The Most Sexiest And Famous Pornstars Ever

There are some whose name barely a hundred people know, as well as those who are renowned for one thing or the other, like their bedroom skills, beauty, intelligence, bottom power, or earth-sized titties.

I have created several articles in the past on this website, but I have always focused on featuring pornstars who are still very much active in the industry in all those articles. That meant that I had to ignore the legendary performers who were our only support when we were going through puberty and learning how pleasurable it was to play with our cocks. So, I though of creating this article listing the most famous pornstars of all time, featuring not just the active performers but also the ones who have been retired for a long time but still are just as popular as they were during their prime.

Asa Akira

asa akira

Asa Akira is the first Asian XXX star in this famous pornstars listing and by Jove is she naughty or what! Asa Akira is petite, slim, and so skilled in the arts that all she has to do is wink at you to make your cum factory start putting out unpaid overtime! Her boobies are lovely, enhanced, and very firm 32C puddings, while her booty is perfect enough to cause a saint some problems! Asa used to be an exotic dancer and dominatrix, before focusing on getting nasty with pornstars of either sex, for our collective cum-fabulous orgasms!

Priya Anjali Rai

priya anjali rai

Priya Anjali Rai is the only Indian pornstar on this list but she is one of the most famous pornstars of all time without a doubt; and she sure is a breeze of fresh air, huge titties and a big ass! Priya is voluptuous, just a little bit dark-skinned and looks so exotic I feel a need to enlist her help to lead me to the promised land of cum outbursts for the rest of this month! She has a pretty face, black hair, fake tits and a mouth that can suck the iron out of a steel rod!

Lisa Ann

lisa ann

Hope your cock is in the mood to welcome this gorgeous MILF starlet, because Lisa Ann is on her way and she doesn’t brook any opposition! Lisa has massive fake tits and the skills, attitude, and a body to match. This Italian starlet is 48-years old, slim, and the recipient of enough awards to make the staff of the Guinness World Records blush! Lisa freely gives her pussy to anyone that expresses interest and is perhaps most famous for parodying Sarah Palin.

Alexis Texas

alexis texas

Texas appears full of blonde, hot, and blue-eyed temptresses and I must tell you that Alexis Texas is the queen of them all! She’s got a fab body, a phat booty that holds most of the world hostage and natural 34C tits you could never take your eyes away from! A booty like hers could make an angel drool right in the presence of God and she graciously lets XXX stars of all sexes manhandle this chunk of pleasure mountain and explore its caverns!

Madison Ivy

madison ivy

Madison Ivy has won so many awards and conquered so many hearts it is hard to believe she doesn’t stand 10-feet tall! She’s only 4’11” and built like a sex house on wheels! This blonde 31-year old MILF used to dance and shake her fanny in strip clubs, before making the switch to the adult world, where cocks too long to be measured burrow into her snatch and simply refuse to come out of that super wet, warm and grippy hole till they have cummed enough in it to drown a tadpole!

Brandi Love

brandi love

Need a fab MILF in your life teaching you all the ropes and letting you see what she can do when called upon to sit on a dick? Brandi Love awaits! She’s a tall and pretty blonde with eyes that sparkle with life and humor, plus the kind of fit & athletic body that could seduce any living thing that has a woody through which blood flows! Her 34E boobs are the products of a surgeon’s work, and she has an unusual passion for sexual gymnastics. Brandi is never too far away from a cock and she does perch on them like they are the most exclusive thrones!

Diamond Jackson

diamond jackson

Diamond Jackson is a 54-year old black MILF pornstar who specializes in making multiple cocks convulse at once during orgies and bukakke action scenes! She was a cheerleader in high school and in 2007 took up the task of cheering up dicks worldwide and giving them a great reason to keep on rising, and pouring forth heavy doses of life-giving liquid! Tall and equipped for action with massive fake tits, she boasts the kind of oiled pussy that makes the world spin once you are deep in it!

Mia Khalifa

mia khalifa

A famous pornstars listing which doesn’t include Mia Khalifa would be unthinkable at all levels! Mia is famous for many reasons, like her assets, skills, personality and the fact that she’s an Arab starlet who boldly sucks cock on the big screen and rides on the same like she’s going forward to the biggest battle of her life! She didn’t stay for long in the porn industry and did only a handful of scenes, but there’s no denying of the kind of influence she left behind as she’s one of the most popular babes even after years of leaving the industry!

Stormy Daniels

stormy daniels

Never heard of Stormy Daniels? She’s that lady that President Trump was supposed to have banged and news of that has made her one of the most famous pornstars ever. Before she got the mainstream recognition, Stormy was known as that sultry blonde with enhanced jugs who likes having her kitten licked and penetrated by any dick that could stand the heat that this flappy hole produced!

Aletta Ocean

aletta ocean

She used to be a pageant winner, before deciding that porn was the right industry for her. Aletta Ocean is a Hungarian hottie whose long legs, big ass, and impossibly-pert haunch make you wonder just why it should be legal for a female to look so good! Her booty has a bottomless ocean for an asshole and jamming this tightly closed with a rigid cock is guaranteed to make her cum on the double!

Moriah Mills

moriah mills

This thick and curvy XXX star is carrying enough succulent meat on her front end to weigh down a truck! Moriah Mills is meaty, slutty to the bone and so booty-blessed you get instant admittance to cloud nine if she squats over you and sits on your face! Wouldn’t you know it, but big boners just love spearing her snatch and capturing enough sweat meat to last them for weeks!

Julia Ann

julia ann

At 50-years old, Julia Ann is still beautiful enough to seduce a king and give him the kind of boner he could rule the world with! She’s blonde, bisexual and sweet-faced, curvy, tall, and rocks enhanced 36E fake jugs. This MILF pornstar has a smile you could fist a dragon for and the kind of body you wished your girlfriend had! Watch her videos if you haven’t already because you’ll be begging to be her sex slave soon after!

Gianna Michaels

gianna michaels

This lady goes by a lot of names, not that it matters all that much because she is assuredly worth searching for. Gianna is nearly 6-feet tall and every ounce of that is soft, but toned meat, with her F-size natural jugs getting enough attention to confuse a military satellite, while her big booty hosts the perfect entrance for any pleasure-loving dick! As to be imagined, this babe has a cunt that is a positive cock magnet, and the most massive boners are always finding their way into it!

Samantha Saint

samantha saint

Even the saints on high have been cumming to the onscreen antics of this stunner while acting like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth! Now, Samantha Saint is one of the loveliest girls in this famous pornstars listing by a mile and a half and is one of those beautiful babes who are so horny they could fuck a load of gravel! She’s somewhere between slim and buxom and is totally toned, leggy to the bone, blonde and busty with pierced nipples, plus the recipient of multiple awards. And did I mention how nasty this girl can be once the cumming spirit is in her!

Tera Patrick

tera patrick

If you had the time and cared to do some research, you could easily fill a textbook with the list of awards that Tera Patrick has to her name! These awards confirm her extraordinary talent and entertainment capabilities and make her eligible for being on this famous pornstars listing. Tera is 5’9″ in height, highly beautiful and voluptuous and always in the frame of mind to finger a slippery snatch or let a cock show her the cumming way!

Jenna Jameson

jenna jameson

This former stripper and model is not just one of the most famous pornstars but also one of the richest pornstars this planet has to offer, and at one time was known as the “Queen of Porn.” She’s slim, blonde, blue-eyed, and has enough skills to fuck a bucket of juice out of a statue! If you are into vintage porn, this XXX star is an excellent choice that will surely get your cock nodding with ease!


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