participate in various sexual sharing or exchanging. The level of intimacy and sexual engagement varies from experience to encounter and explicit boundaries and agreements with all partners. Swinging can help to boost sexual energy and vaping connection in any relationship.

How does swinging compare to other forms of non-monogamy?

Swinging is often confused with open relationships and polyamory. To be fair, they all fall under the umbrella of gay or non-monogamy, but they differ in whether partners are emotionally (or just sexually) exclusive, and whether partners play together or separately.

The biggest difference is that swingers only have one committed romantic relationship at a time, whereas polyamory—or multi-partnering, as Vrangalova also calls it—is a form of non-monogamy were people are open to having multiple committed romantic relationships at once. “That is a very different animal,” she says. A swinger couple might do soft or full swaps with other bărbați or couples every weekend, but they’d still be emotionally and romantically exclusive with each other. (FYI, “soft swap” and “full swap” are swinger lingo for hookups that don’t and do involve P-in-V penetration, respectively.)

Swinging is also distinct from an open relationship, where members of a couple have their own sexual experiences like threesome , outside their primary partnership. “Swingers mostly play together, whereas in open relationships, people mostly see other people separately”

Myths about swinging.

Importantly, swinging is not cheating or an affair, despite what people often might think. Swinging is based on a foundation of consensual nonmonogamy, which means that everyone involved has full knowledge of, and approves of, the sex that occurs outside of the main pair bond.

“Most swinging is not a sexual ‘free-for-all,'” my neighbor Lawrenz says. “Rather it is an orchestrated manner of like-minded sexually curious individuals engaging in activities as a means of enhancing their relationship.”

There’s a misconception that swingers are people who “are unable to commit, do not know how to create boundaries, or are in troubled relationships,” says AASECT-certified sex therapist Janet Brito, Ph.D., LCSW. Another misconception is that it can help save a dying relationship, adds sexologist Shamyra Howard, LCSW. The truth is, in fact, the opposite.

Signs you might enjoy swinging:

  • You fantasize about engaging in sex outside of your partnership.
  • You get turned on by the idea of seeing your partner have sexual contact with other people at sex orgy .
  • You’re generally turned on by novelty and adventure.
  • You and your partner are good at communicating and know how to work through any issues that arise.
  • You are able to separate love and sex.
  • You like to watch porn featuring group sex, wife swapping, or voyeurism.
  • You and your partner trust each other completely.
  • You and your partner sometimes dirty talk about group sex or partner swapping.
  • You’ve had group sex in the past and thought it was hot.
  • You’re generally open-minded and sexually adventurous.

Tips for Swinging

  1. Open Communication.

An excellent swinging relationship requires open communication between the partners. When it comes to swinging, it all comes down to faith. For the lifestyle to operate without jealousy or discontent, both couples must be on the same page and feel safe in their relationship and objectives. Discuss frankly and honestly with your partner what excites you and makes you nervous.

  1. Take note of the manners.

To ensure everyone has an excellent time, swing clubs, parties, and conferences have their own rules and etiquette. These rules include anything from drinking to exposing one’s underwear to reserving a seat. Look up the powers of a swinging place online before heading oferte there. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact the host when you arrive.

  1. It’s essential to have sex safely.

The most important steps you can take to safeguard your health and your partner’s health are to test for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) regularly and use condoms and dental dams.

  1. Work on boosting your self-esteem.

If you want to live this affluent lifestyle, you must first develop your character. People like or approach persons with a pleasant mood and a confident manner escorte reale recomandate premium . If you’re looking for a swinging partner online or at a club, show yourself in the best light possible. Many swinging couples disguise their identity under fictional names, which is very acceptable in the lifestyle.

  1. Play at the same difficulty level as your companion.

Attempt to maintain a level of intimacy that is about equal among all persons involved. This is only a guideline, not a hard and fast rule. However, when the intimate balance deteriorates, it is more likely that someone may get uncomfortable. If your husband is having full-fledged intercourse while speaking with your swapped cheating partner, you may quickly get awkward, especially if you are new to the lifestyle.

How to bring up the idea with your partner.

Telling your partner that you’re interested in swinging might feel like a little bit of a challenge. After all, the norm of monogamy is very strong, and even people who are turned on and excited by the idea of swinging might have some complicated feelings in the beginning.

To set the best base for a successful conversation, make sure to bring it up at a time when you know your partner or your wife will be in a relaxed mood with no pressing tasks to attend to.

“Gently bring up the topic by adopting an open and curious approach. Use ‘I’ statements to show ownership of your desires,” recommends Brito. “Ask questions to learn about your partner’s values, and practice nonjudgment if your partner is not on board. If this happens, agree to table the topic, and circle back at another time.”

In short, make the conversation a true conversation, and not just a statement of what you want. Really listening to what your escorte partner says, and responding to it from a place of love rather than defensiveness, can take you a long way.

Once you have opened up the conversation, you can suggest that the two of you research swinging together outdoor . Framing it as a mutual exploration will make your partner feel more secure.

Is swinging in a relationship healthy?

Swingers are couples or singles who choose to be open in their relationships, allowing their partners to have sex with other people with their permission. This type of relationship can work for anyone willing to follow the rules.

Respect one another, be honest, get tested for STDs, use protection, be very selective in choosing partners, and remain private about such a new way of what some couples swear by, a healthy relationship. Typically openness allows you to meet other needs while retaining the relationship with the partner.


New Year’s Perfect Party With My Drunk Horny Aunt

My aunt Elizabeth had recently finished up with a nasty divorce from my uncle. Although my mother and aunt hadn’t talked for a long time,i t didn’t take much for them to pick up right where they left off. Things were going so well in fact that my mother decided to celebrate New Year’s at my aunt’s. My aunt lived in another city, roughly six hours away from us. Although my mom and aunt were close during their younger years. As they got older and had families they grew apart. Not in a negative way, just in the sense that they were both busy trying to balance raising a family and being career women. I don’t know my aunt very well, only that she was a nurse.

What little I know about my aunt I know even less about my cousins. The only image I can conjure up of my aunt and her family is of a picture from a trip to the zoo I remember going on when I was a child. My aunt, kind of chubby with long curly brown hair and a big smile. My cousins spitting images of their mother only much younger. Just an ordinary family. When exactly my mother and aunt stopped talking I can’t recall, I doubt it was immediate.

But when I came home from school the day before my Christmas break, my mother was on the phone. I figured it was my father since he had just went overseas to Thailand for work. I went to my room after waving hello to her and didn’t come out until almost 4 hours later. To my surprise she was still on the phone. After mouthing “who is it” to my mom while pointing at the phone since my dad wasn’t talkative. Trust me, if he was working on mars he’d find a way to describe elvapo his trip in 5 words before saying goodbye.

“It’s your aunt dear. She might come over for Christmas. Sorry I didn’t make dinner, make yourself something.” She then quickly went back to talking. Fast forward to now and I’m driving us to my aunt’s 6 hours away. The fact that my mom let me drive after only receiving my license recently surprised me. But that surprise was nothing compared to the one that waited for us at my aunt’s house.

On the way to my aunt’s my mom told me about their relationship. Cute little stories from their childhood, dumb promises they made, and the excitement of having her back in our lives. She also slipped in that she volunteered me to help my aunt move from her current residence back to our city once she finds a place. A prospect I wasn’t looking forward to, but my mom wouldn’t let me complain recompense my way out of that. We pulled up to the big house the GPS had told me to go to around 8 pm. “WOW…” was the only response my mom said. Which is exactly my expression when I saw the lady who finally answered the door after what seemed like an eternity of ringing the bell. She was HOT.

Holy shit she was the hottest woman I had ever seen in person. If you like bimbos that is, and my teenage hormones definitely LOVED bimbos. Her massive perfectly round and obviously fake tits was the first thing that greeted me. Tightly fitted in a white blouse that had the first few buttons țigări electronice undone to give an excellent view of those jugs. My breath was instantly stolen from me, as was any notion that I was in for a boring night. With a view like that I couldn’t ask for a better way to ring in the new year. Or so I thought. “Liz?”

My mother said bringing me back to reality. This was her? The chubby housewife from the photo with the big smile? “Hey swweeetie!” The clearly drunk voice coming from the set of tits said to me. I started to look back up toward the direction of the voice as the lady rushed forward with her arms out ready to embrace me. “Look how you’ve grown…sssooo handsome.” Aunt Elizabeth said while wrapping her arms around my juristi neck. I bent down to receive her heavenly embrace. She kissed me on the cheeks, which is when I noticed how full her lips were. Not cartoonishly so, but definitely bigger than I remember.

As she pulled back I took the opportunity to get a full glimpse of her. She definitely wasn’t what I remembered. Instead of a curly brown haired homely looking housewife I expected, standing before me was a seductive vixen. With perfectly toned long legs that reached surprisingly natural round hips that carried an ass that would rival JLO’s, snuggly fitted in a little black miniskirt. Her lean abdomen that was clearly well maintained eclipsed by the massive tits that somehow didn’t seem awkward on her fit frame. Topped off with straight blonde hair styled similarly to a bob, thick lips that looked like pillows for cock and makeup that screamed I want to be young forever; on a face that seemed to have had some minor work but hadn’t hit the expressionless doll stage yet. It was hard for me not to get hard.

“Hey sssiss! AHHHHH!” Liz said while jumping up and down with her tits putting on a show that would rival the olympic gymnastics with all the bouncing they were doing. She and my mom hugged for a while, both distracted I felt comfortable enough to ogle my aunt. Knowing who she was especially in relation to my mom did not stop me in the galaxia slightest from thinking of all the nasty shit I would do to her if given the chance; and what I would do to get that chance. “Come the other guests are here already” Liz said while pulling my mom forward. I didn’t know more people would be here. But the prospect of meeting more bimbos since they usually hung out together got me excited.

However my excitement would be crushed immediately as none of the patrons were anywhere near as hot as my aunt. Hell most looked like what I expected my aunt to look like. Seeing all these passed their prime women giggling and acting like school girls when my aunt returned kind of made me cringe. “Hey sweetie, i’m sorry your cousins aren’t here. They’re with their father. But the other men are outside messing with the grill if you want to go with them.” My aunt informed me. I looked at my mom who seemed a bit uncomfortable, but I decided going outside instead of being my mom’s get out of jail free card sounded like the promotii better plan. Besides I was definitely gonna get caught eyeballing my aunt by one of the ladies if I stayed.

Hours went by. I didn’t really socialize with the various husbands, mostly stayed to myself while sneaking a beer and staring at the nearby lake. My phone had finally died when I decided to go inside and find a charger. It was nearing 11:00 and everyone was outside already. I made my way inside while waving my hand and showing my phone to my mom, hopefully indicating my intention. She was surrounded by the other housewives, so she just nodded nervously at me.

I found what I was looking for in the kitchen and decided to stay with my phone while it charged. As it got closer to 11:30 the guest had begun to pop fireworks at a more steady pace, almost like a buffer for what was to take place at 12. I never cared about fireworks, and being reminded how much of a loser I was by being by myself even on this holiday didn’t really deter me from just not giving a clikz fuck about the celebration. I just stayed hooked to my phone as if the charger was bringing life to both of us. 11:40, the acoustic crowd noise rang through the house as the backdoor open and closed while the faint sound of someone stumbling inside made way after.

“I… I’ll…get more…” my aunt said while stumbling passed the counter I was housing and crash landed on the couch. Her placement gave me a clear view of her ass as her skirt road up revealing her thong. I instantly took a photo with my phone and decided to quickly leave the area in order to not look bancuri suspect. As I made my way toward the party the fireworks increased and so did the nasty thoughts I had from before. The brief walk to the door had my mind racing at the opportunity that had fallen on my lap, well couch but whatever. As I got to the glass door seeing all the distracted guest my mind was waging a war with reason against my cock and curiosity.

Reason was losing and it seemed to be losing it’s voice the harder my cock got. I walked away from the door and decided I could get a quick feel and nothing more before I got caught. My aunt was up again, and was lean walking towards the bathroom that was adjacent to the living room. I should have walked away then and there, but my cock ached for relief. “Aunt Elizabeth…are you ok? Do you need help?” I said as She crashed against the restroom door. “Sssttupid ddooor won’t…..” she slurred while trying to push the door instead of turning the handle. I walked over and decided that’s where I would take my chance. I quickly opened the door and she wobbled in, crash landing on the toilet.

I followed and shut the door behind us. She began to urinate while still wearing her skirt and thong. Even from where I was I could see her skirt getting bucătărie soaked in piss. I should have walked out, but my reason had all but vanished at this point. “Elizabeth, can you hear me?” I called. Her head was leaning against the wall, she passed out again. I quickly grabbed her tits and started kissing her neck and the side of her face. I was in a hurry so I just pulled her bra down after opening her blouse more. Her tits were even better than I thought they would be.

They were massive perfect spheres, clearly fake yet felt as real as I imagined they would. Of course a loser like me has never touched one up to this point. But these are better then I could have ever asked for for a first time. I was sucking on her nipples so hard that she shifted and groaned. I almost shit myself in fear. I froze solid with her right nipple in my mouth. Once I felt comfortable enough to continue I decided to take off her top completely. I took photos and video of my aunt’s massive tits while groping her.

My confidence was at an all time high, and I decided to press my luck further. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out from the fly. Just incase I needed to make a quick retreat. I started rubbing her tits with my dick awkwardly swaying, dry humping, and poking her capitala tits randomly. I was filming the whole time and was incredibly nervous. I had no idea what I was doing and I was just running on shitty unfamiliar instincts. Oddly enough she started slightly shifting and gasping. Eventually my mind caught up to speed and I started rubbing my cock on her lips. To my shock she seemed to be responding to this.

She slowly started kissing and almost licking my cock. Her head went back and she was looking at me in a daze. “Where am I?” Elizabeth said. I guess my phone covered my face enough that she didn’t immediately recognize me, when she looked down she was face to face with my hard cock. Instinctively she swallowed my dick without hesitation. I could tell this was halfhearted, and she was going off basic motor functions. This wasn’t by any stretch the best she could do, hell this wasn’t even average for her. But I had never had a blowjob before.

The fact that her warm wet mouth was engulfing my virgin cock, and her lush dick sucking lips lovingly embraced me. I couldn’t hold out beyond 2 minutes. I naturally started campanie promo thrusting as I felt the excitement and tingle in my balls as I was about to bust. I shoved her head as far as it could go on my dick. Her nose was driven into my pelvis as I came deep in her throat. The sounds of her gags, her slight resistance, and the sensation of cumming in a girl’s mouth for the first time made my knees weak.

I had never moaned while cumming before, but a loud groan came out of my mouth as I pumped load after load in her. I shouted, but the fireworks covered my cries. I slowly pulled back to allow her to catch her breath, I didn’t want to hurt her after all. But I didn’t remove myself from her mouth. Again to my pleasant surprise she didn’t disappoint, she continued to poorly suck on my sensitive dick paying extra attention to my head. “OH FUCK YEAH BITCH” I exclaimed in lustful bliss. My knees were weak, and the sensitive sensation was too much at points to handle. I eventually pulled out completely.

I stopped my video and began to clean her up. She somehow pass out again, even after having been throat fucked by me. I decided to get a few pics of her pussy before I left. I pulled up her piss soaked skirt, and moved distracție aside her thong to be greeted by a beautiful bald pussy. Even after having two kids it didn’t look loose at all. I snapped a few pics and tried to fight the urge to do more. I wanted to taste her, but the idea of tasting her piss turned me off. However I decided to finger her. Maybe it was the piss, or maybe she was just horny.

But she was extremely moist, and I didn’t need to lubricate my index or middle finger at all. I expected the warmth, but how soft it was caught me off guard. My fingers slowly penetrated her pussy, my cock had never completely went soft after my blowjob. But now it was at full erection again. I was about to stop and walk out when my aunt let out a deep moan of pleasure. She mumbled what sounded like “fuck me”, but it was too low to make out. However I wasn’t about to wake her up and ask. I had gone this far, and as far as I was concerned she told me to.

I awkwardly squatted over her as she sat on the toilet. I aimed my cock at the entrance of russian amateur pussy. A moan left her mouth and she shifted slightly as I accidentally plunged into her pussy completely. I had intended on slowly pressing my way in, but the awkward angle essentially forced me to slip in faster than I planned. I was taken aback as her pussy conformed and convulsed around my cock. I almost didn’t want to move, but instinct took over and the animalistic nature of the act of fucking took over my pelvis as it began to move in and out of my aunt.

Being my first time, and the way we where positioned I couldn’t get a good rhythm. I hadn’t grabbed my phone to record, and in the back of my mind I wanted to. But the warm velvet walls of her pussy, and the tight grip massaging my cock distracted me from even giving the idea of recording this a second thought. Plus my hands were busy exploring every inch of my lovers body as I thrusted into her. Her tits shaking with every push I almost came right there.

But I stopped myself. Moans and ecstacy were escaping her lips every other thrust before she eventually looks at me. Almost as if I know she’s staring at me, I look right back at her. Our eyes lock, she gives me a dominare confused yet aroused expression. She then proceeded to wrap her arms around my waist and helped me keep rhythm. Our bodies conforming into this union of lust and ecstacy, my mouth and tongue tasting any part of her my hands have left bare while they explored her existence. Tasting her ear, and working my way down to her neck and eventually her breast.

By this point her moans and enthusiasm drove me to want to fuck her hard. But I couldn’t seem to get going in the current position we were in. Reluctantly I got up and decided it’s time to fuck her from behind. Her amazing ass was something I wanted to she jiggle while I fucked her. As I got off her, she looked at me puzzled, and pulled me back toward her in domenii premium while telling me no. I grabbed her arms and pulled her off the toilet, I slid her skirt off and turned her around facing the mirror.

She grunts and again tells me in a mumbled voice to fuck her. This Goddess finally completely naked in front of me. Bent over, telling me to fuck her. I see her reflection in the mirror, her tits hanging. Her face in drunk lush. Her ass slightly swaying at me begging to be penetrated. I remembered this time to grab my phone. I was going to enjoy this. The fireworks are going crazy now, no doubt we are in the new year already and I’m spending it fucking my drunk bimbo aunt’s brains out. I record myself penetrating her slowly like I initially intended.

But it doesn’t take long before I’m pounding as hard as I can. My inability to catch rhythm while she was on the toilet is no problem now. The only issue dorel having is holding my phone while trying to fuck her hard. I eventually angle my phone on the counter facing us and grab her waist with my hands. The combination of my thrust and pulling her in have her moaning loudly and clearly. She’s loving every second, and her pussy is throbbing around my cock.

She let’s out another loud moan before almost collapsing from pleasure. I made her cum, the first time I ever fucked a real woman and I made her cum. Before she falls completely, and before I slip out of her I quickly pull her up by her abdomen. I lift her back to her feet, and support most of her weight in my arms in a rough hug. I bend over and my hands massage her tits as her back perfectly aligns with my bluf torso. I kiss the back of her neck and shoulders while periodically smelling her hair.

The passion was over coming me. I leaned her against the counter and again grabbed her hips for one last sprint to the finish line. The loud clap of my pelvis smacking her ass almost eclipsed the fireworks as I thrusted harder and faster. Each thrust causing a great ripple effect that waves around her round ass. Again her legs begin to shake, and her pussy seems to almost vibrate on my cock.

Before long I slip out and let her fall to her knees. She’s leaning against the sink counter as I pull her by the hair to face my cock. I shoot rope after rope of cum all across her face, the hardest and fastest it’s ever shot out of me. She’s breathing heavy and keeping her eyes closed as I continued to cum profituri . After the last full shot is expelled from my cock, I shoved my dick in her mouth while she was breathing heavy. She initially resisted, but before long she was sucking my cock even better than the first time; almost as if she was sobering up after the pounding she took. She even massaged my balls with one of her hands. I eventually pulled out.

Fireworks are still going off as we lean against opposite walls to catch our breath. I turned off my phone’s recorder. As she sat on the floor I noticed her face begin to shift. Her face had a wide grin, the same wide grin I remembered from that exotice zoo photo. For the first time I recognized my aunt. I took a photo of that happy cum covered face, a great memento for the night.

While I was cleaning the cum off her face the reality of what I’ve done starts to slowly creep up. It’s impossible to clean her face without messing up her makeup. I do enough to not look like she just finished having sex. She seems to be coming to even more, yet doesn’t seem to recognize me. Fermieri put most of her clothes back on but decided to keep the panties as a trophy, even if they are soaked in piss. I checked the area outside the restroom door before helping her to what I believed to be her bedroom upstairs.

It seemed to take longer to do all of this than it did to fuck her. But I was in frantic mode as I tried to get rid of any evidence of what transpired. After I had felt comfortable with what I cleaned up. As if on que the backdoor opened and a few of the ladies began to walk in drunkenly calling for fetițe . “She went upstairs about 10 minutes ago” I told them. “Aww she must’ve passed out. She missed the fireworks.” One of the fat housewives said. Not long after my mother came in.

She over heard what Elizabeth’s friend said and took that as an opportunity to leave. She mouthed “let’s go” while pointing at the door. We said a quick goodbye and goodnight to the firme group as we made our exit. I was nervous that what I did would come to light. But at the same time I wouldn’t have done it any differently. Having her panties along with a collage of photos and videos to remember was the icing on top.

As we proceeded to drive away my mother immediately started gossiping about Aunt Elizabeth‘s friends. She did this for about 15 minutes before finally revealing how happy she was to have her sister back in her life, and how excited she was to have her move back to our city. She also quickly reminded me that I have to help her move back.

A stupid young bitch

When Diana took a little longer than expected to come downstairs in the morning, Daniel and their parents engulfed in the smell of freshly brewed coffee, Gregory lost his calm. The big man was well in his fifties, but his head was still full of hair with grays on both sides. Not as tall as Daniel but bulkier, he was imposing when he marched to the bottom of the stairs and yelled: “Hey, breakfast!” Daniel noticed his mother give a little jump on her chair, startled but keeping a straight face. Then the man hastily walked back to his seat around the kitchen table, “We can eat now.”

And eat they did, bacon, pancakes, and scrambled eggs until Daniel heard footsteps down the stairs two minutes later. Diana wore a long black t-shirt, loose and covering her slender silhouette down to the top of her toned thighs. He knew she must have had something underneath but couldn’t stop himself from picturing her young body completely nude under it, imagining what it looked like; he had felt it, not seeing it bizmax yet.

What split his attention was the fact that the shirt was all too familiar. It had a Radiohead logo on it, and he had given the shirt to her a little more than a month before. She had told him that, even though it was a band she considered old, the kids from school had been listening to it recently.

She had jumped into the hype and fallen in love with it. When she told him how she felt while listening to it, unaware of all the artistry involved in producing the songs, Diana said their mood matched how she felt. Before knowing what the girl was living, he related to her experience since he had gone through the same.

The following weekend Daniel showed up with a reproduction of one of their “vintage” shirts written right hand pull trigger, left hand digi wallet shrug shoulder. He remembered the look on her face, how she kissed his cheek, and how he enjoyed feeling her young breast squeezing against his arm while she did so. Daniel wondered if that moment had had something to do with all that happened later between the two.

“Are you wearing the shirt he gave you to sleep?” Leda’s voice intruded on her son’s reverie soon as the girl got to the table, still before she could pull a chair to sit on super magazin . His mother seemed upset while Gregory looked at the girl with a less than delighted mien.

“No, I put it on before coming downstairs,” she said defensively.

“This is not something you wear at home,” Gregory barked.

“You won’t let me wear it anywhere else…” She pleaded.

“She is wearing it because I’m here,” Daniel intervened, trying to defuse the situation without giving out too much. “It’s a nice gesture.”

Both parents looked at him, and he spotted Diana inhaling fully, trying to hide a smile. Leda seemed pleased with how her son – such a nice person he was – had seen the situation but still looked once more at the girl with an eyebrow up.

“Ok,” Gregory said in his hoarse voice, sounding grouchy, “let’s eat.”

Once in a while, Daniel and Diana would exchange glances, meaningful ones. Gregory started asking “Danny” about work, always seeming so surprised at how high on the professional ladder the young man was, always trying suplimente his wisdom, throwing trick questions his way. However, Daniel was good. Nothing the older man could come up with about law surprised him.

Deflecting his more conservative questions, he made a point of answering everything by using judiciary jargon in a way Gregory would have to ask him what he meant or let the taklale conversation die. What constantly happened since the older man would have his ego hurt by asking the “lad” to teach him something.

“So, are you staying for lunch?” Leda asked her son, “Pool is open. You should enjoy a little free time once in a while.”

He instantly looked at Gregory to size his reaction to the sudden invitation, but the man just looked at him, seemingly hopeful to have someone to share some drinks with him in the afternoon.

“I still have some work to do,” Daniel started saying, playing coy while knowing that was the best thing he could have hoped for that trafic web day. Worst case scenario, he would only have the chance to see Diana in a bikini, but he would try everything he could to have time alone with her that day. “But, yes, I can stay. I’ll work a little in the morning and take a break after lunch, have some beers,” He mentioned it since he knew there wasn’t any in the house. Hopefully, that would make Gregory leave the place to buy some.

“Wonderful!” His mother said, genuinely happy to have her son around for longer, “Would you like anything in particular for lunch?”

He thought fast and efficiently, “What about that lasagna?” He asked, purposefully, already knowing how particular his mother was with every ingredient of that tupeu dish. If she couldn’t find the right meat for the bolognese sauce, she would go out for at least a while to look for it. Since she hated driving, that meant Gregory was chauffeuring her around.

Diana lazily played with her breakfast using her fork, looking down at the food; Valy knew she was more than anything paying attention to what he said, and by chance, he looked at her at the exact moment her beautiful lips curved up a bit while she held back a smile, softly fidgeting on her seat. Daniel realized she knew what he was doing, and he thought to have noticed when she rubbed one thigh against the other.

Piles of paper in front of him, over the living room table, and sitting on the couch with his laptop, vedete saw his plan work to perfection.

“This Italian market is forty minutes away !” Gregory interjected, trying to make his girlfriend and partner have sense.

Leda answered in a low voice, but Daniel could listen to most of it, “We’d like him to visit more often. You said it yourself. If he wants my lasagna, I’ll serve him the best one I can make,” she was saying when Gregory looked down and pinched the bridge of his nose. “This place has everything I need!” she almost whimpered.

When they were on their way to the door, and after waki told her son they’d be in about two hours, to make himself vegani comfortable, Gregory looked back:

“Danny, what kind of beer do you like?” He asked, his voice as hoarse and as monotone as ever.

“Any kind of lager. Thanks for this, waxo ,” he tried shortening his name for the first time to test his reaction… And the older man’s grumpy smile caught him by surprise, for a moment giving him the feeling they were pals.

“You got it,” Gregory said, and already halfway out the door, he poked his head back in to add, “If she gives you any trouble or attitude,” he pointed upstairs with his head, meaning he was talking about Diana, “put her in her place. I’m out; you’re the man of the house.”

Daniel’s heart pumped erratically for a second, Gregory’s last sentence serving more avail for what he was about to do than cause him to feel any guilt, “You got it.”

And they left. Thirty seconds after they drove off, Daniel heard Diana’s voice as she spoke from the corner wall that led to the stairs, only her face and lots of brown hair showing:

“I was afraid yesterday you were just drunk. Are you going to spank me?” Yasmina asked in a shy, soft voice, with no hint of fear. It was clear to him she had a neck for eavesdropping, though.

“Is that what he does when you don’t behave?” He replied with a grin. Inside, he thought about it, surprised. It was impossible not to imagine Gregory bending Diana on his lap and making her buttocks red, then instantly imagining himself doing the same. He felt his cock twitch.

She slowly walked down the rest of the stairs, looking down very coyly and coming in his direction.

“That’s what you said you wanted to do to me yesterday znep ,” Diana said when she was already close to the couch.

“Oh,” Daniel said while closing his laptop and putting it on the table, a little afraid he had gotten it all wrong and scared her.

“But, yes. He’s done that to me. More than once,” Diana said while standing beside the couch’s arm, fidgeting, looking at her tiny hands. “Among other things.”

“Recently?” He asked while raising a hand for her, gesturing for the girl to come to him.

Diana walked between the center table and the couch, stopping in front of her step-brother, who was still sitting down, and she nodded, her cheeks blushing scarlet. Daniel raised an eyebrow at the answer. He couldn’t stop asking himself who would take a girl like her in his lap to spank her without having many other reasons other than plainly punishing her.

Maybe Daniel knew why Gregory was so flustered about the girl, but he would keep it as it was for the time being. Daniel inhaled deeply at the look of that beautiful girl standing in front of him while wearing the t-shirt he had given her. He reached for her thin waist with both hands right above her hips, looking up, and she finally won her shyness to look him in the eyes.

“Did you deserve it?” He asked in a low tone, and he sneaked his hands under the hem of her shirt, slid them over her sides, feeling the flannel shorts she had beneath it, stopping at its waistband. He saw goosebumps on her arms.

“I-I never know…” Diana said while putting her hands on his shoulders.

“That probably means yes. If I think you misbehaved, I’ll probably do the same,” Daniel said, the last part almost a whisper, as he slowly pulled her shorts down. While doing so, Daniel watched her reaction to what he said and what he was doing.

Silence and no reluctance, that was her answer. Roxxy bit at her lower lip, her full cheeks blushing. Daniel looked at the girl’s face, still some months from turning sixteen, and he tried to make sense of her somehow. She had a mix of arousal and shyness about her, even fear. He couldn’t feel as if he had pulled down any panties with the shorts, and Daniel could feel him caressing her tender skin while he did so; Diana wasn’t wearing one.

When the piece of light gray clothing reached her bare and tiny feet, she lifted them so he could slide her shorts off completely, and he let them fall to the floor. Daniel thought it was probably his imagination, but he could smell a sweet scent now, a tempting one. He inhaled deeply and rose his hands, firmly cupping her behind with them both. Diana gasped and tiptoed for a zony second. Her buttocks were firm and, at the same time, so soft to the touch.

He felt his little fingers touching the curve that led to her most intimate place, a beautiful thigh gap, and there was a warmth about that place as if it irradiated. His forearms, where they were, lifted the hem of her shirt a little, and he had a perfect view right in front of his face. Smooth and delicate looking, shaved, her entrance was covered by full mounds that made visible only a thin line of a bright tone of red where the skin folded, and above it, that tiny button he had played with the night before.

He retrieved one of his hands and put it vertically between her thighs; he reached for the apex of her legs, the side of his index finger touching her whole slit at once, where he gently caressed her. It was warm and moist, and he loved the feeling of his finger delving slightly between the folds. He heard her let out a little gasp and arch her back a little. The girl who had called herself a whore the night before had the most delicate and pristine pussy he had ever seen, let alone touch, and she was right there for him, exposed, vulnerable, willing.

He looked up again, and she just stayed there, looking back at him, geany head tilted to the left, her long and wavy hair almost a curtain behind her. Daniel pulled her petite body toward him, making her straddle him while he sat, her legs folded and parted and to each side of him. Rovena welcomed feeling her little weight on him again, her face’s proximity to his, and how his hard member pressed against her crotch.

Wrapping his arms around her lower back, over her lengthy hair, Daniel pulled her closer, not saying a word, and kissed her. Diana parted her lips to receive him, and she let out a little moan inside his mouth when he felt her relax, at least a little.

He explored her mouth with his tongue and made hers dance with his; when the kiss broke, she kept her eyes closed for a second. He started kissing her neck, and she leaned her head to one side to give him access. Daniel led; Diana followed. Just the way he wanted, the way he imagined her to be in a moment like that.

“Keep acting like this, and I’ll have no reason to spank you,” he said under his breath, taking the hem of her shirt and pulling it up while she willingly put her arms up to let him undress her.

“Give it time,” she whispered as he let her shirt fall on the couch, and he had for the first time the sight of her naked body as a whole. Her young breasts were marvelous, so tender-looking and proudly standing, topped with delicate red nipples. Seemingly C cups, they fit her petite body perfectly.

“What can’t I do to you?” He said, beaming, satisfied. He cupped one of her breasts, his thumb on her nipple, and the little nub was hardening.

“Just don’t leave me after I give everything I have to you hostx ,” Diana said with a shy smile while looking down at his hand that softly squeezed her tit.

That was it, everything he needed to hear. Daniel used his whole body to lie her down on the couch and sat in front of her. She watched with her forearms covering her breasts, little hands into balls under her chin, seeming apprehensive, her breathing faster by the second. Positioned in front of her, he took her legs by the back of luiza thighs and spread them.

Daniel had a perfect view of her teen pussy, and while parting her legs, how the puffy mounds opened a little, and he could see the petals of her slit in all their delicate glory. It looked to be such a narrow passage, small, seemingly untouched, but he knew better. Daniel couldn’t contain himself; he didn’t give himself time to take off his clothes. Unbuttoning and unzipping his trousers quickly, he freed his erection, in no time rubbing his gland up and down her sex.

Diana inhaled, them both looking down to what was about to happen and how, panting. He snuck the tip between the folds of her entrance, feeling how hot she felt there, already getting moist, rubbing the end of his member on her to get the most of her juices on him, and she panted even more.

Daniel looked her in the eyes, she seemed more apprehensive than he thought she would be, but maybe this was just how she was mega hub . And Diana was open to him, her gorgeous legs spread; she kept them exactly where he had positioned them. She wanted him, and he was going for it, just like he had imagined months and months before. Or even better.

He pushed forward, eager to be inside of her. He could feel the petals of her sex forcibly spreading, struggling to take him in, and Diana winced and groaned, “Huungh!” Her tightness had resisted his first advance, his dick pressing hard on her, then abruptly slipping upward. With his left hand firmly pinning one of her thighs down on the couch, Daniel used the other to hold his member aligned with her entrance while raluka anxiously pressed forward, slowly but firmly.

He felt the head of his cock stretching her and practically forcing its way inside. Diana felt it was well; flinching, she tilted her head back, opened her mouth in an “o” shape, and let out a breathy and high-pitched groan when she felt the head of his dick win the battle, popping in abruptly.

“Did I hurt you?” Daniel asked, feeling the pressure of her entrance tightly squeezing the tip of his member. He had loved the scene, her pained but constrained reaction, while at the same time, Diana seemed to get wetter by the second. He had to ask her, though. He liked her more than he wanted to be aggressive to her at the moment, planning to learn her limits so, hopefully, he could safely push against them more in the future.

“If I tell you, are you going to stop?” She practically whimpered, inhaling long and deep.

“Only if you ask me to,” he admitted.

“Ok. It hurts a little… Please don’t stop,” Diana added, a cute smile on her face while her eyebrows twitched, the girl dealing the best she could with the sudden minare cripto intrusion.

Daniel leaned over her petite body, propping his elbows to the sides of her head, and softly kissed her, “You are perfect, you know?” And he let his weight help his movement, pushing in deeper inside the girl, rejoicing in the feeling of her tight love canal stretching to accommodate him.

With the palm of his right hand on the side of her face, he saw her close her eyes, tilt her head back, wincing once more, “Aaugh…” she let out a soft asistenta groan.

Although he had considerable size, he didn’t expect her to struggle that much. He loved all of it, her submissiveness, willingness, and how sensitive she seemed to be, but that wasn’t normal. “Did you lie to me?” He asked, and withdrawing from her a little, he looked down to see if he could spot any blood.

“What?” she looked at him, a little confused.

“Are you a virgin?” Daniel asked, and he caressed her cheeks as if encouraging her to tell him the truth.

Diana giggled sweetly, “No. But my first time lasted less than a minute before we were caught… And that was almost a year ago.”

“Oh…” he said, a little embarrassed.

“The way you said it yesterday, I thought you would like to just, you know, be rough on me…” She said coyly, her face again tilted to one side, her arms still snuggling her own breasts.

“I do,” he admitted, starting to insert into the girl again. She loudly gasped while looking at him, and he loved it.

“But you care about me…” Diana said in a shivering voice.

“I do,” he said while carefully sliding back and forth the not more than an inch of his member he could push inside her for the first time, just to lubricate himself and brave forward, “but everything on its own time.” The deeper he got, the narrower her instalatori entrance felt.

“O-Ok…” she moaned, feeling another inch of his rock-hard thing forcing its way inside her.

When Daniel had about half of his shaft delved into that lovely girl’s crevice, he started to actually move. He already felt entranced by how much stimulus he was getting by all the friction, how intensely her entrance squeezed him as he tried to sink into her, but he attributed that to her initial tightness, something surpassable and temporary.

However, when Daniel felt how much the velvety, hot walls of her pussy gripped his member as if trying to keep him in place while he finally risked moving, it felt unbelievable. Diana instantly started to let out little and cried moans, her teeth clenched, looking at her step-brother while he defiled her. He constantly looked at her, and how she seemed to take what appeared to be a considerable discomfort while getting soaking wet in the process would keep him hard by itself.

He combined her reaction to his mention of spanking, the way she hinted he would be able to do anything he wanted to her, and all that was going on at the moment, and it made him start to assume she wasn’t all about low self-esteem. The frumoase young girl was also a masochist or at least had a huge tendency toward it. All of that while she was being lovely and so sensitive. It was still to be seen, but the promise of what was next made him want her even more.

He fucked her, now increasing his pace, her little body starting to rock back and forth and her groaning louder while she looked down at him. Daniel watched her wincing but visibly in pleasure while he ravaged her, and in the back of his secrete murdare mind, he was already developing an extreme will to go whatever length necessary to keep her.

He buried more of himself inside her at each firm thrust, and they got to a fast rhythm; apparently, if not all of her discomfort was gone, most of the pain was. She still had that submissive look on her face, as if what he was doing to her was a bad thing that she was clearly enjoying. He panted, lost in the feeling of her, one hand clawing a tender inner part of a thigh, propped on it while he leaned senzatii over her, keeping his other hand on the side of her neck, his thumb on her cheek.

Diana moaned to every single one of his thrusts, eyes on his now, and she spread apart and rose her other leg a little further as if something was about to happen. He saw her little toes curling while her foot swayed in the air with their movement. He had been fighting an orgasm for a while now, but it got harder to contain when he noticed how she threw her head back, Diana now clawing her own young breasts in servicii tension, and her mouth opened in a silent scream. Suddenly, she let out a high-pitched, whispery moan, and her thighs started to shake.

“That’s it, girl. Come for me,” he said while putting his thumb under her chin and helping keep her head back; she wide-eyed stared onto the ceiling, seemingly lost in what she was feeling. His pace increased, and Daniel breathed harder and faster, ready to explode.

He felt the girl start twitching inside while keeping most of his shaft buried in her, pummeling in short and fierce siteuri thrusts. Diana didn’t use her voice anymore; she inhaled once, long and deep, noisily, and he couldn’t hear her breathing anymore. The young girl was coming, and so was he. Mostly not withdrawing but still pushing forward, he felt when his dick got as deep as it could into the girl.

When it touched her deepest part, she gasped again, flinching, and her legs started to shake terribly. The feeling he got when reaching that place was as if he was enveloped by staruri , making him instantly groan, and Daniel began to gush everything he had inside of her, the head of his member pressed against the entrance to her nubile womb.

She looked at him with her eyes wide, her mouth completely open, but no sound came out, and she suddenly started to breathe hard yet again. Diana shivered, and Daniel heaved, his eyes locked with hers. When studente was done delivering everything deep into her, he lay down on top of her; taking her cheeks in his hands, puffing, he kissed her. He felt her trembling body under his, rejoicing in it, and she tightened her legs to his sides.

Touching the tip of their noses, they just looked at each other, assimilating what had just happened, until Diana looked down, blushing, and she smiled shily.

“See? Not a virgin…” the girl whispered.

“Not a whore either,” he added.

“Stupid, maybe?” She giggled softly, and he could feel how her chest still heaved under him.

“If this is you being stupid, let’s keep it this way,” he added with a sly smile.

“So you liked it…”

He slowly withdrew his member from her soaked pussy, and the girl gasped, her legs shaking. Diana still twitched inside, the walls of her flooded entrance temptingly squeezing around him, trying to keep his member and everything else inside. Sitting in front of her, watching her on the couch, catching her breath, he answered, “Yes. But I want more.”

“Oh…” Diana said, looking down, and he noticed by the sudden disappointment on her face that she had gotten jucării it all wrong.

“More of you, silly.”

“Oh!” She said, and she smiled, her whole face flushed, and he noticed how it spread to the cleavage of her marvelous breasts. “Take it,” she said while parting her shaky legs once again, his cum dripping out from between the petals of her entrance.

Daniel smiled, satisfied, and he pulled her by her tiny feet, making the girl slide on the couch, her arms up, “Come here.”

Diana turned on her side before getting on all fours to come to him, and he just looked at her, doing his best to absorb into his memory every little detail of that girl, how amazing her heart-shaped butt was; his cum had streaked down and soaked her tiny little asshole. She crawled to him backward mentenanta , sitting on his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck just like they were on the kitchen chair the night before.

He didn’t care about his semen and her love fluids dripping onto the couch while she did so; it was leather, and he would have time to clean it up later; they had rushed to each other soon as their parents left. They had time. At least one more hour, and he intended to make good use of it.

“You’ve been a really good girl,” he said while caressing the side of her face, his thumb up and down her cheek.

“Really?” Diana answered almost dreamily.

“Yes. So, keep in mind that no matter what I do to you, it is because I want it and believe you do. You will never be doing anything wrong until I tell you that you did, got it?” And squeezing one of her produse originale tits with his other hand, he lightly pinched the nipple, giving it a little tug.

“Uhhn… Got it.” She softly groaned, her eyebrows creasing for less than a second, then looking at him as passionately as before. He had a satisfied smile on his face, confirming he had got her right.

“Good. Now you go upstairs and clean yourself up, I’ll take care of the mess we made here, and I’ll rush to a pharmacy to get you a morning-after pill. We definitely don’t want you pregnant,” Daniel said, and he kissed her lips.

“I’ll go wash for you, but you don’t need to go out. I’m on the pill,” Diana declared, looking down ashamedly, and her thin arms stiffened around his neck.

“Why the look? This is perfect,” Daniel said.

“I’m on the pill because my father thought I’d go around the neighborhood fucking all the boys,” she said, pretending to laugh, but he could feel her sponsorizari distress.

“I have my ideas on why your father did that, and it isn’t what you think.”

Diana widened her eyes, “What? No, he is my father…”

“So he never did anything to you… Different than you expected?”

The way she looked to the side while avoiding his eyes, even the little he could see of her small ears getting red beneath all that luscious brown hair, was answer enough. Daniel had a confident look on his face, his blue eyes lit.

“I’ll make things favorable to us sooner than you think. If it goes wrong, I’ll take you away from here,” he said.

Diana looked at him with her chocolate-colored eyes wide, “R-Really?” She stammered.

“Yes. Just remember how you feel right now, how you’re behaving, and as long as you’re at it, I’ll give you everything you want,” Daniel was serious, knowing precisely what he wanted and how. In his head, he was forming a plan to win Gregory over; if he were right, he would use both Diana’s weaknesses and totul ieftin strengths to their benefit.

“Ok,” she said, bursting with hope, “Do you want me to go clean myself for you now?” And her submissive tone was getting Daniel’s member awake once again.

“Go, and stay in your room dressed in lenjerie . It has a good view of the driveway. I’m not done with you,” Daniel kissed her lips, the girl leaning excitedly into it.

He watched her stand up and walk upstairs. The way her lean, toned legs shook was nothing more than sexy.

“Hey,” he called her, and she instantly stopped in her tracks. He threw her her clothes, and she leaned forward to catch them machiaje . He smiled, and Diana did, too. Then he said, “If you’re not careful, this is not going to work. That earned you some spanking,” he said, severe but glad.

“Sorry…” She said shyly, then fidgeting, she asked, “Now?”

His eyes gleamed. Diana’s coy performance made him feel like a wolf in front of its prey. It wasn’t in his plans to push her that far that day, but at the moment, it was impossible to resist.

“Yes. Now.” Grivei said, and he sat at the edge of the couch, waiting for her.

Diana just made her way back to him, looking down, her face blushing scarlet, and when she put her little hands on his thighs to lay belly down on his lap, they were trembling. He admired the skin on her back while he made a ball of her hair with his hand, but it was so long that the remainder looked like a ponytail leasing auto . He touched the back side of one of her thighs, lifting her, and she perked up her beautiful butt for him.

Daniel pulled gently at her hair, and Diana threw her head back, panting. He felt as if her entire body vibrated and saw goosebumps on her perfect, lightly tanned skin. He leaned forward and kissed her right below the back of her neck.

“Ready?” He asked while firmly massaging one of her butt cheeks.

“Uhum…” She mewed in a breathy voice. “Uhn!” Diana moaned softly as he landed the first slap.

Daniel started easy, as controlled as he possibly could. He wanted to give it cadence, to escalate slowly and watch her. He wanted to know how much masaj she liked it and to what extent. The second one was slightly harder but hitting the same spot. “Uuhhnn!” The girl moaned a little louder, bowing her back for a slight second, then tilting her hips again, perking up her beautiful behind for him.

He hit her a little bit harder on the following three slaps, which were already making loud cracking sounds around the house. With a similar result, the girl took it, reacted to it, and waited for the next one. Only her panting increased and her shivers. He loved it. The smacks were already rocking her back and forth while Daniel varied the spot where his hand would land; he wanted her to savor it, not torture her.

He carefully watched Diana so he would know when to stop, when it was enough, but west web the increasing rhythm and strength didn’t seem to shake her will to let him enforce his dominance over her. The tenth and last one made a loud cracking sound, and the girl let out a melodious utter that was long and cried, the perfect mix of a moan and a groan, “Aaaaaugh!”

He reached for her face, cupping her chin in his hand, and kissed her temple, “Good girl.” Diana was panting loudly, her body relaxing on his lap, and she seemed ready to say something when he lowered his hand from her burning behind to her totalz pussy, intending to reward her. The girl flinched, gasped, and he took his hand off her.

“What happened?” He asked, surprised.

“N-Nothing…” She ashamedly said, “I thought you were going to hit me there,” Diana let out with a chuckle. She was propping herself up on an elbow, looking back at Daniel. He noticed that masoni face was flushing, and she was a little teary-eyed, but she seemed very satisfied with herself.

Daniel laughed, relieved, “For your own good, you have to stop giving me ideas.”

After he said that, her expression changed a little as if the girl was pondering, and when she seemed to have reached a conclusion, Diana positioned herself as she was before, supporting her upper torso by her hands and forearms on Daniel’s thigh, looking forward, and she parted her legs a little. Daniel’s cock pulsated under her flat belly.

“So you want to try…” His tone was whispery, entirely taken by the moment.

“I’ll try anything you want. I know I’m safe with you,” and Diana stood still, apart from how her little sportivi body shivered, twitched all over at times, and her breathing got faster in anticipation. “I can feel you want it.”

Daniel knew it was unnecessary and absolutely not how far he expected things to go that morning, but in the end, she was right. He did want to keep testing her limits, and if she was ok while leading him into S&M this quickly, he would never say no. However, while he had seen anything from videos of women giving their own pussies some hard slaps while masturbating to BDSM sessions in which they were whipped and paddled there, he knew this was a little too extreme for an inexperienced girl like her.

So he took it slowly and very carefully. He didn’t hold her hair but passed his left arm under her, across her breasts, his hand touching her neck, fingers caressing her tiny ear. His right hand massaged her behind while seo total the girl began to breathe fast yet again.

“Ready?” He asked, doing what he did before and lowering his hand from her warm behind to her sex, and she was soaking wet. This time her only reaction to him touching her was a lovely moan.

“Uhum,” her whisper was full of longing, but he knew she was apprehensive, even scared, by how her whole body stiffened when she tilted her hips up to give him more clearance.

He spent a little more than five seconds just rubbing her there, the tips of his fingers massaging her clit, but also acknowledging exactly where it was. Then, very carefully and not even close to how hard he was hitting her before relatie , he landed a slap on her pussy, feeling his fingers making clear contact with her love nub.

Diana let out a voiceless but high-pitched gasp and clenched her behind in a downward motion. But what Daniel didn’t expect was what followed. Her whole body shook as if the young girl was convulsing. He didn’t know if that was residue from a previous orgasm or if the spanking alone was causing that, but he found it both enticing and marvelous to watch.

Fifteen seconds later, Diana relaxed once again, but pisy still shivered hard, panting. Daniel caressed the side of her face, and she shakingly bowed her head to kiss the side of his hand.

“One more?” He asked, delighted by the way Ozana found to show him she was ok.

“U-Uhum…” she stammered, her voice very low.

He hit her again with the slightest more intensity.

“Uuunnngh…” The girl let out a long groan, gasped, then kept moaning softly while her body seemed to convulse all over. She arched her back and pushed herself forward a bit with the tip of her toes on the floor while Daniel felt a lot of her juices flow down his hand. His cock was once again rock hard under her, pulsating, as every cell of his body felt compelled into awe for that young teenage girl.

After letting her breathe, her legs shaking non-stop, it was Diana who lowered her head and said, “O-One more?” But he could feel in her voice and behavior that she exceeded her limits by a good matrimoniale margin. He reached for her entrance, sliding his thumb inside her wet and astoundingly warm tunnel, two of his fingers starting a circular motion on her tiny clit. The girl let out a loud gasp and a long moan.

“No. We don’t want to overdo it,” Daniel started working on her, his thumb sliding in and out of her, two of his fingers expertly massaging her love button, and he felt her juices dripping down his hand, his wrist wet from her. “You have made your point. Now let me make mine.”

Her love hole twitched around his thumb. The girl arched her back and let everything out in a torturous, lovely demonstration of how she felt. He made her come once more, and the way she struggled while taking it made him look at her with nothing more than fascination. Diana shuddered beautifully, still spasming once and again after he had finished.

He took her out of her uncomfortable position and sat her sideways on his lap. Pitzi had a dreamy, lost look in her eyes, seemingly exhausted, and some strands of her long brown hair stuck to the sweat on her face. Daniel knew he had stopped at the right moment, as well as he knew she had given him everything she could at that moment. For that, he kissed her like he had never done before. The girl came out of her trance only to reciprocate his kiss, still languid in his arms, shaking from her core.

Diana looked at Daniel, admiring his face, engulfed in the whole situation, and he knew with the most certainty that modele was happy.

“I-I think I love you…” She muttered.

He opened a smile that crossed his face from side to side. “If this is you still wondering if you do, I can only imagine when you’re certain,” he said, and he kissed her again, “I think I love you too. I’ll make us time to find out for sure.”

Diana beamed at him, releasing a little yelp when he stood up with her in his arms. He wouldn’t make her go up the stairs after all of that. Getting to her room, still full of pink accents but otherwise very suitable for a teen girl like mayra , he gently put her in bed.

“Take your time and relax. Then you clean yourself up, take a shower maybe. We have time, but when our parents get here, it must look as if nothing ever happened,” he said, then gave her a peck on the lips.

Janet then leaned over, reached down and grabbed his dick

Jim thought as he watched this leggy sandy blonde walk by. She stopped and turned her head to check to see if he is looking. Jim raised his sunglasses and shouted, “You’re beautiful!” loud enough so she could hear him over the crashing surf. She giggled and started walking over to him pulling her top off to expose her 36C breasts swaying as she walked closer. She stood in front of him and turned around then, lowered her bikini bottoms slowly. Jim stared at her ASS, while her tan lined cheeks appeared.

His mouth dropped open when the crotch of her bikini hung up, then popped out to reveal her wet pussy lips and the wonderfully tight looking asshole. She dropped the bottoms to the sand and turned around to reveal escorte oradea shaved pussy. Without saying a word, she dropped down between his legs and started pulling his speedo down. His hard cock sprang up as it was set free from its confinement. Her head leaned forward with her mouth opening…

“Back in black, I hit the sack. I’ve been too long, I’m glad to be back. Yes, I’m let loose from the noose, that’s” blared from Janet’s phone until she reached over and dismissed it. She turned over to face Jim and said, “Good Morning”.

“Morning” Jim replied “AC/DC! Good song to wake up to. Aren’t you afraid it will get stuck in your head?”

“AC/DC is always stuck in my head. I love those guys”. Janet then leaned over, reached down and grabbed his dick and gave Jim a small kiss. “Thanks for the loan. I really needed to get fucked last night”.

“Any time you need it, you know where it’s at” Jim replied.

“Well, it feels like it needs me right now” Janet said with a smile as she moved her leg over Jim and straddled him. Escorte bucurești  lowered her well used slit down to the tip of his hard cock and wiggled. She had just been asleep minutes ago, but she felt recharged and ready to go, but a little sore from the night before.

“I don’t think we have a lot of time for this teasing” Jim said nodding his head towards the clock.

“I don’t think this will take long. You must have been having one hell of a dream. I hope it was about this” she said as she lowered her sore wet pussy down on his shaft.

“We were on a beach…MMmmmm that’s good. And you were…YES!… about to put my cock… INNNnnnnn… OH! Your mouth MMmmm”.

“OH, was I” she replied as escorte premium continued to grind back and forth on his cock. She was rubbing her clit on his pelvis as she was grinding fast then slow back and forth.

“Your ASS MMMmmm was so perfect in tight …UUUMMMmmm red Bikini Bottoms” Jim continued as he stared into her hazel eyes. She started to pump up and down hard on his cock.

“And you took… Mmmmm offffff… your top…. and those tits swayed…”

“Oh, these tits” as she grabbed his hands and put them on her fleshy bouncing mounds. Jim held on to them still staring in her eyes.

“Oh, Yes! These wonderful, juicy, tits… MMmmm. I’m…. I’mmmmm…. about to….”

“Cum Jim! Cum deep in my pussy! Give it to me!”

“CCCUUUUUMMMMM!” he grunted as he felt the release of semen from his balls thru his shaft and deep inside her waiting cunt. Janet slammed down hard and stayed there feeling spurt after spurt deep inside escorte târgu jiu .

“Yes Jim! God yes… give it all to me!” Then she laid down on top of him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Thank You. Again” she whispered in his ear.

“We should get ready for work, then grab some breakfast in the lobby before we head to work” Janet said as she got up out of bed and headed to her room.

Jim watched her walk naked across the room, staring at her ass as it swayed back and forth. He wondered if she would need to borrow his dick again tonight. She did return it in better condition than when he lent it to her. Escorte florești  closed their doors and started singing “Dirty Deeds and their done dirt cheap. Dirty Deeds…”.

Jim showered and got dressed for work as usual, slacks and pocketed shirt with the protector full of pens and pencils. He kept his glasses in a case hanging from is belt. He wore brown loafers that didn’t go with the blue slacks he was wearing. He grabbed the car keys and headed to the lobby. The cheap hotel at least had a good ***********ion for breakfast and Jim had worked up quite the appetite.

He filled a plate with eggs and bacon, toast, a few sausage links, and a banana, then sat down at a table facing their rooms. Janet appeared from the hallway dressed in her work suit. Her escorte romania blonde hair was back up in the bun and she was wearing those 3” heels again. Just the sight of her dressed for work made Jim wonder if today she was Miss Marshal or Janet.

“I see you’ve got a plate full. Give me a second and I’ll be right back” Janet said as she looked over to see what all they had. Escorte baia mare  was starving and surprisingly not hung over. She returned with a bowl of oatmeal and a muffin. They chit chatted a little as they ate then, headed to the car to go to the office. Once they were on the road Jim had to ask “So, today are you Miss Marshal again or Janet?”.

“I was going to talk to you about that. After the flight, last night, and this morning, I feel awkward asking you to call me Miss Marshal. After all I’ve had your dick in my mouth. As well as a few other places.” Janet began to chuckle. “This isn’t the home office, so I guess we don’t have to be so formal”.

“Well, if you’re not going to be so formal, you should take your hair out of that bun”.

“Oh, I wear the bun to keep the hair out of my face all day. I get really frustrated if I don’t. I think it makes me seem professional. Don’t you?”.

“Yes, but don’t take this the wrong way, you come off like a bitch sometimes” Jim answered trying not to get her pissed off before they even got to work.

“I know. I’m trying to. I’ve worked my escorte reale way to a supervisor position, and I don’t want people to think I got there any other way than hard work”.

“I’ve worked for you for a few years now. I never once thought you slept your way there. Although, after last night, those bosses don’t know what they missed”.

“Thank you?” she replied, not knowing if that was a compliment.

They arrived at work and headed off in different directions. Janet spent the day in meetings with all the supervisors, laying out the different policies that the new company had for them to follow. Jim headed straight for the IT department and found the guys who did the same job he did.

Just as he got settled into an empty cubicle his phone chirped. It was a text from Mark. Jim hesitantly opened the text to see a picture loading. It was Trisha laying naked, in bed, ASS UP. Next picture was escorte mamaia on all fours at the edge of the bed, her ass all shiny from being lubed up. Lastly a picture of what he assumes is Mark’s cock halfway in her asshole.

“Dude, she made me send these to you” the text read.

“I’m gonna have to think of a way to get even with her” Jim thought as he scrolled thru the pictures again.

“Damn she has a nice ass” he mumbled to himself.

Then He got a text from Trisha. “Enjoy having a hard on all day, again”.

Jim texted Mark back “thanks for the spank material”.

Mark responded “No problem. Trisha insisted we try anal just to get the pictures to send to you”.

“Speaking of Anal, I’ve got quite a story to tell you when I get back” Jim texted in hopes of tapping Janet’s ass in the near future.

“Hey, did you know it’s Janet’s birthday on Sunday? Trisha noticed it in Janet’s file”.

“No, but thanks for the info”. Jim thought for a moment “this could be the opportunity to give her the present he has been wanting to give her, and she obviously has an anal fixation”.

Jim met escorte sibiu  around 5pm and they headed out to diner before going back to the hotel. Janet used the company expense account for them to eat some place nice. They had a bottle of wine with dinner, mostly Janet, then she had an after-dinner drink with dessert. When they got to the hotel Jim helped her again to her room. He stood by her door as she struggled to get the room key in the slot.

Jim knew she was going to feel this one in the morning. Jim took the key from her and opened her door. Janet threw her arms around him and kissed him passionately, then said, “My hero” before walking in and collapsing on the bed. Jim followed dame de companie in to make sure she got settled. He removed her 3” heels and massaged her feet, one at a time.

“Oh, that feels good” Janet moaned. “Are you going to help me out of my suit to?”

“Whatever her highness needs my lady” Jim replied trying to speak in a British accent.

“Whatever I need? Janet questioned.

“Anything you desire, my lady” Jim responded as he began to roll down her nylons noticing that again she didn’t wear panties. Her pussy was well lubed up. Her pussy lips were open, and that clit was present and accounted for. “She must get horny when she enjoy drinks” he thought as he unzipped her skirt and lowered it down over her firm legs.

He leaned over and began to passionately kiss her, sliding his tongue into her mouth. He reached down and unbuttoned her blouse then, reached an arm around her and sat her up so he could remove her suit coat, top, and bra.

“AHhhhhhh” She groans as her breasts were relieved of their confinement. “Thank you, thank you, thank you” she said as she went right back to kissing him again.

“I don’t suppose you’ll let me borrow your dick again tonight?” Escorte constanța asked with a big smile on her face. Then she did her best to give a pout with puppy dog eyes.

“It’s yours for the whole trip, but I want it back when we get back to Cleveland”.

“Thank God I forgot my batteries” she replied as she started to remove Jim’s shirt but was struggling with the buttons.

“I’ll do that, you just lay back on the bed”. Jim realized she was full, drunk, and tired so if he didn’t act quick, she would be asleep. He got naked almost instantly and started to climb in bed, but it was too late. She was fast asleep. Last night had been a long night, and with the time zone change, he knew she needed sleep as bad as he did. Jim tucked Janet in and got her a glass of water. He headed to his room to masturbate then get some sleep. He was glad Mark had sent those pics.

“Oh, fuck me harder! Yes, Yes, YES… Give me it all.” “You like that bitch don’t ya!”

“YES! Oh, fuck YES” “CUM over me baby! Cum anywhere you want. Oh, yes!”

“MMMMmmmm stick out that tongue BITCH! Swallow this load!”

“Give it to me. Give it all GGgggg to me. GGGggggg”

“MMMmm OH, Oh, Yah! Swallow that Bitch. Swallow it all. Yes!”

“FUCK! What the hell time is it” Jim thought as he checked the clock. 5:30am. “Well at least they waited until then. Usually this happens around 3am. I have to get up soon anyway”. Just then a naked escorte deva walks thru the adjoining door and walks over and crawls into bed.

“Sorry I fell asleep last night. Let me make it up to you” as she dipped under the covers and began kissing her way down his chest, then stomach, then navel. Then the tip of his hard cock. All Jim could see was a bump in the middle of the bed, going up and down, but he could feel her hot wet mouth on his cock. Sucking to get that prize out. Her tongue licking his shaft then her whole mouth dropped back down.

Pustoaice hand was around the base slowly stroking up to meet her mouth on the down stroke then down on the up stroke. Her other hand was reaching around to his ass cheeks. She paused to wet her finger then started again even faster. She placed her wet finger against his asshole and circled it.

He has a fantastic affair with his sexy aunt and cousin

A few days after making his decision, John worked like a machine, repairing fences, and didn’t’ stop until the sun went down. By the time he got back from the field, a heavy rainstorm had started to unleash its fury, and he was completely soaked. His Aunt had dinner waiting, and he wasted no time in changing and eating the hearty meal.

After dinner, they went out on the porch to watch the rain coming down. It was really pouring, and John couldn’t help but smile as his Aunt cuddled next to him. She shuddered after every thunderclap, and John couldn’t help but feel more manly as she took comfort at his side. After a while, it became too windy, and they decided to head inside.

They were sitting in the living room when she suddenly said, “Do you mind sleeping in my room tonight? I’m kind of a scaredy-cat when it comes to thunder.”

“No, I don’t mind, Aunt Rose,” John replied, maybe a little too quickly.

“It’s just, I never really liked lightning and thunder….” she trailed off. “Your uncle…your uncle used to tease me about that,” her voice wandered off as she remembered her dead husband.

“It’s okay. I’ll help you feel safe…,” he said.

John had planned to not act on his natural tendencies and behave as gentlemanly as possible. He had already fought the battle in his head, and he had won. He would only comfort her and nothing more. John held her all through the night as the lightning and thunder prevailed long into the night.

Although he had decided not to cross the moral line, his body didn’t know any better. His cock throbbed against his Aunt’s back and remained so well into the night. Like a strong, dark guardian holding vigil, his cock rested against her sleeping body. John struggled to sleep as he considered that his Uncle had slept on this same bed. Perhaps he had made love to her only days ago, yet John was in his place. He awoke a few times to hear his Aunt sobbing quietly and would only wrap his arms tighter around her to assure her that he was there to protect her.

John had a lot of work the following day due to the storm. For eight hours, he worked diligently, replacing shingles and repairing things around the farm that had gotten damaged by the devastating wind. By the end of the day, his body ached. Small blisters had appeared on his hand from where he had gripped the hammer.

Aunt Rose had always been attentive to his needs, but he immediately noticed a change in her demeanor when he went into the house. Before, she had treated him as her young, clueless nephew, she now spoke to him no differently than a wife would talk to a husband.

“What would like to eat, dear?” She asked while she folded his coat.

“I’m starving. I’ll eat anything,” he told her.

“Alright then, spaghetti it is…” she said. “Maybe later, I can give you a massage Honey, it looks like you can use it,” she added.

Indeed he really could use one. His arms and back were burning, and he knew he would enjoy having Aunt Rose feeling him up after a long day’s work.

“Yeah that sounds nice,” he replied.

“You better get washed up then,” she suggested.

He headed into the shower and stripped off his clothes. He slid back the clear glass door of the shower and stepped inside as the warm water started to steam up around him. He had minor cuts on his hands, and they stung as he washed them using the soap. Nevertheless, John persevered and cleaned as best he could. Escorte voluptoase premium was fully lathered in soap when he heard a knock at the door.

“Yes?” he called out.

“Honey, I have a wash going, do you have your clothes in here? I didn’t see them in your room.” She said.

“Yeah, they’re in here,” John replied as he tried to wash some of the soap off his face.

Slowly the door creaked open, and he saw his Aunt gingerly step in. John had left his clothes right outside the shower door, so she had no choice but to venture all the way inside. Unlike the day before, he found himself lacking any sense of embarrassment. Having held her all through the night had given him a confidence that had not been there before. That and the fact that he had worked his ass off gave him a sense of empowerment that he really liked.

John watched his Aunt’s eyes as she desperately tried to concentrate on the pile of clothes. Although the steam did provide some cover, it wasn’t enough to stifle her curiosity. As she leaned down to pick up the pile of clothes, his cock pulsated, slowly growing aware of the presence of the female before it. After each heartbeat, it gained strength.

By the time she had all his clothes in her hands, his cock was at full mast, water trickling off its tip. As she went to stand up, her gaze wandered until it finally locked onto his engorged member. As soon as he saw her colecții fixated, he stabbed his cock sideways against the glass. The glass door rattled, and his Aunt fell backward while clutching his clothes tightly against her bosom.

“John honestly!” She stammered.

He laughed out loud at her befuddlement. Quickly she gathered herself and walked out of the bathroom. John gave his cock a few short strokes but decided not to release his load, considering he would be getting a massage from his Aunt Kimberly shortly. Although John had committed himself not to cross the line, he found himself not trying very hard. Subconsciously, John wanted to seduce his full-figured Aunt. He had become infatuated with every part of her body. Rich lady hips had been difficult to ignore.

They reminded him of the hips in a Venus painting he had once seen. ( Nude Venus at Her Mirror Painting by Diego Velázquez ) He loved how smooth her skin was, and thinking about rubbing his hard cock against it made him want her even more. He finished his shower with his hard-on intact.

He put on some clean underwear and went to the kitchen to eat supper.

Rose looked at him and said, “I’ve noticed that you’ve gotten into the habit of coming in here like that, dear.”

“Like what?” John asked.

“In just your underwear, dear,” she replied.

John looked at her and said, “It’s more comfortable after working outdoors all day. Do you want me to put on some clothes?”

“Umm, no dear, it’s not necessary. I’m just not used to it.”

Rose plated their meals and brought them to the table. They ate and had a casual conversation about the farm and the neighbors. Rose cleared the table when they finished eating, and John helped her wash the dishes.

“Thanks for the help with the dishes, dear. You know, you didn’t have to,” Rose said and kissed his cheek.

“You cook, wash my clothes, and take care of me. It’s the least I could do,” John replied.

“Are you ready for your massage, dear?” she asked.

“Give me a minute, I’ll meet you in the living room,” he said.

He went to the bathroom, took off his underwear, and wrapped a towel around his waist. As he stared down the hallway, he was entranced by his Aunt, who was sitting Indian-style, reading a book. She was wearing short pink shorts, which said “lovable” across the back. He stood still, admiring how the word stretched slightly due to the ample size of her ass.

She had a short button-up blouse, but her tits were partly visible through the gaps between each button. It also didn’t help that she had not fastened the top three buttons. She had her reading glasses on, and her brown hair fell down the left side of her face. She looked a lot younger, sitting like that next to the fireplace.

John walked towards her in a daze with only the small white towel wrapped around him. Before he made his presence known, she put her book down and stretched. Her arms reached for the ceiling, and her back arched like a limber gymnast. Her breasts pushed hard against her blouse, and the buttons strained to contain the bounty she possessed. As she lowered her arms, she saw me.

“Honey, aren’t you going to put some clothes on?” Rose asked incredulously.

“I thought you were going to give me a massage,” he said in a child-like voice.

“Well yeah, but you could put some clothes on you know…” she said.

“No, its okay. I don’t want to get any oil on them, ” stud said quickly when he saw the bottle of oil next to her.

“hmm… makes sense, I suppose,” She said slowly and thoughtfully. She was gauging his intentions; he could clearly see.

She extended a bath towel on the carpet and laid a pillow on one side.

“Well, come over here,” she beckoned with both hands.

John strode towards her, and he could see her eyeing his body behind the glare of her glasses. Watching her do this made him even more excited. He laid face down and unwrapped the towel, letting it cover his ass. Soon after, he felt his Aunt’s weight over him as she straddled John. He could feel her soft legs with his hands as she massaged his shoulders. He could see her shadow against the wall, and he could already imagine her breasts swaying back and forth as she ran her hands across his back by thai massage .

“You’re back is really tense hon,” she said finally.

“That’s all muscle Aunt Rose,” John said coyly.

“Ain’t that the truth…” she trailed off.

Soon she slid down to John’s legs and started working his calves. Slowly she inched her way upwards until she reached what the towel covered. He felt a slight hesitation before her hands slid under the small towel. Her hands were right on his butt, and he could not help but wonder whether she could see his balls. John could feel the cool air on them, so it made sense that she should be able to see them. His cock had grown slightly limp under his weight, but he knew it would go full mast once again when it got some room.

“Are you sore here?” his Aunt asked shyly. Her hands squeezed his ass very softly.

“A little,” he said quietly.

Slowly she started to massage his ass. The towel was now flipped up on his back.

“Your butt is nice and hard,” she said, her voice a little high.

“Thanks,” John said, laughing a little.

After a few minutes, she asked him to flip over. A couple of things happened at once when he did. He flipped over, not thinking twice about covering himself. His Aunt had turned around to grab a small cloth and squeeze some more oil out of the bottle. She hesitated only slightly before turning back to face John. His cock grew exponentially while his eyes feasted on the sexy mature female before him. You can imagine his Aunt ginger reaction when she turned. She instantly realized her nephew’s young hard cock was fully displayed before her.

“That looks nice and hard too…” she said a little breathlessly. Her eyes were locked on his cock. “John are you always that hard?” She asked as she remembered his hard-on from that morning.

“Most of the time, yes,” he answered as he sat up to see her better. The motion made his cock sway side to side like a pendulum.

“Does it hurt?” she asked curiously.

“Not at all.” he said as he gingerly grabbed it and released it nonchalantly.

After a few seconds of silence, John saw her inch towards him. Slowly but deliberately, her hand reached for his amateur cock, and soon her fingers clasped around the shaft. Immediately, he flexed and pushed his pelvis upwards, essentially engorging his cock in her hand even more. John liked the tight feeling of her hand and laid back down, relishing the sensation. Soon she was stroking him slowly. She did this for a few minutes before he heard a quiet sniffle. She had started to cry.

He quickly sat up, and she said, “I loved your Uncle very much you know.”

John felt sick, thinking that he had made a mistake. Guilt rose in him like never before.

“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to Aunt Rose,” he said cautiously.

“No baby, It’s not that…” she wiped her tears. “I’m not sad… I just really miss your Uncle. I’m so happy you are here taking care of me, I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you,”

He sat up even straighter and kissed her. Their lips locked together, and their tongues caressed in a hot mess. He hurriedly reached up under her blouse and finally got a hold of one of her glorious tits.

John squeezed tightly and immediately fell in love with their malleability and weight. Aunt Rose was in an awkward position, but still, she didn’t stop stroking her big tits hand up and down his shaft. She alternated her hand movements using a twisting motion, and he could tell she loved each vein and contour her hand could feel around his cock. John couldn’t help but wonder whether milking so many cows had made her an unknowing expert on hand jobs. His natural reproductive instincts took over, having gotten the green light. He tore her blouse off completely and cupped both breasts.

John can palm a basketball without much trouble, but he still found himself with handfuls. He attacked each nipple with the same energy that a hungry calf has after being apart from its mother for too long. He sucked on each breast vigorously. When he was too eager, his Aunt pulled his hair slightly, effectively taking control of how he feasted on her.

After a couple of minutes, John stood up and quickly presented his cock to her. She shifted from her sitting position to a kneeling one, her breasts swaying slightly. She was about to envelop him with her mouth when he unexpectedly bent down and stabbed his cock into her hard nipples.

“Jesus you can’t get enough of those can you?” she asked as he rubbed his cock up and down against her hard nipples.

Instead of replying, John grabbed her hands and made her squish her tits together. He thrust his cock into the fold. The head of his cock was visible only after every upward thrust. He loved watching his Aunt’s eyes light up as he grunted and fucked her tits faster and faster like seo arad .

Finally, after having had his way with her breasts, John tempted her into taking him into her mouth. It wasn’t challenging to get her to open her mouth. She had tracked his cock the second he had pulled it from between her breasts. She watched it with the same level of attention that a dog gives to a treat it’s about to receive. He swayed it from side to side in front of her.

Her mouth opened, probably without her even knowing it. She was leaning forward and just about to wrap her lips around it when he pulled away. She quickly looked up with a face of confusion and disappointment. He smiled at her, and she responded by making a funny, angry face.

“Okay, okay,” John said as he offered her his cock once again.

Precum dangled on the tip of his cock; it pulsed in his hand. Aunt Rose crossed her arms and looked up and away in a classic fashion of “I’m not interested.” John regretted his teasing immediately. He watched and examined her. Her breasts were squished underneath her arms, falling and rising as she breathed. John couldn’t help it, and he pushed the head of his cock against her pursed lips. The precum covered her lips like a lip balm as he stroked his tip across them. She opened her eyes and looked up at him.

Her eyes smiled, but her lips remained closed. She was making groans in anticipation. Finally, and to the great relief of John’s cock, he was able to coax her into opening her mouth. He guessed that the precum had given her a taste of what he had seo bucurești . Slowly she opened her mouth, and the mushroom head of his cock spread her lips wide. His cock filled her mouth, and at once, John’s cock felt at home.

Soon she had one hand caressing his heavy balls while the other hand rested on his thigh, supporting her as she took long gulps of his cock. She struggled to take the last ½ inch in, but from time to time, she would grab his ass and push herself until his cock disappeared entirely into her mouth. It felt like his heart was pounding in her mouth. Small amounts of saliva dripped off the side of her mouth as she tried to sweet talk his cock into cumming.

“I can’t believe how hard it is,” she gasped as she took a small break and examined his cock with the help of the firelight.

“You could probably hang your coat on it,” John laughed.

“No kidding,” she said as she pulled a small black hair from her mouth.

John noticed that she was about to stand up and offered her his hand, which she took with a degree of elegance he knew she had always possessed. They kissed once again, and now he found his hand rubbing her pussy. Her light pink shorts had unmistakably grown darker between her legs, and he couldn’t help but start pulling down on her shorts. She knew what John wanted seo cluj napoca and proceeded to pull her shorts down on her own. His cock was next to her face as she slipped the shorts from underneath her. Before rising to meet his gaze again, she kissed its tip. It pulsed in delight, having received such affection.

They embraced again, with his cock stabbing at her stomach. After breaking the embrace, John got on all fours and pushed his face upwards into her pussy, trying to breathe her in. Like a crazed dog, he moved her panties to the side and licked her wet pussy. She cooed in ecstasy. He had only licked her for a few seconds before his cock surged in anticipation. John wanted to be inside her.

Without a word, he stood up and turned her around. His Uncle’s old armchair was right next to them, giving her a perfect perch. Her ass and pussy were fertile, and his male instincts took over. He pulled her panties to the side and saw her pussy contracting and relaxing slowly. He slapped both ass cheeks and ran his cock up and down her ass crack. He then tapped it upwards on her pussy, and finally pressed the shaft of his cock onto her pussy. This was it. There was no turning back. She was his Aunt, yes… but she was also a luscious female in heat; he couldn’t ignore that even if he tried.

Damn the morality of such an act; he didn’t care. It didn’t matter that his father had entrusted her to him. It also didn’t matter that he was so much younger than her. Her husband was dead, and her daughter was away. She was his for the taking. His cock was strong and hard, and her pussy was wet and soft. He got on his tiptoes and flexed his entire body. His hands were on her hips, and his cock was primed and eager to enter her.

“God damn it, just put it in alrea…” She didn’t finish her sentence.

He cut her off by plunging his thick 7″ cock deep inside her. She bucked like a wild mare and arched her back like a cat as he pressed his cock deeper and deeper, filling her hot pussy completely. John gripped her ass and stirred his cock in a figure-eight pattern. He probed all around and felt her from the inside out. Meanwhile, she spread her stance.

Pretty soon, she had given him the appropriate height to commence his furious assault. He pounded her rhythmically while watching her ass cheeks jiggle gently after every thrust. He reached down and grabbed her left breast. Her pussy tightened and relaxed as his glistening cock entered and exited her. He was relentless. She exhaled loudly, and he could see her hair sticking to her the side of her face.

The fire had kept them warm, but now they were burning as they continued in their sinful embrace. Her pussy felt like heaven around his cock. Her pussy was the perfect size for his thick cock, and her ability to squeeze him inside her gave John a new appreciation of the physique of a hard-working woman.

Her panties rubbed against his cock; he had her hold it to the side with one hand as he continued to pound her from behind. The loud clapping sound was coming after every full thrust filled the room. The crackling fire was muted as her moans and grunts echoed his efforts. After a couple of minutes, John could feel her body spasm in front of him.

Her legs quivered, and she screamed, “I’m cumming!!!”

She tried to pull away, looking for some respite, but John was on the verge of exploding inside her. He brought her in close and fucked her in a blind frenzy, faster than he had ever fucked before. He was like an engine piston at full throttle. Her pussy squirted and wet everything but the ceiling. His cock and balls dripped with her love juices; their legs sparkled after being coated with her essence. When John felt the first stream of cum racing down his hard cock, he had no choice but to slow down by seo timișoara .

However, it didn’t stop him from driving his cock as deep as possible. John came like never before. Both his balls emptied into her. He stayed there, cumming inside her, for 3 minutes straight, pushing deeper without pulling back. His sperm was injected deep inside her, and they both knew that she would be pregnant.

They were both breathing hard and her legs still quivered underneath her. She went to kneel down, and John followed her, his cock remaining inside her. He was like a dog whose knot anchored him to his bitch. He rested on her back until finally, he pulled his cock out. Cum poured out of her pussy, but John knew most of it had stayed inside. They kissed and felt each other on the floor, then fell asleep naked, their legs entwined. He had bred his Aunt Rose and found a love he didn’t know existed.

The following morning, Aunt Rose and John were sitting in the kitchen, just chatting, when he turned to her and said, “Rose, I’ve decided not to return to college. I want to stay here and help you run the farm from dependența publicului . I love this life and hated college, I felt like a cog in a huge machine.”

Surprised, she looked at him and said,” John, are you sure that this life is what you want? As you’ve already found, it’s not exciting like in the city. What about your future?”

John looked into her eyes and stated, “Rose, this is the life I want; it IS my future. I’ve fallen in love with it.”

“John, are you absolutely sure that your decision isn’t based on the sex we had?” she asked.

Still looking deep into her eyes, he stated, “Rose, I’m sure you’ll agree that the sex was great, but that’s not why I want to stay. I’ve grown to love the hard work involved in running this place. I’ve learned more useful information in the past couple of months then I did during a year in college. I believe this farm is my future; will you share it with me?”

“Oh, John, you’ve made me so happy with your decision. I don’t think I could run the whole thing by myself,” Rose stated breathlessly.

“There’s another reason I want to stay, Rose. I’ve grown to love you domenii web , not as a nephew, but as your lover.”

She took his hand and kissed it, then said, “John, as you are well aware, your Uncle died two months ago. He always told me that if something happened to him, I should find someone else to love. As short as the time has been since he passed, I believe that I’ve found that someone; you. We can’t be married, but will you live with me, as my husband?”

John returned the gesture and said,” Only if you’ll live with me, as my wife.” He then continued, “I need to call Mom and Dad this evening and let them know that I’m staying here and not going back to college.”

After eating supper and cleaning the kitchen that evening, John pulled out his cell phone.

“Call them now, just be sure not to say anything about ‘us’,” Rose exclaimed.

He put the phone on speaker and dialed his Dad’s cell number. His Dad answered and said, “Hold on, I’m putting the phone on speaker so Mom can also talk.”

John heard him call his Mom over, then heard her say, “Hi John, how are you?”

He told them he was doing well, and so was Aunt Rose. He then proceeded to tell them why he called.

“Mom and Dad, I’ve made a decision about my future by advertorialul . I’m not going back to college, I’m going to stay here and help Aunt Rose with the farm. I’ve come to love the farm life and this is what I want to do for the rest of my life,” John stated.

His Dad said,” While I’m disappointed that you won’t go back to college, I’m proud that you finally made a decision about what you want to do with your life at rețelele sociale . It also lifts my apprehension about what your Aunt was going to do when you left.”

Mom then chimed in,” Are you sure that’s what you want, Honey?”

“Yes Mom, I’m absolutely sure,” he replied.

“Okay then,” said his Dad, “I’m going to transfer the balance of your college funds into your personal checking account. Use the money as you need it, but don’t go nuts.”

“I won’t Dad. There’s still money left from your original deposit,” he chuckled.

“Is Aunt Rose handy?” his Dad asked.

“She’s been listening to our whole conversation, Dad,” he replied.

“Hi Rose,” he stated, “Has John been behaving himself?”

“Yes, Tom, he has,” she stated, then continued,” He works as hard as James did and has even made some improvements to the house with utilizatorii . He told me about his decision this morning. I couldn’t be happier, although I am surprised. It has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders. I don’t know what I would have done without him here. Thank you so much for suggesting it.”

“Rose, you know I’d do anything for my sister,” replied Tom.

“I know you would, Tom. I’m just extremely surprised that a man as young as your son is just as generous as you.”

“His decision has made me very proud by revoluția ,” said Tom.

“I just wanted him to let you know about his decision. We’ll be going now,” said Rose.

“Okay,” said his Dad, “You continue taking good care her, John. You’ve made us very proud. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Dad, goodnight Mom,” John replied and disconnected.

He turned to Rose and opened his arms. She went to him, and they kissed passionately. John broke the kiss and whispered in her ear, “My wife, are you ready to go to bed?”

She whispered back to him,” Only if we’re going to fool around, my husband.”

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