True confessions of a desi mature women

I am a 40 year old Muslim Mother, from Kashmir.

I got married just a day after I turned 18, and had since been decorating the post of a Voiceless Housewife, in my husband’s crowded family. I have never before been asked about the dimensions of my body, and neither did I think I will ever have to share the intimate details, but since it is mandatory here, I would like to confirm that I am Sized 36-28-35!!

Life in the Northernmost State of India is simply great, when you watch the beauty of the landscape, in Bollywood Movies – However, the reality is that we live in complete misery.

The very purpose of a Kashmiri Woman’s life is to be a breathing sex-toy, whose holes are expected to be kept filled by not just her spouse, but each & every man in the family!!

I stepped foot into my husband‘s household with a lot of dreams, only to have all my thriving aspirations hopelessly shattered, immediately. Anunturi gay . The very first hour with my in-laws clearly indicated what my man’s father & 5 brothers wanted from me !!

As what was required from a newly-wed bride, I agreed to all of their demands, and was very soon acknowledged as their favorite, thanks to my thick busty body.Each of the 6 men took turns on me, throughout the weeks that followed, and my husband was just a mere spectator – He hardly ever touched me, and whenever he did, he climaxed even before he entered my sour openings!!

My second month as his wife saw me being further demeaned, as his uncles, his cousin brothers and his brother-in-laws, too, joined the party. However, my defiling was considered complete only once his distant relatives also took me, and the list included his mother’s elder brother’s son-in-law’s nephew’s wife’s younger cousin sister’s husband’s father, as well!!

Any of these men could fuck me any time they wished, as long as the event took place within the four walls of my husband’s house, and I was supposed to spread my legs for them, each time they needed me to. They all had a customary right on me, and they all used me mercilessly, and there were periods I was drilled for days, at a stretch, surviving only on the sticky semen they served down my throat !!

I still remember crying in pain & shame, but it was not just me – Every housewife in the province, including my own mother, my sisters and my aunts, were going through the same.

We all enjoyed it!! We had to enjoy it!! We were made to enjoy it!! Still, it caused us a lot of hurt!!

As the years progressed, the immoral arrangement started to see a few changes – The controversial venereal setup was tweaked in favor of women, after continuous protests. Now, don’t get me wrong, and start thinking I was no longer degraded, because that was just not the case!!

The much celebrated modification only introduced a clause that allowed the female participant to decide who went first inside her – Nothing was Specified regarding the Number Of Sessions Per Day, No Word was said about Totally Banning Gang-Bangs, Restrictions were Not Imposed On Bareback Sex, Protecting The Virginity of The Butt-Hole was Not Seriously Discussed, and in reality, everything remained the same.

For sure, it helped avoid the feeling of being forcefully fucked, but otherwise was just a silly gimmick to fake support for Women Empowerment, by the rulers of a totally lawless land!!

However, despite all the disorderliness,

there was one Rule that was always strictly followed & rigidly implemented – Even as the husbands of our own daughters were entitled to exploit us, our own sons were never allowed to be in the same room as us!!

It was a strange condition, and one that bothered me throughout my life, even as I continued to fulfill forbidden cravings of the countless men around me. There were times I bounced on my father-in-law’s aged cock, late into the night, lost in thoughts, wondering what was the actual purpose of such a setting.

But, only till the day I broke all of the remaining taboos when I let my own son fuck me!! The very first thrust my boy took inside my loose pussy, I still felt him splitting his poor mom in half, with that giant tool of his.

I straightaway knew why no female parent was permitted to be around her lad – The pleasure he could possibly give her was just too good to even make her think about going back to being a slut to the other men in the family. It was as if a son’s penis was designed to perfectly compliment the walls of his mother’s vagina, and the realization shook me!! In only under a minute, I was also sure as hell that there were all the possibilities that my child must gave gotten the genes for his monster from my side of the family.

Well, of course, I would be called a Cheat if I said none of my brothers ever had sex with me, and I don’t think I even need to elaborate on the obvious matter – All of you wonderful women would definitely know how it really works!!

Having said that, regardless of the result of my encounters with my own well hung siblings, there still was absolutely no way that my son got his length from the man he called father – My husband had a 4 inched puny little dead cock, and he was very easily the smallest among the 183 men who had fucked me !!

I know these revelations can be considered too filthy, but this is the truth, and before you judge me, you need to understand one thing – I do very honestly desire that like every other woman around me, I too could compulsively lie I have been on the bed only with my husband, and help ascertain the orthodox lifestyle glorified on National TV.

But, I had been ploughed on infinite occasions by the male members, and also, I had only ever cum for them, and never my man, and if you still wonder how that separates me from the rest of you suppressed ladies, please be notified of the fact that my husband never had a job – He lived with the money his men paid him to keep his mouth shut, and allow me to be secretly abused in locations other than his house, though it was against the unwritten law !!

He was very truly pimping me, and there were so many instances I even wished I was a real whore – Until, the day I saw my son stand naked in front of me, with his horse cock hanging in between his legs, after a shower, very early in the morning!!

It was an accident by all means, and I was just not expecting him outside the shared bathroom, at that hour, especially since it was a known fact that the space had to be kept free for me to get ready.

I was the first lady in the house to be taken by the men, and the general understanding was that I had to daily clean my body of the wicked seeds from the previous day, before the other women in the house even woke up!!

But, that was just not going to be the case that day – One look at my son’s uncovered wet figure, and for the first time in all these years, I sincerely wished to strip down to my bare curvy self.

In-fact, I really wanted to force myself out of my body-hugging tight lime green colored kurta top, I had actually put on just for the 5 second walk from my bedroom to the bathroom, and ironically only to cover myself from my very son, if at all he happened to appear in front me, which was very truly never an anticipated scenario!!

Fittingly, the twisty plot was too enticing to be true, and as though the turnout of events had not been surprising enough, my adult son gleefully came forward, towards me, and without any hesitation, he himself ripped my top apart, into tiny pieces!!

My 19 year old boy wanted to screw me right there, in the openness of the doorway, but I knew it was too risky a task – It was an exciting thought, but one that could also get us both killed!!

I hastily pushed him inside the stingy privacy the bathroom offered, and locking the door, I vigorously pounced on his irresistible self, as he relaxed on the tiled floor.

He was strong enough to swiftly change positions, and bring himself on top of me, and looked straight into my eyes, as he pushed his extremely large chopper inside my stretching twat, stimulating me in places I had still not been poked – It was a remarkable experience, considering the verity that I always believed my holes had already been occupied to it’s full capacity!!

He knew he had very little time to express love to his mother, and there was an urgency in his ramming strikes – Yet, unlike all the other men who had penetrated me, without any burden of a time limit, my son was kind enough to show the decency of asking me how I would like it!!

Sitting on his hard cock, sensing my busty tits sway & jounce, I giggled, feeling in control, for the first time in my life, only a moment after telling him my preference!! I don’t know if it was the sensual exhilaration that caused me to right away squirt, just after jumping on his pole for the third straight instant, but within seconds, I had confirmed that he was definitely the best & the biggest I had ever had!!

I very quickly was gifted with my very first consensual orgasm, and my carnally shivering body happily tempted me to question myself why I had not let my own son back inside me, all this while!!

But, As They Say… Better Late Than Never!!

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